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Vanessa Hudgens - Golden Globes 2009

High School Musical royalty Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens hit the red carpet at the 2009 Golden Globe Awards held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Sunday (January 11) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

If you use this fashion info, please credit Vanessa worked it out in an intricate floor-grazing Alberta Ferretti gown. Zac looks handsome in his Burberry suit, Ferragamo shoes and IWC watch.

Zac and Heroes hottie Hayden Panettiere presented the “Best TV Drama Actor” award to In Treatment‘s Gabriel Byrne.

On the red carpet, Zac admitted he was nervous to present. He said, “I can’t believe it. [I] 100% [get nervous before presenting at awards shows]. Absolutely. Plus, you have to sit in a car for 1/2 hour before and just dwell on what you’re’ going to do at the show… I got out of the car to stretch because we were waiting so long.”

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Photos: Steve Granitz/Wireimgae, Jason Merritt/Getty
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  • ashlee

    i can’t believe how much some people hate vanessa. wow!!! kind of freaky.

  • Malia

    Speaking of Oprah Winfrey, here is a quote from her:

    You cannot hate other people without hating your self.

  • Malia

    The price of hating other human beings is loving one’s self less.

  • Mailah

    Hey Jamin,
    You are right one nude photo doesnt harm your body, like cigarettes and alcohol, but “in my books it makes you a HUGE SKANKKK.” =)

  • Malia


    What you say about others is how you feel about yourself.

  • Vfan

    Mailah aka bicth are you upset that Zac LOVES Vanessa and you can tell that he does to. Example he kissed her hand at GG’s ,held her clucth at GG’s, held her hand at GG’s, did’nt really take solo pics, he had Vanessa at his side MOST of the time,looked at her in their interview alot and she was his main focous even though there were other women.Vanessa loves Zac to and is NOT using him for publicity if so why did she DENY their relationship in the past .Just face the facts and know that Zac KNOWS who is for him AND YOU DON’T.

  • Malia

    Whoot Whoot!! Vanessa on best dressed list at Golden Globes:

    “High School Musical” hottie Vanessa Hudgens popped a pose in a perfect peach piece from Alberta Ferretti.

  • Naomi

    Wow, #304, don’t have a stroke! Van doesn’t know you exist.

    Aren’t we all lucky ‘your books’ does not matter to any body on this thread or to any of Van’s fans. You really are nothing to us but a nuisance.

    We are happy to tolerate you and banter with you only because you are helping us add more comments to Van’s threads thereby making her even more popular.

    You would help Hayden better if you go to her thread and add some comments to it. You might even find people who will agree to adhere to your books. It would be good for your health too.

    You know what they say, hang with skanks, smell like one. I’m very sure you’d rather not be found on the thread of a skank. Does your pastor know you visit this thread?

    Now run along and we’ll keep your little secret.

  • Mailah

    you do know a lot about their real life and relationship. Do you stalk them at night? I am most defs not jealous of their relationship. I have a boyfriend of 3 and a half yrs and don’t give a shit about their gross relationship. I dont think vanessa deserves any man, other than the cow shit in mexico. =)
    And malia thank you for reiterating oprah. You must be her. IT’S NICE to finally meet you oprah!

  • Mailah

    you do know a lot about their real life and relationship. Do you stalk them at night? I am most defs not jealous of their relationship. I have a boyfriend of 3 and a half yrs and don’t give a shit about their gross relationship. I dont think vanessa deserves any man, other than the cow shit in mexico. =)
    And malia thank you for reiterating oprah. You must be her. IT’S NICE to finally meet you oprah!

  • ryan

    i think that mailah person don’t like herself cause she’s ugly. and she’s mad cause vanessa is so pretty.

    i love vanessa.~~~~

  • Mailah

    it’s okay Naomi and Vanessa fans:

  • jamin

    crazy girl mailah, you do have a lot of hate inside you. getting worse by the minute.

    if you don’t give a shit about them why the hell are you on this site where fans who support them are?

    you the kind of person that go into a catholic church and yell at them for saying the rosary cuz it offends you.

    you not very smart, girl.

  • Vfan

    #310.. why do you keep coming here if you have a problem with Vanessa? WHAT YOU NEED TO DO IS TO GET SOME HELP FOR YOUR MENTAL SICKNESS. Why would you be dwelling on someone you hate when you can go to a post with someone you like? There MUST be some thing wrong with you or your DESPRATE for attention.
    btw – you should make an appointment..quickly.

  • ashlee

    did you check your facts mailah? did you check to see what charities vanessa is involved in? what environmental organizations?

    nope, you didn’t.

    we fans all know, so you come across sounding dumb, dumber dumbest!!!!!

    go do some deep breathing to get rid of all the hate stored up inside you.

