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Heath Ledger Wins Posthumous Golden Globe

Heath Ledger Wins Posthumous Golden Globe

At the 2009 Golden Globes on Sunday Heath Ledger won for Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture for his role as The Joker in The Dark Knight.

The film’s director, Christopher Nolan, accepted the statuette from presenter Demi Moore and said “All of us who worked with Heath accept this with an awful mixture of sadness and incredible pride. After Heath passed on, you saw a hole ripped in the future of cinema – but with the extraordinary response to his work that we’ve seen all over the world, I, for one, start to be able to look a bit less at that gap in the future and a little bit more at the incredible place in the history of cinema that he built for himself with his talent and with his dedication to his artistry. For any of us lucky enough to work with him or to have enjoyed his performance, he will be eternally missed, but he will never be forgotten.”

“We are overjoyed for him,” his father Kim Ledger told People. “It’s wonderful.”

Heath Ledger Wins Posthumous Golden Globe
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  • zoe

    he totally deserved it. amazing performance

  • lena

    Paul Newman deserves more attention and glory than this good not so great actor and sad soul.

  • america

    So funny how the media and geeks hated him when announced he’s playing the joker but then when he died overnight he became the greatest actor to grace Planet Hollyweird. Drug addicts and looney lefties are the heroes of this crazy system while the real talents and patriotic actors are ignored and not given more films to do.

  • Jess

    Heath was so very talented, and so deserving of this award. He will be remembered forever by his fans, and deeply loved always.

  • ally

    yes, he totally deserved the win. He did a wonderful job! RIP

  • lola

    #3 America, you are the reason so many people dislike Americans. Why the hell do patriotic actors deserve good parts? What about talent, you weirdo? That is the stupidest argument I have ever heard. And his performance in the Dark Knight was SO good. I think he would have won even if he was alive. It will be one of the most memorable performances in film for a long time.

  • jerry

    He was amazing in TDK but not Oscar or even GG caliber. Come to think of it with no Ledger and Eckhart TDK would have been so boring and flew off the radar. The Academy/Hollywood will not award TDK something so they just award it to Heath Ledger.

    Look at the real awards given to movies like Slumdog,Wrestler.Doubt,Milk but the Critics Award made a specific category like action movie to out it hand to TDK so they wont get Best ensemble or Best Picture.

  • Kari

    OMG he MORE than deserved it! Gaaah I miss you soo much Heath! God Bless the Hollywood Foreign Press for not only acknowledging his fantastic performance, but for giving him one of the most prestigious awards for it! R.I.P Sweet Angel

  • michelle

    meh. these awards are useless and nothing when he is burning in hell

  • ana

    I think he won just because he is dead

  • ron

    What a joke! Jack Nicholson is still the best Joker and also the best interpretation of the joker’s voice and laughter by Mark Hamill in the cartoons.


    Heath Ledger was an amazing amazing actor, especially as the Joker. He deserved this award, and im so glad he won, just sad he wasnt around to see it happen.


    I’ miss him so much!!!! I’m so happy for him.He deserved this award!
    Helene from france!

  • Andy

    Well deserved!

  • Ivana

    Expresion of Robert Downey Jr. face is priceless…

    I watched Heath as Joker, he was great like always…
    but movie, nothing special… sometimes even borring..
    Death of young and most talented actor save this movie, without him this is not worth of watching..

  • Ivana

    Don’t get me wrong.. i watched tooo much Batman movies :))))

  • Cheetah

    They should have given it to a living person. To honer someone who is dead, is an act to late. Give people attention when they do live and can enjoy it. But not when there dead and there last project is totally overrated, just because he suddenly died.

    If he was alive he wouldn’t have won the globe. Im sure of that!

  • Ivana

    Cheetah you are sooo right :)))
    Unjustice to Heath happen when he lost Oscar for Brokeback..

  • Tash

    If that’s so true, then no one would have said how fantastic he was in The Dark Knight. It wasn’t a sympathy act, he genuinely deserved it.

    Congrats to Heath. Hope he get’s the Oscar!

