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Travolta Family: Thank You, Ocala!

Travolta Family: Thank You, Ocala!

John Travolta and his family sent a letter to the Ocala Star-Banner this morning via their attorney, Michael McDermott: Here’s what they had to say to their hometown of Ocala, Fla., with regards to the tragic death of their 16-year-old son Jett:

“To The People of Ocala: The enormous amount of love, support and condolence we have received from this community has been most humbling. Comforting words, thoughts and prayers of Ocala’s citizens have made an impossibly painful situation, a little less painful.

“The actions of Ocala’s community leaders, its law enforcement professionals, our neighbors at Jumbolair and its surrounding communities have offered us the dignity to grieve the loss of our son and Ella‘s brother in peace. For this we will always be grateful.

“From the people who drove hours to drop off cards and flowers at our doorstep, to the service providers who made Jett‘s ceremony so beautiful, thank you. Every person who we have encountered has offered to do anything in their power to help us, but add that they feel powerless to do so. We want all of you to know that you have already helped us. By sharing our grief, you lessen our burden. For all of the people who have kept Jett in their prayers, know that those prayers have given us inspiration and strength.

“What we have experienced in Ocala transcends neighborly civility. We have been treated as family. Although we lost a good part of the joy and radiance of our family, your embracing us as a member of your own has helped us to contend with our loss.

“In parting, we want all of you to cherish your loved ones and your friends like there was no tomorrow, to live your lives to the fullest by continuing to help one another, and to be true to yourselves. Love, John, Kelly and Ella.”

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  • Jennifer

    this still makes me cry. no parent should have to bury a child. I don’t know how I’d survive. I feel so sorry for them.

  • lops723

    You can tell that kid is cognitively impaired or autistic just by looking at him.


    lops723 why dont yu go and kill yourself cause you are one worthless piece of shit.

    To the Travoltas, god be with you in your loss.

  • Susan

    Just a first class act you are John and Kelly. Having the where-with-all to write such a lovely letter to their community at this time is lovely. And that the outpouring of love has helped to sustain them is truly a gift.
    As to the cretons who write about mentally challenged people in disparaging matter, there by the grace of God, go you. As a person with a developmental disability, it doesn’t render us incompentent or unfeeling, just a part of who we are. May you never have a child with a disability, or grow old, or incur a brain injury. Your lack of empathy and compassion would obviously not give you the strength to deal such a situation.

  • hally

    you said it susan

  • dani

    I agree Susan. The Travoltas wrote a first class letter to the paper thanking the community and others for making this extraordinary loss just a tiny bit less painful.
    Let’s hope they don’t read the blogs since idiots like Lops723 abound. Of course, we can all tell by reading his entry that s/he is emotionally challenged.

  • hannah


  • LuckyL

    CATHY, shut the f*** up because he’s right.

    And can they stop with this propaganda already?

  • LuckyL

    Susan, and since you’re so knowledgeable, you would know cretin is an offensive term of abuse, that has long been abandoned because of its archaic, offensive nature towards those with the debilitating condition condition Ms. Politically Correct.

  • lops723

    I didn’t say anything negative or offensive about him. I didn’t even use ignorant terms, I’m just saying there are rumors that he had cognitive (brain) problems, he was 16 years old and had 2 caregivers??? I have worked with kids in the past including some special needs kids and they are very distinguishable to me. Thanks for the backup Lucky L! Everyone else is just looking for insults in everything, kiss my ass.

  • heather

    My heart goes out to their whole family. What’s with the hostility, btw? A little respect folks…!

  • LuckyL

    lops723 @ 01/12/2009 at 6:18 pm

    I didn’t say anything negative or offensive about him. I didn’t even use ignorant terms, I’m just saying there are rumors that he had cognitive (brain) problems, he was 16 years old and had 2 caregivers??? I have worked with kids in the past including some special needs kids and they are very distinguishable to me. Thanks for the backup Lucky L! Everyone else is just looking for insults in everything, kiss my ass.
    Exactly. They’re all competing to be The Internet Sweetheart. I wonder which one of them has actually worked with the disabled or mentally ill for several months actually. I have myself as well.

  • mike

    its so sad that people have to be as rude to others on here as they are….

  • lala

    ur welcome john!!!

    yes , i live in O*c*a*l*a….

  • palvasha

    aww i bet travolta crys when he sees that pic of his son kissing his head. so sad. i agree with u jennifer #1 i dnt know how i wud either but i gues we all have to at some point, god gives us strength and gos wouldnt put burdens on us that we cant carry.

    i feed bad for the family. and should not talk abt his disability like this its rude.

  • lol

    That was a very nice letter.

  • Kiki

    God bless this loving family!

  • Sassy

    I love this family. John’s career has spanned multiple decades and he keeps on going. Yes, they are scientologists but unlike Tom Crazy they choose to pretty much keep it to themselves. Regardless of their religion, THEY made medical choices for THEIR son so none of us have a right to judge. Obviously Jett was a much loved son & brother and looked happy and content. This was a terrible accident and may the huge love for Jett in the Travolta’s hearts help them bear their grief. People of Ocala: major kudos for being so respectful of your neighbors!

  • jade

    My condolences go out to the Travolta/Preston Family. The letter was beautiful and heartfelt.

  • char

    Just reading that letter makes me cry, They are obviously very emotional, loving people. To take the time out to do that also speaks volumes. Whatever the circumstances, these people..who have entertained us for years-have lost their son…and my heart aches for them. I could not imagine that pain.

  • Pop86

    This letter is so sincere and sweet. My condolences to the Travolta family and the people of Ocala.

