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Sacha Baron Cohen Insults Madonna At Golden Globes

Sacha Baron Cohen Insults Madonna At Golden Globes

Sacha Baron Cohen made a number of jokes at Sunday’s Golden Globes. The 36-year-old British comedian started off by poking fun at Botox-faced celebrities.

He said, “It’s been a wonderful year for movies, including, of course, Benjamin Button, the story of a man whose face gets younger as he gets older. Uh, which is just like most of the people in this room.” (The camera pans to Button‘s star Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.)

After the crowd burst into laughter, he continued, “It is said that in times of economic hardship, people flock to the cinemas to watch mindless puerile, escapist nonsense, which is great news because I’ve got a movie coming out (see below).”

Sacha then proceeded to take jabs at a few celebs: “But this recession is affecting everyone, even celebrities. Victoria Beckham hasn’t eaten for three weeks. Charlie Sheen has been forced to have sex without paying for it. It’s true. And even Madonna has had to get rid of one of her personal assistants. (pauses) Our thoughts go out to you Guy Ritchie.” (Sandra Bullock shakes her head.)

Ouch!!! Sacha then presented the “Best Motion Picture – Musical Or Comedy” Golden Globe to Vicky Cristina Barcelona. In his upcoming movie, Sacha will play his alter ego Bruno, a flamboyantly gay fashion reporter from Austria.

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  • a

    he’s an ass

  • mju8

    to DE: I think that sounds more like Katie Holmes than Angie. At least Angie’s children have each other to play with not just their mother.

    But back to SBC haha his jokes are too funny!

  • LuckyL

    He didn’t insult her. Calm the f*** down Jared.


    HE SUX

  • LuckyL

    It’s called “comedy” fools.

  • Dee

    Doesn’t he know Madonna from doing that cheesy ‘Music’ video or whatever. He was Ali G in it.

    I still laughed when he made the comment. Sacha is hilarious!

  • 24

    If he did slam that ugly, pretentious slut, then he’s alright by me!!!!!!

  • G G

    i found that quite entertaining actually,
    he’s sacha baron cohen.. he’s just the person
    who can make anything funny, god people.
    and #6′s right, it’s comedy. and if he intentionally
    meant to hurt them he would of said something about
    alex rodrigeuz.

  • herewego

    Cruel jokes/dirty jokes are not comedy.

  • TiannaDylan

    He should stay there in England.

  • BS

    he drew a round of boos after mocking MADONNA’s divorce

  • LuckyL

    BS @ 01/12/2009 at 12:36 am

    he drew a round of boos after mocking MADONNA’s divorce

    Umm bullsht. There was round of quiet chuckles, some silence and unsure laughter, but no boos.

  • lae

    lol. thanks jared. i emailed you about this. i’m watching the e aftershow and terence howard just gave sacha props. i almost didn’t recognize. him. i missed ricky gervais’ beer drinking bit, but oh well. i thought it was funny. and isla was there too!!!! in the fugh dress. thanks for all the pics too jared.

  • boogie

    well…madonna is something to joke about anyway.

  • jess

    everyone knows its true…hes the only one w/ enough guts to say it…i’m sure madonna and guy had a good laugh. ppl need to stop being so dam uptight..

  • Say it

    Are you kidding me?! Don’t you even understand that joke?
    He actually insulted Guy Ritchie with that one, as he was referred to as her assistant.
    “…even Madonna has had to get rid of one of her personal assistants. (pauses) Our thoughts go out to you Guy Ritchie.”

  • milli

    I love Shasha for the Madonna & Victoria comment :-)
    In the other news ALL the ladies at the GG look simply stunning, the hair,make up, dresses(except Frieda Pinto’s dress) everything is fab.
    This is the best fashion at a high profile gala in years.

  • GG

    That sounds more like an insult to Guy Ritchie. Either way, it wasn’t funny. There was a collective groan from he audience and the camera showed Selman Hayak and then Sandra Bullock who clearly did not find it funny.

  • Lindsay

    Hopefully the Oscars will have the CLASSY actors not the ones who show off their vaginas*cough* Vanessa Hudgens *cough*

  • hahaha

    EVERYONE there was hilarious, they really were on their A game!

  • Chelsea

    It was a JOKE, god shut the hell up. and a hilarious one at that! ;]

  • cecilia

    Where’s the insult? It’s a joke.And the one directed at Charlie Sheen was actually harsher than the one towards Guy Ritchie.
    It’s always refreshing when someone has the guts to make the powerful ones their targets.Usually, the ones mocked are the less important (like TV reality contestants or the has beens). And, oddly enough,in these cases, Salma and co find it very funny.

