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Kanye West: I Want Fewer Fans

Kanye West: I Want Fewer Fans

Kanye West takes the February 2009 cover of Vibe. Here’s what the 31-year-old Grammy winner had to say (via MTV):

On if he’s comfortable with fame: “I made a decision. I wanna make popular music, but I want less fans. I want the freedom of having less fans. It’s like the freedom of having less money. If you have less money, you have less responsibility. It’s like Björk. If she wanted to pose naked, you’d be like, ‘Oh, that’s Björk.’ But if I wanted to pose naked, people would draw all type of things into it. I definitely feel like, in the next however many years, if I work out for two months, that I’ll pose naked. I break every rule and mentality of hip-hop, of black culture, of American culture.”

On giving praise where it is due: “I believe Beyoncé is the greatest performer of our generation. I believe I am the greatest entertainer of this generation. I go neck-and-neck on Jay-Z and [Lil] Wayne as far as who’s the best lyricist. Jay-Z has longevity.”

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  • Holly

    Here is one less fan.

    How the hell did getting naked come into the topic?

  • love

    i agree with kanye, beyonce is the best performer of our generation ..period!!

  • lolita

    He sure thinks highly of himself, doesn’t he?

  • twitter

    my god is he full of himself. I don’t know how anyone could be in the same room as him for more than 5 minutes, his ego must be suffocating

  • shacheer11

    well now he has like one less fan, actually never really even been a fan

  • bejeebus

    i’m not your fan and never have been your fan.
    you’re welcome

  • peewee

    This dude must be high on crack the cr$p that comes out of his mouth is so laughable. Kanye stop smoking that weed you don’t know how to express yourself, i never liked you but i like you less now! PLeaseeeeee! beyonce is the best and j. z. HAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAA!

  • lady t

    He cracks me up…LOL…I have to agree though about Bee and Jay. Love me some Jayonce!

  • Kim


    Just stop Kanye.

  • nicki

    alright. one less fan here. he’s soo full of himself. i never like kanye and was starting to warm up to him a few months ago but back to where i stood with him. =]

  • Tha

    ew.. who wants to see kanye naked? >.<

  • Shemp lugosi

    What a creep! I’m certain no one wants to see him naked and after yet another childish display of rampant ego which has no talent to back it up, I’m sure he’ll have many less “fans”.

  • mrs_fuzzybee

    Done and DONE.

    I have never been a Kayne fan.

    I will continue to NOT be a Kayne fan.

  • Amand.

    How can someone be soooo full of himself like this? The worst thing about it, is that I personally know normal people who actually are that full of themselves too. PATHETIC that is.

  • Rachel

    Why do people buy his albums?! Seriously, this guy thinks hes GOD! He’s a horrible person, and i’ve heard he doesn’t even sing live. And to top it off he is SOOO full of himself!

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    you’re as dumb as dirt. everything he said flew right over your head.


    LOL! One thing is certain … Kanye is his biggest fan and always has been! Bro … Keep your pants on and continue pretending you’re the greatest performer of our generation.

  • April

    he’s an ass, but I do like some of his music.

  • NativeNYker

    As a non-fan of Kanye, I would give a rats ass if he posed naked! From my perspective the only one concentrated on Kanye is Kanye.

    I understand the whole self grandization and promotion but get a fucking clue. You aren’t the messiah of anything, Kanye!

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Tania

    What an idiot. The fans that annoy this guy so much are the reason that he is rolling in wealth. Regardless, this fool never had a fan in me in the first place. I hope his next record FAILS and he eats these words. His publicist must be ripping their hair out.

  • Ashley

    He shouldn’t have any fans at all, what a arrogant loser.

  • Sarah

    no need to disrespect Mr.West (haha) but i really think the Miss Brintey Spears is the best performer of our generation…wether britneys high or low shes always been able to put on rememerable performances that everyone love to watch….

  • Tyler

    His Mom is in a better place. How embarassed she must have been. He wants less fans? Keep running your mouth idiot.

  • Jennifer

    I wonder if his humungous ego will pop if I poke it

  • cici

    He is such a fool, after the SNL performance he certainly has one less fan. Celebrities are so full of themselves each and every one of them are self-centered etc. etc. etc. As for Beyonce being the best performer of a generation WTF, I don’t think so.

  • lmao

    modest guy!

  • cici

    He is such a fool, after the SNL performance he certainly has one less fan. Celebrities are so full of themselves each and every one of them are self-centered etc. etc. etc. As for Beyonce being the best performer of a generation WTF, I don’t think so.

