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Nicole Kidman: Sunday Rose Check-Up!

Nicole Kidman: Sunday Rose Check-Up!

Nicole Kidman takes her beautiful daughter Sunday Rose, 6 months, to the doctor’s office for a check-up on Friday afternoon (January 9) in Nashville, Tenn.

The 41-year-old Aussie actress recently said that she she “squirmed” in her seat throughout the Sydney premiere of her latest movie, Australia because she was so uncomfortable watching herself on screen.

She said, “I can’t look at this movie and be proud of what I’ve done. I sat there, and I looked at Keith and went, ‘Am I any good in this movie?’ But I thought Brandon Walters and Hugh Jackman were wonderful. It’s just impossible for me to connect to it emotionally at all… I don’t usually see my films, but because of [director Baz Luhrmann] I had to see it. I saw Moulin Rouge. I’ve really only seen that and this in my whole career. It gets worse as I get older.”

15+ pictures inside of Nicole Kidman‘s doctor’s office visit…

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nicole kidman sunday rose checkup 18
nicole kidman sunday rose checkup 19
nicole kidman sunday rose checkup 20
nicole kidman sunday rose checkup 21
nicole kidman sunday rose checkup 22
nicole kidman sunday rose checkup 23
nicole kidman sunday rose checkup 24
nicole kidman sunday rose checkup 25
nicole kidman sunday rose checkup 26
nicole kidman sunday rose checkup 27
nicole kidman sunday rose checkup 28
nicole kidman sunday rose checkup 29
nicole kidman sunday rose checkup 30
nicole kidman sunday rose checkup 31
nicole kidman sunday rose checkup 32

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  • yep

    yes, we have something in common, can’t watch your movies either without squirming in my seat as lifeless and boring as you play

  • Lindsay

    If you say then why are you still doing movies?
    There are WAAAY more deserving actors that can act.
    This is true just because your beautiful doesn;t mean you can act.
    I agree with Forbes she’s overpaid

  • Dieter

    She is the best actress and most beautiful woman ever. Her hot ass will be remembered in 200 years as the best butt ever !!!

  • LuckyL

    I’m satisfied with her acting.

  • Lindsay

    Well technically your not beautiful naturally since you use sooo much Botox

  • Davii


  • naty

    Her comments are so disrespectful to her director and to the movie, and to herself. My mom always told me: “never talk about your flaws to other people, because they will see it” She should keep it to herself, trashing your job only makes you look incompetent, because if you don’t think you are doing a good job none is not worth it.

  • kate

    Hey look – her forehead is scrunched up!!! It’s a true miracle….

  • Sonia Wu

    Don’t forget how high she set her standards.
    And please leave her and her child alone. JJ can buy as many pictures from Katie the famewhorre Homely and Suri the publicity pawn as you want.
    Just leave the true actress alone, and quite frankly, I found Nicole’s statement about not watching herself very philosophical and profound.

  • Kat 2

    Wow, so the paps just happen to find her at the doctors office. What a coinsidence. Is the Nanny walking behind not allowed to walk within a certain number of feet? Can ruin the shot of mother & child?

  • ally

    Too cute! Thanks!

  • http://justjared molly

    I don’t understand why the baby is NEVER dressed appropriately for the weather. Nicole always has a winter coat on, the baby has a light sweatshirt on and her poor little legs are hanging out. She is not even holding her properly, it looks like she is going to drop her any minute. Why doesn’t Nicole buy the poor baby a WINTER COAT????

  • Pm

    It was not that cold here in Nashville last Friday.
    I think Nicole is like other actors who do not like to watch theirselves on screen.

  • Quote, IN CONTEXT

    Tsk tsk… once again, Jared did not do any fact-check.

    Here’s the radio interview: (segment called “Nicole Kidman on That Baby Bump”)

    Here’s a writer who obviously has listened to the interview and gets it:

    L.A. Dispatch: The Perils of Candor
    By Michael Cieply

    Even smart guys like Larry Mark and Bill Condon, who are producing this year’s Oscar ceremony, are going to have one heck of a time solving the show’s core problem: Movie stars, in any public forum, are increasingly terrified of being as interesting as at least some of them really are. Candor kills. Even an old bull like Clint Eastwood knows it. He could probably tell you more about the rough and tumble of Hollywood than anyone in the business. But put him in front of the camera on Oscar night, and he suddenly turns dull.

