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Prison Break Canceled!

Prison Break Canceled!

Prison Break just got canceled, EW reports.

“The show is played out,” says Kevin Reilly, entertainment president of FOX. “Prison Break had a hell of a run, but the run has ended. This will be the last year of the show.”

This will be the fourth and final season for the FOX show. The final episodes of the series will start airing April 17, but no word on how many episodes there will be. Reilly said, “We’ve got our remaining batch of four episodes and then there are a couple more we’re contemplating.”

What kinds of TV/film projects would you want to see Wentworth Miller in???

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  • Nic

    As much as I hate it being canceled, their time is up. Its kinda bitter sweet.

  • miss dannielle

    good lord finally! this show was prison broke after they got out of the first one lol someone finally saw the light. I’m sure they will all land on some ABC show or CSI or something ha

  • Coolcat

    Finally. The show was called “Prison Break.” How many times can they break out of prison? This season was boring. After they brought Sarah Wayne Callies’ character back from the dead, that’s when they jumped the shark. Wentworth should continue to take on good roles like “The Human Stain.”


    Hi fangirls @ Excomm !!!!

    Sorry to see the show go, but hopefully, TPTB will tie up all the storylines nicely for us fans.

    I will miss my weekly dose of The Pretty !!

  • -A-

    I have a feeling that’s the end of Wentworth Miller. Not because he sucks but because I think he will choose to stop being in the spotlight.

  • Alyssa B

    NOOOO!!!! I love Wentworth Miller!!! please, I am praying he finds something else soon. I’ll miss him too much…

  • Vanessa

    I knew it would happen, so though I love the show–I am not too broken hearted about it–

  • Tess

    I will miss the show!!!!

  • tom

    that show sucked anyway

  • Maria

    Good things come to an end !!

    i would love to see Wentworth Miller in some romantic comedy movie! that would be awesome ;)

  • cecile

    absolutely not surprised ! Heroes is the next one !

  • LuckyL

    Lol @ played out

  • ester

    heroes suck

  • julien

    God that’s a shame…I love that show!!! Hope the final season is one to remember!!!

  • Charlene

    Oh crap this sucks, it was just getting good again. Damn I really annoyed now!!

  • Shannon


  • http://WWW.PRINCESS.COM princess


  • Kristi

    I am sad it was cancelled, I love it, but it has gotten so far away from the original point of the show that I also think its time.
    As for Wenty, I would like to see him anywhere and everywhere, and preferably naked!

  • SArah

    Sad that we won’t get to see this great bunch of actors all together after this, but it would be great to see Wentworth do something a bit more light hearted!! SWC is heading back to theatre apparently!!

  • Go suck a…

    you will pay!

  • jenny

    The last episode for Prison Break that aired said that there were 6 episodes left. I think they’ve done a good job with this season, but I agree it’s time for the show to go or be reengineered.

  • [marie]

    I love WM but the show has run it’s course, I hope the writers don’t disappoint for the finale

  • faraday

    Oh this is sad, but not totally unexpected news. I will miss it, but yeah, the story is really at an end soon. I would love to see Wenty in anything really, from opening an envelope to high drama. But preferably something where he needs to work out a bit more to get rid of those chins :P This was a fantastic show, and Robert Knepper’s TBag is one of the freakiest characters ever seen on television.

  • joebohio

    Some of you people are truly brilliant. (LOL) It was a great show. Time to end though. I don’t think some of you had the capacity to follow the story. Great comment there Tom; you’re on the ball buddy!!! Won’t be checking back so see you!!

  • mindyourbusiness

    Well, the show does need to come to an end. All good things come to an end. The first and the second season were the best…and well, let’s face it, the third was too short to tell if it was good or not, but I watched cause I love WM. I wonder if he wasn’t in it, would I still have watched? This season started out slow, but it picked up…and is finally getting good, only to be stopped in its tracks.

    The truth is, I’d love to see WM in anything…love that man. However, seeing him in less (clothes that is) would be just as gratifying…just kidding.

    Wishing him much success in whatever he does in the future!

  • Juanick


  • sHANNON m.

