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Rihanna & Chris Brown: The 21 Club

Rihanna & Chris Brown: The 21 Club

Chris Brown holds onto girlfriend Rihanna‘s stomach as they dance together at the Twenty One club on January 8 (Thursday) in Dublin, Ireland.

Rihanna, 20, and Chris, 19, couldn’t keep their hands off of each other following Chris‘s concert at Dublin’s O2 arena. The couple had their arms wrapped around each other the entire night!

Poor Rihanna has a cold sore on her lip!

UPDATE: Apologies, images removed!

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# 2

rihanna is so cute , i met her in dublin and she was in the audience watching chris , it was really cutte !
i did have a cold sore last week , it hurts but hers is not that big!

chris is all sweaty like always haha

# 4

Seriously, RiRi looks like she be hangin’ with a ****** in an 80′s neon green shirt.

# 5

i love my girl rihanna but i don’t like chris at all
he’s just a kid and she’s a real lady , she needs a real man not a little boy !

i love her !

# 6

Another post copied from Gossip Girl.

# 7

Rihanna is bringing the 80s back…in a bad way.

# 8

Why do blogs post such unattractive photos of celebs?

# 9

does chris brown have on white polish? why are his finger nails so white?

RiRi looks drunk and sick.

Rihanna really got butch. She looks like a guy.

..10+ ugly pics



Rihanna paints Chris’ nails?

ewwww@the ugly ass sore on her lip!

Rihanna either has a very bad stylist or she’s stuck in a Madonna circa 1989 rut. Either way, girl needs a new look.

they are cute !


bajans are the best <33

Oh dear, when did she go from pretty girl to ugly boy?

Way too drunk in #1.
Go home, *****.
Not all press is good press.

That cold sore is almost as big as her fivehead.


don’t like her as much as most people do..can’t find anything interesting with her..

in the fourth picture, she looks like she has a mohawk wig on her head. is that her real hair or a weave/wig? it looks fake.

RiRi’s getting overexposed. Please Take a Bow.

all BAJANS suck …. just like this Rih-A**hole

Well, Rihanna pops CB’s zits – there’s pics of her doing this to him in a hot tub – so it wouldn’t surprise me if she also paints his finger nails.

What a mess.

omg i was at the concert .. he was absolutely epic! he puts on such a great performance, and he talks to the audience loads. and boy can DANCE!!!

they where telling every1 at the concert the after part was in 21 club.

enoughalready @ 01/09/2009 at 2:25 pm

If she truly had some talent I think people would take her better but all in all she is just a girl who cut her hair had songs with a nice beat that was added to some songs people related too that Oprah could’ve made a hit too.

Some act like she is a god or something if that was the case no cold sore would be there at all.

twilight Lover_108 @ 01/09/2009 at 2:56 pm

i think Rihanna and Chris Brown are the cutest couple and i love them 2 together…btw i loveee their musicc=)

I love Ireland so much! @ 01/09/2009 at 3:02 pm

It has the most real people. So weird that the irish in America can be so predjudiced when the irish in Ireland aren’t at all. Dublin is the bomb and the country is so beautiful and I would live there if I could.

thay r soo hot togther :p

Where they are OBVIOUSLY together

“She’s like a sister to me” my ****

enoughalready @ 01/09/2009 at 2:25 pm

If she truly had some talent I think people would take her better but all in all she is just a girl who cut her hair had songs with a nice beat that was added to some songs people related too that Oprah could’ve made a hit too.

Some act like she is a god or something if that was the case no cold sore would be there at all.

Lol, thank the producers for the beats and the songwriters for the hits.

Make up is a gift , for real !! How ugly ppl can look without it !! I mean, i never thought she was so weird , naturally !!

Ah 21 Club and Lounge… memories!

Its a big student nightclub in Dublin!

Wonder if they went for the drink Promos… 3 euro a drink some nights! ha!

They were also spotted out and about on Grafton St

Chris and rihanna are the best couple ever!!! i love them both so much! they belong together forever ! sooooo cute!!!!!

@jemma – You are jealous because there are no trini’s in the spotlight – ever – ever! No one recognizes you guys because there is nothing to recognize – do something for yourself and Trinidad and then make those types of comments, are there any Trini’s on magazines, in the celebrity gossip columns, in the music industry (outside of Trinidad with that worthless wuk-up nonsense), where are they – NONE – SO SHUT TO **** UP – We don’t feel that way about you guys or talk trash like this – see the difference right there?

Search yourself first – I am out!!!!!!!!!!!



You haters are hilarious. Far more entertaining than half the sh*t you talk about these 2. I look forward to the next song, article, etc. about Riri and Chris just so I can laugh at your monkey azzes and all the jealousy. Carry on. Bawhahahahahaha

yuk, he is always so sweaty

Oh how intelligent of Lola – she realizes the monkey in herself – at least you’re honest about it! Takes one to recognize the other.