  • Mailah

    Ignorance is bliss jamin. As long as you are ignorant, you will remain happy and naiive. Your theories about me are ridiculous and I’m not going to even comment on them. I’m gonna put my point across for all you ppl once again:

    Vanessa is
    a) not pretty
    b) a terrible actress
    c) a bad role model to young teens
    d) forever and always a skank

  • Naomi


    She owes nothing to YOUR society but she’s done a lot that is positive for us fans and she IS amazing and beautiful.

    I would invite you to join us but you have a different DNA and have no clue what beauty is.

    I’m getting really concerned, I wouldn’t want you to get corrupted here. Think of what your bf would say if he hears that you are in such company fixated on someone you consider ‘a skank’.

    You might want to take a bath before you meet him. A pity water would only cleanse the smell of skanks but not the bitterness and hate rooted inside. Shame.

  • Malia

    I think it best that we fans focus on the positive and ignore comments from people who are obsessed with hating Vanessa. Let their anger consume them.

    Anyway, did anyone see this:

    Zac Efron and Fil-Am actress Vanessa Hudgens were among the sweetest couples in the house. Vanessa rubbed Zac’s back after he came back from his presenter duties. They held hands as they talked to hottie Megan Fox, who looked very elegant.

    We chatted with Zac and Vanessa at the Warner Bros./InStyle after-party. Zac, who will be starring in a musical film version of “Footloose,” made some dance moves while a live band played.

    Source: Philippine Daily Inquirer

  • Naomi

    btw, we’re making progress, with your help we might just reach 400 comments in a few hrs.

    Bring it on…

  • Naomi

    I saw that Malia. That was sweet!

    He was a bit nervous when he was presenting, it’s lovely of Van to reassure him like that. They just act like they’re already married. I love the bond they have.

  • jamin

    #317 Mailah @ 01/13/2009 at 7:54 pm
    honey chile, you just commented on what i said.

    you don’t have a very high opinion of yourself, thinking all these things about yourself :

    not pretty
    a terrible actress
    a bad role model to young teens
    forever and always a *****

    go take some self esteem classes, girl.

  • Malia

    Naomi, there have been so many articles written about Vanessa’s style and she’s on so many best dressed lists from the Golden Globes.

    I’m proud of our girl. And Zac, too. I thought he did a great job presenting.

    I wish 17 Again and Bandslam were coming out sooner. Much sooner.

  • Malia

    I especially like his answer when Nancy O’Dell asked what they do as a couple and he said, “Hang out. Normal things. Very normal things.” I’m paraphrasing because I don’t remember his exact words. Such a normal, down-to-earth couple.

    And I think all those things he bought at Target were for Vanessa’s new house. He’s a good boyfriend. :)

  • Mailah

    Hey Naomi,
    I think this will be my last comment just cause I dont want to help you reach that 400 comment mark, and even if you guys do reach it, I hope you are happy cause my bad comments about Van helped you reach your goal. Way to go guys! And Naomi do you really think I should bath in water or maybe your precious Van should…maybe just maybe it will wash away her skankness and cleanse her so she can become pure again. Or maybe not since she enjoys the attention….
    Shame on her.

  • Naomi

    Jackpot! It did the trick, wow, I should have made the 400 comment earlier, oh well, good riddance, we can always dispel the bad taste that came with those comments with some Zan goodies :)


    Yeah, I heard when he said that too. I do like the fact that they are so down to earth and friendly. There is a little tidbit in this article about them ‘spooning’ while talking to Megan Fox and Tyrese Gibson.…parties12_N.htm

  • jamin

    #325 Mailah @ 01/13/2009 at 8:13 pm
    honey, you really have an obsession with skankness. sounds like you’ve had some first hand experience in that department. maybe you’re and expert in skankness.

    shame on you for being that kind of person. shame on you.

  • Malia

    Yea, Naomi, that is cute:

    Standout moments: Efron and Hudgens spooned inside the party while chatting up Gibson and Fox near the Godiva chocolate bar.

  • Karen

    Well, Capricorns have to stick together, Malia. We’re a misunderstood lot. LOL

    Tiptoes, ashlee, and Trina:
    Thank you most kindly for your well wishes. They mean a lot to me on this day…or any day for that matter!

  • Karen

    The way Mailah talks—the language used—and the the crazy things said shows what kind of person Mailah is. So end of story. Everyone, just be sure you don’t respond in kind—using words that are not needful— or you let yourself come down to Mailah’s level which is pretty low.

  • Malia

    Another good quote:

    Stupidity is a talent for misconception.
    . . . . . . Edgar Allan Poe

  • go sox

    There’s always one looney-toon that has to act all self-righteous and holy. Just for the record, we fans admire the courage and class Vanessa has shown, even in tough times. That’s when I took notice of her, and felt she deserved support and encouragement to put a mistake behind her. How pathetic that people think they are so perfect.

