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Suri Cruises With Her Stroller

Suri Cruises With Her Stroller

Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids!

Suri Cruise focuses on her important task of pushing a bunny in her stroller as she leaves her New York City apartment on Friday.

Mommy Katie Holmes helped Suri along as they got into their car, headed to the theater.

The 30-year-old actress will be quite the jet setter this weekend as she’ll be taking a cross-country flight from New York to L.A. on Sunday after her final All My Sons performance. She’ll be meeting her hubby, Tom Cruise, at the after-parties for the Golden Globes. Cruise mentioned, “We discussed it, and she told me I should go. So I’m going to the Golden Globes with her father and my mother. She’s going to finish her show and we’ll meet at the after parties!”

DO YOU THINK Tom Cruise will be walking away with a Golden Globe on Sunday – YAY or NAY?

10+ pictures inside of Suri cruising with her stroller…

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suri cruises stroller 01
suri cruises stroller 02
suri cruises stroller 03
suri cruises stroller 04
suri cruises stroller 05
suri cruises stroller 06
suri cruises stroller 07
suri cruises stroller 08
suri cruises stroller 09
suri cruises stroller 10
suri cruises stroller 11
suri cruises stroller 12
suri cruises stroller 13

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  • LolaSvelt

    LMAO, she actually thinks he has a chance? Not only will Heath Ledger’s family will be at the ceremony. They came all the way from Australia…do you really think they’d humiliate them like that? But Cruise’s nomination was one of those joke nominations just so they can bring celebrities to the ceremony.

  • mju8

    Haha Tom is going with his mom and Katie’s dad? That is so weird. I doubt her father even likes him, I’m sure they’re like what a couple of years apart?

  • ******

    why not anything is possible:)

  • K

    Suri is the most adorable thing ever! She’s a style maven for all the other hollywood kids, grr!

  • Anastacia

    she looks dead…

  • meg

    Anything for attention…I’ve seen it all now. This is really a stupid hairbrain move on Katie’s part.

    A good mother would want to get her daughter away from the paparazzi ASAP. Katie apparently wants to linger in front of the cameras longer so she came up with this stroller idea.

    Katie knows that she wouldn’t even get tabloid attention if it weren’t for Suri so she’s using this little girl as much as possible. Nobody wants to see golddigger Katie Homely.

  • meg

    Anything for attention…I’ve seen it all now. This is really a stupid hairbrain move on Katie’s part.

    A good mother would want to get her daughter away from the paparazzi ASAP. Katie apparently wants to linger in front of the cameras longer so she came up with this stroller idea.

    Katie knows that she wouldn’t even get tabloid attention if it weren’t for Suri so she’s using this little girl as much as possible. Nobody wants to see golddigger Katie Homely.

  • mju8

    ^^ I think she is on the inside

  • agatha

    dead corpse wife!!!

    but suri is amazing!

  • mju8

    oops I meant to respond to #5

  • *tanya*

    Suri looks so adorable!!!

  • Someone

    I want to adopt Suri.

  • CR30.01

    Realistically, I don’t think so. I think it will Heath’s night – an obvious choice, and not only because of his premature death, but also because his Joker is unforgetable.

    That said, a list of nominees including Tom Cruise, Robert Downey Jr., Ralph Fiennes, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Heath Ledger is simply awesome.

  • mju8

    I don’t understand it. Why make this child push a stroller in front of a swarm of paparazzi when they obviously cause her much distress?? Why not just hand the stroller to a bodyguard and carry your child as fast as possible to the car??!!

  • egnda

    Surely that’s enough now. Suri obvious hates the cameras, shes old enough to know what’s going on. Its not good parenting to expose her in this way. She has no idea what a normal life is like i.e. like Violet Affleck. She should be going to nursery now, mixing with kids her own age. Wearing dungarees, jeans….getting mucky. She’s going to be so screwed up when she’s older.

  • bebe

    When katie carries Suri, people complain. Now, when she lets her walk, people complain. so predictable. Did it ever occur to anyone that Suri wanted to push the stroller? Katie looks like she’s trying to help her push it so they can get into the car faster.

  • lulu

    It’s Heath all the way. he carried the movie more than Christian Bale.

  • Sonia Wu

    I hope Katie the PIMP of NYC Homely can just take the jet back to LA and don’t come back to the City.
    What a roadside circus the PIMP whores her daughter for all the world’s paps to enjoy, as if they were so disturbed by the cameras and they were “stalked everywhere they go”.


  • Suri, “What is a stoller?”

    If your baby is WAY MORE famous than you, don’t use a stroller. Carry the kid so you won’t be left out photos. Or if you finally let your kid walk, hover over her as though she needs A LOT OF HELP playing with her simple toys, such as a stroller.
    Warning: this will make your kid look slow.

  • Shawna

    That is just disgusting how close the paps are to Katie and Suri. Now does everyone see why she carries her most of the time? They are within a couple of feet of them. Of course the last post everyone criticized because Katie carried Suri and now they complain because she’s letting her walk. Anything to have something to complain about, right? You guys seem to forget that a child who will be 3 in April does have a mind of her own and maybe she really wanted to bring the stroller and Katie decided she shouldn’t have to say no just because of the stupid paps.

  • Sonia Wu

    It’s not about carrying or pushing the stroller.
    It’s the practice of using Suri to gain attention day in, day out. Very often late at night, freezing cold nights.
    Katie the pimp carried Suri to get a better frame of pictures, while having Suri push the stroller for the paps to enrich a better show.