I can’t stand those dumb a** 80′s sweaters that cover half the body. What’s the point in getting a SWEATER, if it only covers half the body!!!

It's great @ 01/09/2009 at 7:48 pm

Check out

never like these two, what’s up with all the praises! that girl is ugly as hell!

hes wearin white nail polsih
i think
still cute

Has anyone ever thought Rihanna is probably exhausted? She tours damn near all year and flies on planes long distances every other day. Yeah I know she’s a celeb but she’s human too. She probably is sick and belongs somewhere in bed, but being at clubs is part of her JOB and there she is working her azz off as usual showing up. And I see that big cold sore (they usually crop up when one is stressed or run down), obviously Chris must really love her and he looks out for her. She’s not just some ho, Rihanna’s a hard worker who is ALSO talented–has any one here ever actually listened to her CDs or seen her perform? Much as I love Bey, IT’S RIHANNA *****!!! Bye haters

Man, that chick is so ugly!!! I don’t get why she thinks herself so hot.lmao. she has a five-head and her face looks like a frog. Like WTF….OH… and she has herpes.ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!

35 what are you talking about RANDOM ! 44 i can`t stand that you about trinidad like that my family also came from trinidad. And I love rihanna & chris brown . to all you haters just live your life . and i bet you guys half of you haters are jardin sparks fans . go talk to smeone if you are hating on rihanna . rihanna might not be painting them chris might paint them . i gest he can`t pick a color . this had a REPORT from DINA P . hi haters you see me hi haters you see me hi haters hi haters you see me hi haters hi haters . To all the cele sing with me now . bye haters Remember stop hating on riri & chris brown

54 what the hell are talking about . you can`t said shi*t clearing come on i could hang riri if i want . but it just a waste of my time . oh yeah ! your hater like the others So live you life . are whats letf of it . wow ! you just been diss . bye hater love dina p

If this girl is exhausted, she should GO TO BED.
Being at a club dancing through the early hours of the morning AFTER her boyfriend’s concert is NOT part of her job. They’re just two teens/early twenty somethings burning the midnight oil and wanting to have fun which is FINE in the short term…but if Rihanna keeps it up, she’s going to work/play herself into an early grave. It’s already taking a serious toll on her looks. The girl needs to WISE UP and REST UP instead of constantly hitting the clubs and the shops.

them pics of rihanna amd chriis breezy are c00l.=)
buut what is rihanna wearin?
i say they downed alot since they are legally aloud drink over in this mighty coubtry of ireland.=)
i saw chris on the 8th.
he invited us all to club 21 afterwards bu most of us were underage and wouldnt get near the place.=(.
cant w8 till he c0mes back again.

mrs. brown @ 01/10/2009 at 10:15 am

firstly O2 arena is not in dublin, ireland its in greenwich,london, ENGLAND– theres only one
and secondly chris is too good for her!

EWWWW!!! rihanna looks soo ugly!!!
whatts up with her hair and that bigass forehead??!!
chris looks sexyyy!!! <33

For one I am really tired of people becoming famous because they are pretty…the only way that should happen is if you’re going to be a model. But Rihanna is famous for singing but she cannot sing…people say her voice is “interesting”…my next door neighbor has an “interesting” voice too that doesn’t mean she should be a star. I am ready for real singers to be glorified again…not “pop stars” who dress well and can reinvent themselves by changing their haircut…PPPPPUUUUHHHHLLLEEEEZZZZEEE stop with the Rihanna-fest its getting annoying. And as far as Chris Brown he came on the scene as a very talented young man with dance skills to rival the best in the game i hope he doesn’t fall off trying to keep up with Rihanna’s limelight.

Y’all jealous preaks. u just shut up en sit down.

Chris must be one of the happiest guys in the world.

Chris Breezy must be one of the happiest guys in the world

it”s ok,,, goood,,


agnes Potaua @ 01/31/2009 at 9:22 am

wel 2 be honest Looking though All these Comments, most of them Are just Bloodly Stupid. Wat the hell is Wrong With These people.
okai most of the GAlz Love Chris And MOst THe Guys LOve Robynn.
BUt there in no need to Frekin JUdge or say stupid comments ABout either one of them… THey are both TAlented Artists who deserve to be with each other. they make a great couple.

i love you Both and gudd luck in your carrier coz i am have your BAck’s 100%

richelle@ llllllll @ 02/09/2009 at 7:40 pm

wow i really dont know wat to think i really liked chris brown but i didnt know he was a woman beeter thats just wrong and sick i bet im not the onley one that has changed my mind about chris

i dont think chris brown would do sumthin like that.

Jemma i do believe that you are a Trini, stop being so darn predudice. Evertone have they probs. Trini murder rate has risen

I Think Rihanna Is Hot!, Really Cute & Adorable Sweetheart I’m Just Want Some Results On How Rihanna Broke Up With Chris Brown Not Like It’s Any Of My Buiness I Just Want To Know What Cause The Brake Up. They Made The Perfect Couple.


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