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Vanessa Hudgens - Golden Globes 2009

High School Musical royalty Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens hit the red carpet at the 2009 Golden Globe Awards held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Sunday (January 11) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

If you use this fashion info, please credit Vanessa worked it out in an intricate floor-grazing Alberta Ferretti gown. Zac looks handsome in his Burberry suit, Ferragamo shoes and IWC watch.

Zac and Heroes hottie Hayden Panettiere presented the “Best TV Drama Actor” award to In Treatment‘s Gabriel Byrne.

On the red carpet, Zac admitted he was nervous to present. He said, “I can’t believe it. [I] 100% [get nervous before presenting at awards shows]. Absolutely. Plus, you have to sit in a car for 1/2 hour before and just dwell on what you’re’ going to do at the show… I got out of the car to stretch because we were waiting so long.”

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Photos: Steve Granitz/Wireimgae, Jason Merritt/Getty
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  • Karen

    Thank you for your backing. I have had the same thing happen to me where my comments are doing the moderation thing and when that happens to me they are never printed. I never figure out why. I also loved Tina Fey’s comment about the internet!

    Actually their official “coming out” as a couple came last year at this very time at the Palm Springs Film Festival. It was the first time they walked a red carpet together as a couple and people went wild. It was a week before his appendicitis attack. I still remember how beautiful they were and those pictures.

  • Malia

    Karen, my comment was #235 and it still has “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” It was posted at 2:42 today. It had no gutter language, so I don’t know what it’s moderating.

    This pic of Zac and Vanessa is my favorite one of the evening:

    Anyway, it’s pretty clear some of the nut cases who post comments about Zac and Vanessa never doing any movies, clearly know nothing about them. And there were LOTS of people at the Golden Globes who were not nominated.

  • Mailah

    Umm #252…i didn’t say they did no movies..they have just not done any GOOD movies. Way to read retard. Anyway I think Zac is a cool guy and he has done a lot incluing hairpray and whatnot. I’m just saying vanessa is a loser and has no talent and is only known for her great body. She is a slut…end of story.

  • lakers fan in boston

    i love vannessa’s cuteness so much!!
    she looked pretty good, but i cant say i loved the dress
    she’s about as cute as rachel bilson =]
    love u vanessa!

  • Trina

    The clear front-runner among the young Hollywood crowd had to be Zac Efron, who left our critics swooning over his stylish look. “He looked elegant with his hair slicked to the side,” Nelson said. “Like old Hollywood.”

    His look was also admired by Spector, who said, “He looked handsome working the wet look for his hair and a mod tuxedo with a skinny tie.”

    Meanwhile, Sweet P loved his gal pal Vanessa Hudgens’ look. (Perhaps they can be crowned the best-dressed couple of the night?) “I love her Alberta Ferretti nude gown,” she said. “The hair, makeup and jewelry are right, the dress fits her perfectly and I love, love, love the necklaces. She looks young, fresh and fun.”


  • Mailah


  • Tiptoes

    ha.. the haters here sure make this post interesting…

    love the fact that though Van is a guest (not the nominee nor the presentor), her style is recognized and applauded; and of course Zac and Van are seen as one of the glamorous power couple of the night.

    From the MTV Blog:
    Vanessa Hudgens: Thumbs up and down. Big thumbs up for the dress, which fit her perfectly and was a great color for her. Thumbs down on her hair, which was a little too messy for this dress. She could have glammed it up a little bit more. But in her defense, the messy hair was the trend for the night. Right, Eva Mendes and Drew Barrymore?

    Zac Efron: Thumbs up! Zac clearly knows how to dress on the red carpet. A simple suit with a skinny tie always seems to work for him.

  • http://ZacEfron KELLY

    I am a big Fan of Zac Efron’ some of you may think it is bad. for a 25 year old girl to like Zac Efron. but I don’t care what people think.

    Zac has been a great movie star and I can’t wait to see he comes up with Next. Zac and Vanessa have been together for 3 years. they are so in love with each other. The way Zac and Vanessa look at each other just shows that Zac and Vanessa have true love.

    Zac and Vanessa are the real thing. they are not Fake. I don’t know why you haters have to be so rude. Zac is a great guy. and Vanessa is so lucky to have him as a boyfriend.

    I believe that are alots of Girls who die to have Zac as there boyfriends. but Zac wanted to be with Vanessa we need to deal with it and get over it.

    btw Zac and Vanessa looked great last night at the Golden Globes.

