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Daniel Craig Needs New York 'Defiance'

Daniel Craig Needs New York 'Defiance'

007 favorite Daniel Craig and long-time love Satsuki Mitchell (in Alexander McQueen) attend The Cinema Society screening of Defiance on Monday (January 12) in New York City.

We last saw the 40-year-old actor premiering the film in Paris last week.

Daniel talked to Jay Leno about keeping some things hidden, saying, “I have a couple of tattoos where you’d see them. There’s another where you wouldn’t. It’s hidden away! I had them done when I was 16 or 17. It was a rebellion thing. Make-up artists have a nightmare with them though because they continually have to cover them up. I don’t regret them, you can’t. It’s a personal thing.”

25+ pictures inside of Daniel Craig and Satsuki Mitchell needing New York defiance…

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daniel craig new york defiance 01
daniel craig new york defiance 02
daniel craig new york defiance 03
daniel craig new york defiance 04
daniel craig new york defiance 05
daniel craig new york defiance 06
daniel craig new york defiance 07
daniel craig new york defiance 08
daniel craig new york defiance 09
daniel craig new york defiance 10
daniel craig new york defiance 11
daniel craig new york defiance 12
daniel craig new york defiance 13
daniel craig new york defiance 14
daniel craig new york defiance 15
daniel craig new york defiance 16
daniel craig new york defiance 17
daniel craig new york defiance 18
daniel craig new york defiance 19
daniel craig new york defiance 20
daniel craig new york defiance 21
daniel craig new york defiance 22
daniel craig new york defiance 23
daniel craig new york defiance 24
daniel craig new york defiance 25
daniel craig new york defiance 26
daniel craig new york defiance 27

Credit: Dara Kushner; Photos: Stephen Lovekin/Getty, INFdaily
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  • read previous thread

    wow what can we say?

    as we said in the other thread, the sat haters are gone now. what else can they say?

  • wow

    look at he jewellry

  • et interview
  • sats is beautiful
  • the pics

    They are truly a beautiful couple and so in love.

    Did they walk to the premiere?

  • kbam

    ” you can tell me later, baby. ” LOL
    how cuutee(:

  • emma

    how lovely they are together.
    i hope the nastiness stays off this thread for a change.

  • OMG

    This is what the Cinderella people call happy!!!!!
    What a joke. Look at all the pictures on Getty, he poses the SAME WITH HER as he does with everyone else. One hand in the pocket, one arm limply around her waist. The only time he truly smiles is when one of the paps is joking with him/them. All the other smiles look plastic.
    Yes, it is very telling that the genuine shots of them he is not at all gentleman like toward her.
    Smiling like crazy in love. What kind of crack are you people on!!!!
    These poses and pictures with her all look the same, just like every other photo we have seen of them. There is nothing different.
    And on top of it, she looks horrid. Does this woman ever comb or style her hair!!!! Or for that matter, wash it!!!!!
    The dress is okay, but would have looked much better on a woman with more of a figure.
    Long gorgeous legs, yeah, I guess if you like the legs of a tall boy!!!
    Dan’s body language is the same as in all other photos, very distant, his behavior coming out of hotel/restaurant is the same as they have been in the past year, very rude toward her, disrespectful.
    There is very little emotion or love from him toward her.
    Anyone you cannot see it is definitely floating on a Cinderella Cloud and wearing Rose Colored Glasses.
    “You can tell me later baby” An obvious nice way for him to shut her up. She is notorious for saying embarassing things, so he wanted to shut he up before she said anything stupid.
    And my final word
    The term fits the C UN T perfectly.
    But you know it makes perfect sense, people like Tigerlilly who sports a tramp stramp, weak backboned men like Lou Lover and C UN Ts like the liar all love Sats for one reason and one reason only, THEY ALL HAVE SOMETHING IN COMMON WITH SATS, THEY ARE TRAMPS, WEAK BACKBONED C UN TS just like Sats.
    Makes perfect sense, she has a tramp stamp, she has no backbone to walk away from a man that doesn’t want to marry her, instead she clings on for dear life and leaches off him like a pure C UN T.
    Yes, it definitely makes perfect sense why they all see them as this happy couple in love, because they all want the C UN T to win his heart because it is the twisted cinderella dream that good men like Daniel would actually be stupid enough to marry a C UN T.
    Sorry, Danny will never be that stupid, so you may as well give up the dream.

