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Vanessa Hudgens - Golden Globes 2009

High School Musical royalty Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens hit the red carpet at the 2009 Golden Globe Awards held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Sunday (January 11) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

If you use this fashion info, please credit Vanessa worked it out in an intricate floor-grazing Alberta Ferretti gown. Zac looks handsome in his Burberry suit, Ferragamo shoes and IWC watch.

Zac and Heroes hottie Hayden Panettiere presented the “Best TV Drama Actor” award to In Treatment‘s Gabriel Byrne.

On the red carpet, Zac admitted he was nervous to present. He said, “I can’t believe it. [I] 100% [get nervous before presenting at awards shows]. Absolutely. Plus, you have to sit in a car for 1/2 hour before and just dwell on what you’re’ going to do at the show… I got out of the car to stretch because we were waiting so long.”

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Photos: Steve Granitz/Wireimgae, Jason Merritt/Getty
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  • vanie

    now i enjoy reading all the comments.
    Go Zanessa fan.

  • Jes

    Zac looks funny with that slicked back hair. He definitely looks better with the shaggy look.

  • peggy

    Love TV Guide channell. In the GG awards special they showed Brangeina walking the carpet in one frame and Zanessa walking the carpet in the other next to it.

  • kar

    Some of these comments are plain stupid.

    If Brad was nominated only does that mean Angelina has no business being there as his GIRLFRIEND?

    Zac was a presenter and brought his girlfriend.

    Patrick Dempseey was a presenter and brought his wife. THE NERVE OF THAT MAN!

  • PPLRannoying

    i don’t get why these disney tweensters are at the golden globes it’s so random.

  • V-loyalist

    Apparently you care since you’re here and can’t ignore how beautiful they are!

  • wannabes

    They are such wannabes. They still haven’t proven themselves as adult actors.

  • Naomi


    As random as you taking the time to post a comment on said tweensters’ thread. Really random.

  • Lindsay

    I agree with #155
    why are they there?
    hopefullyy at the Oscars there will be CLASSY PEOPLE like Spielberg!
    not Speidi or these disney people

  • Naomi


  • vanie

    #159 why are you here in this thread?

  • vanie

    theres a picture of megan and V.

  • charlene

    vanessa looks absolurtly STUNNING here

  • Muriel

    Oh howe cute. SO nice to see Zac’s fag hag accompanying him…

  • Muriel

    Oh how cute. SO nice to see Zac’s fag hag accompanying him…

  • troy

    I’m so tired of this “wanna-be” nonsense. I would say once you have starred in a multi-national pop culture phenomanon and made the Forbes Highest under-30 celebrities list (as both Zac and Vanessa have) you are no longer a “wanna-be. To insist that’s what they are is quite frankly ignorant.

    People really need to read the posts, it clearly states that Zac presented an award with Hayden Pennittere (Hey what was SHE doing there? *sarcasm*). And Vanessa was his date because they’re a couple it’s as simple as that.

  • 8v

    Vanessa looked absolutely gorgeous in GG! And I must say, I saw the pic of Vanessa and Megan Fox in the instyle after party with Zac in the middle and the boy had only eyes for V. Such a devoted bf. :-)

  • Boji

    Simple but Glam and Gorgeous. Glad Vanessa kept her hairstyle simple as it emphasizes her youth. The rest not over the top, just right. Zac looks suave but he could have done without the sideparting. Anyway, they look so comfortable and just as enamoured with each other, way to go!

    Pepperoni, macaroni, riggatoni,or whatever, literate, yes, prejudiced,yes, spiteful, yes, logical,sensible and mature, I don’t think so.

  • DeNece

    I don’t understand why it is wrong to be a fan of Vanessa and Zac and still voice your opinion when you don’t like something they are weraing or how they wear their hair at a particular time.
    I loved Vanessa’s dress, but her hair seemed too casual for it, Zac was gorgeous as always, but his hair was way too tight to his head.. Love them, they look so happy and comfortable with each other.

