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Tom Cruise's Date To The Golden Globes -- His Mom!

Tom Cruise's Date To The Golden Globes -- His Mom!

Tom Cruise arrives on the red carpet with his mother Mary Lee Mapother and father-in-law Martin Holmes (pictured below) at the 2009 Golden Globe Awards held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Sunday (January 11) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Wife Katie Holmes was back in New York City, giving her final performance in the Arthur Miller play All My Sons.

Tom had the honor of presenting the night’s top honor, “Best Moiton Picture – Drama” to Slumdog Millionaire.

20+ pics inside of Tom Cruise @ the 2009 Golden Globes

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tom cruise golden globes 2009 mom 01
tom cruise golden globes 2009 mom 02
tom cruise golden globes 2009 mom 03
tom cruise golden globes 2009 mom 04
tom cruise golden globes 2009 mom 05
tom cruise golden globes 2009 mom 06
tom cruise golden globes 2009 mom 07
tom cruise golden globes 2009 mom 08
tom cruise golden globes 2009 mom 09
tom cruise golden globes 2009 mom 10
tom cruise golden globes 2009 mom 11
tom cruise golden globes 2009 mom 12
tom cruise golden globes 2009 mom 13
tom cruise golden globes 2009 mom 14
tom cruise golden globes 2009 mom 15
tom cruise golden globes 2009 mom 16
tom cruise golden globes 2009 mom 17
tom cruise golden globes 2009 mom 18
tom cruise golden globes 2009 mom 19
tom cruise golden globes 2009 mom 20
tom cruise golden globes 2009 mom 21
tom cruise golden globes 2009 mom 22
tom cruise golden globes 2009 mom 23
tom cruise golden globes 2009 mom 24
tom cruise golden globes 2009 mom 25

Photos: Frazer Harrison/Kevork Djansezian/Jason Merritt/Getty
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  • JJ

    EWWW!! Tom is soo gross!
    He gives me the creeps!!

  • Sue

    For some reason Tom looks like a perv to me..
    Like I would not want to be alone in a room with him…..

  • sandy

    That’s so nice of him to bring his mom and his father-in-law.

  • Will

    Ever since he lost his mind a while back……I don’t look at him the same, I would never pay to see one of his movies again…..All I see is a creepy old kinda scarry dude…LOL

  • Mark

    Is he even human anymore? I feel for Katie. She is brain washed by his cult.

  • magnolia

    Man… this man is a PR genius. Its amazing how good he is at creating an image.
    Not to long ago he was crashing and burning, look at him now,
    getting nominated, presinting the prestiges award.

    I still dont like the guy, but I am suprised at how much things have turned around for him.

    He can thank Suri for that. Little Suri who is not allowed to wear a sweater beacause he wants her to look as cute as possible in her dress as he paint the picture of the perfect most misunderstood father.

    He just had to show he was in good with Katies family by bringing her Father, yet he made sure Katie did her final preformance so as to show that ” she has a mind of her own and her life does not revolve around Cruise”.

    He is very mechanical

  • Ally

    Don’t look directly into his eyes!!!
    He will brain wash you!!!

  • qarla

    cool! Haha!

  • Dale

    Poor Kate!
    She looks like she has aged about 20 years since she’s been with that crazy man.
    I feel so sorry for her when I see her AND Suri…

  • Jane

    He looks like a jerk

  • Mr. Pink

    Why, #1?

    Okay, #2…

    Too bad you’re so narrow-minded, #4.

    PR genius, #6? The only genius he practiced was keeping his mouth and living his life and showing the world that what happened in 2005 wasn’t the real him. Not only that, Cruise was always more popular than what critics on the internet suggested he was.

    I doubt very much Suri Cruise is responsible for his PR getting a boost since no one is voting for for him for awards and paying to see his movies because he has a daughter like many others do. Especially with people criticizing his parenting skills every chance they get like this silly clothing conspiracy theory that makes no sense. She has worn warm clothing before and her occasional lack of it only stirred up more criticism.

    Ever considered that none of that he WAS in good standing with Holmes’ family and he never was a controlling freak? It’s such a simply explanation.

    How does one ‘look’ like a jerk, #10?

  • bebe

    It’s funny how on the Katie posts, people are always bashing Katie and saying that Tom would be better off w/out her. And now on the Tom threads, people are bashing Tom and sayin ‘poor katie’.
    Well, I happen to like both of them. Tom looks great here, and it was sweet of him to bring his mother and father-in-law. I’m glad that Katie has finished her play. Hopefully, she and Suri will be able to have a more peaceful life w/out the paps hanging outside their front door like they do in NY.

  • Brit

    He seems like a big ol’ phoney.
    never liked him

  • XXX

    Tom Gives Cults A Bad Name

  • Angelica

    He looks good in his suit. Sweet that he brought his mom and dad-in-law with him. Valkyrie was actually surprisingly good! Too bad it didn’t get more recognition.

  • katkat

    Looking good Tom! And it’s sweet of him to bring his mom and father-in-law.

  • amy

    hotness and class

  • janice

    Tom deserves the award along with Fienness and Downey not Ledger. TDK is all emotional and political overhyped.

