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Rumer Willis Digs Diamonds

Rumer Willis Digs Diamonds

Rumor Willis shows off a new hair color at the 8th Annual Awards Season Diamond Fashion Show Preview held at The Beverly Hills Hotel on Thursday [January 8] in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 20-year-old actress was scheduled to be last year’s Miss Golden Globe but the event was canceled. So this year she will have the same opportunity, but isn’t too worried about it. “I’m sure I’ll be able to walk up and down without tripping,” Rumer said.

10+ more pics inside of Rumer Willis digging diamonds…

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rumer willis season diamond fashion show 01
rumer willis season diamond fashion show 02
rumer willis season diamond fashion show 03
rumer willis season diamond fashion show 04
rumer willis season diamond fashion show 05
rumer willis season diamond fashion show 06
rumer willis season diamond fashion show 07
rumer willis season diamond fashion show 08
rumer willis season diamond fashion show 09
rumer willis season diamond fashion show 10
rumer willis season diamond fashion show 11
rumer willis season diamond fashion show 12
rumer willis season diamond fashion show 13

Photos: Michael Buckner/Getty , Dimitri Halkidis/WENN
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  • Someone

    She is a PLAIN JANE!!

  • NativeNYker

    She is so ugly! Plain Jane would be a step up… & why does she continue to make public appearances as if she has some great contribution to make? Really, girl. Stop!

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Don’t count on your looks

    This celeb baby better go to school and get a degree. She’ll need to work in the real world.

  • de Cosmos

    Please, Jared, make it stop….

  • ick

    Well that does it – I won’t be watching the Golden Globes if that horse face is going to be on stage. Time to get a real job in the real world and quit pretending to be a celebrity. I guess the poor thing can’t help that she got the worse features of each parent, but with all the money they have, try some plastic surgery. Surely mom would share her surgeon’s name.

  • lizzie

    I wish my parents were actors too .. !!!!

  • mju8

    For a while I had gotten used to her “unique” look but these photos with THAT hair and THAT dress combined are just …. hmm she looks like a potato corpse bride!

  • LuckyL

    She is has the feet of an old lady

  • LuckyL

    She has*

  • Solène

    Oh, stop it, you’re so mean! She’s pretty cute actually, not hideous at all!

  • Don’t count on your looks

    Well, if Tori Spelling can stay in the media, this chick can, but she would be smart to get a real life.

  • Mia

    It’s too bad her genes are all screwed up.

  • wtf

    OMG sometimes she looks not too ugly but these pictures are hideous. No wonder Perez calls her potato head.

  • * VICTORIA *

    Poor thing !!!!……Even a new hair color can’t change the fact that she looks so uncomfortable in a dress and heels…..Oh, My, those feet and legs……

  • slambang

    Different hair color, same old fugly face.

  • ging

    She looks like an ugly, washed out Asslee Simpson since they both have Jay Leno chins.

  • marina

    is that how her nails are supposed to look?
    How can she not know that the pictures show every flaw? Solution: no peep toe shoes, at least for the toenails.
    About the lack of photogenic beauty, real talent would be the solution, but…

  • gerard Vandenberg

    She’s here, folks.
    please stop eating, MONGOL WILLIS HAS ARRIVED!!
    Laughing makes it all even worse!!

  • Mr. Pink

    You’re all horrible people.

    Do you really think you’re the first person to ever say that, #3?

    Who says she is, #4?

    You’re sick, #6.

  • bella

    The dress makes her look a lot older than she actually is. Few people can pull off that colour. I don’t think she is pretty, but she has a unique look which I think is refreshing.

  • laura

    Her hair looks terrible like that. Change the unnatural color!

  • laura

    Her hair looks terrible like that. The color is ugly!

  • stefanie

    The dress is pretty, but the girl is not.

  • Bree

    I know everyone is bashing her, but i heard that she is actually quite pretty in person. One of my teacher’s has seen her a few times, because Micah Alberti’s grandparents live next to her. She may not be the most attractive person in the world, but it is really cruel to say these horrible things about her..