    Karen-Angelina’s hair was nothing like Vanessa’s-for one thing V has bangs…

    #155- Those Disney people…did you also mean Johnny Depp, who is a Disney star with Pirates of the Carribean? Anyway, two of them:Zac and Johnny, were presenters-that’s what they were doing there.

  • athena

    #147…Blake Livelys’ hair is more like Angelinas’. I just feel from a professional standpoint that Vanessas’ hair looks too dark and heavy for her face and frame…having an updo wouldn’t damage her beauty, only enhance it…

  • sarah

    they look way too young to be there. and totally out of place.

  • Jason

    Can all the girls please…SHUT THE F**K UP ALREADY!!

    Jesus Christ! Whether you like it or not…THEY ARE FRIGGIN, F**KIN FAMOUS. They’re famous enough for you to know who they are so stop pretending like you don’t know them or are surprised to see them there, you damn annoying drama queens.

    Man, women really are bitches to one another. It’s such a turn off too see chicks so insecure and jealous of each other and talk so much trash. You may think you’re not jealous, but believe me, that’s what it translates too.

    Bottom line, Vanessa looks extremely HOT and I strongly suggest all you pathetic girls stop whining and take note of her style. Help make this world a beautiful place.

    Good job Vanessa!

  • DeNece

    Hey #167-8v- where is that pic of Zac with V and Megan Fox? I want to see it !!

  • athena

    #171, Well, I don’t think they are way to young to be there…after all, Miley Cyrus was there and so were the Jonas Bros…although Kevin is 21…and I’m sure there were other actors, such as Haydn Panteniere and some others that are 20 and 21 years old…I love Zanessa, but Vanessa doesn’t always looks so great at Zac’s side. He looks debonair when he’s doing his own promotional gigs.

  • Pili

    sorry but i think they have zero chemistry :/

  • rosielee9

    I’m sure that if Zac did’nt want to wear his hair that way he would’nt have, Vanessa may like it like that but that does’nt mean to say that he only has it like that becuase she might prefer it, he’s 21 for heaven’s sake and quite capable of decideding how to look.

    It’s the same as when Zac has said he prefer’s Vanessa without make up so she does’nt always wear it but again it’s not to say it’s becuase Zac prefer’s it she might just have decided not to wear so much.

    When your in a relactionship then yes their are things that both party’s might like to see on the other or like with Zac’s hair Vanessa likes it slicked back but you wear things and doi things to feel good about yourself in the end and if your partner appreciates your efforts then that’s a bonus.

    It’s nice when my husband tells me I look nice in something or when I’ve had my hair done but I don’t do it for that reason I do these things becuase I feel good about myself.

    And both Zac and Vanessa looked great and I’m sure that they both appreciated and complimented each other in private. The look of pride from the two of them says it all.

  • annoyed

    Wtf? The title should have read Zac Efron at the Golden Globes, he was the one presenting.
    He looked hot, but would have looked better in another hairstyle.
    Vanessa looked alright.

  • misty

    they look hot wat a dress vanessa wow

  • Mollie

    she looks drop dead gorgeuos!! he is so effin hawwttttt baha i love her dresss it so pretti.

  • ayj6m6l

    ewww. what an ugly dress!!!!!!!!! she should have put on black. she looks fat in this one.

  • 2nd

    DIsney should have fired her.

  • Boji

    Love her long beads. Next to Megan Fox, she looks so youthful and fresh. Her champagne coloured gown downplays the glitz and glam of her outfit which is just as well. Her free flowing hair is a contrast to Megan’s old hollywood look. They both look beautiful yet different. Just too much hotness between the two.

