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Nicole Kidman's New Year Yoga

Nicole Kidman's New Year Yoga

Nicole Kidman works out her striped scarf as she leaves her yoga class in Nashville, Tennessee on Friday afternoon.

The 41-year-old started the year off right with exercise and walked to a local Whole Foods grocery store to get a bite to eat.

Nic, has been on baby duty lately, last taking her daughter, Sunday Rose to the doctor’s for a check-up last week.

10+ pictures inside of Nicole Kidman and her New Year’s yoga…

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nicole kidman new year yoga 01
nicole kidman new year yoga 02
nicole kidman new year yoga 03
nicole kidman new year yoga 04
nicole kidman new year yoga 05
nicole kidman new year yoga 06
nicole kidman new year yoga 07
nicole kidman new year yoga 08
nicole kidman new year yoga 09
nicole kidman new year yoga 10
nicole kidman new year yoga 11
nicole kidman new year yoga 12

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  • ashley

    she’s beautifulll.

  • Nashville Native

    Appears Nic is loving her life ie in quiet small Green Hills, TN.

    If only those three obnoxious middle eastern paps would stop living in out Whole Foods parking lot !

  • mike

    love her!!!

  • Nashville Native

    May I add, Kidman NEVER has handlers, bodyguards, drivers, etc . in tow and always carries her own bags.

    She eats at the same lunh counter most days, location not to be named by us locals.

    It’s quite refreshing after I see what the fuss some other actresses make of themselves.

  • Emmanuel

    loved her outfit she looks great ,so far australia made $151m worldwide keep up the good work nicole and congratulation

  • Dieter

    Unbelievable hot poon and toe !!!

  • junior

    i used to like nicole, but now she’s a MESS.

    C’mon, Madonna, who is about 10 years older, is much more pretty and relevant!

  • rose

    she is no longer the botox queen she give up the Title to Renée Zellweger witch was a Disaster last night

  • xoxoxxxooox

    Junior, what are you smoking?

  • Jana

    Nicole looks great!

    Yoga class? Sounds like that would be a great mother daughter bonding activity. It would be great to see her doing something like that with Bella!

  • To No. 7

    Thank goodness, now we all KNOW that the last Madonna fan is still around.

    Ah, Madonna. a woman who has children out of wedlock, cheats on her husband WITH her children in tow and is generally known as a whiny nasal Detroit pop star famous for marketing and exploiting her herself as a whore persona .But wait, lest we forget her last movies. What were they called again????

    Then we have Nicole, marreid before children. Oscar winning actress with movie career spanning over two decades who moves to anonymous sleepy town and tries to live out of limelight while ALWAYS keeping her children far from the press.

    Oh, yes, Kidman refused to join a cult and left LA to escape it’s clutches.
    Madonna joined a cult, Kabbalah, and now, like Cruise, BELEIVES she’s a religious authority and tries to convert other uneducated celebs..

    Kidman can act, sing, dance, and be a lady.

    Madonna can sing.

    Hmmm… yes, I see the differences too! LOL


    To No. 7 I love you!!! You are so right on!!!

  • Crystal

    rose 8#

    ‘I couldn’t agree with you more’ Renée Zellweger last night at the Globes was so gross her Face can’t move at all frozen forehead we want old Renée back

  • Jana

    Whatttt???? How could you even begin to compare Nicole to Madonna?

    Nicole has class and Madonna DON”T!!!! I just wish we saw Nicole (and Keith, Tom, and Katie) spending more time with Bella and Connor!

  • boogie

    laughed so hard at the # 7 comment (junior)

    madonna and nicole? LOL

    these two are like salt and pepper! Nicole has a LOT more class than Madonna oh my goodness….what planet do you come from junior?


  • omg

    omg !!!! nicole can’t take any bad pic ,she looks great

    no7# are you Drunk ?

  • daisy

    “Baby DUTY?” Come on Jared or whoever writes these things. Sunday is her daughter! Neither she nor Keith are babysitters or nannys they are her parents that is what parents do just as I see you posting pictures of Ben picking up Violet Affleck from school.

  • Ms. banks

    um hmm thats right uh huh uh huh
    um hmm thats right uh huh uh huh

    walking down the street
    something caught my eye
    a growing epidemic that really ain’t fly
    a middle aged lady
    i gotta be blunt
    her spandex biker shorts were creepin up the front

    I could see her uterus her pants were too tight
    She must’ve owned panties that were not in sight
    She walked right by the poor woman didn’t know
    She had a frontal wedgie a Camel Toe

    um hmm thats right uh huh
    oh no
    fix yourself girl
    you got a
    Camel Toe
    um hmm thats right uh huh
    oh no
    fix yourself girl
    you got a
    Camel Toe

  • Daviiiii


  • Daviiiii


  • Paula

    She looks great. And omg, comparing her to Madonna? You must be crazy.
    Nicole is gorgeous and classy.

  • andamentothat

    Nic looks perfect.. and yes Yoga is the way to stay youthful..

    Whats with the comparison to Madonna.. Her fake british accent is no match.

  • Madonna v. Kidman

    Kidman has perfected several foreign accents in professional acting performances, several have won acclaim and awards.

    Madonna fakes lower class English accent in real life, not unlike Brit ney Spears when having her bipolar incidents! LMAO



  • zzzz

    Nicole is a winner in every way!

  • boogie

    # 18 very funny!

  • JustTheFactsPlease

    Can you spell P-H-O-T-O-S-H-O-P ?

    This set of pictures were supposedly from last Friday, the same day they took the pictures of Nicole taking Sunday Rose for her 6-month checkup. That set of pictures were posted yesterday.

    Why is this set of pictures, taken on the same day, took a day longer before getting posted?

    Hmmm… could it be they took the extra day to photoshop the pictures and make people think her tight slacks were more “revealing” than they actually were.

  • ameibush9799

    nicole is so beautiful,so great!

  • Kath

    I actually saw these pics online before the vulgar photoshopping.

    Pathetic paparazzi

  • m

    she’s more beautiful than ever!!!! she looks like a girl..she’s spectacular…

  • itsme

    um.. Nicole.. severe case of camel toe happening…

  • wedge

    #29- you’re stupid to even think that!

    it’s just the pants or her underwear.

  • dani

    JustTheFactsPlease @ 01/13/2009 at 12:46 am

    Can you be any more of an idiot? They are taken by paps, sold to distributors and then bloggers like Jared make choices to purchase certain pictures. Jared probably purchased out of sequence.

    What the hell does it matter? Oh, you just want to complain.

  • dianel

    # 18 Your a poet and don’t know it

  • sara

    newlife = Brentwood Babe, Brentwood Barbie, Concertgoers.

  • Nh

    EXCUSE ME! Did i just hear someone say that the english accent is lower class? I don`t think anyone gives a shit about Madonna & Nicole Kidman in camparisan. there both fine in my books.
    Please , if you were do not insault the english accent . England means so much to me i can`t even explain. its a part of who i am. that and Scottland…

  • dogvill

    she is My LADY !!!
    Everytime i see a candid Pic of Kidman i simply love her more!!

  • chris

    hm, Madonna can sing… Well, that’s relevant

  • BEcca

    She is the best ;)