  • to 6

    I know, isn’t it wonderful to look at ? They are so in love.
    She looks RADIANT!
    He looks gorgeous.
    I am so jealous of her, lol……

  • Joe

    went to the Buffalo tonight, surprise visit, no Jenny K there, no one who worked as a server the night of the Globe who posted on JJ.
    So I guess everyone would be right when they call you a liar.
    No character, no class, no mind, no morals, yeah, I think that usually equals slim of a human being.
    My professional advise to people on this board, get to know this poster’s style, and then keep the biggest distance you can.
    Pathalogical liars are very dangerous people.
    This individual is pathological. For your own safety, do not trust this poster in any form or fashion.
    Take care everyone and stay safe here.
    Do not, under any circumstance, give any personal information to this poster. I believe it would put you in grave danger.
    Professional Investigator.


    You are such a pathetic excuse of a human being. The slime of the earth. Wish you would go back under the rock you slithered from.
    You are the biggest ignorant cu nt I have ever come across.
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  • Experiment

    Did the lying cun t say she was conducting an experiment, i guess that’s code for “full disclose of psychopathy” LOL

  • Lou Lover

    Yes they look really good as I said in the other thread.
    No denying that at all.
    What a beaut of lady she is. Lucky man.
    A plea to the posters here, try to ignore the nastiness.
    Don’t feed them, as I am shocked at their behaviour on the other thread.
    Stay cool people.

    Prate over.


  • to Lou

    We’ll try Lou.

  • Cut and Paste

    I was on the other thread and I thought people should see these posts, so I cut and paste them here for all to see.
    I think it is very important that people get to know this dangerous poster.
    Please be careful people, she is pathological and dangerous.
    For your own safety, please be careful.
    I personally will never write or acknowledge this poster ever again.
    They are mentally ill. THIS IS NOT A JOKE.
    Please everyone, be very careful.

  • to 8 and 10

    You just cut and pasted those comments from the other thread tto here.

    Jesus why cant you leave us alone?

    Please to all the Sat lovers, dont answer them from now on.

  • No. 8

    OMG did you watch the video, she looks so fuchin smug.
    I agree, he was trying to shut her up before she embarassed him, you can tell from the look of her face she was pissed that he interrupted her.
    She is so fuchin ugly. Gross.

  • gemma

    oooh they looks so good……….he looks so in love..i love them together..i wish they would marry and a have a baby soon
    she looks so confident now and so sure as she knows he loves her
    her figure is awesome, and he legs…ooohhh lucky girl and lucky Dan

  • bella

    man you girls are crazy going all ga-ga over this old ugly man. why does he get sooooo many comments????

  • Psychic

    I watched the video.
    Very interesting.
    I sense unease. nervousness?
    Did not want her to finish sentence?
    Try to contact new friend, email?
    Out of town?
    I sense something cannot see it clearly.
    No plays or theatre work.

  • to cut and paste

    Jesus, who the hell keeps posting WARNINGS on her like some sad shite?
    Get over yourselves already. No-one is listening anymore to your warnings and rantings.
    Get used to this couple and stop your whinging.
    I can’t believe anyone was stupid enough to go to a restaurant to check up on someone then post it here.
    For fucks sake, you are the dangerous ones. You wont stop in incessant negation fo the love this couple has and now you start on the psters who fuck around with you on here.
    Stop acting like babies.
    Even I knew jenna was not real but you dont see me whining and checking up on her.

  • 19

    He’s ugly sexy, she just ugly LOL

  • to all

    I have also posted that I have called his office to warn them of possibly two stalkers on here.
    One who wont stop with her hatered of Satsuki and the other one, “Joe” who actually went down to a restaurant based on a anonymous post.