  • anon

    It was a good surprise he announced the Best Picture and ended the evening so bright for me. He looks so young and so handsome.
    His mom looks so proud and its so cool Katie’s dad is there.
    He looks like Tom Wilkinson.

  • 2009

    The real Top Gun……thanks Jared

  • first

    I really like the excited and loud cheers and applause when they announced his name in the role of Les Grossman in Tropic Thunder.
    Congrats to Tom. His time will come.

  • $

    :) I wonna see Katie!!!

  • roryfromkansas


  • idyllwild

    Quit hating on Tom. Tina Fey was right to address internet losers and trolls on show forums,movie,celebs and the web as a whole.
    They win trolls lose.

  • jj thanks

    God bless him and his family!

  • ayj6m6l

    HEY WUTS THE MATTER WITH U PPL? tom looks great in these pics. at least better than before.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mr. white



    Cruise looks so much better without HOMELY.

  • kit

    Valkyrie needs some nods too. Maybe Jewish Hollywood does not like German films. The awards kept showing Tom though. Yeah!

  • orca

    He is hot and looking forward with the Katie photos.

    Im sure Tom is so happy for his buddy Spielberg.

  • just me


  • *_*

    Tom looks so happy. Good for him that Valkyrie is a hit.

  • chatzbf


  • http://JUSTJARED.COM lol

    Yes, Tom is kinda handsome. Too bad his wife looks like a troll and is a horrid actress. Mad Money for the razzies!

  • paola

    Tom and Katie never are together, this couple are false!

    Only negotiate, a contract.


  • bizarre

    tom is crazyyyy !!!

  • Jenny

    I think Tom is such a great guy. He has everything because he gives everything.

  • Me!

    Now I know where Katie got her crooked teeth from! Take a look at her ol’ daddy. Those are some West Virginian teeth if i ever saw ‘em!!!

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    …tom was the first person to stand up when heath won.

  • Fourplay

    #11, I think 2005 was the “real” Tom and everything before and after is PR robot man. I think underneath he is just obnoxious. His one true desire is just to be a superstar, nevermind if he can actually act or not…which is on 1 note.

    #39, oh big deal. That’s a no-brainer and doesn’t actually mean anything. Any calculating famewhore can stand up on cue.

  • Tom

    Who need Katie, when mommy is here.
    My mom loves me and she looks pretty isn’t she ???

  • Ellie

    Its so nice of you Tom to bring your mother& father-in-law. Your a good man…You are still the best actor in my book…

  • sienna

    wow! tom looks sooo HOT! i mean, he alwaya looks gorgeous,but in these pictures espacialy. i can’t wait to see valkyrie!

  • lene

    If he was brainwashing Katie, why would HER FATHER go with Tom to the globes?

  • gerard Vandenberg

    A “new” bunch of scientology-worshippers?
    ……………………PLEASE NO, folks!!

  • Sam

    tom gross? Tom creepy? what sick minds on here! I got a new flash he is looking a hell of a lot better then Brad lately, he looks SO damn handsome, and I read in the NY News last night, on his last flim, crew and cast were AMAZED how nice he is and person never flew in a helicopter, well, he said ‘your flying tonight’, send his people to pick up person with father, had a amazing night and she said “what a nice guy this man is” Enough Said. That is how tom comes off in articles and pic’s too.. Beautiful wife, Doll daughter and all the money in the world. His religion is his business. And you know what? I’d jump on a couch too if I was marrying the lovely, elegant, sweet looking Katie Holmes.

  • EZ

    # 1 & 2 are sick posters, the usual. He always takes great care of his mother. I noted on the morning after tv specials this morning, they said Tom Cruise was gracious as ever – signed autographs, presented, etc. They said Angie and Brad must now (quote) “feel they are too big to be interviewed and stop and sign on the red carpet”. So glad Brad was shut out, he may be a nice guy, but he’s become God like to you all on here, so it was a niceeeee SHUT OUT to Ben Button.

  • dora

    #10 No YOUR ARE A JERK! The Jerks are the posters here to continue to belittle aNYONE except the Pitts. The Pitts who didn’t even stop on the red carpet (Too Big Now Huh Brad & Angie?) Tom is a nice guy, and it shows. Not to mention, Drop dead handsome. I also missed Katie there, but she came later. Tom Gun for sure.
    # 1 Sick Poster
    # 2 Ditto

  • http://77 doctorinthehouse

    Tom is a class act! What a tux, he and the wife should get awards for fashion! And of cause Suri! They are a beautiful, classy family. To heck with the posters on here who think differently.

    I agree, BRAD AND ANGIE were the biggest losers last night! No red carpet, too high&mighy now. These are the people the stupid posters on here think walk on water LOL. u can have them! I’ll take the Cruises, ANYDAY.
    Guess the Brad and Angie clan boarded that plane back to FRANCE! LOL!

  • sydney

    Love the Cruises! They are the classiest family in Hollywood. Not only are they classy, but they are sweet and sincere.
    I use to like Brad and Angie, or at least Brad, not so sure anymore.
    TomKat is definitely my favorite couple!