  • lalala

    Oh Im sure we will look back at this generation and Kanye will pop up to our minds. Who is he kidding ? I know that if I look back at this generation I know Britney Spears will pop up. I know thats odd and stupid, but she knows how to put on a show. Maybe not now, but still. She is the entertainer , even if she doesnt know how to sing.
    As an artist there are way better singers than Beyonce. She is just another face in the crowd. She doesnt stand out.

  • alyjm

    what the hell is wrong with this dude? seriously….because of fans he is what he is now…..
    “i want fewer fans”?

  • Whutevas

    and I believe that you’re one of the most arrogant that ever walked the face of the earth. Whomever calls themselves a fan of this dou.che should oblige his request for less. I’d be happy with none.

  • Eric

    Wow, he is so full of himself. He needs to just get over himself and be happy that people actually like his music. If he wants less responsibility, then he needs to find a different career. I really don’t know what this guy’s problem is… Every since he got really famous he has been very arrogant, rude, and self-involved. I feel sorry for anybody who has to put up with him……

  • dani

    Well, I am tired of his self-aggrandizing and he now has one less fan to worry about. I’m so over this man, that he can pose naked all he wants and I promise him I won’t look!

  • kyleh


    Kanye, you have one LESS fan.

    I really disliked your attitude, but some of your music was OK but now I can’t stand you and will never listen to your arrogant ass again.

  • zzzz

    Jesus, what a pompous a-hole! DOn’t worry, Kanye, you will lose fans in the blink of an eye with that attitude. And, by the way, money does not bring with it more responsibility. That is nonsense, and we can all se youre just blowing smoke out of your fat ass about being rich, having tremendous talent, a great body, blah, blah, blah.

  • PLEEEEZE do it!

    Please pose naked so we can all laugh at your 2 inch d*ck!

  • LuckyL

    Keep breaking stereotypes Kayne, holla

    alyjm, many critical artists have said the same thing, but I suspect you have little knowledge of musicians past the the 2000s.


    I’m starting to wonder if Kanye is actually suffering from mental illness. He has delusions of grandeur, racing thought that go all ove rthe place, and seems to be out of touch with reality. He could have manic-depression.

  • bwahahahaha!

    Beyonce, the greatest entertainer?! Jay-Z the greatest lyricist? Oh. My. God.


    Beyonce good dancer bad at lip syncing!! Her backup singers should be the ones with record deals.

  • lakers fan in boston

    stop ur bitching kanye im tired of it
    and why the hell did u start talking about being naked all of the sudden
    u plan on it u fag?

    o and on ur beyonce comment
    I also cant stand that single ladies shit music song she has
    HORRIBLE!, i used to like her but i dont like her new album

  • Anna

    You know who I want to come back? EMINEM! Teach Kanye a lesson… please! For some reason I think Eminem is the only one that could do it (if it’s even possible)

  • office fan

    I couldn’t help but laugh when I read this….whoa, Mr. West thinks mighty highly of himself, doesn’t he? Yeah, I saw him on SNL and I uh, would politely but strongly disagree on him being the “greatest entertainer of this generation”…he’s not even in the top 20, IMO. My 11 year-old son is a singer and puts on a WAY better show at the fairs and benefits he performs at. I think I might have my son read this as an example of how not to be, if he ends up making it big someday.

  • hahaha

    This guy is absolutely pathetic. Seriously… why is he famous? Can’t even stand his face!

  • Deb

    minus 1 fan here…. LOOOOOOOSER

  • kayla

    i hate kayne west!! he is so arrogant!! he thinks he is the greatest person ever,, and he is not!! i hate him!! gosh and i do not think beyonce is the greatest perfomer of my generation, i cant stand her either!! they both think they are the best people ever and really there not!! goshhh!

  • Pepperpot

    Why does anyone even have time for this a-hole/? He certainly has no time for any one but himself.

  • Pepperpot

    Tyler @ 01/09/2009 at 3:47 pm His Mom is in a better place. How embarassed she must have been. He wants less fans? Keep running your mouth idiot.

    Unfortunately, his mother’s the one who raised such conceited, boastful S.O.B

  • roMag

    Does he not realise no-one in the world apart from the US maybe doesn’t give a fuck about him?!

  • M.

    you fool…

    in the words of Stephen Colbert – With all the autotune on your records, you’re hardly the voice of your own album

  • Keith

    Please, beyonce barely sings when she dances.. justin timberlake is basically the only real popstar performer who sings and dances their material. kanye’s lyrics are a joke and he has no flow, so comparing himself to jay and lil wayne is clearly his attempt to enter the comedy business….