  • Ivana

    I hope he won Oscar too, but without him, everthing loose sence.
    I wish he can appear in smoking and said thanks, without that …. award is meaningless..

  • Julia

    #20, totally agree with you. miss him so much.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    you should be hit and killed by a parked car. lol
    it’s pretty cool how tom was the first person to stand up when heath won.. lol
    dark knight rules.

  • tina

    Demi well said.. Heath will be missed. May he R.I.P.

  • Lu

    He deserved every single piece of that award.

  • Amanda

    I think he just win because his dead

  • cain

    happy and sad both

  • gerard Vandenberg

    Only the strongest survive?
    ……BYE BYE, folks!!

  • Jan

    Enough already with Heath. It was a good movie and he did a good job but it’s time to let him rest in peace and other living actors have a chance to win. Heath chose drugs over time with with his little girl and mother of his child. Heath is not a God and I am tired of the entertainment community treating him like one and passing up good actors for awards. With each award they gave Heath, there should have been a comment on DRUG ABUSE and that is KILLS.

  • ~m~

    He deserved it
    He was absolutely amazing in that movie
    who cares if its a big mainstreem blockbuster movie that made a ton of money? that doesn’t make his performance any less amazing

  • Ivana

    Jake said only two or three words as presenter on stage, Reese wasn’t with him, he didn’t do red carpet or sit at a table with Robert.
    Golden Globe reminds him at Heath.. Before 4 years these two used to been a most beautiful guys on red carpet.

  • slambang

    CONGRATS, HEATH! Well deserved. You were one of a kind, a true talent and a genuine person amid all the fakes in Hollywood. You well *never* be forgotten!


    No Jake does not care about Heath.. did you notice too that Maggie
    and Aaron were there too.. they did the award winning movie with
    Heath .. were they on stage when Heath won.. NO>! Jake does not
    care!! He is famous in his own right… Why didn’t Heath Win playing
    a gay cowboy better performance.. and he didn’t have to wear makeup..
    He was nominated for that not a clown face comic book character..
    Robert Downey Jr .. should of been nominated for Iron too..
    The Golden Globes should of done a tribute to his career and find out
    that most of his movies bombed..

  • Romy

    Congrats Heath!!!
    You deserved it!!!!
    He was a Great actor and he did a Wonderful job as The Joker!!!!

  • Ivana

    Becky Smith
    maybe you are right, maybe Jake doesn’t care…
    But why on earth he didn’t do the red carpet… he is actor and actors do that.. just remember all this Golden Globes were Jake been single or with his sister… he always take photographs.. he was star.
    It so unfair that Heath lost Oscar for Brokeback… His performance of Ennis is so much better and natural… and yes in Brokeback at least we can see his beautiful face..

  • paula

    he got it cuz he died simple as that

  • Tashaphelpsbasically

    I’m glad he won. Like said before, even if he was alive, I still think he would win. It’s such a memorable performance and he’s so very talented.

    If he does win any other awards, which I’m sure he will, his family or Christopher Nolan should accept it. Not Michelle.

  • sd

    “he got it cuz he died simple as that”

    Bullshit, he did a great job and deserved it.

  • um

    hey ron
    kiss my ass!

    i knew he was going to get it heath is the man
    heath deserved it really =]

    rip H.L

  • ashley

    Some of you are disgusting. Saying he only received the award because he died and that he’s burning in hell? Good lord, no wonder the world is how it is. I feel sorry for children growing up today.

    He deserved that award more than anyone else. His performance was absolutely amazing. Without him in the movie, it would have sucked. All the other actors in it were average, at best.

    Obviously some dont know talent when they see it. I’m sure people saying these things also think the Jonas Brothers deserve a Grammy. Haha.

  • Irma

    I can’t believe all the bullshit people talk here…Heath deserves all the glory and praise he can get,cause he did an amazing’s just amazing how stupid envy makes people,usual comments like he was a drug addict and such will always come up,but no one knows anything for sure,no one but himself,and too bad he’s not here to defend his honor,so don’t think for one minute,what you’re saying here is a fact..LOSERS ¬¬ Go get the Oscar,Heath =) you deserve it!

