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Gerard Butler - The Art of Elysium 2009

Gerard Butler - The Art of Elysium 2009

Gerard Butler heats up the red carpet at The Art of Elysium‘s second annual Heaven Gala held at converted cathedral The Vibiana in Los Angeles on Saturday (January 11).

The black tie charity gala included dinner, music, a fashion show and special honors for Eva Mendes. The Art of Elysium encourages actors, artists and musicians to share their time and talent at artistic workshops with hospitalized children on a regular basis.

10+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler at the swanky soirée…

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gerard butler art of elysium 2009 01
gerard butler art of elysium 2009 02
gerard butler art of elysium 2009 03
gerard butler art of elysium 2009 04
gerard butler art of elysium 2009 05
gerard butler art of elysium 2009 06
gerard butler art of elysium 2009 07
gerard butler art of elysium 2009 08
gerard butler art of elysium 2009 09
gerard butler art of elysium 2009 10
gerard butler art of elysium 2009 11
gerard butler art of elysium 2009 12

Credit: Axelle, Apega/WENN; Photos: Bauergriffinonline, David Livingston/Getty
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  • gemma0_0

    first comment!^^

  • NativeNYker

    I’d luv for Butler to share his talents with me! Damn, he looks fine in that suit….

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • na

    i love this guy! so hot! :DD

  • bla85

    Looking good Gerry!

  • so sexy!!

  • Fourplay

    He’s lost the sexy.

  • pafan

    The boy cleans up nicely. Wow.

  • michele

    Gerard Butler is one “gorgeous & talented” actor.
    Thanks for the photos.

  • Sexytongue

    This man is GORGEOUS. I love handsome looking men.

  • wish

    Handsome man to me. but he wasn’t the only person there. Others stars was there as well. Like Natalie Potman, Eve mendes and Rachel Bilson just to name a few. Its good that they can come out and do something for a good cause.Because kids are important to help in need.

  • Jules


  • fgghjh

    Why don’t you post pictures from Courteney Cox, Eva Mendes and others that attended? This blog is so slow with updates today.


    He always looks dirty and greasy to me, like he slept in his clothes . Yuck I don’t see the appeal at all, good body in 300, but that’s all.

  • bailey


  • Cane

    Greasy with a touch of bloat.

  • tracy

    He’s looking dashing as always, and I’m glad to see him once again doing something to support ill children, you go, Gerry

  • i agree

    I agree with Cane. He’s greasy looking and has gained weight. Not my cup of tea.

  • Crazy4Gerard

    Gerard is without a doubt, one of the sexiest men alive! I could never get tired of seeing photos of this man, so keep them coming JJ!!!

  • Liza

    #14 – I am so with you. We must be the only 2 people that don’t find this guy attractive. I don’t see it at all.

  • Jill

    Needs a shower and a shave.

  • Stacy

    These pics, and the pics we’ve seen of him the past few weeks, prove something to me.

    He’s not gay, and he doesn’t have a girlfriend, or even a really close gay friend.

    The man needs some gays or a woman in his life. (Or maybe just a stylist.) The suit’s ok, but he needs some serious grooming.

    (I’d still do him any day of the week though!! :-D)

  • jilleroo

    He was just photographed arriving in Philadelphia to start making Law Abiding Citizen. How can he be in two places at once, Jared? Or did he fly back to L.A. on the weekend just for this event?

  • Anon Tip-off

    Poor boy.. He looks so handsome here.

    I feel sorry for him because he’s got serious health problems and can no longer hide it. He’s always got a cold and has chronic liver problems because he’s infected with Hepatitis B.. I’ve read his medical records in detail, so I know.

    I’m sorry, Gerry. Women have a right to know you’re damaged goods. It is your own fault for dîcking around with the dirty diseased nightclub ho’s. If you wore a co ndom you wouldn’t be in this mess.

    I’ll pray for you, anyway.


  • miz forbes

    anon tip off #24: are you serious or is this a joke?
    if what you say is true, you’re right, poor boy.
    this is the first comment i’ve seen from anyone that speaks of what you mention.
    i always wondered why he never seems to have regular partner- i mean he’s become successful and he ‘s handsome and seems like a wonderful individual,yet he is never committed to anyone…he always seems to roaming the streets of whatever city he’s in…
    so sad not to have someone special to share your success with.

  • wtf

    #24…you’re an ass…

  • …+…+…+…+…+…+


    you know it makes sense.

  • zsa zsa

    He has a regular girlfriend. He’s been with her for over a year. She’s a model who lives in NYC. She went to the GG with him. But he does see other people.

  • whoaaaa

    I agree with Jilly, Cane and iagree. He has been in the sun too much and partied too much and now he looks like he’s worn out. If he could act as well as Mickey Rourke it might be worth the ticket price to his films. So far that’s not the case.

    Anon-tipoff if you have that information you shouldn’t be sharing it in public. Medical records are private. If you’re making it up, that’s not funny. The guy does sleep with nearly anything that moves, sometimes several at a time, so I can agree that he’s probably got something considering how many women he’s gone through. So anyone dating him would be takin a huge risk. Most likely what’s interesting in one night stands with him aren’t exactly disease-free either.

    Again, if you’re sharing his private medical information that’s not a cool thing to do. Some celebs have had their cancer announced before they had a chance to deal with it. None of us would want that kind of intrusion.

  • wtf

    Great zsa zsa. He’s dating a girl with zero self respect. That’s something to be proud of. Bravo G the cheat-freak.