  • Agirlsacramento

    John And Kelly you are remarkable parents, people and courageous human beings. You are first class and you make the world into such a beautiful place when there is so much wrong with it. Your first class nature, your dignity, grace. Just a complete package and we all need to remember your family for being so beautiful. I am truly sorry on the loss of Jett, I am so happy that you had 16 beautiful years with him. There is a writer named Gary Zukov who would remind us of how wonderful and precious he was. He was so wonderful, why? because we are talking about him. We may have never met him or your family, but we feel like we do know you and feel connected in spirits. So he did do his mission and that was to touch millions all around the world. His higher authentic self is what we are all feeling and bringing us to tears because why? because he meant so much to you and the love of this family is obvious. We either crave it or we too have it. We feel your pain because we see how much he was loved and how precious he was. God always bless your family. You are first class and so authentic.

  • Marieme

    I’m so happy his community is reaching out to the family. If I were there I would do the same. I just love Travolta – always have. I want him to find peace everywhere he can.

  • Anna

    This is so sad. I love that family photo of them – Jett had a beautiful smile and wasn’t he an adorable Xerox of his old man? Ella has lost her first true friend and I feel for her too, that she will grow up without him. With love from London, UK


    My condolences, he looks like a great boy. T_T

  • Shaylynn

    Biggest cover-up that I’ve ever seen.
    But then again, it’s the Bahamas.
    Must be nice !

  • Holly


  • sHANNON m.

    WOW…..I love the Travolta family. I always admired John and Kelly. They seem like they are the most kind people. I remember hearing when Jett was born….I was happy for John and Kelly and when I heard about his death my heart just broke. Now to see that Jett isn’t here anymore is hard to believe. I hope they will get thru this difficult time. I have a feeling they will through the community that they live in and the family and friends that they surround themselves with. They will always be in my prayers and thoughts.

  • sHANNON m.

    I know the picture of Jett kissing his dad makes me emotional and I am not an emotional person at all.

  • Mia

    The pictures are really sweet. God bless them.

  • once in and again…..

    I for one just can’t trust anything the Travolta camp is putting into the press. I question the motives of whoever is guiding them, which I know is someone working for the Church of Scientology. No matter what, it feels staged so that the Travolta’s can get some good P.R in the middle of all this bad press they keep getting. I’m sure J.T means what he says in the letter but there is a team of people doing massive damage control on his image so that his career is not compromised by people who believe Jetts death would not have happened if he were allowed psychiatric therapies. It would be in the interest of the church to not lose another celebrity endorsement ala Tom Cruise because of a death due to following their doctrines. When I read “keep Jett in your prayers” I knew it was a play on sympathies because he and his wife are O.T’s. They’re high enough in the church to know the secrets Hubbard said about Jesus and God being implants and a figmant of our imaginations. J.T would never disagree with Hubbard on this. If he did, he’d be declared and forced to leave the church. That’s why it feels so staged, like hey everybody, I’m just like you. But he’s not, he’s a Scientologist, and they are NOTHING like normal people.

  • Erica

    The picture of Jett kissing his dad is beautiful.

  • rebkah

    John, Kelly and Ella Bleu i want to say to you that you are so remarkable people and I adore your courage to be strong this has to be one of the hardest things you have ever had to do I can not imagine the pain of a father and a mother when they have to bury there child , always keep close the memories they will live on forever in our hearts Jett was such an awesome boy and John and Kelly i hope you read this some day when it doesnt hurt so much just want you both to know that” John Travolta and Kelly Preston, if you are reading this, you gave a wonderful testimony of that kind of love shared between child and parent. may God bless and comfort you and your entire family in your time of need.”
    I pray that God will help you and your family through this tragedy
    and take your time and allow your hearts to heal , your work will be there waiting for you when you are ready to come back and so will we
    be strong know your little angel is watching over you.
    and please dont lesson to the media they always are looking for some tragedy to feed off of just know that all three of you
    John ,Kelly and Ella have adoring fans here waiting for you all

    ” WE LOVE YOU”

  • robschosen

    If only Jett had been tried on another med or a higher dose of Depakote…he would still be here – an angel on Earth. Although he was autistic, he was human. God Bless his soul.

  • pat h

    Having lost my own young son 7 years ago, I completely relate to the pain that the Travoltas are feeling. My heart goes out to this family and I hope that they know that we are uplifting them in prayer.

  • Holly

    Jett wasn’t autistic!!he was a normal teenager but he was sick!he had this Kawasaka(i think ) syndrom who gave him seizures!

  • italyy:] gurl

    This is so sad. Just by looking at him you can tell that he must’ve been a really nice kid, and fun to be around. It would be so hard to live with that kind of tragedy in your life!

  • elizabeth sifuentes

    Dear Travolta Family,
    I have e-mailed you before but I have felt led to e-mail you again.
    your family has been in my heart as well my husbands. As I
    mentioned before, Our son died 5 yrs ago so your pain has touched us deeply. I have found peace in knowing that my son is with his creator and I know that I will see him again. I had to surrender my life to my creator in order to move on in my journey on earth. I pray that your family receive healing and peace. But, it may take years, we still think of our son daily. Know that your son is living and is fully alive in his heavenly home. I pray these words bring you all peace. God Bless You all.
    Peace and Blessings,
    Elizabeth and Bobby Sifuentes

  • http://non gio

    Jet in a beautiful place on like earth ..jet in heaven .. I lost tow brothers same age of jet …….I sow them in my dream he is very happy and jet is god favorite kid …he is an Angel that doesn’t need a wings he is full of joy and happy with the other kids in heaven thank you for beenin a friend ….tanti bacci. Gio