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Jake Gyllenhaal is Ocean Fresh

Jake Gyllenhaal is Ocean Fresh

Jake Gyllenhaal and his personal trainer go for another run along Ocean Blvd on Friday (January 9) in Santa Monica, Calif.

The 28-year-old actor will be presenting at the Golden Globes this Sunday (8PM, NBC). Jakey G will join Johnny Depp, Mark Wahlberg, Diddy, David Duchovny, Megan Fox, Eva Longoria, Sting, Simon Baker, Drew Barrymore, Pierce Brosnan, Sandra Bullock, Gerard Butler, Glenn Close, Sacha Baron Cohen, Cameron Diaz, Aaron Eckhart, Zac Efron, Laurence Fishburne, Ricky Gervais, Salma Hayek, Jonas Brothers, Jessica Lange, Blake Lively, Jennifer Lopez, Hayden Panettiere, Chris Pine, Amy Poehler, Zachary Quinto, Seth Rogen and Martin Scorsese.

15+ pictures inside of ocean fresh Jake Gyllenhaal

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jake gyllenhaal ocean fresh 01
jake gyllenhaal ocean fresh 02
jake gyllenhaal ocean fresh 03
jake gyllenhaal ocean fresh 04
jake gyllenhaal ocean fresh 05
jake gyllenhaal ocean fresh 06
jake gyllenhaal ocean fresh 07
jake gyllenhaal ocean fresh 08
jake gyllenhaal ocean fresh 09
jake gyllenhaal ocean fresh 10
jake gyllenhaal ocean fresh 11
jake gyllenhaal ocean fresh 12
jake gyllenhaal ocean fresh 13
jake gyllenhaal ocean fresh 14
jake gyllenhaal ocean fresh 15
jake gyllenhaal ocean fresh 16
jake gyllenhaal ocean fresh 17

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  • Anon

    The “huge stain on his shirt” is called sweat. People do that when they work out…in case you didn’t know.

  • http://Q Francesca

    He is getting far too muscular and Arnold Schwarzenegger-ish to look really good. Must be wanting to “muscle” in on Stallone roles or other action heroes. Going in the wrong direction. NOT sexy. Pretty soon he’ll be fit only for roles like that guy with the long long hair who models for women’s romances. Forget his name.

  • Mari

    I don’t like this body…

  • Less muscles, more good movies

    “Going in the wrong direction. ”
    I agree 100%.

  • Anon

    jared, when are you and the paps going to get tired of “Jake running” pictures or, “Jake walking with coffeee” pictures, or Jake shopping” pictures, or Jake going to lunch” pictures , or Jake going to dinner pictures. Sometimes these pictures are with Reese and sometimes they aren’t. But they are alllll totally boring. Jake and Reese don’t do a lot of PDAs so what’s the point? And I never see them drunk or half naked. They are never having screaming fights or hitting one another.

    I’d much rather see juicy pictures of people being bad. Jake and his girlfriend are disgusting.

  • showmance

    Jake and his beard are disgusting.

  • marketing

    Jake and his beard are disgusting.

  • something stinks

    “Ocean fresh”? More like fishy fauxmance.

  • yay!!!!!!

    He’s without the midget! The fake phony blonde one I mean.

  • http://Q Francesca

    Pretty soon he’ll be competing with Fabio to model for the covers of women’s romance novels. What a comedown for Jakeypoo who once aspired to be a fine actor. Now he will end up as nothing more than a muscle bound model.

  • can it get any smaller?

    Francesca you meam a steroid bound model with shrunken junk.

  • tao

    No-one else feel they could go at least to months before they see another Jake, or Jake & Reese, or Reese, photo. Don’t these two know the meaning of ‘less is more’. Any sense of mystery or interest has disappeared.

  • Carrie

    I saw his picture on ^ * ^ *~ ~^ * ^ *~ he looking for dates!.

  • Susan


  • henry

    He should be in spiderman 4!

  • Oh god.

    Reading these comments about celebrities makes me feel really sad. Well to be honest i feel sorry for the people who make them :( . Jake is currently filming Prince of Persia, and as there is a lot of action he needs to keep up his training. oh wait. just imdb’d it. turns out its just wrapped (YaY) Well anyhoo, i dont ‘Francesssca’ or whatever, needs to worry about forgeting jakes name all too soon ok?? or need to worry about him turning into bloody sylvester stalone!!! Can he not take a run in the morning!? Give the guy a break.

    Parasites ):(

  • Oh god.

    Reading these comments about celebrities makes me feel really sad. Well to be honest i feel sorry for the people who make them :( . Jake is currently filming Prince of Persia, and as there is a lot of action he needs to keep up his training. oh wait. just imdb’d it. turns out its just wrapped (YaY) Well anyhoo, i dont ‘Francesssca’ or whatever, needs to worry about forgeting jakes name all too soon ok?? or need to worry about him turning into bloody sylvester stalone!!! Can he not take a run in the morning!? Give the guy a break.

    Parasites ):(

  • It’s great

    check out

  • Reese w.

    Jake is beautiful!! And he is totally hot. I love his arms, and the rest of his body. Think about it, all you haters, I get to wake up next to that every single morning. And if you think I’m bearding, think again. Life is good. Jealous, much?

