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Gerard Butler - Golden Globes 2009

Clean-shaven Gerard Butler hits the red carpet in a tux at the 2009 Golden Globe Awards held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Sunday (January 11) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 39-year-old Scottish stud introduced the film clip for In Bruges, one of the contenders for “Best Motion Picture – Musical Or Comedy”. Unfortunately, the film lost out to the Woody Allen‘s Vicky Cristina Barcelona (Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem and Scarlett Johansson).

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Gerry’s freshly clean-shaven face — HOT or NOT?

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Photos: Jason Merritt/Getty, Steve Granitz/Wireimage
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  • Pop86

    I love him

  • gRACEE

    Moooosey + Gerard = Love.

  • j

    He is soooooooooo hot. I love looking at him!

  • Suzanne Ellis

    Thanks for this JJ – you’re a PEACH ! Yep the shaved mug is absolutely gorgeous – I mean – YIKES !

  • yo
  • Whatever

    He’s gayer than my grandmother’s Easter bonnet.

    Keep dreaming girls.

  • Rocknrollagal

    Gerry looks gorgeous as usual. Love the tux and the clean shaven look. I also like the scuffy beard look as well. Gerry has the most amazing eyes.

  • Sexytongue

    Clean shaven or not Gerard is HOT! HOT! HOT!

  • e.

    lol, if you look close he actually missed some hairs when he shaved. Go Gerry.

  • whoknows

    Very, very, nice.

  • pafan

    He’s just perfection. Words cannnot describe how beautiful this man is.

  • jen

    soo handsome.. he looks way better without the facial hair

  • whatthe?

    e, you’re right. He does have hairs sticking out all over his face. Maybe he shaved in the limo on the way.

    Is he wearing makeup? His face had a lot of redness at the event the night before but it doesn’t show up here. His face looks like a L’Oreal commercial.

  • Stacy

    Lots of makeup. I can’t put my finger on it, but he just looks weird lately.

  • love the butler!

    Ok, so he may have missed a couple of hairs..who’s gives a shiat! He doesn’t have to try as far as I’m concerned! He has the most captivating eyes! That’s right #8! Good call!

  • Fourplay

    He needs to cheer up or something. Maybe he’s sad he lost his sexiness.

  • wtg


  • drzoidberg

    Damn, it looks like he got his makeup done by a mortician. He also looks like he’s on the wrong side of forty. He needs to stop whoring himself out to the tabloids and concentrate on making decent films because his days in front of the camera are numbered.

  • Julie

    Be nice, people. Gerry is gorgeous, but not perfect and none of us are. He looked great tonight.

  • tiana

    “The dogs bark but the caravan passes by…”

    Gerry is gorgeous… I love his clean -shaven face…
    Thanks JJ… great photos…

  • sarckastic

    Ugh, my good lord, Gerry is beautiful as always, but here, here he looks just stunning. He hasn’t been this cleaned up in a while. My God, I melt over that gorgeous hunk of man.

  • Kimmy

    Three words — Love That Man!!!

  • whatthe?

    He should stay clean shaven because it makes him look younger. He’s been looking like he’s well into his forties for a long time. Now if someone would just teach him how to shave properly, that would help.

    Anyone notice that he, his manager and his girlfriend took off early from the awards and headed out to the parties? Whenever the camera panned by his table after he presented, their seats were empty.

    It was weird that he was sitting next to his manager and Hayden, but his girlfriend was sitting on the other side of Hayden. He paid more attention to his manager. I’d kick him to the curb if he did that to me but I guess some people will do anything to be with a star and go to the parties.

  • lacey

    He found a razor! Good for him. =)

  • hm

    #25: How do you know that was his girlfriend?

  • ?

    Gerry never came with any girlfriend and was only at the parties with Alan

  • NICO

    Gorgeous Gerry! I love him anyhow: fresh shaven or not, it really doesn’t matter… He’s the best!

  • peach

    Gerry looked amazing to me, who cares if he missed a few hairs. To me it just shows he’s not as concerned with appearances and putting on airs. He’s just a regular guy..I love that about him.

    I can’t believe no one has said anything about how thick his accent was….gawd…americanized my sweet ass…beautiful.

    I don’t think Gerry has a girlfriend, so no reason to make a statement about him being like that to a girlfriend that doesn’t exist. Unless you know him personally and are in his inner circle, but then, that would be rude of you to blurt that out on the internet, wouldn’t you think?

  • Serge G

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  • Just me

    You don’t need a weather man to tell ya how the wind blows and to me… he’s just not that into it.

  • Just me

    PS, Even so he looks very, very good. If love were filtering through his eyes he’d look simply exquisite. As that’s not happening… he only looks simply stunning. Seems have some serious thoughts tossing around that handsome head of his!