  • hello

    lmfao she looks like a large elf

  • shakara

    i think everyone is beautiful in thr own way.have u seen house bunny shes really pretty in it and i think shes better looking than some people-we all have flaws that we cannot accept or change-at least she has the guts to face the media and she cracks jokes about her chin-she has strength,confidence and power and that will make her better than any of use any day grow up she doesnt need plastic surgery at all

  • Josie Ann

    Oh please … she is UGLY. She looks like a horse that has been turned into a human. Look at that face and those knobbly knees. And what’s with the goblin ears? Can she actually flap them, me wonders?? The only reason she gets bit parts in movies is because her agent probably overkills the namedropping!! Pathetic. JARED, PLEASE DONT BOTHER GIVING OUT ANYMORE NEWS ABOUT THIS NOBODY …. SHE TURNS ME OFF. THE MERE SIGHT OF HER REPULSES ME. And from many others who have commented before me, I believe they share the same sentiments!

  • mia

    Now, now everyone…..every generation of celebrities has a stand out ugly one.
    Rumer just happens to be this one’s.
    She can’t help it.
    No need to call her names.

  • it’s great

    Check out

  • cosi

    Best she’s ever looked, which is like saying “Best Satsuki’s ever looked”, i.e. – not saying much


    the benefit of having hollywood actor parents is that no matter if you can’t act, is also ugly (not pretty at all) is that you can still be everywhere!

  • ckayed

    Can you spell F-U-G-L-Y

  • ocg

    Close your MOUTH. Stop “Lindsay-ing” every shot, check the reflection for an hour or two prior to stepping a carpet (you can see what is good and not), take a Polaroid or five in different light, see how the look works . The color: Daring! (With the right skin tone. Not yours, currently.) The dress shape? Flattering! Nice! The heels? Not complimentary with dress on film. The hair color: Flawless, and GOOD! Style? Come on. Sleek, slick, or classic is better than shaggy. All the right components, all the possibility, but just not combined appropriately. You could have had it.

  • Lenny

    She is still in the Sarah Jessica Parker, Tori Spelling and Sandra Oh catagory. These ladies are not pretty, sorry but it’s true. I’m sure there’s more.

  • Holly

    gosh since when rumer willis is such a huge star except for breaking the record of “THE UGLIEST,BIGGEST,SCARIEST HEAD IN THE HISTORY OF HUMAN KIND!!!!”

  • Got hit with the UGLY stick!!

    What an ugly girl!! He feet look like they are smashed into her too-small shoes. That must be painful. Hopefully Hollywood won’t pick her up because of who her parents are. She needs to go see a good plastic surgeon to fix her face!!

  • nobody

    Poor thing — she really did get the worst features of both parents. Bruce Willis does not make a good looking woman. And Demi’s body is mostly contrived and man-made, so she won’t be getting that either, unless of course she hires the same herd of plastic surgeons.

    I really hope this girl learns to like doing something behind the camera, not in front of it.

  • kay

    YIKES!!!! This girl needs to spend some of daddy’s money and do something with that face. Poor thing, she doesn’t seem to realize how horrible she looks, even after a shower.

  • jmh

    I think she looks very pretty. Everyone here must be in teenagers. The dress is very classy. I am sure if everyone here posted their pictures they would be ripped to shreds. I think she looks very nice.


    well she looked hot in house bunny and thats enough for me

  • sooverit

    i look at this pic and try to pic out positive things and its just not possible because there are too many things wrong. the dress is the wrong color, and is a difficult color to pull of in general because it tends to make you look washed out. the hair is too dark, and the makeup does not flatter her to say the least. i am not a plastic surgeon, so i dont know if surgery is even an option for her. can docs actually shave down huge jawlines nowadays?? and what could be done with those nonexistent lips? if they caused that goldie hawn fish lips look really things would only go from bad to worse. girlfriend needs some serious help.

  • Jonah

    Rumer Willis walked into a bar. The barman said, “So why the long face?”