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Jessica Alba is Pajamas Pretty

Jessica Alba is Pajamas Pretty

Jessica Alba hits the red carpet of a pajama-style Dolce & Gabbana polka dot pantsuit at the premiere of Lionsgate’s latest horror thriller, My Bloody Valentine 3D, at the Mann’s Chinese Six Theater in Hollywood on January 8 (Thursday).

The 27-year-old actress, who finished off her bold look with Roger Vivier shoes, was joined by her husband, entrepreneur Cash Warren. The couple came out to support their film’s stars Jensen Ackles and Jaime King. (Jessica and Jaime “kinda grew up together” in New York.)

My Bloody Valentine 3D is a remake of the 1981 Canadian slasher film of the same name. It opens everywhere next Friday, January 16.

Visit the movie’s official website at

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Jessica Alba’s pajama look — HOT or NOT?

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Photos: Dr Billy Ingram/Eric Charbonneau/WireImage, Valerie Macon/Getty
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  • Lucy

    She is not pretty. I do not see the big deal with her. She is one of the worst actress and her attitude makes her more ugly.

  • LuckyL

    Sorry, wrong place to debut this. She is NOT f****** HIP!

  • LuckyL

    It looks horrible on her too. Disproportionate and her make-up fails. WTF is going on lately.

  • Eiww

    Yes, not that pretty, lips waaay overblown, and the pajama look is just plain stupid looking except for at a slumber party.

  • LuckyL


  • zzzz

    I don’t like her new mushroom hairdo. It’s not flattering, even with the bangs pushed to the side.

  • jared fan

    Bad hair, hideous outfit. Fire the stylist!

  • zzzz

    Go away, Jillian.

  • e.

    I didn’t know Jensen was in this. He is spectacular on Supernatural. You should post more about him. =)

  • lizzie

    Do not exagerate ppl, she’s far away from being ugly. And if she needs some change in her style, let her do what she wants!

  • gerard Vandenberg

    There is more MISERY to come, folks?

  • Ashley

    What the hell is wrong with her latley :/

  • saudia

    she looks horrible lol

  • overrated

    I don’t think she is beautiful by any means, but I would never accuse her of being ugly, particulary when she is made up. She is cute, or adorable, in a girl-next-door kind of way, but that’s it. She looks quite demure here and of course, morose. Alba, Gerald Butler, John Mayer and Ryan Gossling are some celebrities off the top of my head that are GROSSLY overrated in the looks department, that aren’t any more attractive than you or I, IMO.

  • Anastacia

    that pajama is from dolce & gabanna??
    who cares?? it’s still a pajama!! not an event outfit…
    after her pregnancy she lost her appeal… she’s not ugly, but… well boring

  • Rachel

    what is she actually wearing? D&G are usually amazing designers but this isn’t too good!

  • Yoyo

    Alba: my agent told me to start smiling more so I don’t look like such a miserable betch. But it’s hard ya know? I really am a selfish, miserable, ungrateful, self-centered, piece of crap and I hate everybody OMG.

  • JENSENluver


  • a total fan

    That is not a pajama style outfit , that is a pajama ! And I would have never recognized her it the headline hadn’t said it was her.

  • fakename

    didn’t her husband used to be called “production assistant”? Guess “entrepreneur” is the new “unemployed.”

  • jonhar

    she looks stunning..but the pajama seems to be altogether wrong..hehe..

  • jonhar

    mismatched perhaps..the lipstick doesn’t coordinate with it.

  • bella

    Oh my . . .the last two posts you have had of her, the outfits have been horrible. These “pjs” are cute for bedtime, but not the red carpet. She looks beautiful, but I do not like her with bangs.

  • fionablack

    she looks terrible,jessica is beautiful woman but this dress is awful!

  • slambang

    That outfit is epic FAIL.

  • gossipgirl

    shes supposed to be a sex symbol?

