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Miley Cyrus - Golden Globes 2009

Miley Cyrus hits the red carpet at the 2009 Golden Globe Awards held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Sunday (January 11) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 16-year-old rising star wore a white strapless Marchesa gown with gold embroidery.

On the red carpet, Miley said, “I am so excited, this has been a dream of mine forever. I was like, ‘I really hope I get asked to come to the Golden Globes.’ And then I actually got nominated, so that’s the biggest thing that could happen to a girl, especially as young as I am. It’s out of this world.”

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Photos: Jason Merritt/Getty Images
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# 1

EWW her mom looks like a ****!

# 2

EWW her mom looks like a ****!

# 3

s l u t t

# 4

and miley looks good but her MOM! EWW

# 5

wow miley looks really pretty

# 6

nice dress, could do without the pushup bra lol

# 7

Cute dress.

# 8

glad she didnt win shes pretty full of herself and her 20 year old boyfriend BUT she did look pretty! i dont think shes a very good role model, but w/e

# 9

her and her mom should switch dresses. her mom looks way better and younger than her. @ 01/11/2009 at 9:00 pm

i think she looks pretty and age appropriate :)

Four words: Boobs to the throat.

I guess she was banned from bringing her personal rapist. Liability is a bit**.

However, MUCH better, and she’s made progress with her look. Less makeup = more

i cant stand her but she look pretty!
But her mom…she looks like a B I T C H

omg put your boobs away Miley, you’re 16 .. but I love the Marchesa gown anyway :)

No comment: father, mother and daughter. Something is NOT right.

Miley Dear: you are still 16. Many more years to be an adult and don’t try too hard.

she’s just 16 and already squishing her boobs?

She’s still an immature mouthy bimbo raised by idiot parents

lol at her boobs.
she looks weird.

How immature sticking out her tongue at the camera when they picked the winner. Got some growing up to do and need to get some class.

i don’t like her face
maybe it’s the bangs or her hairstyle and makeup, but i don’t think she’s all that pretty at all. just because she’s famous, it doesn’t make her gorgeous.

I don’t like her but the dress was pretty.

Tennessee wants ya'll back @ 01/11/2009 at 9:37 pm

Her mom looks trashy with her ugly tattoos. And Miley, I’m sorry but you try too hard to look elegant and sophisticated when really you’re far from those qualities. Hahaha

Miley my have you grown up you look very pretty…

I’m so over the stupid peace sign and does she really need to do push up boobs at 16?

Miley comes off sounding so immature in all the red carpet interviews. Honestly it angers me that someone so worthless is so popular, and that people are dumb enough to support her sh*t.

Miley looks fantastic!! Very grown up.

somebody make her go away.

simply beautiful..
love miley !!!

shes looks great (:
but her smile seems forced. the past 2 days, shes look awesome :D

She looks stunning. Great grown and makeup.

what the hell is SHE doing there?

#31–She was nominated for her song from her movie Bolt.

Did anyone see when she said “hi” to Nick? And what Ryan Seacrest said about her dad talking to the Jonas brothers?

It’s odd seeing her with cleavage.

Her upper lip looks nasty. She has a gummy smile. Blah. This girl annoys me.

She’s allowed to stay up late this time, folks?

don’t like her

it’s sad that her parents do nothing to stop her from walking out of the house looking so trashy and badly made-up. but i suppose since shes the one making money in the family, she pretty much owns them. probably why shes allowed to date a 20 year old guy even though she has the mentality of a 13 year old…

k people, i’m sure plenty of you have showed off your cleavage once or twice when you were 16 (if you even had any)
and uhh question? where exactly is she supposed to put her boobs if they’re big? she can’t exactly suction them off, it’s not her fault

the peace sign, and the sticking out the tongue, me and my mother both died when we saw, how awful.

she looks beautiful
love the dress!

who the hell invited her?

Oh my goodness.

why is she constantly trying to push her boobs out
how old is she again ?

well aside from that .
i really don’t like the girl
but even a hater like myself will admit she looks pretty here.