  • Kathi

    Jake looks hot but it’s sad to see an actor that a few years ago looked like he was becoming a serious and diverse actor has now become a PR driven, tabloid queen like Lindsey and Brittany. Since he decided he needed to pretend to date Reese so people would think he’s straight, he has become famous for coffee runs, shopping, exercising and being Reese’s fake, wimpy boyfriend. That’s to bad cause it looked like he was a nice guy.

  • from fab to fluff

    #21 ITA. He’s starting to become a joke.

  • Madonna


  • Britney Spears

    Jake’s getting so ripped these days… where is that inspiration coming from? :)

  • marcella


    Jake is great actor and gorgeous! I don´t see any problem .

  • aline

    It seems to me Jake doesn´t like his long hair and only get muscles to play PoP like he did in Jarhead.

    I have no doubt Jake is dedicated to do a good job. It just finish PoP, he´ll cut his hair and slow down workout.

  • Fabri


  • ena

    OMG! Fabri … is a s**ol!

  • gerard Vandenberg

    Americans in general aren’t planning to get TIRED & SWEATY.
    (yep, again americans)

  • puleeeze

    Three years ago Jake made BBM and since then a few people, very few people have become convinced gay and afraid to come out. Rubbish.
    He made such a wonderful movie and it’s sad he might have to endure some of the more moronic statements posted on c blogs about his sexuality. Jake has a serious movie filmography; he’ll continue to make -great movies with a few action movies thrown in for good measure.

  • We Ho

    Jake was known in West Hollywood gay circles long before BBM. Even before The Day After Tomorrow movie. Way before most people knew who he was.

  • http://Q Francesca

    The longer Jakey stays single and doesn’t produce any kids the more suspect his sexuality will be. He is now 28 and it’s about time he should be married or comitted and should have some kids, not adopted. So far nothing.

  • Ivana

    So sad… he become Hollywood product.
    He need personal trainer for jogging, how people easily make money.. You are fit and well payed.. What a joy :))))

  • Ivana

    Kirsten is maybe fugly and boring, but with her especially on TDAT premieres Jake looks like real man, now although i like Reese my emotions are kind mixed.. Jake become into something else, he lost his charm, although he still have most beautiful smile.

  • connie

    Sorry, but Jake has become waaaaay too buff for my taste, and he used to be so damn hot until he met Reese “I’m so perfect” Witherspoon then it just went down hill for him. I want the old Jake back!

  • Ivana

    Connie agree with you ….

  • Ivana

    * Jake looked…. those grammar is killing me :)))

  • Bad beard, Jake!

    Jake has terrible taste in beards.
    Reese Witherspoon is shamelessly using and abusing PR and she makes him look bad too.

  • slambang


  • http://Q Francesca

    What is really interesting about Gyllenspoon is the status and income discrepancy between them. She is #60 on Forbes Celebrity 100 list and earned, according to Forbes, 25 million last year. Whether this includes the money from the 3 year 30 million dollar contract with Avon is unclear. If that is extra, then she got about 35 million last year. Poor Jakeypoo isn’t even on the list. I doubt he made even ten million, maybe not even 5 million last year. Relative poverty in Hollyweird. Since he seems to hang around Santa Monica which is close to Brentwood where La Wither lives, I have to suspect he is shacked up with her. My understanding is that he doesn’t even own a house, just leases one. Whether this is because he is too poor, or too afraid of the paps I can’t say.

  • Val

    Jake owns a house and doesn’t live with the beard.
    He’s making 7 mill PER movie since Brokeback Mountain, more than enough for a few houses in LA.
    Reese is getting a lot of media attention with this fauxmance, and media attention is what she wants and needs for the Avon contract and cra*py romcoms.

  • http://Q Francesca


    Tell me what house he owns and where it is. My info is that he leases a house on Woodrow Wilson Drive; he DOES NOT own it. Where did you find out what he gets for his acting? I last saw a salary of 6 million for a movie, forget which one. Nothing else. Please cite source.

  • fins

    I really agree with you, #17, the comments here are really sad and very scary. The people making the comments are parasites.

    Love Jake, think he is a great actor and looks so HOT in these pictures.

  • x

    17 and 43, I agree totally with you.

    Jake is great actor and he´s doing the best for POP.

  • http://Q Francesca

    What’s that Val? I can’t hear you. LOL

  • http://Q Francesca

    A great actor is/was Heath Ledger. Jakeypoo is a “jobbing” actor, okay but no real star. You can see the difference VERY EASILY in Brokeback, and if you can’t see the difference, you don’t know di*k about acting.

  • http://Q Francesca

    Heath should have gotten an Oscar for Brokeback; he may get one for The Dark Knight as “compensation”…we will see, but mark my words, Jakey will NEVER get an Oscar. Why? He’s not good enough.

  • Anon

    Hi Fran do you ever visit the Heath posts and say what a great actor he was.

  • Ivana

    Heath’s role in BBM is much complexer than Jake’s..
    He played gay with emotional problems, movie is focus on him and his fears..
    Jake’s supportive role is not that deep… but he give his maximum.
    They both made movie famous, without them who will watched movie in first place.

  • Anon

    “Jake’s supportive role is not that deep… ”

    Ivana perhaps you should watch BBM again, Jakes role was just as complex as Heath’s, I really really hate these stupid comparisons. Both Jake and Heath were nomintaed for an oscar, Jake won the BAFTA, they were both BRILLIANT in their respective roles.

  • Craggy

    If you read some of the idiotic comments here you will see that Jake should have won that oscar.