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Vanessa Hudgens - Golden Globes 2009

High School Musical royalty Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens hit the red carpet at the 2009 Golden Globe Awards held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Sunday (January 11) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

If you use this fashion info, please credit Vanessa worked it out in an intricate floor-grazing Alberta Ferretti gown. Zac looks handsome in his Burberry suit, Ferragamo shoes and IWC watch.

Zac and Heroes hottie Hayden Panettiere presented the “Best TV Drama Actor” award to In Treatment‘s Gabriel Byrne.

On the red carpet, Zac admitted he was nervous to present. He said, “I can’t believe it. [I] 100% [get nervous before presenting at awards shows]. Absolutely. Plus, you have to sit in a car for 1/2 hour before and just dwell on what you’re’ going to do at the show… I got out of the car to stretch because we were waiting so long.”

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Photos: Steve Granitz/Wireimgae, Jason Merritt/Getty
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  • go sox

    Jason @ 01/12/2009 at 1:45 am

    Can all the girls please…SHUT THE F**K UP ALREADY!!

    Jesus Christ! Whether you like it or not…THEY ARE FRIGGIN, F**KIN FAMOUS. They’re famous enough for you to know who they are so stop pretending like you don’t know them or are surprised to see them there, you damn annoying drama queens.

    Man, women really are ******* to one another. It’s such a turn off too see chicks so insecure and jealous of each other and talk so much trash. You may think you’re not jealous, but believe me, that’s what it translates too.

    Bottom line, Vanessa looks extremely HOT and I strongly suggest all you pathetic girls stop whining and take note of her style. Help make this world a beautiful place.

    Good job Vanessa!

    Jason, YOU are my hero!! I could not have said this better!!

    No matter what you idiots say, this couple looked stunning!! Vanessa WAS perfectly dressed, classy and very ingenue. Zac looked VERY handsome, and they looked excited, and NOT smug about being there, mingling with the best.

    Some of you are a poor excuse for the human race. That’s all I can say.

  • Naomi

    Van looks so elegant here and the holding hands is very cute.

  • Naomi

    Van and Megan having a laugh with Zac holding Van’s bag! How sweet!

  • Naomi
  • bill

    Hey mama Karen, get a life and stop preaching to the choir. what are you the head of their fan club? Doesn’t someone as old as you have better things to do with your life then hang around and constantly defend a bunch of kids?

  • izzi

    Ha ha, well put bill! I often wonder when I come to these posts to read them if she is really Vanessa Slutgens mom!

  • Naomi

    Bill & Izzi (same person)

    Why is that bothering you?! I’m a member of the choir and we’re happy to listen to ‘Mama Karen’s preaching’. After all we don’t have lives, we;re entitled to sit here and sing kum ba yah.

    How come you that have a life are not getting on with it instead you’re here disturbing the choir’s harmonies?

    Be off with you and go and save your own soul first, brother!

  • observer

    I have to give kudos to Vanessa’s stylist because she looked beautiful. Loved the dress…fit it like a glove and the color complimented her skin tone really well. Loved the hair down although I still think she looks better without the bangs. Her makeup was flawless…she looked elegant but very age appropriate. She looked gorgeous, young and fresh faced….thought Megan Fox looked a decade older by comparison although they are virually the same age…..20 vs. 21. Hopefully the Zanessa haters and neurotics can rest for a while….he had eyes for her only and who on earth would blame him.

  • kar

    how cute he’s holding her purse

  • Curiosity

    AWWWW. lookn he holds her purse for her. Just simply love them both…again they look amazing and gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!|1&axs=0|84254365%2c84254330%2c84254220%2c84254207%2c84254173%2c84253731%2c84253728%2c84253690%2c84253525%2c84253489%2c84253449%2c84253380%2c84253097%2c84252578%2c84252547%2c84252529%2c84252527%2c84252525%2c84252524%2c84252521%2c84252520%2c84252518%2c84251851%2c84250746%2c84250695%2c84250626%2c84250618%2c84250600%2c84250594%2c84248877%2c84248388%2c84248283%2c84248266%2c84248199%2c84248194%2c84248159%2c84248146%2c84247897%2c84247871%2c84247477%2c84247301%2c84247238%2c84247141%2c84247139%2c84246964%2c84246930%2c84246871%2c84246694%2c84246096%2c84238642%2c84238639%2c84238637%2c84238585%2c84238584%2c84238582%2c84238573%2c84238571%2c84238569%2c84238067%2c84237468|0

  • biggie

    she’s my golden globe best dressed. she looks very graceful and elegant. radiant and gorgeous. this is a winner look. great job V!

  • Marissa

    Minature Brangelina ? Please… first off I don’t know what they were doing there yesterday, second excuse me ? give Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie a little bit more respect than that past HSM what exactly have these 2 done ? Zac can’t act he can dance but he can’t act for sh…, Vanessa can sing other than that. Brangelina LOL. I’m sorry it must be said it’s early in the morning but not that early.

  • biggie

    yahooooo marissa is pissed off! luvin it! serves you right faggot!