&& I HATE to say that cuz i really don’t like her.
but i’m not going to lie.

what is WRONG with you guys? leave her the **** alone. if you have nothing positive to say about her shut your ******* face like holy crap. why do you guys like to hate her so much she IS what she IS she’s not gonna change for you stupid people hating on her and all you guys are probably more fucked up then her. and if you were in her position im pretty sure you wouldnt be able to accomplish what she has and DO what she has and still have all of your fans behind you.. and you retards hate on her and call her talentless like shut up and let the people who pick the awards decide that. you guys are so useless, your not gonna get anywhere in life by hating on others why dont you do something more USEFUL with your time? shitheads..

what is WRONG with you guys? leave her the **** alone. if you have nothing positive to say about her shut your ******* face like holy crap. why do you guys like to hate her so much she IS what she IS she’s not gonna change for you stupid people hating on her and all you guys are probably more fucked up then her. and if you were in her position im pretty sure you wouldnt be able to accomplish what she has and DO what she has and still have all of your fans behind you.. and you retards hate on her and call her talentless like shut up and let the people who pick the awards decide that. you guys are so useless, your not gonna get anywhere in life by hating on others why dont you do something more USEFUL with your time? shitheads..

MileyMileyhotmiley @ 01/12/2009 at 12:47 am

I Love Miley. She is so beautiful and sexy. My favorite moment was when she stuck her tongue out when they said her name at the awards. I wanted her to win, but what with the kind of family film it was I figured she didn’t have much of a chance. Her gown was really WOW! I love most of Miley’s music and even watch Hannah Montana. And even most of the Hannah songs are great. I even went to her Disneyland Birthday because she is smokin’ hot!

love her,glad she got nominated,she looked beauty-full

glad she got nominated,she looked beauty-full

itzzzkimmm @ 01/12/2009 at 2:08 am

I agree with most of you guys… S L U T!!! Wow a 16 yr old should not dress like that. She is a train wreck waiting to happen. SMH!!!

Chicken fillets anyone?

Do you have the picture of her sticking her tongue out she did that inside when the cameras where on her because they were going to give the award for best song in a movie

Why is a 16 year old wearing a dress with her boobs popping out?

mileys awsome i love her to bits
she looks b.e.a.u.tiful her boobs are showing a little to much
but the dress is gr8 on her

MileyMania @ 01/12/2009 at 3:41 am

oh my gosh she lookss so stunning, she rox, the rest of you’s are jealous, and who cares how she looks, your all just judging her for what her and her mum looks like, and they’re nothing like that.

miley look really nice i love the dress the she weared

lyk the dress BUT the hair!
s just not ryt…

She’s sixteen..what’s with the boobs pushed up to her throat??

The family looked great at the show except when Miley stuck out her tongue for the cameras multiple times. Rude and unlady like. I wish they would dress better going to church. They wear jeans with holes in them and flip flops to our church. They seem to love God but do not show respect to him in His house of worship. If they did not have money to buy decent church clothes it would not be a problem but they do and they keep repeating God has blessed them. They look like they are ready to clean house or mow the lawn and they are coming to church. I don’t get that.

I dont think shes pretty, she doesnt actually act well.
nice dress miley, stupid attitude

Did anyone saw her sticking tongue at the camera twice last night at the Golden Globes? She’s immature. TWICE!

she’s such a bimbo. Did anyone see the video of her chomping her mouth off? She looks like a horse and acts like a brat. Take a look at the video. The video starts out with Angie and Brad…..Miley is on the third or 4th clip.

chomp chomp chomp

oops…….forgot to paste the link on chomp chomp chomp


when her 1st red carpet interveiw came on &&& they were panning in on her i tought she was jessica alba!!! (: she looked soooo pretty. she looked alot like jess alba. ohhh but her smile thats she does makes her face look fat & wider. she should smile like she used to. plus i think the peace sign should stay in the candids. ALSO, guys, shes 16. shes hardly ever been able to be just a kid. so what she stuck her tounge out? ugh. you guys ALWAYS decide to pick on her && never see other people doing stuff =/

she looks really pretty. i think this is the best she’s ever looked.