  • to all

    I have also posted that I have called his office to warn them of possibly two stalkers on here.
    One who wont stop with her hatered of Satsuki and the other one, “Joe” who actually went down to a restaurant based on a anonymous post.

  • to 21

    good, these fuckers need to be stopped.

  • to 20 Psychic

    Hello There Miss

    Am I the new friend?

  • No. 8

    I agree 100% :)
    His behavior toward her is so obvious. You are so right on point, and I love your C *** interpretation. LOL

  • here it comes

    lol, here comes the fucking loser psychic as pedicted.

  • to Joe

    thnx for the warning buddy!
    I used think something was stnge too, but didnt wnt to say anything.
    Thanks again bud!
    Will watch out for her, now that what i gused is confirmed.

  • to 20

    No but you are fucking deranged if you are need to ask it on here.
    Don’t you know if you are talking to Daniel Craig or not?


  • to all

    Yeah thanks Joe the Stalker!

    If you are all so fucking scared then piss off. Simple answer. Why come on here and boo-hoo it all to us?
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    Are you still here? Read these posts, let’s hope she keeps calling his office, sooner or later they’ll send for a straightjacket LOL
    She is one very sick woman. Thanks for making sure the word got out to be careful. That’s much appreciated.
    I llike to think most people are nice and honest, but once in a while you come across a real nut and you gotta watch it, know what I mean!

  • to sat lovers

    Ignore them! For goodness sake.

    They were off for a bit on the end of the other thread and it was bliss.

  • dan and sats

    i am basking in the glory that they are still together.

  • 32

    Your welcome, and I promise I will keep reminding people to be careful. I believe she might be dangerous.

  • to 35

    Jesus christ and you’re not with you pathetic posts?

    I think people can work stuff out for themselves by now.

    His office HAS my real name and my warnings about Krista and now you both.

  • to sat lovers

    Ignore them!

  • Yea Psychic is Back :)))

    Hi Psychic Lady.
    We missed you.
    What else can you tell us, do you have any idea what was not clear?

  • to 29

    let me tell you all something, i dont take kindly to being wanred by please do not be condescending to us. we know whats what on here.

  • to the psychic

    yes do tell us, we are waiting to hear what you have to say because the pics are not to the sat haters liking.

    lol, like anyone fucking cares anymore about these two. some people on here seem to live their lives around them.

  • to Cut and Paste

    Thanks, but honestly, we’ve been “aware” of her for a long time, my friends and I completely ignore her, she’s very strange. Always best to keep a distance from the strange ones if you know what I mean :)

  • to all sat lovers

    Don’t Feed The Trolls.
    Raise yourself higher than they.

  • to 41

    We have been aware of you as well. Krista!
    We have been battling to get you off here for so long now.

  • sats is beautiful

    she looks so happy, she has him for good. wish i was her but i am not. she looks so pretty tonight.

  • No. 41

    Gee, I wish I had spoken with you before and had prior notice/warning LOL I’m glad to hear others have noticed what I just found out, at least I’m not alone LOL
    Thanks for letting me know.

  • wow
  • to 41

    posting against yourself now are we? going to continue posting your warnings to other people and then backing them up with your other posts?

  • 45

    Are you guys watching her, she seems to be getting really agitated and angry. !!!!! It’s really weird, isn’t it?

  • to 48

    LOL you arent going to get me like that.
    Where is poster that shouts in caps or is that you?
    You are not making me angry at all. I feel sorry for you all seeing the above pics.

    Cant stand it can you? So what are your new theories then on these two? LOL

    Love to hear them!

  • 48

    yeah, I’ve been watching, I’m waiting to see if she threatens anyone.
    We really have to be careful with this one, just ignore her, okay, she’s trying her best to get someone to respond, but don’t, no matter what she does, because then she really gets horrible, and her psychosis comes out. Just ignore her okay. So, what do you think about the pics?