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Reese Witherspoon is a Country Girl

Reese Witherspoon is a Country Girl

Reese Witherspoon smiles behind her Oliver People’s “Aero” sunglasses and totes around a black Ferragamo bag while shopping at the Brentwood Country Mart in Santa Monica, Calif., on January 8 (Thursday).

At the 2009 People’s Choice Awards, Reese, 32, was named Favorite Female Movie Star.

“Thank you so much. This is such a great way to start the new year,” Reese said as she received her award.

Before going to the awards show, Reese did a little shopping with boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal at Ralph Lauren in Melrose.

10+ pictures inside of Reese Witherspoon as a country girl…

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reese witherspoon brentwood country mart 01
reese witherspoon brentwood country mart 02
reese witherspoon brentwood country mart 03
reese witherspoon brentwood country mart 04
reese witherspoon brentwood country mart 05
reese witherspoon brentwood country mart 06
reese witherspoon brentwood country mart 07
reese witherspoon brentwood country mart 08
reese witherspoon brentwood country mart 09
reese witherspoon brentwood country mart 10

Photos: Famepictures, INFdaily
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  • hot five

    Good for her. Go babe!!!

    New space on the web. See the hotest girls on hi5:

    Have fun!!!

  • bah

    Reese Witherspoon is an fugly woman and an overrated actress.

  • ewww


  • LOL

    The Brentwood Country Mart guy is following her around making sure she doesn’t shoplift.

  • Julia

    Love her such a sweetheart.

  • dianel

    I’m happy for Reese glad she got the awared

  • Anon

    She looked really sexy on the People’s Choice show. I saw pictures of her and Jake at another gossip blog, and after the show,she met him for dinner and she was climbing all over him!!

  • Tina

    Reese works hard to make the fauxmance look real.

  • Ivana

    Anon tell what blog please :)))

  • Anon

    Ivana it’s here

  • Ivana

    Thanks Anon i saw it … they both looks so good, like always…

  • The faker got paid!

    Ever notice how the day after every showmance display Reese goes shopping? She does the performance, gets her paycheck and goes shopping!

  • Anon

    I think she is a big fake. I saw the movie she was in with Jake and Meryl Streep and she was the most shallow person in the movie. Everbody else did good, but she was really weak. I think she has played in these silly, stupid movies for such a long time she forgot how to act if she ever really knew. At first I liked her movies. But I out grew them. But she is still grinding out junk and getting paid. I love Jake. But I think she is money hungry and he is more artistic. I don’t think this will last. She is too much of a business whore. I read where she gets paid for every single little thing she does, like with Avon and being in fashion magazines.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    ……… some bulls, IN ASPEN or go DOLLYWOOD!!

  • Kristen

    Hi Ivana ~

    They did look great. I love both of them. I was never a huge Reese fan ( I liked her but wasn’t a fan) until Walk the Line. Then I watched Freeway – which she was amazing in.

    I hope they have lots of beautiful babies!

  • bella

    I love Reese. She glams it up for a public appearance, but when she is not she dresses casual and how she likes. I have respect for her and it makes her seem sincere and not out of touch with reality like some Hollywood stars.

  • Ivana

    Hi Kiki i am not a fan…
    At first i like Jake manly because of his look, but then i watched some of his movies and realized that he really knows how to act.. :)))
    I hope they have babies too.. Sweet little Gyllenspoon babies :)))

  • Reese is phony

    Reese Witherspoon is Jake’s annoying beard and a shallow Hollywood product.

  • Lola

    again? this site should change the name to just Reese and Jake

  • Tacky

    Reese Witherspoon is a redneck woman.

  • Nicole

    This chick shops more than anyone I have ever known. She needs to do something more constructive, like go back to school and get an education. Why? Because she sucks as an actress.

  • se

    It is time for this women give up to take place of a real actress in Hollywood. It impressive that all these people of Hollywood don’t know how to use money!
    Reese Witherspoon must try to find Brokeback Mountain and have §a&nnal% %sex§ withe her >Toy Boy over there.
    They only produce garbage in Hollywood!

  • http://Q Francesca

    Ferragamo bag??!! I guess if you make 35 million a year you have to blow it on something. I’m sure she could have just as good a bag for 10% of what she paid for the Ferragamo. Anyhoo, re Jakey’s acting. He has his ups and downs. I would say his best acting jobs were in The Good Girl, October Sky and Brokeback. The rest of his movie were just so so and in some of them he didn’t come up to the part at all. Moonlight Mile was especially bad. I never bothered to see Rendition or the one about the serial murderer the name of which I have even forgotten. Still to come out, I think, are Nailed and Brothers, and of course PoP sometime next year? Maybe he’ll do better in those.