    To understand why even the brightest stars have learned, in the Web-crazed world, to hit the dimmer, you need only take a look at what happened to Nicole Kidman in the last few weeks. Actually, go to Google, and enter the search terms Nicole and Kidman and Squirm. You’ll get more than 28,000 hits, many of them telling how Ms. Kidman “squirmed” when she saw her own performance in “Australia,” wasn’t proud of her work and fled Australia after seeing the movie. One great example of the species is here:

    I’m not out to defend (or criticize) Ms. Kidman’s performance: I haven’t even seen “Australia,” as much as I’d like to get a look at all the season’s movies. But it’s hard not to be shocked at how her comments have been wrenched out of context when you listen to her original interview, with a couple of down-under radio hosts.

    As it turns out, the hosts, Kyle and Jackie, were gushing about the glories of the movie. Ms. Kidman, meanwhile, was making some interesting points about the way actors experience their own work. Only twice, she said, had she ever watched her own work in public — “Australia” and “Moulin Rouge” — both times out of respect for the director, Baz Luhrmann. Sure, she said, looking at herself up on the screen made her squirm. But, she added, “I was amazed, actually,” at the movie. No, she wasn’t proud, because, when it comes to her own work, said Ms. Kidman, “I have no objectivity at all.” She went on to quote Stanley Kubrick, who once explained that the only time an actor can experience a role with untainted emotion is on first reading the script.

    It was fairly sophisticated stuff. But she got burned badly, as Web sites and news outlets around the world plucked a few spicy comments. No need to weep for the stars, of course. But don’t be surprised when they clam up tight on Oscar night. For most, it’s much better to be safe than sorry.

  • Anon

    Wouldn’t it great if the real quote she gave or the real thing is what is in the press and relentlessly reported instead of what someone embellished and claimed she said? Her interview is online, I have listened to it and boy, talk about having your words re-written.

    Sunday is growing and very cute and her mummy looks wonderful, beautiful without makeup.

    Americans didn’t love Australia but the rest of the world can’t seem to get enough of it, it crossed $100m in foreign markets this past week. Congrats, Nicole.

  • BOTOX facts

    Botox does NOT change any one’s face.

    It is only used to lessen the horizontal creases across the forehead. It is NOT injected in other areas of the face.

    Very few also put a dab on the corner of the eyes, the crows-feet, it cuts the amount of crows-feet in half, but does not make them all go away. It does not in any way make the area unmovable or change the face, it simply takes off a few years of lines.

    It seems many blogger believe what they read and have no idea what Botox is or how or where it is used.

    An urban myth, no pun intended, has been created. As a Botox user, for years, I can tell you, my forehead is smoother, but I still raise my brows, can create lines and ripples and have many lines at the corner of my eyes when I smile. I wish it did work better.

    I personally, do not like the lip plumper Nicole has put in her lips, but it’s none of my business. I think hundreds o factress do the same. Actually, I know they do, e.g., Meg Ryan. No one ever picks those women to pieces. It’s simply a witch hunt.

    Nicole looks different because she has aged 21 years since Dead Calm. All of our faces change from 21 to 41 The absurdity is that people compare her photos from 20 years ago.

    All of us have thinner faces, our fat pockets sink lower, our necks become saggy, our eyes droop, our noses look thinner (unless we gain over 20 lbs as we age).

    The simple truth is a lifetime of dedicated sunscreen use does prevent wrinkles and diminish lines and freckles. Ever see a Dermatogists face BEFORE Botox was ionvented and lasers. They all looked fab, bc they ALL used sunscreen religiously.

    The truth is Nicole has a saggy neck nad will need a neck lift in a bout 5 years becasue she is aging. All actors have this simple operation. Get over it. If your livlihood was your face, you would too.

  • dana

    It was 57 on Friday and the kid has a windbreaker on, seems like an appropriate coat to me.

  • Not a nanny

    That’s the same personal assistant Kidman has had for years.

    The baby is held normally Andi’s dressed appropriately, the leg of the pants simple road up.

    I wish the damn tabloid paps would get the hell out of Nashville.


  • ava alexis

    Molly I think sunday rose is well dressed she have a hat long sleeve oneise and sock the child that is not appropriately dressed is suri cruise.

  • Emmanuel

    Nicole didn’t say that she said ,can’t bear to watch myself on the screen coz she was so freaked in Sydney premiere and she only saw the film as a favor to her director.

    What’s pathetic is the pack of irresponsible “journalists” that simply reprinted the story, again without doing basic fact-checking.

    other actresses have said essentially the same thing:
    that they cant watch Themselves

    Michelle Pfeiffer switches off the TV if any of her movies come on or Kate (Winslet) â??says she canâ??t stand to watch herself on screenâ?¦and found it an ordeal to go nude in her latest film All the Kingâ??s Menâ??.

    anyway see the real story here from latimes

    Baftas Long List , Nicole in Best Actress category The other categories for australia are makeup and hair, visual effects, sound, costume design, cinematography, production design and music.

