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Suri Cruise Shops UNIQLO

Suri Cruise Shops UNIQLO

Katie Holmes takes her 2-year-old daughter Suri to shop at the Japanese casualwear store, UNIQLO, in SoHo, New York City on Thursday (January 8).

Earlier in the day, the mother-daughter duo went down the block to Dean & Deluca to pick up a cookie. You can see Suri chomping on the cookie as she browsed the racks!

For more info on the store Katie and Suri shopped at, visit (It’s a great store, trust me!)

15+ pictures inside of Katie and Suri shopping UNIQLO…

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suri cruise uniqlo katie holmes 01
suri cruise uniqlo katie holmes 02
suri cruise uniqlo katie holmes 03
suri cruise uniqlo katie holmes 04b
suri cruise uniqlo katie holmes 05
suri cruise uniqlo katie holmes 06
suri cruise uniqlo katie holmes 07
suri cruise uniqlo katie holmes 08
suri cruise uniqlo katie holmes 09
suri cruise uniqlo katie holmes 10
suri cruise uniqlo katie holmes 11
suri cruise uniqlo katie holmes 12
suri cruise uniqlo katie holmes 13
suri cruise uniqlo katie holmes 14
suri cruise uniqlo katie holmes 15
suri cruise uniqlo katie holmes 16
suri cruise uniqlo katie holmes 17
suri cruise uniqlo katie holmes 18

Credit: Mauceri/Daniel, Jose Perez; Photos: INFdaily, SplashNewsOnline
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  • Jana

    Well well well… What do you know? Looks like once AGAIN Bella and Connor are left out!

  • Jana

    Well well well… What do you know? Looks like once AGAIN Bella and Connor are left out!

  • jc

    hey jared, you should listen to, Utada “Come back to me”

    shes amazing!


    Where are the ten pictures of the store..and Suri munching on the cookie.. Well l guess that Katie and Tommy won’t be going after all
    the funeral of Jett.. And yes Conner and Isebella must be sent to
    boarding school… since no one wants them around anymore..

    What is wrong with Suri’s face.. it looks bruised..

  • GREG

    My favorite mother daughter duo.

  • julia


    STUPID! let her walk herself!!


    Suri eating a cookie,wow Suri eating a cookie? If people were not so wowed by Suri eating a cookie celebrities would not be treated the way they are. Wow suri eating a cookie… Oh wait all you “Fans” are gonna eat me alive right? For making fun of celebrities. Wow Suri ate a cookie.

  • lakers fan in boston

    i dont understand why katie isnt wearing something better for a cold ny
    it”s obviously cold by the pics and not much difference between boston and ny weather wise and we have had some shitty weather this week
    katie doesnt look that bad she needs nap =\

  • maryrowery

    Katie looks sad and unhealthy – as usually…

  • It’s ROBO bride

    Hey, WOW, it’s the PIMP and the PIMPEE!

  • saudia

    lol in the 9th pic there is a bus passing with an ad for Tom’s new movie .. I love Suri, but Katie should dress for the weather, that’s crazy !

  • Jen1

    So adorable!

  • Shawna

    #6 – Suri is walking inside the story, the carrying pictures are outside. Why comment on her not walking when there are pictures of her walking? You only make yourself look stupid.

  • Looloo

    Do you really think she needs a jacket for the 5 steps she must have taken between the limo and the store ?

  • kc
  • Mousse

    Katie needs to gain weight and let her health be checked.

  • whatevuh



  • ti

    awwwwwwwwwwww she luks her usual self PALE N TRAGIC

  • Raichill

    Katie looks tired and painfully thin. Suri is very cute.

  • whatevuh



  • Sonia Wu

    Eating cookie in a clothes store? Very good upbringing huh?
    Katie Pimply may have all the money for being Tommy Girl’s beard, but they way she raises her daughter is not much different from ghetto and\or trailer moms.
    No offense to moms in the ghetto or trailer, though.

    By the way, I like the new word #10 coined: PIMPEE! Bwahahahahaha….

  • Sonia Wu

    here’s a good one form another website:
    Katie is overstimulating this child. Suri needs rest and a normal schedule. I believe both her and Katie are in an unhealthy situation — PIMP Katie.

  • LuckyL

    Are people going to complain about Suri and her snacks or just Shiloh?

  • Greentea

    Suri is so cute!!

  • wtf?

    Who raised Katie Homely? A pack of wild dogs? I’ve never been in ANY clothing store that permits food. As we’ve said many times before, money doesn’t buy class. Does Katie think that she/Suri are so special that they don’t have to play by the rules or is she just a dumb piece of white trash?

    I believe she’s just ignorant white trash! She looks like a crack head hore too!

  • wtf?

    Dumb Katie Homely didn’t even wrap the cookie in a napkin. Suri’s dropping crumbs all over the floor. I swear this idiot woman is smoking crack….she’s got to be….

  • bebe

    Katie looks elegant and classy, and Suri is adorable. If the store workers had a problem with Suri eating, they would have asked Katie to take the cooke from her. Why don’t people mind their own business and stop trying so hard to find something to complain about.

  • Jana

    I’ve noticed all the Katie supporters refuse to comment too much on where Bella and Connor are.

  • faith

    Suri looks like Tom’s mini-me.

  • Jenna

    Katie looks like she has been crying again. This girl has some big, big problems. Her eyes are always swollen lately. Tom must be banging somebody else.

  • bebe

    #29, Well I would assume Bella and Connor are at home in L.A. Tom has been splitting his time between NY and L.A. Katie and Suri will be returning to L.A. shortly.

  • once in and again…..