  • Marissa

    I’m not pissed I find it funny how everyone falls for names and don’t look at what they actually do. My guess is most posters here are what 16 yr. olds who when they turn 21 or 22 will be like whatever happened to Zac he was a star this and that, he’s pretty to look at past that he can’t act. That is no secret it’s been said and watched many times, he can dance, he’s more of a broadway performer than he is an actor but hey it is what it is biggie. There have been plenty of Zac Efrons from Disney, Corbin Bleu, Tia and Tamara, Marquees Houston..etc… one guy has worked hard and actually can act is Shia and no one ever thought he could make it. Again if you follow Disney then your homer glasses get thick w/ some of these ‘actors’

  • Meltem
  • vancrazed

    You think Shia can act? He plays one type of role in action films, and I have never seen him veer from that. That is not acting, that is knowing yourself and playing what you are comfortable with. Just know this, Zac and Vanessa are fixing to step across some serious comfort zones in acting this next year. New types of films and new roles. MAOW was not familiar to him. Let’s what you have to say about that. it’s obvious you know very little about the industry if you say Shia can act. I think he has done great in the movies he has done. But he has only done one kind of movie and hasn’t steered away from that. Give him something new, then we’ll see.

  • JJ

    They are soo adorable together! I just love Vanessas dress, it fits her perfectly! and Zac looks, like always, gorgous too! Its just so sad that everybody is so jelous of Van just cause Zacs with her., Its not exactly her fault! And Vanessa wasnt there only as his date! She is an famous actress too, ya know! im sure she would be there even if they wasnt together. .
    Zanessa forever!!

  • zanessaheart

    Omgggg! Vanessa looks absolutley stunninggggg! Zac looks gorgeous too! Love these too, best couple everrrrr! x

  • Emma

    aww. she looks so amazing. so beautiful. Zac looks goregeous. They look soo cute! And they have every right to be there.

  • dallovesjb

    omg they look so pretty and handsome!!! :P

  • biggie

    wow! Marissa hung on this thread for like 11minutes!!! whoa! if she comes back one more time then it’s confirmed, she’s a low life biyotch sitting her fat ass afront her pc to check on some famous stars. drooling over how she can never be a least a step to where they are now. buhuhuhuhu poor marissa.

    and by the way dude, Fergie (as in Fergilicious from Black Eyed Peas) is also from Disney. look where she’s at now.

    atleast they/re from somewhere, you on the contrary are in nowhere. what a pathetic loser you are Marissa. :(

  • Manu

    Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful!!!
    I love them!!
    Hottest couple on the red carpet!!
    Vanessa looks great!!

  • hannah

    she looks amazing!

  • megan


  • Lpipperoni

    See now I went back to read what everybody had to say about what I said and it really cracked me up. Have you read all the comments you all made yet I am the mean, ugly bitter person (by the way I am not) do you guys think the comments you post aren’t quite bitter, mean and nasty (they are) Just because you comments are directed at me and not some famous person doesn’t make them less evil so instead of calling everybody that doesn’t agree with you opinion mean, evil and hateful take a freakin look at yourselves first . If you read my post really carefully I never said anything mean about Vanessa I said I did not like her and that I liked her dress but to me it blended into her skin tone to much and she should have worn a darker color and I would have said that about anybody that worn the same dress and had the same skin tone. If JJ would have had a post just about Zac by himself then I would have never came on here but yes I get they are a couple and really I could care less but since I am a fan of Zac and JJ post them together all the time I have to come on a joint post.
    Oh and Karen nobody really asked for you opinion either but you felt quite compelled to speak it anyway.
    Malia you do not have to read the post to know what people are going to say if your comment isn’t what they want to hear so no I didn’t read the post until after I made my initial one.

  • istar

    im so happy she attended! her dress is amazing! they are such a cute couple!

  • reenuh

    i love vanessa’s dress! she looks absolutely gorgeous. #225 you are only part of the 3% who thinks vanessa didn’t look fabulous during the Golden Globe’s…..sooooooo no, your opinion is pointless to me.

    and to the rest of the 97%, you guys are on the right track, everyone’s luvin her style! kuddos to Vanessa! ;o)

  • green
  • Lpipperoni

    227 I’m sorry I do not remember asking what you thought of my opinion (do you guys read entire post or do you read just a fraction of what somebody post I said I liked the dress but it should have been alittle darker because it matched her skin tone too much what is so mean about that. I never once said she looked bad in the dress, Well JJ did exactly what he intended to do get alot of post on these two .

  • Karen


    Even if there is not a lone thread of Zac that doesn’t mean you have to say how you don’t like Vanessa and please don’t give any of us that song and dance about how you never really said anything bad about her except that you didn’t like her dress. You supposedly are a fan of Zac’s but here you are back on this thread which hasn’t changed since last night giving the excuse you just wanted to check to see what everyone said about your comments. You still insist you are a Zac fan but you know what? I haven’t seen you give him any kind of praise in all your posts. Plus, there have been some really nasty comments against him but I haven’t see you say anything good about him. Nobody would have said anything to you or your comment if you had said something you liked about Zac and left Vanessa out of it or if you would have stayed off this thread if you were just looking to say something you know would make people mad. Fans have a right to defend their faves when they feel the celebrity has been judged unfairly and they have a right AT THAT TIME to give their opinion and argument as to why they feel the way they do. You opened the door to get many opposing views so now live with it.

