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Kanye West Previews His Louis Vuitton Shoe Line

Kanye West Previews His Louis Vuitton Shoe Line

Kanye West just previewed one pair of loafer/sneaker designs he did for his Louis Vuitton shoe line.

“Time to crash your Internet server,” he wrote on his blog. “Here’s 1 one of the design’s [sic] I did for Louie [sic]… Sampled in white.”

“Can’t say too much of that though,” Kanye has said of his Kanye West x Louis Vuitton Shoes. “These [aren't] coming out until June.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Kanye’s shoe line so far — HOT or NOT?

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  • becky

    love kanye & love the shoes <3


    vile. simply vile.

  • cheninator

    wow and im guessing those will be sold for at least $500, how the hell did he get to design shoes for louis vuitton, he is a vile pieve of sh*t., jesus you could get a pair like that for $50 from any store.

  • linpin

    NOT!!! Seriously, I could have done that!! My husband has a pair of shoes from 1989 that I could spray paint white and they would match!! Celebrity’s are so overratted!!

  • barron797

    this brings down the louis vuitton name.

  • kyle

    This guy is an asswhole who thinks the whole world should revolve around him. His shoes suck

  • Holly

    wtf.. they are just plain white..

  • Banjoplayer


  • bonzo

    I D I O T! I wouldn’t buy a bottle of water from him if I was dying of thirst.

  • Cristobal Balenciaga

    Positively banal at best.

  • /


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  • christyjolie

    he is a douchebag!

  • de Cosmos

    Pimp shoes

  • me me me

    i love those shoes, very classy, but there’s nothing really new about them, they are the sneaker version of a standard yacht shoe. my dad has like 5 pairs of those (shoes not sneakers) for our sailing boat.


    He’s such an idiot, he didn’t even spell the name Louis correctly on his blog. And I am tired of this celebrities designing things that look like crap, just like that shoe. I’ve seen better shoes at Payless.

  • me me me

    if you’re not convinced, type yacht shoe in google and look at the images. that’s like the classic model.

  • patrick

    What a tool. He is so full of himself, the $hit is coming out his ears.

  • gay maybe?

    Look like hospital shoes.

  • shafira

    defenitly hott! :D

  • sharon

    Kanye’s certainly not lacking in self-confidence. Now if he just has the intelligence to go along with his confidence, he might actually be an interesting person. This way, he’s just plain conceited.

  • =(



  • andrea

    well they look like payless shoes. yes, i shop at payless cause i’m not spending $100 on shoes that i will only wear once or twice and i buy my kid’s shoes there cause she will end up growing out of them in a month or two. so if kayne is charging thousands of dollars for those very plain shoes then you can get the same version for $15 at payless lol

  • Jill

    How much is he charging for them? Anyone who pays more than $50 for a pair of sneakers is nuts.

  • dessa

    what’s so original about that? is that a prototype?
    i expect great things from you kanye!

  • Sarah

    As a frequent shopper at LV, …that is so not..
    how do i say this?

    I think the monogram shoes are even better then those -and that says a lot.

  • cindy

    Is it a sneaker of a loafer? ;)

  • cici

    HOT!! & i’m a girl so i wouldn’t wear them but i like them!!!!

  • lakers fan in boston

    i dont see what’s so special about them
    they dont even look that nice
    even if it is louis vuitton i wouldnt buy it cuz i kinda hate kanye now
    o the the shoelaces look stupid

  • BUCKmasterflash

    Kanye is an arrogant prick, and 808′s is a rip off of t-pain and sucks. Fuck that stupid asshole!!

  • Shemp lugosi

    geeky shoes, wouldn’t be caught dead looking at anyone wearing them!

  • french

    I think it sucks, who the f**k is he to design shoes for Louis Vuitton?????????

  • brie2009

    I don’t see whats so special about the shoes to be honest. Im not trying to be mean but they do look sneakers I could get at Macy’s for my dad. And who is willing to pay for soo much on these shoes anyways? Even if I don’t know the price tag but when its Louis Vuitton, there is no need for a price cause you know there going to be expensive.

  • I like them accept for that

    part at the ankle. Good job K, and it would be foolish to say don’t let it go to your head.

  • NativeNYker

    I’d sooner go barefoot and homeless…

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • laurie

    Fug just like him…..

  • zzzz

    Fug shoes. This is good for Kanye and awful for Vuitton, even if the shoes were hot.

  • David Cook

    holy hell that shoe is so crap! how much will he be selling that? I can see that kind walking almost everywhere and even better only sold for $30! this guy should evaluate himself, he thinks people adore him so much wow :)

  • _

    interesting shoes

  • Fashion Critic

    NOT! It’s just going to be over priced. IT looks like a regular old sneaker. He is making the luxurious LV house, an urban brand.

  • deka

    not hot
    boring and plain
    i can get white shoes at walmart

  • grinch

    kiss of death..what was LV thinking hiring this low class wannabee rapper with no style..he just buys pricey stuff…and that suppose to be cool. I hope LV doesn’t go bankrupt now. such a unwise choice on their part. honestly he is not that handsome either. he’s kind of a douche.

  • susan

    NOT HOT!!! wtf he ruin louis vuitton name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fuk

  • Jules

    I think I saw a pair of those in Payless Shoes…

  • Bobby

    Kanye has a huge ego, but he also has a lot of style. I wonder what the price of these will be. They seem cool.

  • Nicole

    What ugly shoes!!!

  • kimily

    they look cheap…kind of like kanye…
    he wants “less fans”…. why should “we” support his dive in to fashion/design. They look like the cheap copies of keds that some people buy at payless and walmart. .. or something you could buy from the trunk of a car on the side of the road.

    Go away Kanye… your only further “patheticising” yourself… (no that isn’t a word..but I am sure he can figure out what it would mean if it were.)

  • JT605

    why does every shoe that a rapper designs have to come out looking like a nike air force one… seriously these do not properly represent the brands name… I cant even imagine donald trump or some non-rapper millionare wearing these…these are just plain ol’ rapper shoes.

  • Miamiheat

    Boring! looks as horrible as his singing!


    To those sheep who think this is a well thought out, attractive or original design – are you for real?!