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Honor Puts a Smile on Jessica Alba!

Honor Puts a Smile on Jessica Alba!

While usually known for showing little emotion in public, Jessica Alba smiles away while spends some quality time and feeding her 6-month-old daughter, Honor Marie, in Coldwater Park in Beverly Hills on Friday.

The 27-year-old actress has recently been showing off her new short hair and rocked some interesting outfits recently. She wore pajamas to Dolce & Gabbana party and earlier went with the high-waisted pegged pants look. Check it.

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jessica alba honor marie smile 01
jessica alba honor marie smile 02
jessica alba honor marie smile 03
jessica alba honor marie smile 04
jessica alba honor marie smile 05
jessica alba honor marie smile 06

Credit: London Entertainment; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • tom

    That is one ugly kid

  • shammy

    Jessica is living on a HIGH of LOVE for her little dolly. Love it! How sweet does her baby look? You just want to squeeze her little cheeks and give her many kisses. Adorable pair and it’s breathtaking to see a Mommy with her little one having a good time.

    Best Wishes for a wonderful New Year!


  • * VICTORIA *

    ” TOM “..What a mean comment about a baby….She is absolutely adorable………Jessica seems to be a wonderful and loving mother…Lucky little girl !!!

  • jasmine

    congrats to her & cash.

  • Nick Lachey USA

    She looks great! So does the kid!

  • jaye

    Glad she’s happy. She smiles a lot more since she had the baby.

  • wish

    Jessica has a cute baby but need to leave her freeloading husband. What does he do anyway?

  • jonharules

    i love that seemingly contented and calm smile….

  • Sarah May

    Why are you hatin on the poor baby? She’s cute what are you talking about. People these days tsk tsk. Its nice to see her smiling.

  • boogie

    I think the baby looks like the dad, Cash

  • gerard Vandenberg

    In a few years he absolutely needs a SHRINK.
    (btw:SHE TOO)

  • lola

    She is SO pimping out her baby with these pictures. You can just tell she is trying to appeal to the minivan majority. The baby is cute though!

  • hahaha


  • jeyy

    that baby is so ugly.
    looks like jessicas look did nothing good for the baby

  • angel

    she’s so gorgeous and the baby too.

  • not me

    Baby looks like all the other babies, cute and adorable. They will gradually grow into their looks. Jessica A. is looking gorgeous here. One of the prettiest faces in hollywwod.

  • angel

    she looks so gorgoeus and the baby is beautiful.

  • brie2009

    Aww the baby is cute! Honor has that lil mohawk thing going on just like me when I was a baby. I had my lil mohawk and I rocked it and so is Honor.

  • JAYE

    Honor is so cute! She looks more like her dad than Jessica.

  • LuckyL

    Is anyone complaining about this obvious photo-op?

  • jesse

    is that bitchh actually smiling? To bad I don’t find it that cute because I know she’s a fake ass whoree that I heard is one of the biggest bitchesss in the industry! , these pics have fake,forced smile and my baby is ugly written all over it ….oh and her new haircut is fugly to say the least , what was the look she was going for soccermom chic? Its working lol

  • Marianne

    Ugly baby? Are we looking at the same baby? Honor must be one of the cutest babies around!

  • http://justjared princess

    mum n baby both look cute

  • g!rocks

    tom @ 01/09/2009 at 9:49 pm

    That is one ugly kid

    baby is fugly!

  • mika

    good to see her happy.

  • PINK


  • agatha

    the baby isnt like angelinas but ok its just a regular baby..thats all

  • mju8

    Her baby isn’t ugly, she got a majority of genes from her dad and not from mom who is the hotter of the pair.

  • Amy

    that is one ugly kid – she looks like a boy, and a boy monkey at that. yikes. it’s like adam sandler’s daughter sadie -

  • Amy

    what i mean by that was, sadie and honor both got most of their dad’s genes, and while those looks are fine on a boy, on a girl they make them look ugly.

  • LolaSvelt

    She needs to go away. She’s not even promoting anything and she’s always just there. It doesn’t help that she’s talentless.

