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Vanessa Hudgens - Golden Globes 2009

High School Musical royalty Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens hit the red carpet at the 2009 Golden Globe Awards held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Sunday (January 11) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

If you use this fashion info, please credit Vanessa worked it out in an intricate floor-grazing Alberta Ferretti gown. Zac looks handsome in his Burberry suit, Ferragamo shoes and IWC watch.

Zac and Heroes hottie Hayden Panettiere presented the “Best TV Drama Actor” award to In Treatment‘s Gabriel Byrne.

On the red carpet, Zac admitted he was nervous to present. He said, “I can’t believe it. [I] 100% [get nervous before presenting at awards shows]. Absolutely. Plus, you have to sit in a car for 1/2 hour before and just dwell on what you’re’ going to do at the show… I got out of the car to stretch because we were waiting so long.”

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382 Responses to “Vanessa Hudgens - Golden Globes 2009”

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  1. 126
    rosielee9 Says:

    Just had to say that both Zac and Vanessa look very happy and Vanessa’s dress is georgous she looks beautiful and I love the colour it really suits her skin tone.

    No way is she obver dressed, it was the golden globes held at the hilton hotel and she was going as Zac’s date so of course she is going to dress up for it.

    To me the dress is simple not over frilly or flouncy and she has just the right amount of jewellery on with it again simple but stylish. Again she can’t do wrong for right if she had’nt got dressed nice then you’d no doubt have some people coming on and saying that she was letting Zac down and not making a effort, she was there as a guest but also to support her man so obvioulsy she wanted to look nice nothing wrong in that.

  2. 127
    diva Says:

    they look amazing V looks great as usual and Zac is always hit that aint new!

  3. 128
    nathalia Says:

    lovely picture

  4. 129
    Naomi Says:

    The bloggers are loving her.

  5. 130
    Karen Says:


    That is a great shot, just perfect. The body language in it says it all. It’s sweet how they look like they are the only ones that matter to the other even though there are all kinds of people around them.

  6. 131
    beth Says:

    Pretty dress but an awful color on her and the jewelry looks cheap for the dress. For just being a date and not a presenter she went a bit over the top with the dress and forgot to comb her hair…..again!

    He looks like a little boy who is still trying to imitate Leonardo with his style…….we certainly know he doesn’t have the chops to even be in the same room with Leo as far as serious acting goes.

    So the lovely couple should enjoy the limelight while it lasts because soon they”ll be forgotten history.

  7. 132
    rosielee9 Says:

    I was looking at the pictures and noticed to that Zac was wearing his ring and was thinking that to meas well as Vanessa going with him by wearing that he is also reinforcing to all those doubters that they are together and very much committed in the relactionship as it’s been a while since we’ve seen him wear it, but it just goes to show that he does still have it and this seemed a very good ocassion to wear it knowing the pictures would be all over the net, good for him.

    Although as we all true Zanessa supporters know the ring is only a symbol of their love but it’s still a symbol that’s nice to see once in a while, but as I’ve said before when their out at family things for all anybody knows he could wear it then.

    All the photo’s are lovely and loved the interview his face was so full of smiles when he was looking at Vanessa.

  8. 133
    kiki Says:

    She gets the headline and he’s the presenter. Why is that? They look so out of place amongst all the truly talented actors in Hollywood. Mickey Mouse has served them well, now make them go away for good.

  9. 134
    ashlee Says:

    that is a great pic of the two of them. it’s obvious they are very comfortable with each other.

  10. 135
    V-loyalist Says:

    #122 Malia, nice comment indeed. Can’t wait to go home from work and see the pic at #122 you shared as well, must something adorable I’m sure.

  11. 136
    bill Says:

    Why are they there? Who ( over the age of 13) really cares about these two?

  12. 137
    k Says:

    #136 you must know the answer.

  13. 138
    Malia Says:

    I’m watching the Golden Globes right now.

    I see one person on here is talking to herself. #136 and #137.

    Funny. :)

  14. 139
    kris Says:

    Why was Blake Lively there ?
    Why were the Jonas Brothers there .
    blah blah..
    a lot of people really should not have been there.
    but whatever.
    i think she looks fantastic !!
    beautiful dress and beautiful girl.

    only thing is the necklace around her should have been a different color
    everything is too matchy matchy .