  • http://Q Francesca

    Anon, she gets 30 million for representing Avon for three years. 10 million a year to primp and pose for cameras. Nice work if you can get it and she apparently can.

  • http://Q Francesca

    People like Se who don’t know much think Hollywood is all about sex. I would suspect it is rather all about money. If you don’t bring in the money, you disappear quite rapidly. Sex is just the icing on the money cake. People go into acting for the money, stay in for the money, and have to get out when they no longer make any money. MONEY is what Hollyweird is all about. Sex is just the lure that brings gullible fans in. But it is the fan’s money that the stars are after, nothing else.

  • Ivana

    Reese is maybe small, but she seems like strong woman who knows how to make money and people obviously love her, when they give her so much awards and space.
    Francesca is right if you don’t bring money you disappear quite rapidly, this is reason why Reese exist that long.

  • jessica

    I would pay lots of money for her to go away.

  • Lola

    Ryan can’t even be an actor with impeccable performance and he can’t make as much money as the Reese or take such prominence as her, but in recent years he has made films that try to pass a message to the public and that is admirable. Reese’s movies apparently are designed just to make money.

  • dayna

    I would pay her lots and lots of money to go away for ever. She is nasty and skanky.

  • se


    I thought you don’t speak with me!

    There are lot of chefs of Mafias whose are very famous in the world.
    The massive propaganda that Hollywood make for their actors with their own Magazines, TV programs, Newspapers and Radios worldride.
    The propaganda transform a insect in Elefant!
    Reese Witherspoon and Jake gyllenhaal are only twor prostitutes that the directors of Hollywood put money in their big $AS§S%$.

    They are not strong or inteligent. They don’t have any kind of talents.
    They and other mediocres actors of Hollywood are only people whose they manipulate. These director win much money then the actors.

    Reese Witherspoon is a dirty women whose püractice aduterion with his dirty first men with several man. Jake Gyllenhaal is part of her strategic to her children work in cinema like all the mental retarded of Hollywood.
    Jake Gyllenhaal is a dirty prostitute men. His mother Naomi Foner and
    the film director Stephen Gyllenhaal teach him to take part and money of another people.

    Jake Gyllenhaal isn’t ambitious with himself but he like the things of another people and learned all their life long how to splore them too!



    These men and this prostitute of Hollywood studios will never be satisfact with their money because they have ADDICTION TO USE ANOTHER PEOPLE!

    The money that they have and they will never help them.

    Their children will be degenerate and stupid!
    They will be unable to study or they will never have a family any kind of friend! and they probably with bad example of her mother will take another prostitutes at home.
    We can wait some assassinate or prison for drug excess or robber in home of Reese Witherspoon or Jake gylllenhaal in future!

    I wouldn’t see how their bad example and others actors and actresses will cause in home of mental retarded of americans and the misery of divorce.

    The structure Reese Witherpoon’s house is a perfect structure for future criminals.

  • se

    Nowadays the films of Hollywood are a completly garbage.
    They show the violence and death.


    Death is the love themes of their films and when the death of another people is the theme, it isn’t important for them.
    I would like to know when the most part of actors and actresses whose acept this theme to act in their films would confront with their own death…
    And how all their useless life would be showed when they will be near of death !
    USA is a desert culture!

    The show of Hollywood propaganda like to show is that the people like the actors of them at present!
    It is better that the american people haven’t the illusion that the people like them.
    The must people in the world hate this country . The american born the children of this world to be hated! When the american turist walk on street the people mentaly dammed!

    Everybody knows the dirty politic that this country follow!
    All these show in Berlin or Cannes etc…are shows for histeric people.

    The normal people hate all these actors! It isn’t necessery be islam fundamentalist to hate USA. The american people have enemy everywhere in the world!

    This economic crisis is the better opportunity for lot of coutries isolate USA. Perhaps the world economy with leathers of asiatic countries would have more success as these robbers of banks!
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  • http://Q Francesca (genuine)

    Se stop talking to me, I don’t pay attention to the babblings of idiots.

  • Kristen

    Francesca ~

    I tried that with SE before. She will continue her ramblings….. no matter how ridiculous, jealous and insecure it sounds. And the funny thing is – she thinks she sounds intelligent. Just laugh it off. She’s not worth your time.

  • se

    Mental retarded! You must stop to make comentar about me like #26! Idiot!

  • se


    If you wouldn’t like to loss your time you can talk about another thing not speaking about me!
    You live in illusion world!

  • se


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  • se

    If you find that the films of violence of Hollywood is very good my sugestion is go to GAZA and wait to be bombard over there.
    It isn’t happen nothing with you like all Hollywood films!