  • MrBarnes

    HAHA Funny
    he’s great ,cant wait for Bruno

  • queen bee

    OMG!…Sascha Baron Cohen is soooooooo funny!…and he’s got GUTZ!!!….check it out again….(The people’s reactions are the funniest thing!…and Americas Sweetheart Drew Barrimore found the ‘tasteless’ jokes hilarious too!..hehe!…
    check out the hilarious video below!…

  • lae

    except Frieda Pinto’s dress
    okay so i’m on the lainey gossip banwagon about this chick being utterly beautiful…and i would say that from faraway the dress doesn’t look that bad…but then i saw the picture either on jj/the globes site/ on entertainment tonight’s site and oh my gosh. the close up of that dress is shocking. it’s some vintage piece or something? or from a really well known designer. ugh. that girl wears some hit/miss dresses. it’s good she’s really pretty and i couldn’t care less about what she wears.

  • ac

    wasnt he in her “music” vid? guess theyve fallen out.. fickle industry.

  • holololo

    Awesome! take that all you Hollywood freaks.

  • nobleguess

    Oh My Damn, that was HYSTERICAL but I kinda like how they stood behind fellow film-maker Guy. Poor Sacha, too funny for the plastic people.

  • Sane

    The caption of this is ridiculous, jj.
    It’s a dig at Guy Ritchie. Though I dare Sacha to say it to Guy’s face.

  • qarla

    ahahaha… i wonder what is Madonna’s reaction!

  • p

    the joke was clearly an insult to guy ritchie…. u people are so dumb

  • Andi

    I lol-ed. And then when everyone acted all shocked and insulted I lol-ed harder. <3 Sasha! :) He looked hot too!


    cool! Madonna sucks!

  • gino

    some of you guys are idiots…guy ritchie was the one sasha targeted! he’s good friends with madonna and they have worked together. the gold-diggin’ ritchie so deserved it! haha…
    …although it was in poor taste, i can see that bullock and hayek (who are also madonna’s friends) did not find it funny…jared, you need to change the heading of this entry…you are way off.

    now y’all play nice out there!

  • punk

    madonna rules! g-rock (up above) sucks a**. that totally was a dig at guy ritchie (can’t wait to see his “sherlock holmes” — i smell a stinker)

  • whatthe?

    Can’t we send him back across the pond. His films aren’t funny. His characters aren’t funny. He’s crass not class. I don’t like any of the people he slammed, but he took cheap shots at people who weren’t in the room and who were easy targets. I hope his film tanks.

  • deka

    hollywood is so stuck up
    he was funny

  • What

    jj, you have NO idea what you’re talking about!! It’s a dig at Guy Ritchie!
    Use your brain.
    Change the caption if this for god sake, you’re way off!!

  • wtf

    He was funny until he directly insulted Victoria and Madonna. What a trashy guy.

  • What the f…?

    Are you real?!
    It’s an insult to Guy Ritchie. Are you that drugged or just stupid that you can’t figure it out yourself?
    Though I think that Charlie Sheen should more insulted than Guy R by the dig made at him. That one was kinda mean. Still funny though.

  • real

    You people are dumb as f*ck, really.
    It’s a dig at Guy ritchie. How more obvious can it be????!
    Change this false caption.

  • diva

    lmao he was so funny! ppl need to calm the fuck down

  • angel

    hey just jared COLIN FARRELL my favorite actor won an oscar tonight where are his pictures , you are posting only about the losers repeadely , what about a winner for a change.

  • me me me

    he was funny. and these celebrities take themselvs way too seriously.

  • Domino


    Colin won an Oscar? Hahaha. Which Award ceremony did you watch?

  • common sense

    It was actually funny and it was Drew Barrymore cracking up.

  • Carolyn

    hell, he had me laughing! it was funny and i don’t get why so many people are offended.

  • hu

    The dig was at gold digger, Guy Ritchie. DUH!
    Get this caption right.

  • saudia

    i thought it was hilarious

  • angel

    to domino #43
    you must be on somthing to miss the part that colin farrell won the oscar for his brilliant performance for * in bruges* and he gave the best speech of the night and he looked soooooooooooooooooooooo hot and so sexy , jared why don’t you post colin farrell’s acepting speech for domino seems like she/ he missed the best part of the oscar ceremony, and domino don’t mad just because your idol didn’t win anything.