    Loving all the great pics from the GG’s!! Keep posting everyone!!

  • yets

    Happy Birthday Karen
    i really enjoy reading all your wonderful comments here.
    more Birthdays to come
    GOD Bless.

  • Malia

    JJ Jr. has pics of Vanessa shopping at Bed Bath & Beyond and washing her car. I love that store. Always do lots of Christmas shopping there.

  • Karen

    Thank you, yets, I’ll keep trying to bring a good word or two to the board.

  • aj

    love yu vanessa <3

  • Stefanie

    Looking Baby V!!!

  • Tiptoes

    thank god all the haters have left…

    Just wanted to share this wonderful letter writeen by a BIG van fan (and a regular JJ poster too) in the TH Forum, which you can visit as a guest or as a member.

    Aritcle is called A Note to Vanessa on Twilight

  • Malia

    #338 Tiptoes @ 01/14/2009 at 3:58 pm.
    That is a very insightful, well written article.

    Right on target!!!!!

  • Malia

    This is sweet.

    Vanessa Hudgens:
    She may be a red carpet newbie, but this Disney princess proved she can rock a grown-up look all her own. Forget her hot guy, Zac — we’re crushing on her wardrobe.


  • Karen

    Well, let’s see, there was the thread here on JJJ to say Vanessa had not auditioned for Twilight . Last night both on Access Hollywood and Entertainment Tonight they confirmed that she was in the running for a role and one of the shows even wanted viewers to log onto their site and give your opinion. Now tonight on Extra they are reporting the rumor that Vanessa is being considered for a role/auditioned for a role, etc, is FALSE.

    At this point it would seem to be one of those “Who Knows?” kind of things.

  • go sox

    ~Thanks, Malia!! Nice praise for Vanessa!! I loved that dress on her… was fun, young, sparkly, and fit her perfectly!! Showed off her gorgeous legs.

    ~Tiptoes, great commentary!! Valid points made all around. Thanks for sharing!!

  • Peggy


    Your ludicrous, childish, self hating comments are doing nothing for society and the world.

    Vanessa made have made a mistake with a picture but she is involved with Best Buddies(a childrens charity) and Youth Environmental issues – which is an improvement over the useless lump of flesh you’re parent’s raised who brings nothing but hate and envy everywhere you go..

    There are many psychiatric sites on the net – please find one while there is still time.

  • Trina

    If Vanessa’s rep said the Twilight thing was not true, then I believe it’s not true.

    I think it all came about from blog speculation, starting with someone saying, “I wish Vanessa could be in New Moon.” Soon that became, Vanessa is going to be in New Moon.

  • meirav

    they do look good togetter zac looks good and so is vanessa

  • charlene

    what happened to vanashbrenique?

  • vancrazed

    Mailah, I really don’t understand people who are so quick to judge. I find it quite embarrasing to base your absolute knowledge on someone on one mistake. I’m pretty sure i wouldn’t be arrogant enough to do that!! Although, I ‘m not you. I will say that it is people like you who make society a scary place to live. I hpe that you can find it in yourself to figure out why a mistake such as this, has disturbed you so badly. I have a number for a psychologist if you would like. I’ll even pay for you to go…seems like your boyfriend (if he even exists) might need to go too. Noone is perfect, we all make mistakes, but at least Vanessa had the courage to come out and admit to hers. I have to say, I didn’t see anything wrong with a nude photo taken in private, it seems funny to be that the people who put it online aren’t the bad guy, but her who took the photo. That photo was never intended to get out, and i don’t personally consider it a crime to take a picture of yourself for private matters. That is not the problem here, the problem are the scumbags that felt the need to release and ruin her. That is who i pity, unfortunately, the world doesn’t see it that way. Thanks Vanessa once again, for proving that your character stands above the rest. Sure would love for For Real to weigh in on this. Might shut some people up!!

  • azilem

    they are the best couple ever…

  • sinia

    Have no idea!!! The Jewellery was the best ever: 2 necklaces one of diamonds the other one with melo pearl. Very very rare and valuable.


  • Malia

    A lot of the people who dislike Vanessa, from the negative comments, don’t like themselves. And they probably don’t like too many other people. They are pessimist.

    The Difference Between An Optimist And A Pessimist

    Optimist: There is nothing more important than feeling good.

    Pessimist: Didn’t I just tell you how bad everything is?

  • desiree


    On JJJ Brittany Snow is talking about how wonderful ZAc Efron is with her brunette hair.

    I always thought he was great. Is it not getting a bit tiring all this Zac love from women who know he’s VERY taken but never bother to mention his great relationship.