  • go sox

    Mailah, you sound so stupid. Vanessa was there as a guest; she was Zac’s date. Zac’s only movie out last year was HSM 3. Whether YOU liked it or not, they did a movie last year, that made LOTS of money worldwide. And whether YOU like Vanessa or not, she NEVER dresses trashy, or is what you insinuate. Grow up…your opinion means nothing to us nor will it change ANYONE’s mind.

  • Malia

    This is a cute video. Gives you a sense of how overwhelming the red carpet is with all the photogs yelling above the noise of the crowd.|1&axs=0|84253697%2c84250867|0

  • Tiptoes

    thanks malia. that video was so clear… you can tell its Zac’s idea for Van to hold on to his arm….

  • http://VanessaHudgens-GoldenGlobes2009 rubyred

    The best looking couple. Love Vanessa’s dress.

  • http://zanessa nathalia

    not see the video
    as you put on youtube

    your comment or say that people were shouting “zanessa”?

    Malia you are getting acesar vanashbreniq

  • Malia

    #264 nathalia @ 01/12/2009 at 10:03 pm
    You need Quick Time in order to see the video. It may already be on You Tube. I’ll look.

    No, VABN is still down.

  • athena

    Hey Malia, #260. I must say that is a very clear video. Now, I will add more comments. I must say…It’s true, JJ posted Vanessas’ name in the title because it’s all about the fashion, and I’m sure there is some method to his mind….Zac and Vanessa looked great on and off the carpet. He looked very debonaire, and she looked right on cue with all the other golden globe women and winners…I still feel her hair was to much in her face, I’ve seen her wear it much better…I think if it had more wave to it she would have looked even more stunning…she looked a little tired,I guess with getter her new house together can keep you up after hours, but other than that, I love Vanessa’s style and choice, even her necklace looked better in clearer photos. I wish I were her stylist…and, I’ll settle for being Zac’s stylist too. They looked great together.

  • athena

    LOL…I meant getting her new house together….lol..

  • Malia

    Don’t know if anyone posted this one.

  • vanie

    #256 Vanessa is still gorgeous.

  • athena

    I wish the interviewer would have asked a more interesting question….not the same old questions all interviewers have been asking about HSM for to long now. Oh well. Ryan Seacrest tried to get in as many ?’s in his short span of time. Good job.

  • Malia

    Yea, I can’t believe that Nancy O’Dell asked such a stupid question. How many times have they been asked that? A thousand??

  • http://ZacEfron KELLY

    why do people Call Vanessa names are they just mad beacuse she is with Zac.

  • Trina

    #272 YES!!!!

    That’s the MAIN reason. It’s called jealousy.

  • Pop86

    #270, Nancy O’ Dell doesn’t seem too bright. I often wonder how she got that job.

  • Pop86

    #270, Nancy O’ Dell doesn’t seem too bright. I often wonder how she got that job.

  • Soni hannigan

    Zac and Vanessa are the best!!

  • ashlee

    i agree. zac and vanessa are the best.

  • love zacc

    zac is just HOT!!!! hhaa!!!! and zanessa held hands at the after party!!!!


  • Cerestial

    Vanessa,pweettee as always XD~
    But she’s much more pwettee here >D~
    In fact,she’s gettin prettier day by day =3


    Love her outfit~!! Way ter go,V~<3

    As for Zac,everything’s niceee xD
    the hair’s not goin wif the outfit though..
    but STILL,

    Zanessa bof totally rock on the red carpet XD~
    Honestly,I never get bored lookin at’em <3~

  • giuliuz

    she is so pretty!!! zac is very cool and beautiful.. I LOVE THEM!!!

  • narf

    Happy Birthday to Zanessa’s Angel Karen.

    Have a great day lady!

  • Naomi

    Happy Birthday Karen!!!

    Hope you have a lovely day.

  • ramajana

    woow!,she is beautiful!! there. She is beautiful all ways!!!. Love you vanessa hudgens!!!. love R……. you’r beges fan!

  • http://justjared.buzznet beverley

    Happy Birthday Karen !!!!

    Enjoy your special day.

  • go sox

    Happy birthday, my Angel friend. You are a treasure for us around here. Thank you for your countless posts of support, logic, and maturity around here!! You do us proud, Karen!!

  • V-loyalist

    Karen, as go sox mentioned you make us so proud in every post you made, I say you’re one awesome Angel! Have a wonderful ZV Birthday and more to come. We nub you so much!!!