    She’s just getting more and more gross to me. And knock off the short sleeved dresses you twit..

  • Addy

    Jana- Bella and Connor are probably back in California where they live. Tom’s mother and sister live there, too, so that is who they are with when Tom is gone. They were in New York City not too long ago. They sometimes go to TN. They have schooling and friends back in CA.

    We only see pictures when they are in a store or going someplace or leaving some place. I am sure Suri is being well taken care of.

    If anyone has had kids/toddlers-you do end up picking them up and carrying them. And even let them eat a cookie in a store.

  • damn

    #6 YOUR Stupid! She’s 2 1/2 and SHOULD be carried outside, what’s wrong with YOU???? Ever see the press in FRONT of them in NYC? I guess not! Would YOU Let a child this age walk on the sidewalk with that MOB all around you??? The morons posting crap haven’t a clue! And if she did put her down OUTSIDE and Suri got trampled on, well, then posters like #6 would be livid! Kate can’t win! “Homely”? Yeah ok! Sold out Bwy shows’ since Oct. People didn’t flock to see ANYONE BUT Katie. She has style and class, something you #6 and the other jerk calling her ugly have none, and u can bet your bottom $ your all heavy and oh so jealous of anyone like this woman.

  • Jana

    #32 Tom recently said that the older two children are homeschooled so they travel with him. Why would he leave them at home?

  • bella

    Jana u and the rest need a head check. Bella & Connor are home , aren’t they home schooled? Should teen’s go all over with their step mother or father? most teens do not, esp. with the press all over katie each time she steps out the door. suri is a living doll! gawd she’s precious, and her doll dresses/shoes. No wonder NY can’t get enough of this cutie. anyone calling her brat and this and that are really something! calling a baby names, what is wrong with you ? I wish i knew, because u know – it’s Not normal!

  • frannce

    # 6 Did you ever ask why Brad and Angie carry those BIG kids? Pax is 4 and is always in Brad or Angie’s arms! Maddox was held until 6, sometimes still is, & you can be sure Shi and Z will be held until 6-7. Because as another poster here said, it’s the paparazzi, they swarm them and obviously the parents protect them by holding them.
    but I never see “Why is Angie or Brad holding Pax” NEVER! Know why? Because this is the JP Fan Club Board.!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    News Flash, they haven’t an ounce of the class and elegance of this family. Even picking on the kid for eating a cookie, amazing. Get a life!

  • betterholdher

    # 2 Bella & Connor went recently to Germany to a Premiere with Tom, Kate and Suri did not , they were all glammed up. Did ya miss that? What are you the police of where kids are? Yeah they should be walking hanging on katie with a cookie! LMAO! Teeeeens!

    #6 you are something! A child of Suri’s age BETTER be held on the streets on NY, and more so when your famous and those cameras and press people are sorrounding you! She would be mobbed,or lost, ever think of that? Inside,she’s walking. Unreal! Unreal! Are these adults posting these unreal, stupid comments??

  • diana

    What a baby doll. I just love this kid to pieces. She will be a stunner as she grows, with those eyes and hair! Katie is holding her and protecting her, what’s wrong with you Jan?
    I’d hold her and never put her down, she can can lost in the crowds,she’s 2, not 12!

  • bobs zabb

    What store allows children or adults to eat inside? I thought there are no food or drinks allowed inside a clothing store…and most stores.

    Suri walks weird!!! and why can she always eat in the store and my kids can not???

    Suri looks autistic!

  • 1972fb

    JULIA your STUPID!!! this is a baby! If this kid was trampled upon, Katie would be responsible. They way you and others like Jan talk, pure hate for a child of 2. You are sure one sick bunch on here. Big Time! Jealousy sure brings out the worst in here!

  • bobs zabb

    No offense taken Sonia Wu #22. I have lived in the ghetto here as well as Mexico…and in both countries I have never been allowed to bring in food and eat it while shopping!!

    Katie lives in a fantasy world. I think her and Suri should take a trip to the pharmacy for some Zovirax and some Carmex!!!

  • bella

    Is that all Katie Homely does is shop? Either walking into her car to go to the broadway show or shopping or eating at an expensive restaurant. They look very nonchalant and still spending and adding to the $14 milKH spent in the last 6 months. Must be nice to be a paid beard.

  • itsJellotime@@

    # 8 She goes from the car into the store, why a heavy coat? I do the same. Others want to know where the older kids are, another calling her stupid because she carrying her toddler, another wants to know why she’s eating a cookie which means she’s a brat – katie is ‘homely’. You know something, anyone coming to this board for the first time would think this was a board for people locked up. And I don’t mean, in prison.

  • bella

    Does KH have osteoporosis she looks hunched over like Ms. Hunchback of New York, hey KH take some hormones you’re drying up probably inside and out.

  • bobs zabb

    Katie just wants to be able to shop and with bratty Suri she can’t unless she persuades and distracts her with dessert food and candy!

    Otherwise Suri would act like an even bigger brat in the store and Katie could not shop for crap she does not need!

    What they need is CVS built into their home because girlfriends ain’t lookin too healthy (Suri included)!

  • bella

    Suri looks like Joshua’s mini me.

  • ging

    Sur looks like a L. Ron Hubbad mini me.

  • xoxoxxxooox

    Why are the people who accuse others of jealousy, show their jealousy towards the Pitts? Isn’t that just a bit hypocritcal?

  • kyle

    i am 2 years younger than bella and i don’t follow my parents everywhere. give me a break, jana. just because their pics dont show up on the internet more than suri’s, it doesn’t mean they aren’t loved.