    I bet my ass that anon-tip of is correct about the hep… that’s why G is sad-looking in most pics, he dresses like a manic depressive all the time, he is constantly ill and bloated. All this can’t be a coincidence! …I’m sure he is hiding something BIG.

  • gf

    #28: I didn’t see his girlfriend from NYC anywhere at the GG with him. Besides, didn’t she break up with him after the Arcade incident?

  • gerrylover

    I think that people need to get a life and quit worrying about what Gerry is doing or who he is dating. He is a human being like anyone else and deserves his privacy. If he does have a disease, that’s his business and no one else’s. I’m sure that it’s very difficult for actors and actresses to find meaningful relationships and it takes a lot of searching to find the right person. Most people are shallow. Just let him live his life and you live yours.

  • tiana

    I´m sure he’s hiding something really big… his scotish d***!!!

  • Latisha

    Most people in LaLaLand are shallow, gerrylover. Your dream man is one of them.

    Tiana, maybe it’s swollen from the clap.

  • Liz

    Did lyou see him at the Golden Glboes presentation???God, you people have to admit his extreme handsomeness and healthiness.
    What a doll!

  • NICO

    Oh, my God… Those eyes! And all the rest… Magnificent guy, beautiful photo. Thanks!

  • pafan

    This is my favorite look for GB. Although he was sooo handsome at the GGs, I think with a bit of scruff and all dressed up he’s at his best.

  • Anna ligon

    I don’t think Gerry is sick with Hepatitis B, if he was it’s nobody’s business and I do think it is against the law to release that kind of information about him watch what you say.

    I don’t think he has a girlfriend either, the girlfriend in NYC last I knew ended that relationship. He’s on the go all the time, it would be hard for any woman to have a relationship with him. Until he meets someone he finds worthy enough to slow down and love a bit, he continues on the path he’s on.

    I think Gerry looks amazing as always, the suit looked good on him, loved the bow tie.

    Gerry, your true fans know what your all about, you know we support you and your causes.

  • that’s sad…


    The trouble is, although one day he may find a woman ‘worthy’ enough to slow down for and ‘love’, but with all his ‘womanizing’, whether factual or real, have you even considered that she may not want him.

    You seem to talk about ‘women’ , us, like we are not even ‘worthy’ to touch the seam in his suit unless ‘he’ deams us truely fit to do so. He is not a GOD. He too, has to prove to a woman he is capable of holding down a relationship and showing some respect, and at the moment, he’s not doing himself any favors!

    He may find it harder and harder to find someone ‘worthy’, as you say, if the die-hard fans keep making him out to be ‘God-like’. Who in their right mind would want to share their life with someone, who in the end, might just start to believe he is the salvation for all women. He’s a man. An actor. He’s no more, no less, important than any one of us trying to find our way in this world.

    I like him as an actor. I think he’s extremely talented. But I wouldn’t fall at his feet.

  • true

    Celebrities attending the same parties are saying that he is an extremely sweet and nice person, but he has a bit of a serious sex addiction. He really is not looking for a relationship, just sex. If the the fans and the ho’s keep offering it up, well, why the hell should he refuse. At the Halloween party last year, he took TWO women home that night. It been said before, women just drop their panties for him at clubs. For God sake, why should any man refuse that. It just means he doesn’t have to pay for it at the moment!!! Don’t forget the answer to the question when he was asked ‘what do you look for in a woman?’ He answered ‘ a vagina!!!!’ So why, oh why, would he want a serious relationship when you fan-ladies would put-out for him, and treat him like a god!!! Ha, ha, ha….

  • annon

    he is sickly fellow…too many bouts…i believe the hep b stuff.

  • annon

    and the sex addiction?..i believe that too
    he has stated time again that he has an addictive personality.

    booze for sex…just transference.

    poor thing

  • oohlala

    I agree with #39…that if women are just dropping their panties (assuming they are wearing any in LA) why would he refuse…think about it- it’d be like a kid in a candy store- or picture the one thing you’d like to have or could go nuts for and poof! it’s all right there for you. all the time. and right now for him, he’s at the top of his game.
    not that i agree with his sex gig because even though he may not have to pay for it, he may pay the price with getting an STD. (last time i read, that ain’t sexy)… that and finding a quality woman, who yeah, doesn’t want to be with a man ho.
    and in some of the pictures of him floating around the net and everyone commenting that he looks bloated or weird or whatever- well he may not drink alcohol, but what’s to say he isn’t on some great medication like oxycontin or who knows what?
    pick your poison, I say:
    for some it’s gambling, others sex, food, shopping, exercising, xbox, drugs, booze, cigarettes… mine is really nice red wine, and fancy cigarettes. even though i quit smoking 3 years ago, i have to quit in my head everyday. to my smoker friends, i always say “please have one for me :( I miss my ciggies but am alot healthier.
    Gerry, stop being a man-ho.
    You don’t want 300 to be the number of std’s you have.

  • Tanja

    I dunno:)
    I simply like the way he is :)

    Actually, I couldnt handle all that “Celebs” mess and constant hunting.
    Just admire how talanted he is and funny to be around…

    P.S I have discovered his existance this year LOL…


  • STFU

    I doubt he has Hep B…that is a nasty rumor to spread and I hope it comes back to bite you, dear.
    Just because he blazed right by you without so much as a glance doesnt mean he is 1) gay 2) dying 3) a womanizah.

    He is picky – and he has said this admittedly…but I dont think he knows exactly what he is looking for. Therefore, he goes for lowest common denominator: LOOKS and BODY.

    Think: a tall gymnast. That is his dream come true. lol