  • k

    Her husband (don’t call me latina jessica) Cash is a “production assistant” A.K.A. “Stage Hand” That’s his job!!!! She is trying way to hard to copy Katie Holmes after she turned down Tom Cruise for the role of a lifetime to boost her career and marry him! He offered the job to her first!! Jessica turned him down and has been trying to copy katie ever since!!! She regrets not doing it cause she broke up with Cash cause he wouldn’t marry her! Cash then gets her back and right away knocks her up to keep her!!! He reALIZED HE WAS ACTING LIKE AN IDIOT AND WAS GOING TO LOOSE HER!!! Now Jessica cuts her hair wears weird outfits, roger vivvier shoes, acting sophistcated and grown up now that she’s married and a mother. all the stuff Katie has been doing minus actually boosting her carreer. Thats what she needed Tom for and now regrets!!! She told Tom no way and then after she saw all the shopping sprees for Katie and the publicity and attention for her job she got super jealous of her!!! Jessica was qupoted saying she could only hope to aspire to be as successgul as Tom Cruise one day and would love to learn everything from him!!!! Give me a break!!!! She fucked up in her mind and wants his help now!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ll

    She’s beautiful and WTF to people saying she looks miserable or morose – not one picture where she isn’t smiling and people still post that crap? Do you actually have glasses or do you just repeat what you read on other blogs?

    But those pajamas are epic fail. Ca$hole must have suggested she wear them since he knew Ackles would be there. And there’s some serious hotness.

  • Kate

    Who cares when Jensen’s on the photo andis the one in the movie…

  • kadfasdfafas

    i don’t know, but ever since jessica became pregnant, she is starting to look like a 45 year old woman, im not enjoying! she needs to dress and look like a 27 year old!

  • milli

    D&G have made these PJ suits to make fools out of celebs. Seriously, it looks no better than a PJ and Alba’s make up and shoes make her look as if she left her slumber party in the middle while dressed in Mum’s shoes and lipstick.
    A big mess.

  • CR30.01

    Actually NOT. Not even for bed. But, other than that, she looks amazing. Truly beautiful.

  • another jensen lover

    post more about jensen!

  • hihi3215

    OMG haha i really thought it was a slumber party she fooled me lol

  • boogie

    ugh..I can’t stand the word- hotness.

    sounds so stupid

  • lakers fan in boston

    i dont understand why she is trying to look stylish all of the sudden
    one the whole fucking outfit is ugly
    two that red lipstick does not help u at all
    three that blonde chick actually looks kinda sexier, just kinda
    and u look emo
    u should just stop this jessica, trust me this isnt really u so i dont no what ur trying to prove
    hope u get back to being hot =\

  • hello

    Who wheres a robe to the red carpet? XD
    She reminds me of katie holmes here O.o

  • JAYE

    She looks very pretty in these pictures especially the close-ups! I don’t understand what some of you are talking about!!

  • cyndi

    don’t these people have mirrors? don’t they try on outfits before the event? can’t they have a change of wardrobe if the mirror says Yuck? don’t they develop their style after being in movieland for so long? dont’ the D&G people care what their client looks like, or they are just after the money? she should not go to them again!!!

  • it’s great

    Check out

  • cosi

    First Mom hair, now she can’t be bothered to put on an outfit…

  • TC Aplen

    who cares about her WHERES JENSEN ACKLES FFS!!!!!

  • Rachael Taylor

    one of hollywood’s arrogant creeps! this swell headed “mom” should be dating Kanye West, they’ll be a perfect couple :)

  • vanesa

    She looks as every boy’s dream, a pijama!, boys dont you wanna wake up one day and see Jessica Alba next to you??????????, hahahahah, she is precious.

  • maja

    I really don’t see the facination with alba, she is not that great lookig i saw up close and personal in n. y. and i can assure you that she is like a typical latina woman. in fact there are more beautifull latina women in n. y. than alba!/ i’m not saying that she is fugly at all but i don’t get the hype, alba became noticed as a serial dater, derek geter walberg, just to name a few, than she started showing her bod in all her movies and became a sex symbol. I was kind of embarresed for her when an article inthe n,y, times dissed her so bad they said she has no acting skills and all her movies are so bad . that all she does in every movie is show her bod. so to entertain the young teen boys . I totally agree she has no acting chops!!!!!!!!!!

  • angel

    she’s so gorgeous one of the most gorgeous actress in hollywood and a good mom i like her.

  • aj

    her hair looks AWFUL. The color is like… disgusting. fix yourself lady!

  • msmoss

    Motherhood has not been kind to this girl. She’s been looking homely, y’know with the ugly outfits and SuperCuts hair. Sorry, lady, you are not attractive enough to get away with such ridiculousness.

  • sss

    does this bitch really thinks she can pull of anything? lately she’s been looking like shit

  • lola

    usually, she hot and sometime elegant, but here, what the hell she was thinking?