    Good luck for her! coz her performance was superb

    So far australia made an impressive numbers $151m Worldwide
    Domestic $47,747,000 ,Foreign $103.500.000

    from variety and boxofficemojo

    These women Can’t Take A Bad Picture, she is just beautiful

    Sunday is a beautiful little girl. The pink hat is so cute

  • Get a life!

    How is a long sleeved onesie and a velour track suit with socks and a hat not dressed for Nashville? Sounds more like an ignorant blogger is trying to aside the sins of Katis onto Nicole.

    Kidman wasn’t having a day outside and is not wearing coat, it’s a thin blazer and was obviously a quick walk from car to the pediatrician’s office.

  • she-whom-shall-not-be-named

    Nicole looks like it’s the first time she’s held a baby, look ow awkward she looks carrying her own child!

  • http://justjared molly

    Then why is Nicole wearing a heavier coat than the baby?

  • http://justjared molly

    I just read the last stupid remark. It is not a blazer, it looks like a wool coat. Also, if you look back at every picture the baby is not dressed properly and at one point Nicole is putting the baby INSIDE OF HER COAT. Simple common sense tells you that a baby should be dressed at least as warmly as her mother.

  • herewego

    Sunday is 7 months old already. I wonder how many teeth she’s got so far. minimum 4.

  • Jaqueline

    Who are these freaks?

    THAT is HOW you carry a baby and that is not a coat, it’s a very thin fitted blazer.

    I question the intelligence of these comments and now believe the Kieth Urban fans have arrived to spew hate.

    Give up, Keith married Nicole, he will never date you, no matter how many names you make up.

  • Emmanuel

    Lindsay #5
    her forehead in the mean pic are moveing so Get over

    molly 12#

    At least she wears a hat and not with a summer clothes

  • Jaqueline


    I LIVE IN NASHVILLE, it wasn’t cold.

    I don’t know who pissed in your Cheerios today, but you obviously cannot tell the difference between a fitted blazer which is hugging Kid man’s thin shoulders and a winter coat. I also wear blazers with jeans and they are not coats.

    It is also obvious you’re a bizarrely hateful Kidman hater with an unhealthy aggressive streak. Me thinks the post that angered you hit to close to the truth!

    Seek therapy.

  • http://justjared molly


    Before you make uninformed comments, you should learn how to spell.

    Keith is not spelled with the “i” first.

    Secondly, I could care less if KEITH married Nicole. I am talking about how she dresses the baby.

    I didn’t get your last comment about him never dating me no matter how many names I make up? That makes no sense whatsoever.

    Keith was not even mentioned in any of my comments. I just think Nicole needs to dress the baby warmer.

  • dani

    The baby looks dressed for Nashville weather. This is not a Katie Holmes move where she is taking the child outside in no stockings, a short sleeved dress and it is 40 degrees out. The baby’s feet and head is covered and she has a coat on. Nicole is wearing her usual blouse/sweater type combo with a light coat. What’s the big deal here?

  • Jaqueline

    The deal is that Molly is a one of those net freaks who live to argue and spout vitriol. I doubt she has ever been to Nashville.

  • http://justjared molly

    This is my last comment to all of you psychos.

    I am not a Kidman hater ( Kidman is one word Jaqueline).

    I merely mentioned that I thought the baby should be dressed warmer, obviously someone pissed in your Cheerios Jaqueline, or you wouldn’t have attacked me over a simple comment.

    I think you need to seek therapy, or you wouldn’t be fighting with people you don’t even know…….over celebrities that you don’t know.

    Or maybe in your head you think you know Nicole? Are the little voices talking to you again?

  • http://justjared molly

    Jaqueline, Your last comment makes no sense at all. I have no idea what you are are trying to say.

    FYI, I live 30 minutes outside of Nashville, so yes I do know what the weather is like.

    I’m done arguing with dim witted people.

  • MOLLY is a Pisser

    Not falling for it, go back tothe Urban hate sites.

  • bella

    JJ i love you for posting these pictures but please listen to what nicole said and quote it in context. i cant believe that interview was in november and everyones picking it up now. it’s actually kinda sad.

    it other news, sunday is a gorgeous baby. they look so cute!

  • Patti

    If it was 57 F in Nashville, the baby should have had a jacket and her legs covered, or had a blanket wrapped around her. This isn’t the first time that NK has been out of doors in the cool weather, wearing a jacket herself, but with Sunday under dressed.