  • Karen

    Oh My! I thought I’d quickly check out JJ before going to bed since I worked last night and am working tonight—I get such great birthday presents!—and here I am so overwhelmed with good wishes. How nice! And it truly makes me feel good as it was a rough night and I look every bit of my age this morning! LOL

    Narf, go sox, V-Loyalist, Naomi, & Beverley:
    I want you all to know it has been such a pleasure to reach out and touch you guys in cyberspace and “work” along side of you. Mostly, I feel very “puffed-up” and honored right now in having people of your caliber say such nice things about me. I think of each and every one of you in all those wonderful ways too.

  • Malia

    Karen, I knew there was a reason you’re so wise. You are a Capricorn.

    Happy Birthday!!!!

  • Malia

    #264 Nathalia, here is the You Tube version of the Zac and Vanessa on the red carpet.

  • tiptoes

    Happy birthday, Karen. Keep up the good work here.

    And those who are missing VABN, its back.

    see you guys there!


    OOO i so love zac & vanessa ….
    but it looks like zac isnt very happy..
    do you now that zac is dating ashley..

  • ashlee

    happy birthday karen!!!!!

  • Peggy


    Did you know that Ashley and her beloved Jared were seen together yesterday and the day before that and New Years Eve she introduced his band with his sisters.

    ZAc looks great and is very happy in all the vids.

  • Mailah

    Dearest Go Sox and Vanie:
    #259 and #268
    How about you shut your traps and if you were the least bit intelligent you would not have made those irrelevant and useless comments…
    and please I don’t give a crap if Vanessa is with Zac. wooptie doo. I don’t sit around wishing Zac was my boyfriend unlike you guys. And although he is dating Vanessa, he can do so much better!!!!!!!!!!!
    She has no talent, and I think it’s taking a toll on young teens in society looking up to ppl like Vanessa as role models especially after her whole naked insidence (and please dont try to come back at me saying she didnt mean for anyone to see those pictures). She did infact want everyone to see them for publicity and that’s why ppl know who she is now. Our society should be looking up to good teen female actresses like the gorgeous Hayden Panettiere who’s looking to save the whales and is actually part of a good show called heros and is not vicariously living through her boyfriend to gain publicity at the golden globes.

  • Trina

    #293 Mailah @ 01/13/2009 at 6:06 pm
    However old you are, you are very unwise and naive.

    No young girl should EVER look to an actor or actress as a role model. They should look to their parents or a teacher or someone they KNOW.

    And, my dear, jealousy comes in many forms. You can be jealous of a person because of her beauty, charm, grace. You don’t have to WANT her boyfriend. You just don’t WANT HER to have him.

    Get over it. It’s called growing up.

    And if you want to look UP to little miss Hayden Panettiere who was photographed when she was 17, smoking and drinking with none other than Paris Hilton, then please do so.

    Get your facts straight before you make uninformed comments.

  • Trina

    Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Karen, oh wise one!!!!

  • ashley

    i think that mailah person who knows so much about “talent” has a stick up her a-s-s and her panties twisted into a knot because zac took vanessa to the golden globes. she’s so mad her whole body is twisted into a knot of anger. can’t you read it in her words?

    she’s spitting flames of anger cause zac took vanessa to the golden globes. maybe that anger will consume her and she will self destruct.

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

  • kami

    i love zac and vanessa. that was sweet of him to take v to the golden globes. he a nice guy and is very nice to vanessa.

  • jamin

    Mailah @ 01/13/2009 at 6:06 pm



  • Mailah

    Awwww Trina honey aren’t you just the smart one out of the bunch. Vanessa is trashy end of story. SHE POSED NAKED WHEN SHE WAS LIKE 16 (or whatever age she was) FOR FUCKKKS SAKEEEE And doesn’t everyone in hollywood drink and smoke?? Tell me something I don’t know. And yes you can still look up to wise actors and actresses or any famous peope as role models for example: natalie portman, oprah etc. Who made you the almighy God saying you can only use teachers, parents to look up to? Look around sweetie there is advertising about films and commerials everywhere. Many young teens look up to famous ppl whether you like it or not Trina. All I’m saying is all the fans of Vanessa need to distinguish between what’s classy and what’s trashy. She is NOT a good role model.

  • jamin

    mailah, you little s-h-i-t head, you don’t even know what a role model is.

    anyone who can overcome the adversity vanessa did shows more character and is a far better role model than someone who smokes and drinks. and saying “everyone does it” doesn’t cut it. and in my book one n-u-d-e pictures doesn’t harm your body in any way. but smoking will destroy your lungs and alcohol your kidneys.

    your hate toward vanessa is making you S-T-U-P-I-D!!!!!