  • Karen

    No, I have nothing better to do, do you? It does my heart good to know that something I said must have hit you hard in your conscience. Maybe there is still hope for you yet.

    Can’t top that post. But it does amaze me how so many fans have posted comments defending Zac and Vanessa and my post which was WAY back there was able to shake these two(actually one) lost soul… Oh man, I’m good to be the one singled out.

  • ayen

    lol, some of you guys are too funny. I’ve forgotten how some of you can be so amusing.

  • jen

    didn’t like the dress or hair… and I don’t feel shes that pretty as people say….

  • aWESOME fan

    #233, Jen! Jelousy is a disease, go get help and get off this thread before your disease gets worse because the more you see beautiful V, the more your disease gets worse. Why? because you can’t stand her beauty and elegant. Only the hand work of God, do not be mad at baby v. Peace out!

  • flower

    He’s prettier than she is.

  • aWESOME fan

    #143, When do you become God almighty? You should be ashamed of yourself.

  • kgg
  • ♥zanessa-lova4life♥

    They look so hot ♥
    I knew Zac’d take Vanessa with him! It’s so sweet!
    Van looks gorgeous, and Zac is incredibly HOT!

  • bill

    Hey Naomi and Karen blah blah blah blah. There’s nothing wrong with my conscience mama but thanks for the hope! Always fun to come here and stir the pot…….and read all the indignant responses from the fanatical Zanessa fans. Do any of you think these stars really care about anything you or I have to say.

  • ashlee

    fans are fans and haters are haters.

    nothing will ever change.

  • Naomi


    No baby, it always gives me pleasure to cook up a dish with you…trouble is you always disappear before the fun gets going.

    Just hang around, we don’t care what the stars think but we can always stir and cook up a storm for our own pleasure.

  • Malia

    Karen, I posted a comment defending you. It was “under moderation” for awhile but was never posted. Don’t know why. There were no dirty words in it. I did say it was better to spread love than hate. :)

    But, keep up the good work, girl.

  • ashlee
  • Peggy


    It is very bad form to display your ignorance for the world to see. In order to be on Broadway you have to be able to ACT that’s why so many hollywood stars pursue a role of broadway because a successful role on the London and Broadway stage legitimized your actors credentials. Hollywood is where you can have a career with limited talent.

    Further when Brad Pitt started out on a soap he was indeed “just another pretty face” and no one was expecting anymore, it took time, to become who he is now. So your silly remarks make no sense since Zac starts out with an advantage – no soaps, a huge hit movie (HSM) and great reviews for a serious role (MAOW – obviously some INDUSTRY folks think he can act.

    Shia is only now getting more respect and there are still some critics who say he still has a bit to go and whether he has staying power is yet to be determined.

    Oh and BTW in case your can’t follow a simple sentence, ZAC was there because he was asked to present,

  • Malia

    Vanessa’s rep has said Vanessa is NOT doing New Moon.

    And to think all those “news” articles came about because of blog and fan site speculation. Interesting.

  • tizzfan

    ok.. my opinion :

    1. Shia can act.. Have you seen Tru Confession ?
    2. Zac can act. Have you seen Miracle Run ?
    3. Vanessa need more time to prove that she can act great. We will see it in Bandslam. She has the potential.
    4. Whoever said Vanessa looked bad in this event, are just simply jealous. She is gorgeous from head to toe. Hrm, maybe I prefer she did her hair differently but still, she looks damn good…
    5. It’s Jared’s site. It’s up to him what he wants to write as a title.
    6. I love the pictures of Megan, Zac, V, Hayden, and Britanny…. Zac must feel like a KING….. hahaha, surrounded by pretty girls…

    Lastly, I agree that
    FANS are FANS

    you might write a thousand words of preaching, and it still won’t change anyone’s mind….

  • Peggy

    Karen, Malia, Go Sox:

    Let see he not only took Vanessa to the biggest party in Hollywood where anyone who was anyone was there-every A-List director, producer, actor who was able to attend attended but he walked the red carpet with her, was interviewed with her, answered questions about what they do as a couple, held her hand, stayed close to her at all the after-parties in front of all of elite Hollywood.

    Looked like an official “coming out as a couple” event to me. What do you think?

  • Malia

    I noticed that Hayden didn’t bring Milo to this auspicious event, and Megan Fox didn’t bring Brian. So, there is definitely something WRONG with those relationships.

    Guess “dem broked up.” :)

  • Malia

    Love Tina Fey’s comment.

    ….if you ever start to feel too good about yourself, they have this thing called the Internet! You can find a lot of people there who don’t like you!

  • Mailah

    Wow slut!
    hate vanessa hudgens.
    She will always look trashy no matter what she wears…
    and why is she there??
    YOU DID NO MOVIES HUNNY! ( movies that were good enough to get nominated at the golden globes *ahem..high school musical)