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Kate Winslet Wins 2009 Golden Globe - Best Actress

Kate Winslet Wins 2009 Golden Globe - Best Actress

Revolutionary Road star Kate Winslet (in Yves Saint Laurent) proudly shows off her trophy for “Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture – Drama” at the 2009 Golden Globe Awards held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Sunday (January 11) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

During her acceptance speech, the 33-year-old British actress momentarily forgot Angelina Jolie was one of the contenders! “I’m so sorry Anne [Hathaway], Meryl [Streep], Kristin [Scott Thomas] – oh God, who’s the other one?” You can watch her acceptance speech here.

Kate also picked up a Globe for “Best Performance by an Actress In A Supporting Role in a Motion Picture” for her work in The Reader.

On the red carpet, Kate was accompanied by co-star Leonardo DiCaprio (in Giorgio Armani). Congrats, Kate!!!

30+ pictures inside of Kate Winslet @ the 2009 Golden Globes

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Photos: AFP/Jewel Samad, Frazer Harrison/Jason Merritt/Kevork Djansezian/Getty
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  • voila!

    hahahahaha omg I love you kate winslet you’re the best, an idol! jajaja angelina jolie i hate you! jajaja you loseee!

  • npa

    Angelina should of won!!!

  • Rio

    why comment on Angelina Jolie and her supposed botox, it ain’t true and shame on you riri. Great for Kate and Angelina looked beautiful !

  • angell cakes

    congrats to kate!!! shes always been nominated and never won, finally her time has come!!! im soo happy for her!! she was sooo adorable on stage accepting her award!!!!

  • jen

    Kate is amazing, she deserved both awards! and both of her speeches were soo good too, very honest, genuine, and funny which I loved! Loved her look as well, very pretty and elegant!

  • justmehere

    # 98: Yeah, lulu, I totally agree…actually, it seemed abvious for me for years now…for many reasons…insider facts as well as her own body language gives/gave it away all the time…as much as the way she is/was talking about him and with him. (and the fact, she was ‘running after him’ a few years until he gave in and signed for playing her LOVE partner in ‘RR’…it’s just cute, lol…oh, lovely Kate, but that was just an another proof…don’t get me wrong, I meant it not in a bad way but that’s all just too obvious to be denied, lol, don’t you think…)

    they’re two ‘karmic twins’ / ‘twin souls’ (numerologically, very reliable)…but no, not in the ‘True Love’ or ‘meant for each other’ way…just that they meet each other in (almost)every life and stay in each others life as an meaningful one (this time they’re very close friends, in an another life they’re brother&sister or mother&son/daughter, father&son/daughter…ya know…and maybe, just maybe, in one life they were already lovers and married ppl…at most just for a short period of time…maximum for a decade)…but not this time around…I hope they don’t go so far and remain just close friends. Why?…They wouldn’t stay together happily married forever, more then that someday they would start to hurt each other and that would restrain they two (each for himself) in growing further as person(alitie)s and by all means definitely destroy their extraordinary close friendship, because the two are not really meant for each other…as ‘in love bound forever’ lovers…and I have the feeling they know that, actually…Leo, at least (hopefully, lol)…since we know Kate’s love for him seems making her ‘blind’ to think objective about it, lol…however, I wish for both of them to live a long and happy life (with the true one)!…

  • tanner

    #94. I hope you are joking. You can’t be that crazy and delusional. Angelina fanatics are really annoying. And only one of her stupid fans would think that Kate Winslet was being catty, she genuinely forgot about Angelina because she was a in state of shock and hate to break it to you, but the world doesn’t revolve around Angelina Jolie. The only thing she ‘s the queen of is tabloid trash. Kate would remember her idol Meryl Streep ofcourse, and she knows Anne and Kristin. It wasn’t so awful that she forgot Angelina. In fact Angelina seemed to find it funny herself too.

    So please lighten up you Brangelina loonies. Everyone else thought it was hilarious. And years form now these tabloid stories will be forgotten because it’s the films and work and performances that stay remembered forever. Kate Winslet’s legacy will hold up much better because she consistently does great performances and films. This Brangelina circus will be over someday and all that remains of Angelina is her tacky tabloid stories because she sure has hell doesn’t make any memorable or great films or performances like Kate WInslet, our generation’s actress does.

    So get over it Angelina fanatics because she seemed to like Kate and was being nice about Kate forgetting her name. It’s only YOU who is making a big deal about it.

  • shoes4life

    I can’t believe all of the catty comments towards Angelina. What have she done to you guys?? Kate won and deserves her wins. All of the nominees deserve to win but only one could, therefore they are all winners! All of the nominees will hold the title “Golden Globe nominated actress or actor prior to their names, unless they are nominated for an Oscar then it will be Oscar nominated actress blah blah. I watch last night and Kate was very overwhelmed with her two wins and did not do anything intentional to hurt or diss Angelina to the least bit.

    If you don’t like Angelina fine, but don’t make Kate’s over excitement your venom to spill hatred or dislike.

  • shoes4life

    I also think that Kate has a serious girl crush on Leo. Even I while listening gush on about Leo was a little uncomfortable but she said her husband was her heart, not as much gushing over him but enough that he knows where he stands.

  • boogie

    i think she forgot her name on purpose. i dont think kate winslet is that much of a great actress, her performances grate on me.