    Cute kid, though.

  • twostrikes

    Being that the baby looks like her Black grandfather i find some of the comments in here (about the baby’s looks) a tad RACIST

    Alba’s baby is adorable and loved by her mother, so she’ll be fine

  • tatiana23

    Dissing a little baby. [shaking head]

    You’re all d!ckless imbeciles.

  • me me me

    she’s smiling in all of her pics with honor. they look really happy and i’m glad. can’t believe how pathetic and jealous some people here are (jesse for example). as for the baby, if you’re into babies you’ll think it’s cute, if you’re not then you won’t. i for one find all babies to be slightly disfigured and nasty looking.

  • Twostrikes

    Being that the baby looks like her Mexican grandfather I find some of the comments in here(about the baby’s looks) a tad RACIST
    Alba’s baby is adorable and loved by her mother, so she’ll be fine.

  • janie

    still doesn’t change my opinion on her…never heard good things about her in all the years she’s been in the industry….always stories about what a b***c she is…what I find unusual is that Cash doesn’t go to these trips to the park…he just doesn’t seemed an involved dad like Joel M. is with Harlow…u would see pics of him taking his daughter out but not cash…maybe rumors were correct about them breaking up because he didn’t want to get married and when they got back together she got pregnant and he didn’t have a choice but to marry her….btw, honor is an average looking kid…i still like Harlow…not pretty but she is the cutest thing in the world…maybe because of her personality…honor seems to serious

  • ellie

    She is such a cutie pie…

  • JAYE97x

    cute baby…

  • lola

    honor is really cute!

  • peeps

    #36- Cash is always out with them. He’s seen pushing the stroller in nearly every pap pic. He is more involved than most dads


    She’s not even connecting to her own baby. It’s obvious she is posing, that these pics are staged. Even when she’s kissing her baby, it’s like she’s aware of the camera. Weird, she is not naturally maternal like I thought she would be, the kid seems like an accessory to her. A natural Mom (like Jen Garner, Angelina, Nicole Ritchie, Michelle Williams), kisses and cuddles them and it looks real and genuine, like they actually adore their kid,, REALLY like being with their child. But not with Jessica A., even pics of her pushing her on a swing or whatever, she never really seems aware of her baby, it’s all about her, maybe she’s one of those blind items of the Hollywood star who passes her kid off to a nanny as soon as she’s out of the public eye. Cute kid though, all babies are in their own peculiar ways.

  • baby bullies..

    Tom…we feel sorry for you based on your ugly comments. I assume you are an expert on what is ugly because your parents must have poured criticism on you and you have very low self esteem. How pathetic for a “man” to pick on an innocent baby…you’re just a bully. Also…I find it quite pathetic for men to be on these girly, gossip sites gossiping like little girls lol!

  • Tealeaf

    She is dressing like Katie Holmes, and pimping out her kid like Katie Holmes

  • janie

    I agree #41…looks like she’s trying too hard…guess she’s been reading all the blogs about how much she’s not liked and trying to change her ways. I agree with all the women you mentioned who seemed very natural when it comes to motherhood…this one, I just don’t get the vibes…sure she takes kid out but why take her to a park where u know the paps will be around…

  • lakers fan in boston

    she looks really different in these pics but she does look pretty nice
    her cheeks look fuller, nice to see hear wearing something that looks normal

  • bonus boy

    she looks so much prettier as a normal person!

  • jhjh

    A pretty mom & pretty daughter

  • David Archuleta

    parents are not that good looking at all, so that baby is understandable.

  • maja

    Jessica alba looks like a typical mexican she is cute but not stunning! There are alot of beautiful mex. women who are not celebs, so alot of latinas say w.t.f. she ain’t that hot!!! and she can’t act her way out of a wet paper bag! She is taking a page right out of the afflecks being seen in puplic parks, soon you will see her at the farmer’s market smelling and weighing the fruit lol!!!!!!!!!

  • just me

    She and the baby are both beautiful! Violet is the “not so cute” one!