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Kate Walsh To Attend Obama Inauguration

Kate Walsh To Attend Obama Inauguration

Kate Walsh meets up with a few pals at a restaurant in West Hollywood on Monday (January 12).

For an entire year, the 41-year-old Private Practice actress campaigned across the country for President-elect Barack Obama but had a very tough time getting tickets to his inauguration.

“I talked to the woman today, and she’s like, ‘We’re going to let you know in four to six weeks,’ ” Kate joked on Jimmy Kimmel Live! back in November, “I’m like, ‘Isn’t that pretty much the inauguration?’ I think I’ll be on the outside of the inauguration door window with my nose pressed up against the glass.”

Kate will be at the Capitol Hill inauguration on Tuesday (January 20) but got her tickets like most everyone else — through one of her state’s senators, Dianne Feinstein.

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42 Responses to “Kate Walsh To Attend Obama Inauguration”

  1. 1
    julien Says:

    WHo the hell is she???

  2. 2
    ally Says:

    Thank you JJ!!!
    She’s beautiful and I’m happy she’s going to the Inauguration because she works hard for Obama!

  3. 3
    Jen Says:

    Looking fab. Thanks Jared. Can anyone ID the shoes ?

    Happy she’s going to the Inauguration after all the work she did campaigning for Obama.

  4. 4
    anna Says:

    Thank you for the pics!!
    We love Kate!

  5. 5
    jamie Says:

    Thanks JJ. She looks gorgeous.

    I am so happy she gets to go to the Inauguration. She is also helping host the Inaugural Purple Ball.

  6. 6
    Top Rap Songs Says:

    Heh .. campaigns and almost misses it …lol

  7. 7
    Karla Says:

    Oh wow Kate looks amazing. Love the dress.
    So happy she gets to go to the Inauguration!
    Thanks for the pics.

  8. 8
    Katy Says:

    Yay! Kate photos. Bet those shoe/boots are Louboutins, Kate keeps them in business !

    Cool video Todd, I love how she always spares time to sign autographs etc, love the bit when she picked those photos off the ground lool !

  9. 9
    T-Town Says:

    Wow she looks great, Im happy that she got the tickets cause she worked hard for them and she really deserves them.

    Also I LOVE! the shoes ;)

  10. 10
    S. Says:

    Thanks JJ.

    She is looking mighty fine.

    Now, as anyone ID’d the book all are carrying?

  11. 11
    galove Says:

    Kate looks fabulous. It is great she gets to go to the Inauguration and Balls.

    Thanks Jared.

  12. 12
    ~marie~ Says:

    Love Kate, very funny and beautiful :) Thanks for pics

    New Kate Cadillac Ad for those unlucky few who may have missed it

  13. 13
    Kate Walsh is a cow Says:

    OMG! This woman is really desperate. She needs a psychiatrist

  14. 14
    Pauli Says:

    Loathsome woman. Her show sucks too.

  15. 15
    Emily Says:

    Thanks Jared, She looks really good. I wonder why they are all carrying that same book.

  16. 16
    Holly Says:

    Kate looks great. She’s on the organising committee for the Purple Ball so she’ll be busy. But when is she not lol ?! Thanks JJ

    #14 Wow some people are jealous they didn’t get tickets lol

  17. 17
    fashionrocks Says:

    Love the look!

  18. 18
    John Says:

    Her new Cadillac Ad is hot. She has a sexy voice and eyes.

  19. 19
    Amanda Says:

    Thanks JJ. Love the dress, tis very sparkly. :D

  20. 20
    mien Says:

    Thanks JJ. Kate looks great as usual. Glad to hear she gets to go to the inauguration after all, she really deserves it.

  21. 21
    FKOFF Says:

    She looks like an old lady,she is sooo not sexy.

  22. 22
    Lindsey Says:

    Kate looks great. I’m glad she’ll be at the inauguration.

    Thanks for the pics JJ!

  23. 23
    deka Says:

    i’ve always like her
    hope she gets into the good parties!

  24. 24
    kay Says:

    Kate Rocks!!!!

  25. 25
    Tash Says:

    Some happy Kate news!
    Thanks JJ

  26. 26
    S. Says:

    Another site mentions that one of the friends is Curb Your Enthusiasm” actress Cheryl Hines.

    And the book seems to be
    Disquiet, Please!: More Humor Writing from The New Yorker

  27. 27
    avionne Says:


  28. 28
    Go Obama Says:

    Good for her!

  29. 29
    sarah h Says:

    I love her look.

  30. 30
    luca Says:

    Thanks JJ. Love you Kate !!!

  31. 31
    Moira Says:

    She looks great on her 2009 Cadillac commercial but I wanted to see something different from the 2008 one, it will get old fast.

  32. 32
    me loves kate Says:

    Thanks JJ she looks absolutely gorgeous!

  33. 33
    jamie Says:

    #32 She has more Cadillac Ads coming out later this year as well.

  34. 34
    brie2009 Says:

    I’m soo jealous that Kate is going to the inauguration. But she deservies it unlike J.Lo (Heres the story so you guys can see what I’m talking about: ). I’m willing to ditch school to go to his inauguration but I have finals on that day and I live in So.Cal (Southern California) and I don’t have the money for hotel and plane tickets.

  35. 35
    kate and XTINA 4ever! Says:

    she looks beautiful!!!I love her!!!

  36. 36
    Hannah Says:

    Love the dress. Sparkly! Kate is fab.

  37. 37
    Grace Says:

    She’s sp pretty and the shoes look faaaaabulous! Good for her that she gets to go and good for Obama to have her there, gotta be good luck for his time as president :D

  38. 38
    J Says:

    she could have had mine! each staff member got 2 tickets, but I can’t go

  39. 39
    Lorrrilu Says:

    I’m glad Kate gets to go! She deserves it. I hope that she has fun. She looks great as usual! I wish I had legs like that!

  40. 40
    Lorrrilu Says:

    I’m glad Kate gets to go! She deserves it. I hope that she has fun. She looks great as usual! I wish I had legs like that! Thanks for posting the pics JJ!!!

  41. 41
    Teresa Says:

    I love Kate Walsh and I’m so glad she’s headed to Washington.

  42. 42
    S. Says:

    What was she doing today at the Children’s Hospital?

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