  • nyob

    I though he looked really good on the show last night, these particular pics are not good. I think it is the lack of expression – he looks like those expressionless emoticons – the ones with a straight line for the mouth.

  • weetiger

    In a word…STUNNING! (I know I was stunned when I saw the first pic!)
    Who cares if he missed a spot when shaving. It was probably a last minute decision. (I get the impression he doesn’t like to and frankly when you look that good when you don’t why bother. )
    The tux and bow tie are perfection. Now THAT’S a movie star!

  • no

    He looks totally botoxed. Perhaps that’s why he is so expressionless. You thought he would have learned from the P.S. I Love You fiasco but apparently he hasn’t.

  • http://amen Suzanne Ellis

    #35 yeah – my thoughts too THAT’S A MOVIE STAR. That gorgeous face was almost like a secret weapon from which he rolled back the tarp and fired it at us in retaliation for some of the hits he’s taken lately. I do think he put a wee bit of new paint on his lovely weapon – but WTF – it’s Hollywood.

  • Anita

    What gorgeous eyes this man has. Awesome. Face, hair, body is mighty fine, too. I love the look of him scruffy but it’s also nice once in awhile to see him clean shaven and spiffy. Thanks for the pics Jared !

  • Jo

    OMG he is so hot clean shaven!!!! You can see his dimples and the cleft in his chinny chin chin!! Oh Gerry Bless us daily eith that look!

  • tracy

    I watched all of the red carpet and pre-arrival stuff on “E” and he arrived with just his manager and also I thought it was strange that when he got up to present, alot of people kept talking through it and he hardly got any applause at all, compared to everyone else there. When he arrived on the red carpet he was acting like he didn’t know where he should go to stand (he went to talk to Cameron Diaz and she turned her back on him, and when he was presenting, they panned the celebrities and Angelina Jolie was actually frowning, as she looked on stage at him and was talking to Brad (I wonder what all of that was about), I felt he kind of was getting the cold shoulder from everyone. (no wonder he looked sad. and when they announced him to come on stage, the only thing they said about him was “will you welcome Gerard Butler, star of “The ugly truth”, (which hasn’t even came out yet and there was no mention of any movies he did this year or even in the past (alot of people seemed to be acting like they didn’t even know who he was) it was just too weird, I think he looks great shaved or unshaven, you go Gerry, we know you are talented and cool, as well as very handsome, in whatever you wear.

  • gerrylover

    Gerry looks great…He is genuine and 100% man. So what if he missed a few hairs shaving. No one is perfect…even though he’s pretty close!

  • me

    You are so right Tracy. And once again they didn’t get his name right and said “Geraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaard”. I cringed at that. And he was announced as the “handsome star of TUT” if I remember correctly. Like that’s his only asset. I thought it was really rude how everybody kept talking during his presentation. It was probably a bad thing he was on right after the commercial break. He seemed so nervous and the behaviour of the audience clearly made him feel even more uncomfortable. I felt really sorry for him.

  • ayeoh

    Wow! So, that’s what’s been hiding under that scruff. NICE!

  • they are hilarious

    A lot of people said sshhhhhhh, not just Gerry. whatthe? is full of shit. Gerry was never at a table.

  • Lily are so right..I saw that too…The announcer should of announced and the “Star of 300″..Ger rid Butler…with the correct pronounciation…for Cris sake…How many times do you have to correct people!! 300 was a big hit and it made money at the box office…as I stand correctly over $70 million in ONE weekend… The Ugly Truth isn’t even out yet…All in all..Gerry looked fabulous. He looked just sharp!!

  • they are hilarious

    Was he even sitting in the audience or at a table?

  • me

    At first he was sitting at a table with Alan and some other people right behind the balustrade. After his presentation I didn’t see him at that table anymore, maybe he also started to mingle and table-hop.

  • they are hilarious

    I would imagine it would be a working event for him.

  • hot gerard butler


  • Annette

    Always, always, always HOT!!! Love him!!!

  • DontAskme

    Well, the Scottish brogue seems to be back which for me is a good thing. He’s one of the few dressed in black and white who didn’t seem to be going to a funeral. Too bad though he’s not smiling much. He wasn’t smiling on stage and the only picture I’ve seen that he’s smiling, he’s posing with some other guy. Wonder why he seems miffed! Probably couldn’t get a date there, who knows.

  • Crazy4Gerard

    In response to #39
    Tracy, I am so glad I read your comment. I thought I was the only one who noticed the audience basically ignoring him and treating him like crap. As you said, people kept talking when he came out and he DID NOT get the kind of applause as everyone else did…. I, too, felt extremely bad for him…. people should have treated him better. I know this is just my opinion, but he’s the only reason I watched the GGA to begin with.