  • fuzzy

    @ Jan

    Heath abused drugs. No doubt about it. So do a lot of other actors & actresses, quite a few of them I’m sure were among the nominees &/or sitting in the audience at the Golden Globes. Doesn’t make any of them less deserving of an award that they earned. Heath was phenomenal as the Joker. He deserved every ounce of that award.

  • Reality is…

    JAN & JERRY …Thank you.

    I loved Heath and yes he will be missed but let him rest already and though he was great in TDK…He didn’t turn the movie around, he just did what Jack Nichalson did with his turn as Joker, he gave the character life. But I’m sorry he is not on par with the likes of Phillip Seymour Hoffman or Josh Brolin. These men were phenominal in their respective roles. They deserved the CCA, GG, SAG and OSCAR (if they get one) nominations. Heath in my opinion became something of a memorial for the awards. Why not just give him some kind of achievement award?

  • Amy

    I feel terrible about what happened, I do, but he took a lot of risks in choosing to method act a dangerous role. Method acting anything with combat required is also a hazzard to the actors who rely on you to be in control. It’s a bad message to send to young actors to reward him for that role.

  • Ellie

    Heath you’ll be missed amazing actor..RIP

  • malibusunrise

    I will love you Heath, always and forever.

  • malibusunrise

    #3, America, if you are fucking stupid at least do us a favour and learn how to remain quiet.

  • Turkis

    I think Heath had good qualities — and lots of bad ones — but sadly he probably is burning in hell. Read the New York Times article about him. He had a picture of hell IN HIS HOUSE.

    The guy was tortured, for some reason none of us can understand. That is why he was so good as The Joker. His Golden Boy persona came apart and you saw the self-loathing soul underneath. Being good-looking does not make you an “angel.” There are no angels here, just sinning humans.

    So yeah, he deserves the award. And yeah, he’s probably in hell. People should be much more scared of hell than they are because The Joker is real — look around you, look at the state of the Catholic church, look at what people are becoming. You don’t get to heaven by being a “good person” who is really just turning a blind eye to evil.

  • Lizzy

    #2 You’re the sad soul to type such a nasty comment about someone like that. Heath was a great actor, obviously you haven’t seen any of his work. There doesn’t need to be a comparison between Paul Newman and Heath because Paul Newman didn’t make a movie to get nominated for in the first place. Heath deserves all the attention and glory he gets, you pathetic loser.

  • Marie

    No, America nobody hated him. He didn’t become a great actor overnight because of his death. The movie was what created that and it was released after he died, so get it right. Heath was an amazing actor and only a jealous loser like you would only recognize him for having overdosed. Good thing, losers like you aren’t the heroes of this world. People like you are what make the system crazy in the first place.

    Jerry — Heath deserved this award and is GG and Oscar caliber.

    Michelle — The only thing that is useless and nothing is you, and you’re the one who will be burning in hell.

    Ana — No, you idiot. He won because he deserved to because of his role. People rarely win awards because they died, so your reasoning makes no sense.

  • Marie

    Ron — You’re the joke. Heath was the best joker there has ever been and probably will ever be.

    Cheetah — They were giving the award to him because he deserved, whether alive or not it doesn’t change that.

    Amanda — Again idiot, no he didn’t win because he has passed away. Only a disrespectful moron like you who probably didn’t even see the movie would say that and posthumous awards are rarely given out.

    Gerard Vandenberg — Another tasteless comment from you as always. Only the strong survive? Heath does survive through this work. You’re a nobody that will be forgotten forever. Bye, Bye indeed.

    Jan — Heath loved his daughter more than anything. He didn’t choose drugs over his daughter and he didn’t kill himself. He was sick and made a mistake and he deserves this award for his amazing role. He won for his role not his lifestyle and nobody has said he was a god. You’re a disrespectful moron. He deserves every award he gets because he was an amazing actor.