  15. 140
    athena Says:

    Y’know, Zac needs to stop listening to Vanessa on wearing his hair slicked back…that’s her strategy so women won’t oogle over him…he looks hot anyway..but, I’m sure he could have relaxed his tresses, and Vanessa should have put her hair up.
    I hope Zac made lots of key connections…Get a great role from Spielberg or Scorcese Zac…David Aronsky…Somebody new…

  16. 141
    hahahahhahah Says:

    LMAOLMAOLMAO at all that little haters coming out & making excuses. SORRY FUCKERS if you think she is overdressed you need to get yourself checked into a hospital. You dumb ******* know she looks good but just need an excuse to tear her down. idiots, I guess it must be your first time you trash to be watching a prestigious awards show

  17. 142
    Naomi Says:

    Beth #131

    Hope you felt better for having gotten that off your chest. LMAO!

    Kiki #133

    They looked so out of place that bloggers are singling out their attendance and outfits along with the A-listers and papers like the New York Times took time to highlight the attendance of BOTH Zac and Vanessa while not mentioning all the veterans. If you would go away for good from their threads, you wouldn’t be bothered by them, eh.

    Bill #136
    YOU care. You care so much that you take time to fish out their threads to post. If you stop caring, they might actually disappear from your vicinity, but you’ve got to stop caring first.

  18. 143
    24 Says:

    Sorry but Vanessa has future fat chick written all over her. The bone structure, the flabby arms, the jowls,,,it ain’t going to be pretty in a few years.

  19. 144
    .. Says:

    It’s hilarious to see all the bitter asses in the post. Good for Zac & Vanessa, the higher you go up the more all these people get their panties in a twist. Maybe they’ll get their blood pressure up so much in the future that they’ll eventually die off.

    Although I love Vanessa & all but Zac was the one presenting, she came as his guest. Why did you use her name as the headline?

  20. 145
    nathalia Says:

    Short fantantisco
    perfect in this dress

  21. 146
    yoo Says:

    you seem to projecting you own weight insecurities onto her. The girl is tiny and her tiny frame aint gonna change.

    If ur so worried about becoming obese maybe you start working out instead of sittin on ur fatass commetnin on this blog.

  22. 147
    Karen Says:

    Blake Lively is there because she is part of a popular TV show. She is part of Hollywood. The Golden Globes honor both TV and the movies. You didn’t think just presenters and those people nominated or associated with the nominees were the only ones “allowed” to be there, did you??

    Did you go on Angelina’s thread and comment on how she should have worn her hair up? Her hair looks very much like Vanessa’s.

  23. 148
    Naomi Says:


    For reasons best known to JJ, that’s the style he chose for the Zac/Vanessa and Brad/Angelina threads, possibly because he had exclusive info on their designers and outfits, who knows, or just to generate more comments with people asking why.

  24. 149
    k Says:

    malia im a fan what i mean is #136 must know the answer
    because this two is so adorable.
    im a zanessa fan forever.

  25. 150
    Karen Says:

    I know I posted this earlier and directed it to lpipperoni but I think it says what I want to say to all you haters and those of you who can’t resist being mean:

    Look, I understand that you may not like someone and it doesn’t make you jealous of that person—but in some cases that is the problem—but I don’t believe it is the case with you. I don’t like Tom Cruise and I never have—maybe never will—however, I do not go on his threads and say bad things about him or give a list of things I don’t like about him. I don’t go on how it is my right or my opinion that I feel the way I do and everyone should just get used to it or stop badmouthing me because I have said something against him. I always find it strange how people are so intent on going to a thread just to say something negative about someone. People like that—you in this situation—take a lot of time and effort just to say something negative to people you know really like that person you are going to say something against. What makes you want to do it? Then you will get all huffy and indignant when someone calls you on it and then will argue with anyone who says anything against you. Don’t you think it would be more logical just to let people enjoy who they like and not try to stir up trouble? I don’t mind anyone liking Tom Cruise and I hope they enjoy his threads and talking with other fans of his. What would be the point of telling them I don’t like him? Since nobody ASKED you your opinion than I think I can say we don’t want it nor do we care what it is.

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