    Are you as dimwit as the officious TomKatPIMP apologist?

  • kyle

    crazy, they can’t hide suri no matter what. they are just living their lives.

  • bebe

    #21, No, I’m not a dimwit. I’m just not the type of person who feels the need to create some sort of conspiracy theory for everything this family does. I don’t feel the need to endlessly complain and criticize about one thing(like carrying Suri) and then complain when she does the opposite.

  • mju8

    Yeah right…. Suri REALLY looks like she’s enjoying pushing the stroller! Look at her head bowed down and shielding her eyes – now there’s a child having fun!

  • usachild

    TomKat critics are All-American family, patriotic and classy like Audrey Hepburn

  • Shawna

    #24 – she is fine with it at first, she only puts her head down when she sees the paps. Can’t blame her for that with all the flash bulbs going off in her face.

  • to usachild

    usachild @ 01/10/2009 at 9:52 am TomKat critics are All-American family, patriotic and classy like Audrey Hepburn

    Oh, yeah. Great. So, then, an all American family would be better typified by a beautiful, talented and classy actress from… Belgium!? Can’t you think of a more native example to give?

  • Wicked witch of wu

    Go back to your swamp, wicked witch of Wu! Leave Katie alone!

  • New Yorker my a $ $

    No little girl New Yorker is out with a toy stroller in the middle of the night. Weird Idiots! Who cares if the flashes bother them. Put the kid to bed.

  • poorkid

    Ok, at least Suri is wearing a jacket. Whew! This is the second photo I have seen of Suri with her stroller and in both pics, Katie is helping Suri push the stroller. Kids know how to push strollers Katie…I am sure she doesn’t need your help. Also, why is Suri dressed up again like she is going a ball?

    I wonder what it will be like for Suri when she is older and people want to take photos of her. Look how she reacts now? But I must say she is very cute and I hope that she isn’t messed up in the future because of her crazy parents.

  • ab889ljeune

    The reason some on this site complain whether she walks, is being carried, is wearing too big a coat or no coat at all or the tons of other hateful comments is because they are miserable people and have no life of their own. Obviously bitching on these sites is all they have in life and hate everyone else who is more attractive, has more exciting lives, beautiful children and tons of money. Haters get a life!

  • dianel

    Tom has as much chance of winning the oscar as anyone he is very talented

  • twilight

    # 31. you could not be more incorrect.

    no one wants to be in Katie’s shoes you idiot!

  • ellie

    I just love that Suri Katie & Tom. Tom s still one of the greatest actors, and such a giving and loving friend…Its so cute Suri wearing dresses thats all my little one would wear when she was little…

  • nancy S. and paul M.


  • nancy S. and paul M.


    I think the kid is adorable and little girls do get obsessed with their dolls in the stroller. Totally normal stuff.

  • zzzz

    #36, , you are absolutely right, about your kids getting a nap if they NEEDED to be up late. Problem is, Suri doesn’t need to.

  • hmm

    Katie has all day to spend time with Suri, why drag her out at night? Little ones need a schedule.


    fun to see if Katie actually shows up for the parties.. staying up late
    since they don’t have a baby sitter for Suri..This reminds me of
    Violet who had the same stroller.. wheeling it around New York …

  • how about “no”?

    If Suri insisted on pushing the stroller out into the swarm of paps, there’s a simple solution-tell her “no”!

  • a realist

    WTF does that child have on. Little girls that young do not wear long dresses, it is too mature for her, and much too dangerous.

    She could trip over her hem. That’s why you don’t put long dresses on little girls.

  • hahaha

    Crazy Tom doesn’t have a chance to win.

  • Jen1

    Absolutely adorable. My niece has a bunny just like that too. Aw!

    re: Tom. He’s a good actor. Look at his filmography. Many of those are films with lasting power. As for whether or not he’ll win. No, I think it’s going to be Heath Ledger and I think that’s a foregone conclusion. Katie is being supportive and Tom is going to the Globes because how sour and poor sportsmanlike would it be, for a nominee not to go simply because he had no chance of winning. I realize that going to Katie’s last performance would be a credible, understandable reason to not attend, but believe me, I’m sure it would be spun into something negative for/about Tom. I think it’s sweet that Katie and him planned this out. To meet afterwards. They can celebrate her end run in L.A. And her parents, Tom taking them: I think it’s super sweet and actors have done something similar in the past. I guess Tom could go solo, but if her parents wish to go, and Tom can take them: umm, what’s the problem?

  • yawn


  • GURL

    This kid is soo screwed up! Still in diapers, gets carried everywhere, can’t push a stroller alone and they dress her up like some kind of doll. This is not cute. Violet Affleck has it goin’ on. This one is such a brat!

  • Shawn

    Katie seems like such a terrible parent. Dragging that child out at night time and time again.

  • hahaha

    Um, Jen, Tom used to be a good actor. He used to be outstanding. But he no longer makes movies like Rainman, Born on the 4th, now he makes action movies and garbage like Eyes Wide and Magnolia.

  • zzzz

    Tom has never won an Oscar. I don’t know about other awards, but he’s just not known for his acting skills anymore since he seems to have lost them.

  • ana├»s

    This poor Suri, really looks like a adult within a baby body!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Since when has a super hero been nominated for that is true than
    Robert Downey Jr. should have been nominated for best actor for
    Iron Man.. instead of some deadbeat character ..

    So why should Heath who is dead be a winner what is going to happen
    Dead actors should not be nominated.. only SAG members.. who by the way he is nominated for that too.. wow who knew that a dead actor
    is still a member of SAG