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Evangeline Lilly Covers TV Guide

Evangeline Lilly Covers TV Guide

Lost star Evangeline Lilly takes the cover of TV Guide‘s latest issue. Interview highlights as follows:

On her attitude to fame: “I deny that I am Evangeline Lilly…it’s terrible to admit but I don’t care….I wasn’t ready for any of this.”

On herself: “I’m goofy and weird and a bit loud.”

On the tabloids: “To this day I’m engaged every summer….you can’t give an inch because they’ll take a mile. I don’t have any investment in needing to be the next megastar.”

On doing her own hair and makeup: “I decided I’m just gonna be me and if people don’t like that, OK.”

On when Kate first sees Sawyer: “There’s almost a feeling of seeing a ghost. I really believe she thought he was dead.”

And a few Lost spoilers: By February one character (besides Locke) will be dead, Sawyer may have a new love interest with one of the island’s earlier residents, and the future-seeing old lady encountered by Desmond is ‘more important than you ever dreamed’ (Cuse).

The season 5 premiere of Lost airs on Wednesday, January 21 @ 9PM ET/PT on ABC.

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  • Mike

    Looking gorgeous on the cover :)

  • Logan

    I really don’t like the spacing between seasons. I can’t even remember the old lady fortune teller Desmond talked to. 24 can get away with long hiatuses because each season is self contained. Lost is not, and complicated as it is. i think the ratings this season will sink further.

  • Jared You suck

    Why in the world would you put Lost spoilers on the main page. What the fuck is wrong with you?

  • Jackie

    Hey I probably wouldnt put the spoilers on the first page like that. I know i got a little upset when i read them.

  • Crystal

    She’s so gorgeous. And yay for Skate!

  • Chantal

    Such a beautiful picture!
    Can’t wait for next week. So glad Lost is coming back. Season 5 is going to be a good one!

  • lizzie

    I like her because she is more natural than other actresses

  • d.kay

    From one Canuck to the other; love her Canadian ‘attitude’……..that’s why people love us around the world.

  • Cynthia


  • tessa

    Can’t wait for LOST’s return!!! I live in Hawaii and have seen her a few times and talked to her. She was very nice and did not deny being who she is.

  • tish

    evangaline lilly is the coolest actress ever. Nice to see that there’s at least one person out there who is not fame hungry.

  • Mr. Pink

    She looks like Angelina Jolie in that picture.

  • Marieme

    She IS beautiful and smart and talented and unaffected. I hate when comments are made just about looks.

    I must however comment on those stringy bangs. They probably looked good in person, but on paper – yuck! She deserved better styling.

    Oh and she deserves a SAG and an EMMY. The only reason she doesn’t have one right now is because she doesn’t play the Hollywood bullshit game. Evangeline doesn’t market herself or try to grace every cover. I doubt very much we’ll see her stripping down for GQ just to get attention like other female actresses desperate to hold onto a career and keep their names in the news. Rock on, Evangeline.

  • fakename

    She must have done her own hair and makeup there, notably the hair…. THAT was the best image for a cover!?

  • wish

    She is pretty actress and talented and she’s from canada what mre can you ask for.Why is that all the talented and pretty people come from canada? which is great by the way and down to earth

  • mickey

    She is beautiful, but she complains and disses entire groups of people with inane generalities too much for my taste. If you hate being famous don’t become an actor at that level. It’s that simple.


    some people, back in the day when they’re a useless nobody, dreamed of being famous and when they succeed being famous they don’t want to be famous anymore :)

  • kaylee

    i really doubt that her “fame” is as big of a problem as she makes it out to be. i can count the times i’ve read about her in magazines on one hand! and its kind of shitty for her to lie about who she is to fans, would it kill her to take a minute of her time to talk to someone thats a fan of her? she should be flattered she even has any.. she seems really ungrateful!

  • Just sayin’

    Have you people ever seen her on a talk show? She comes off as a major biatch every time.

  • Mariana

    I like her. She’s so talented and seems so nice, so down to earth person…
    She’s really cool.

  • Michelle

    She’s gorgeous!!!

  • k

    that’s a really good picture of her :D
    and ooh! January 21st is my sister’s birthday. we’ll probably get back from eating somewhere and watch Lost. we’re most likely gonna record it :D

  • tolpachita

    I think Claire is the second character to die…

  • tc909

    If you saw the video of her leaving a restaurant with her sister (last year I think), and the way the paparazzi treated her, you wouldn’t be so quick to say her fame is not a problem. They’re trash, but I’m ashamed that I am part of the problem in wanting to see/know about her outside of the TV show.

  • Rachel

    She’s a terrible, terrible, terrible actress!

  • Cynthia

    Evangeline is the beautifullest actress that has came out of Canada. She’s a natural beauty, unlike most actresses in Hollywood and her native Canada.

  • Nancy

    She should be on be covers!

  • Mika

    “I deny that I am Evangeline Lilly…it’s terrible to admit but I don’t care….I wasn’t ready for any of this.”

    I’m so sick of her complaining about fame. If you don’t like it then QUIT!

  • Mike K.

    Ms. Lilly is one of the best current actresses. She obviously understands that acting requires she ignore the temptation of trying to always look beautiful for the camera, and just let beauty find it’s own natural way forward. As far as nakedness, she should minimize her nakedness and only do it when it becomes high art and she is comfortable with it. She should also work to minimize the cleavage bull because otherwise that otherwise becomes a defining issue. She herself has stated she thinks the push up/together bras are horrible and I couldn’t agree more. Her natural athleticism is obviously a huge plus but that doesn’t have to be flaunted. Her natural face and the high level intelligence that drives it is her main physical strength. Fortunately, Lost is giving her a chance to stretch her acting capabilities and she is doing great.