beccabeccabecca @ 01/12/2009 at 11:43 am

becca #63. lol….u sound exactly like a teen. honey, u will understand when and if you grow up. u don’t understand immature yet.

you right “dana”, sticking out her tongue at the camera was inmmature, primitive and stupid, she’s done it twice! please! no matter what she wears and how she looks, she is acting and speaking like a total dumb….
‘red carpet diva’ -grow up!

haters get a life!!… miley looks beautiful

Would she please take her two pack a day voice and no talent self (along with her dad), and leave this planet for a while, give mankind a break.. please..( the longer the better)…

you right “dana”, sticking out her tongue at the camera was inmmature, primitive and stupid, she’s done it twice! please! no matter what she wears and how she looks, she is acting and speaking like a total dumb…. comparing her language skills and behaviour to Dakota Fanning or other young celebities. despite age – certain skills, manners or class is whether you have or you don’t.
‘rising star’ come on…
this red “carpet diva” has to grow up a lot!!!

I actually think she looks really pretty!!! The dress is gorgeous and i dont think she looks ****** at all…..

DaniieJonas @ 01/12/2009 at 4:22 pm

miley loked really nice. but whats with her mum’s dress? =\

deeehh...x @ 01/12/2009 at 4:56 pm

She looks cute.
The bangs kinda suit her.
And her dress is cool.
I’m kinda pissed she didn’t win.

i’m 13 and i hate her. her show is good, but she’s so different in real life and off the show. fire her disney!

Miley looks like an angel, her parents look fine too, those of you who criticize her because you “think” you know her are total shitheads and should just **** off of this planet

jellitone @ 01/12/2009 at 6:18 pm

None of you haters will ever get to walk your fat asses down a red carpet so go ahead and slam the girl…she looks better than any other teen celeb in Hollywood. Most of you are probably pigs and eat at the local buffet, likely slobbering gravy down your oversized guts. But then I guess you are all just jealous cause your lives are **** compared to hers.

lakers fan in boston @ 01/12/2009 at 7:23 pm

i really like the dress except the floral patterns on it
she honestly looked pretty good at the globes cant complain
btw her voice got back to normal pretty fast…
and this is the 1st time ive noticed the huge beaver teeth she has =\

I think that it is a shame that people spend time talking about how people look and how much that they don’t like them. What would happen if we took that same energy and tried to save some lives of someone hurting and in need. It breaks my heart that girls have stooped so low as to wine about hair, makeup and clothes when we could take the $5,000.00 dollars and buy food for the hungry in other countries. Get a life and stop judging others. It is Stupid!

meemmeeeeejamie @ 01/12/2009 at 9:56 pm

Too much boob, shes only 16! Lovely dress though!

Oigirltype4 @ 01/13/2009 at 12:11 am

Miley looked great in her dress! She’s got bank! So for all you haters out there, she must be doing something right! All you haters can go BOINK yourselves! You all are just freakin’ idiots for even commenting in a negitive way. All you FREAKS out there would find something wrong just because you hate her. She’s a young girl turning into a woman. Leave her alone. You all turned Britney into a nutcase and that is all you want to do here! All you ugly people just want to bring others down to your pathetic lives because you are unhappy, unfulfilled, and unloved, by not anyone but yourselves. You all that have nothing nice to say, just want others to feel your pain so you are the loser! Comment when you’re RICH, FAMOUS, and of course not an A-hole!!!!!

all you miley lovers must be silly teens that have not yet grown up. miley is NO role model you twits

Love you Miley!!!
I Thought I Lost was a really good song!

Keep it up!

She looks beautiful!!!♥

Everyone equates miley ‘s popularity and( monetary sucess) with talent.. this is a misguided perception.. miley lovers or fans (one and the same) fail to see the big picture… if someone calls her out , we are perceived as haters or jealous neither is the case.. we simply see what Disney has carefully crafted into a artificial pop star who has no business trying to pass off to the public as someone with genuine talent..anyone over the age of 10 years can see this marketing gimmick….