    I thought that this was going to be the last year for Prison Break anyways. How can you cancel a show that is already going to end????

    I hope Wentworth does do something else. I have to see his sweet face on tv.

  • ms. scarlett


    I know it’s a little played out, but my goodness, this season is awesome!! The actors have finally gotten a chance to show off their acting abilities and now they cancel it??? I PROTEST!!!

  • Just me…

    OMG!! Nooooooooooo! :(
    I feel so sad and want to cry!! Why oh why?!!

  • Zoey

    I agree with you Nic

    When i 1st heared the news i was shocked and sad but after a while i realize their have no where to go

    I just hope everyone get thier happy ending their have always wanted

  • gBABY

    Hugs for TBonita.

    The actors are ready to move on. They made that clear in interviews. I pray to God that Went will be in front of the camera and not behind it!!!

  • Sarah

    aww I’m gutted :(
    kinda knew it had to end soon though
    just hope they finish the show off right and give them a happy ending :)

  • sillyme

    The first year was great, maybe even the second year. But, then when they put Michael back into another prison…ugh. There’s really only so far you can take a show called Prison Break.

  • my 2 cents

    To -A- @ 01/13/2009 at 1:18 pm
    “I have a feeling that’s the end of Wentworth Miller. Not because he sucks but because I think he will choose to stop being in the spotlight.”

    I don’t think so. I think he just wants more creative control. He still has a desire to act and though he doesn’t like the spotlight, he has had to accept it. I think he has been conflicted with some directions taken with the character and realized to tell a story with limited compromise, you have to have larger control. I may be projecting here. That’s a decision I made to stop pursuing acting but pursuing projects I can make. Not quite there yet but the importance of this trumps the need to act in just anything. even the best projects spill too much Hollywood ideal and as a well read person, analytical person, I think he wants more integrity in his work.

    I think you’ll see him in smaller projects, some he may produce/create himself. Others, he’ll be able to negotiate more say. In addition, perhaps he may choose small roles in an occasional larger scale project because he likes the story and opportunity–more based on working with people he admired than on money or prestige.

  • Ana

    I pray God too that Went will be in front of the camara and not behind it.
    I’m sad, very sad. Prison Break is my favorite show ever and I ‘m in love. Wentworth, I need you.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    …`look how long ago i said this show was finished. `it hasn’t been hot in a long time.
    wentworth isn’t a film actor… don’t expect to see him anytime soon.. unless he gets on grey’s.. or ugly betty. hahahahahaha

  • joey

    this is awful, awful news!!! this is one of my favorite shows ever! i expected heroes to be canceled (which it will), but not this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why????????????


    Sad to hear that PB will not be coming back. I know fans have dropped and the story line has had perhaps too many twists and turns for some, but those of us who have been there every Monday night for four years will miss this show and that group of actors. I wish them all the very best and hope to see the once again on both the big and small screens.

  • Sarah

    I’m sad, very, very sad.
    I love Prison Break and I love Wentworth.

  • stefanie

    It was a good idea in the beginning, but it couldn’t have a long shelf life.
    That’s okay, end while you are on top and end with a bang!

    And the show gave us Wentworth Miller, so it’s all good.

  • Thevinylvillager

    what would I like to see him in?

    something that required a lot of nude scenes…

  • gEN

    I’d love to see him in anything where he’s naked for most of the movie. or all of it.

  • jen

    i love that show!! this is bull !!!!!!!

  • Prisonbreakfan

    Umm they got the date wrong i think cuz april 17th is a friday and prisonbreak airs on mondays


    Many, many people have missed a very good show with out standing acting. Now Fox is throwing them to the wolves and Friday night-where all TV shows go to die. Monday night are now dead to me without PB. BUT as we get more and more reality show TV is becoming that vast wasteland of the simple minded and lazy.

    As far as what Wentworth will be doing…………losing a few pounds first or he will be getting fewer and fewer offers. He has done nothing but PB for four years so he has not helped himself to build his fan base. He should not wait long as fans move on and there is alway another pretty face next year.

  • Sunja

    I love this show but already knew it would be the last season. I’ll miss it.

  • Valerie

    I love WM. Where can I find him?