  • athena

    So where is this picture with him and Megan Fox and V? Everyone’s talking about it, but no one is linking it….; (

  • vancrazed

    i really enjoy reading the guy’s comments, and it is nice to hear them recognize the hate is coming from little girls, teens, and some women who want Zac for themselves. Sorry ladies, he is happily taken.
    Can I just say aside from that, that I am so proud of our girl. Looking ever so glamorous and sexy, but not trashy. It takes a strong woman to pull that off. She doesn’t need to take off the layers to feel good about herself, or her keep her man. Once again, just simply Vanessa. Gotta love her.
    BTW, they are both moving up and out of Disney people. I think it is very obvious that these two have a lot more to offer than anyone can give them credit. And I do believe it is was all gone tomorrow for them, they would pick up and move on. That is who they have proven they are. Not that they don’t love what they do, but if Hollywood became cruel, they would find something else they love to do and do it. And from the looks of it, if Vanessa never starred in another movie (which we fans know she will), she definitely has a strong future in the fashion industry.
    Thanks for all the haters. you just gave JAred a post of 180 counts in less than 4 hours. Keep postin your hate…we don’t care…maybe it will keep her on the man board. Thanks to all Vanessa and Zanessa fans. Lets help keep their love alive. you can see it in their eyes!!

  • ayen

    Dang! Vanessa looks really HOT. Thanks for the HQs!

  • Reality Check

    # 181 2nd

    Um..yeah…it’s 2009 so get the f*ck over it already.

    Damn, you f*ckers will find any excuse to hate her. Then again, I don’t blame you worthless, good-for-nothing brats. A hot chick like Vanessa would be a threat to any ugly, insecure girl.

    LMAO It really must be killing some you daydreamers to know Zac came to the GGs with his LONGTIME girlfriend whom he probably screwed in the car on his way to the ceremony. Now run along and write in your little diary about how unfair life is.

  • Nora

    V looks so GORGOUS! And Zac looks fantastic!

    link to the pic with Megan Fox & Nessa –

  • babyG

    V looks so stunning!!!
    and Z is so handsome!!!

    love ZV!!!! ;)

  • Zacfan!

    I don’t understand why you’re only referring to Vanessa in the title…

  • vancrazed

    Zac Fan I wouldn’t read into that from JJ. he is focusing on fashion. How many readers are going to honestly come on here (especially guys) to check out what brand of tux or suit Zac wore, and what his shoes looked like. That is why V’s name is in the title. Zac is in the article as well as the pics. Trust me he is just as much a part of this as she is.

  • BABY V supporter


  • Caro

    LOLZ Why are they even there? Geez.

  • Rosa

    OMG OMG OMG ..
    she looks sooooooo damn beautiful ..

    the dress is gorgeous
    and her super beautiful body makes it even more lovely ..
    hear hair is completely awesome ..
    and her face is as pretty as an angel ..

    so much beauty and talent out there ..
    zac is definitely lucky ^_^

    go NESSA =)

  • Rosa

    haters seriously NEED to GET A LIFE ..
    V was the most beautiful woman out there ..
    so stop being too jelous ..
    just admit it ..
    pictures say it all ..
    your words are even worthless and meaningless ..
    the girl ROCKS ..

    and by the way .. vancrazed ..
    you rock too ^_^
    very well said ..

    peace =)

  • http://zanessamaravilhososestaslindos nathalia

    I can not open the picture
    someone has another way

  • babygirl44

    Vanessa looks gorgeous! I love the dress and the hair. Not so much the her accessories though. Zac looks handsome too. What a gorgeous couple.

  • christine

    who has the pic of them with megan fox???

  • jay dee

    Oh Gosh here comes the FAKEST couple of the century, I named Zac Efron aka gay hole, and Vanessa Hudgens aka yougest girl in the world who been laying on a plastic sugery table before 18

  • 8v

    oh my goodness, some of the comments here are downright laughable because of its absurdity. The gay comments on Z are getting old while V getting plastic surgery has got to be the most insane comment i’ve read in a long time. lol.

  • vancrazed

    Wow…jay dee, that literally has got to be the dumbest thing I have ever heard. More than any celeb Vanessa Hudgens has no desire to alter her body in any way. I think she has proven that on more than one occassion. You don’t like her, fine. But make sure your reasoning makes sense…cause that one sure doesn’.t That is just pure laughable. Pick something else.