All you people commenting on how ugly or ****** her and her mother look, i’m sure you would all be thankful to be so beautiful….talk about growing up. When will women start standing up for eachother, this just goes to show we keep taking steps backwards.

man yall are some haters.
at the end of the day. she still got more money than yall.

wats that? your not a hater? uhh the first step of hate, is denial


I think she looks gorgeous. She looks much older than she actually is. And as others have said, he mum. Ewwwww.

I think all of you guys out there are just JEALOUS.You’ve got to pick on someone to make your PATHETIC lives seem better!I’m a mom of 4 & I thought she looked beautiful,sure she’s going to make mistakes(we all do)it’s just every little thing we do is’nt broadcasted for the world to see & blown out of proportion!So instead of faulting Miley,try fixing your own flaws & that would be a start to making the world better!!!!

How pathetic of her. All of the recent pictures of her i’ve seen, she’s trying her hardest to push her boobs up. Is it that hard for her to dress her freaking age? She’s 16. She shouldn’t be showing off her boobs like that.

David - the nudist @ 01/17/2009 at 9:33 pm

I agree with some of you…all the haters that say bad things about Miley are jealous of her, even though none of them wants to admit it. They’re all in denial, like someone else already said. Now, in my opinion, she’s very pretty. Haters can say what they want. They are just jealous of her and they hate that they don’t have what she does. And, to those that comment about Miley’s “boobs”…first of all, WHY are you looking at them to comment on? And secondly, why do you care what her “boobs” look like anyway? Are some of you comparing them to your own? Look, I don’t like to be nasty, but I’m in a little bit of a tired, cranky mood tonight. Sure, I probably should have waited until I was better before I commented, but the hater comments I was reading got to me tonight.

miley look so pretty and to all you loser who keep calling names your are just sooooo ******* stupid because the more your think your hurting her fellings your are so worng cause the more your hit the more people love her and fyi she just being her self not like the others who trying to be someting they are not so for being her self is that what you losers are going to hit then your will ready still long hiting cause that who she is a preason who love being her self. so what dont your loser back the **** out of her life and go lived yours .that if your losers got one

woah. looks like the **** has gained a little weight! eh, not the best she’s ever looked but not the worst either. but who the hell cares anyway?

Oh, god. I thought we were rid of this chick! Who the hell keeps inviting her to these things? FAZE HER OUT ALREADY!!!

YUCKY MILEY @ 01/21/2009 at 7:00 pm

aw man! look at the knockers on this one!



hey miley your boobs look good you should show them more often

I’m tired of reading those “I hate Miley” thing. If you hate her then why don’t you just ignore her! if you were in her position and your haters describes you as s luts, w hore, or immature will you be happy? I think not! you’re hurting miley too much! if you hate her, then enough of the bad words! just ignore her if you hate her! maybe you’re just jealous because she’s famous and rich! if you’re insecure, then imitate her! be famous if you want! miley’s just a teen so if you guys don’t understand, then you don’t! just live your life!!! and miley’s just a girl! and a girl has different attitude!!! if you have a different attitude, then great! stop saying bad words to miley cyrus!

miley desde españa tu mayor fan eres la mejor en todo uapissima ojala tuvieramos todos a nuestro lado una chica como tu gracias por todo

miley: you’re pathetic , for crying at loud YOU’RE 16 !!!! no one want to see your boobs , ok dear ? put those things away from us . but your hair and your dress are pretty .
her father: you’re not so bad
her mom: you look like a B-AAAAAAAAATCH !!!

hey , miley haters , shut the hell up . if you say that she’s ugly you must be GOOORGEOUS am I right ?! leave her alone for crying at loud , she is beautiful , nice , funny … IF YOU DON’T LIKE HER WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE ?
miley rocks <3

I love Miley’s golden globes.

hello! my name is marion.i live in reunion isle.i speak in suis l’une de tes plus grandes fan.

She’s showing so much cleavage.

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