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Blake Lively - "Vogue" February 2009

Blake Lively -

Gossip Girl star Blake Lively (in Marc Jacobs) takes the February 2009 cover of Vogue.

“The fashion is just unbelievable [on Gossip Girl],” the 21-year-old actress tells the mag. “You can watch our show on mute and be entertained.”

“Just being here [in New York City], walking around, you pick it up really quickly,” Blake explains of her evolving fashion sense. “In New York, you put on skinny jeans and riding boots and a leather coat and handbag, and you take on that posture and character. It becomes very natural.”

You’ll want to check out tomorrow to see some video footage of Blake with on-and-off-screen boyfriend Penn Badgley on the set of Gossip Girl!

Bigger cover pic inside…

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  • mary


  • lubeee

    gorgeouss & FRESH =] xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Not a Fan

    I HATE HERRRR. She’s way too overrrated and Blake is nothing even remotely special.

  • deka

    she looks really different
    nice, but different….
    way older than 21

  • chel

    k i like her and all, but she does not deserve to be on the cover of VOGUE. should have been emma watson.

  • mimi

    why would SHE be on the cover of Vogue?
    I really don’t get it.

  • sofia

    love her.

    amazxing 3rd


  • heidi

    so vogue pretty much has no standards anymore i guess. gross.

  • mimi

    chel, exactly! she’s got some crazy connections in new york. you don’t get a cover of vogue unless you’re way up there and blake lively is not that someone just from being on gossip girl. she is not even fashionable in private life, if you’d like to begin there.

  • mimi

    and presenting at the globes!!!!! are you kidding me?! :-}

  • mekjksdfsdf

    leighton should be!

  • LuckyL


  • LuckyL

    God, this is why Vogue’s circulation is decreasing. Sh** celebs like this

  • T

    She looks stunning

  • mju8

    American Vogue sucks. Everyone knows it’s the worst of all the major worldwide Vogues. You would never see a so-so non A-list actress on French or British Vogue.

  • Laura

    Gossip girl is watched by many because of it’s FASHION. One reason for Blake to be on the cover, Blake is talented and has many fans. She also has movies coming out soon, so its not like she’s just doing gossip girl, she has The Private lives of Pippa Lee and New York, I love you coming out. Everyone has their different opinions i guess, but Blake isn’t a nobody.

  • Denise

    She is very pretty but looks like she could use a sandwich or two…

  • sara

    Blake looks gorgeous! She deserves every single good thing that happens to her!

    It’s always the same hate talk.

  • molly

    holy cow thats gourgeus first the golden globes now this! way to go Blake!

  • S

    She looks amazing! Wow. And she definitely deserves all the popularity that she’s getting. Screw the haters.

  • trish.


    yay blake.

  • mone

    She looks old for her age .

  • French VOGUE

    I don’t watch the show but the cover has a vintage glam look so I like it!

  • kaos

    I too think she looks and dresses old for her age, lacks grace, and has poor fashion sense. I have yet to see her put on a good red carpet outfit. That gown she wore to the Golden Globes is way too tight and you’d think her publicist or stylist would have known better. She is likeable and has good screen presence – the other girl who plays Blair is stronger, though – but she badly needs a stylist.

    And yes, I am surprised that Vogue put her on the cover. Quite a feather in her cap.

  • jen

    I like her… and she is very curvy! nice cover

  • scout2009

    Anyone think that Blake resembles Rachel McAdams here?

  • Jill

    LuckyL @ 01/12/2009 at 9:01 pm
    God, this is why Vogue’s circulation is decreasing. Sh** celebs like this

    Anna Wintour is destroying the magazine. I canceled my subscription behind that “what-Angelina-did-was-very-uncool” issue. Vogue is trying to turn itself into Life & Style.

  • truvy

    Who is that? Cause it ain’t Lively.

  • ganymede30324

    LOL! I always watch her scenes on mute as well! Something we agree on!

  • Yar

    How did that little girl get the cover of Vogue?

  • Tina

    She looks so fabulous.

    Good for you, Blake!

  • heihei

    so ugly!!!
    why us vogue like to invite those hollywood stars as the cover,more models please!

  • DaleMurph

    Wow She looks hot

  • bella

    now THAT is what Serena should look like.


    I can’t believe what I see, right now.
    Blake Lively, a plastic D-list celebrity, in a cover of Vogue ?
    That’s why Vogue America want Roitfeld. That is so low-class.

  • jako

    Blake i do like you and you look fabulous!!!

    Gossip Girl so fashionable, Vogue is fashion magazine.
    You deserved to on this cover.

    So now, you had on the cover of Varnity Fair and Vouge. Congrate!!!

  • tawi-tawi

    this is ridiculous.
    i mean seventeen or teen vogue, but Vogue?!
    why???? what did she do to appear on the cover of Vogue???

  • megan

    blake looks beautiful, but LEIGHTON should be getting more covers! LM is the one that carries that damn show.

  • cecilia

    What has she done to be on the cover of vogue?Simple, she stars on a show (I use the term loosely) which advertises the products sold by brands who buy the 70 pages of ads/issue.I guess everyone in the microcosm is happy.

  • helen

    I’m not going to buy Vogue this time. Boring cover, boring actress! Sorry.

  • viv

    Wow I always realised that Wintour had poor taste, but I never thought she’d sink so low… tsk tsk.

  • Anouchka

    Well, I am from London and I’ve never heard from her! But she looks pretty and the cover is stunning!!

  • DIBS

    love the cover. looks great. She deserves this.

  • Haya

    heavy makeup is definitely not for her! I like her style more on Gossip Girl. The designers get here more.

  • lula


  • agatha

    i like her so much .although se reminds me kinda of paltrow in a younger version..

  • viol

    To the one who said that she needs a sandwich, everyone nows that Blake is on of these celebrities that actually eat, and who has real curves.


    Shes absolutely gorgeous. I dont watch the wb, its for little girls.. but Im very confused as to why other actresses on that shitty station are worshipped like homely Sofia Bush and somehow this beautiful woman gets bagged on.. I think its jealousy… Obviously alot to be jealous about Blake Lively shes a tall beautiful blonde with a slammin body and on the cover of vogue.. then there leaves the rest of the WB “stars” … dont even come close.

  • lakers fan in boston

    i like her but i dont think she looks nice her
    her face actually looks weird
    i dont no if she’s a fashionista but she dresses pretty well

  • me me me

    lmao at all that photoshop. she is one pretty lady, but this is just funny.