  • a total fan

    I posted a comment and got this posted instead:

    “Your comment is awaiting moderation”

    I have never had that happen before. Why ?

  • Peach

    I haven’t seen either of the two movies she won for (but I will) but I hae to agree that her acceptance speaches were ridiculous. She is a professional and how surprised could she be. She had a one in five chance of winning. You can be surprised and emotional – but especially her last speach were over the top and unprofessional.

    Get Real Kate.

  • Cali

    Congratulations to Kate! :) She so deserves it!

  • lili

    I knew it that she wins and I’am so happy for her, she deserves it.
    I’am pretty sure that she will win an oscar or maybe two oscars

  • lakers fan in boston

    congrats kate!
    i thought meryl would have won, but ur ok in my book =]
    kate looked amazing, love the dress, very casual
    i kinda found that she forced those speeches she gave, she was way 2 emotional….
    still glad to see u won kate =]

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    it’s angelina…bitch!

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    how dare you forget andie’s name dear kate. hmmm, good thing you won’t get the oscar! boo hoo.

  • @117

    Apparently YOU forgot her name, too.

  • ali

    omg. i am so happy for Kate. Stop you guys about how sh eforgot angelina’s name. geez. it was the stres and all that.s he didnt forgot on purpose. calm down,

  • kay

    Say it ain’t so. I really want Leonardo to win Best Actor at the Oscars. Most people, from what I’ve seen say he might be the winner since he’s so overdue, but Kate, she better win! I think she’ll most likely win for “Best supporting Actress” at the Oscars I think Leo should win because you can feel his emotion in Revolutionary Road and he was certainly more emotional than all the other actors that will probably get nominated for “Best Actor”. I just hope he wins. He should’ve won for “Blood Diamond”. But the jacka**es keep snubbing him! Horoscopes aren’t always right.

  • Trixie

    Gosh, she probably didn’t do it on purpose. Why are people getting so worked up over nothing? The world doesn’t revolve around Angelina, despite what you think. You’re the ones coming off as the bitches. Kate won and deserved to, get over your jealousy and stop acting like she did it to you personally, why care so much? As for Leo, they are just friends and seeing as he was her co-star in the film she would thank him.

  • tee

    GOD i absolutely ADORE this woman. so proud of her, she deserves it all. she seemed so genuine in her speech as well. love her

  • andrea

    this woman is deserving of every single award she receives. her acceptance speech was a breath of fresh air as she totally did not expect to win and she was very gracious indeed. god i cant even explain how much i love her! great actress, great personality, just seems like a wonderful person to know



  • viv

    It’s been a long time coming. I’m so happy she’s getting the recognition she’s deserved for years! And she’s so charming and beautiful!

  • kenlley

    at last…i love kate…congrats kate!!!

  • Kate is in love with Leo

    How rude of Kate to go on and on and on about Leo in front of her husband,I get it Kate you are in love with Leo .. can you just keep it to your self after all you are still married with two kids !

  • Kate is in love with Leo

    She is so jealous of Angelina Jolie that’s for sure.. All you need to see is how FUGly her husband is LOL
    Kate and Leo looks like TELETUBY compare to Brad and Angie LOL

  • Sara,Italy

    Ok, let’s say Brad Pitt is more handsome than Leo is…That doesn’t mean he is attractive in a deep sort of way!
    Brad Pitt is indeed beautiful but he hasn’t the same charisma and charme that Leo has. When he will be old, nobody will be interested on him so much (and by the way Leo is a way better actor).
    Angelina, on the other hand, is a good actress.

  • Kay

    Leo is hotter than Brad.

  • Marie-Claire

    #127 It wasn’t rude at all. Leo was her co-star and she did thank her husband in her other speech as well. She is best friends with Leo, not in love.

    #128 Jealous? Of what? Kate is far superior in acting and way more beautiful. She didn’t even forget Angelina’s name, it was Anne’s that she forgot and it was a mistake because she was nervous. Her husband is old looking but not fugly. Kate and Leo are beautiful and just as good looking if not better looking than Angelina and Brad who both look old and washed up.

    #129 Leo is more handsome than Brad and Kate is a better actress than Angelina.

  • kay

    I totally agree #131! Leo and Kate have the true acting talent! And are better looking, although I don’t think Angie and Brad are fugly but they looked better like 2 years ago! Hope Kate and Leonardo win at the Oscars finally!

  • Sara,Italy

    Hey, I love Leo and Kate! Especially Leo! Don’t get it wrong, #131.

  • Marie-Claire

    I didn’t mean that Brad and Angelina are fugly, far from it. I just like Leo and Kate more acting wise and think they are more attractive. Brad and Angelina are a beautiful couple too.

  • Aliz

    Please stop with this stupid celeb-war……they’re all actors, very good actors and first of all human beings…Why do you judge them for what they do or say or for what you supposed to kwon about their lives???…we don’t know really them. Life and carreer are two DIFFERENT and SEPARATED things.
    Leo and Kate are very close friends since Titanic, they respect and support each other. This feeling names FRIENDSHIP. Does someone still know it? or this world is too sick for recognize a genuine friends????

  • Jess

    Congrats Kate :).

    I’m glad she won both of those awards at the Golden Globes :). She deserves them :).

    I love her dress, hair & make-up. She looks stunning :).

    I also really love those pics of her & Leo together on the red carpet :D. They look amazing together ;).