    If the Kidman fans want to justify that, go ahead. But all it does is prove that you are unable to look at this objectively and recognize that the child is not dressed properly. God forbid anyone stick up for the helpless baby if it doesn’t reflect well on NK.

    I would think that the child’s best interests would be the priority. Good gawd.

  • GAwd’s Sake

    The baby is wearing pants and jacket, and a oneise, and a hat, and socks to be carried a few feet.

    I see the troll has posted a few times, same old, same ole.

    What a cute cozy little warm-up suit. wonder where she bought it?

  • brittanyh

    Poor baby, has Nicole Kidman as a mother and looks like her daddy. In this case, that’s not such a terrible thing. LOL

    It was fairly warm in Nashville Friday, the baby didn’t need a winter coat. She has on a hat, so her legs are exposed, so what? She was fine. (I was walking around barefoot that day). She looks very healthy. I love babies with chubby cheeks and chubby legs.

    I’ve heard Nicole make that comment about movies before, that’s old news.

  • tANYA

    Leave it to a blog to use the quote in it’s entirety. So called News Outlets have been picking it apart. I like Nicole, I’ve met her. She’s very sweet and lovely. I thought Australia was fabulous. People just won’t cut her a break…If something fails, it’s her fault…does one person have that power? Um…no.


    What a chunky little monkey!

    Her little pants are riding up to expose her chunky little fat baby legs.
    I bet Sunday is a good little eater :)

  • dani

    Patti @ 01/11/2009 at 9:10 pm

    Well Patti I think you are way overreacting. If the baby were in danger of freezing to death, I tihnk even we, Nicole’s ardent fans, would comment on it. The baby looks happy, doesn’t look in distress, isn’t hiding her little face, isn’t doing anything to indicate she is cold. Babies tend to run hot and Sunday is a little chunk right now–very very healthy and happy looking. And if you notice Nicole is carrying a blanket just in case.

  • bella

    im pretty sure nicole knows whats best for her baby.

    its kinda pathetic that people just pick away at silly things just for the pure reason to say something against nicole. just get over it already

  • KAthie

    Love Nicole and Sunday Rose.

    Glad there have been no pics since Xmas day.

    This intrusion aside, it seems they are actually being left alone to lead a private life of sorts.

  • dana

    This molly girl spreads hate everywhere. I think she has a sickness or something (seriously) Time for your meds again Molly, stop the hate.

  • Danielle

    I agree with Patti. There have been too many pictures of NK taking this baby outside underdressed. But if you worship someone, they can do no wrong in your eyes, and so, her fans will always justify her actions. You guys should relax and try to see things more objectively.

    I’m not anti – NK. I actually think she’s a good actress. But I am not going to justify her taking the baby out in cool weather without a blanket. She did that at least twice in Europe, so she already established the tendancy to do that.

    Personally, I don’t think NK spends that much time with Sunday. She always looks a bit awkward carrying her…not comfy like most Mums. I’m sure there are loads of Nannies.

  • bella

    well she was taking her from the car to the doctors office, not out on a all day stroll. in europe she was in the same situation, car to a museum/hotel. she put her inside her coat to protect her from the cameras so im pretty sure nicole fans see things fine thank you very much.

    and yes danielle im sorry, i forgot you live in the kidman urban household and know how much time she spends with her baby.

  • Really

    Why can’t this woman carry her baby like a normal person? She doesn’t have a maternal bone in her body! So these pics were taken on Friday, but we don’t them until Sunday. I guess Wendy needed to approve of them. If her acting couldn’t carry her, then her beauty should right? And that’s not the case, her looks were an issue in “Australia”. Also, there was someone up above that said Boxtox doesn’t change your face – who the heck are you kidding? Do you know what Boxtox does to muscle tissue in your face? Sorry, but muscle tissue is basically what forms your face. Kidman needs to retire immediately – if she hangs in any longer, she will become more of a disgrace!

  • taco

    With comments like that about Australia, Kidman shouldn’t work in Hollywood ever again. What producer, director, actor, etc., would want to work with her for fear she’ll turn around and spit in their face once the movie is done.

  • Taco Bell

    Found the posting! HA.

    The no. hater of Kidman. What bizarro freaks!

  • taco

    I’m sorry, I just noticed some other things as I looked through the pictures. The nanny went with to the doctor’s visit. Was she the one that updated the doctor on how Sunday is developing? And look at Kidman’s hair. Does she own a bottle of conditioner, and it is very obvious she doesn’t have the hair extensions in on that day!