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Jake Gyllenhaal: Happy Feet!

Jake Gyllenhaal: Happy Feet!

Jake Gyllenhaal goes out for another morning run with his his personal trainer on Wednesdfay in Santa Monica, Calif.

Is the 28-year-old actor training for something or just staying in shape?

At Sunday’s Golden Globes ceremony, Jake introduced the film clip for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, which was one of the contenders for “Best Motion Picture – Drama.” Slumdog Millionaire picked up the honors.

15+ pictures inside of Jake Gyllenhaal‘s happy feet…

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jake gyllenhaal happy feet 01
jake gyllenhaal happy feet 02
jake gyllenhaal happy feet 03
jake gyllenhaal happy feet 04
jake gyllenhaal happy feet 05
jake gyllenhaal happy feet 06
jake gyllenhaal happy feet 07
jake gyllenhaal happy feet 08
jake gyllenhaal happy feet 09
jake gyllenhaal happy feet 10
jake gyllenhaal happy feet 11
jake gyllenhaal happy feet 12
jake gyllenhaal happy feet 13
jake gyllenhaal happy feet 14
jake gyllenhaal happy feet 15

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  • vness

    His legs are so skinny. He just is not attractive to me at all. Something about the bushy eyebrows and forehead makes him look like a caveman.

  • Stargirl

    #1 is a liar. That picture is clearly from ages ago as number one, he has short hair, number two he is wearing the exact same things and in the exact same parking lot he was in when he left the airport about a year ago.

    #2 Straight men dont wax there eyebrows i’m afraid :/
    and if you don’t find pure perfection attractive. Then i guess your a lesbian


  • vness

    He is so not perfect. He looks ugly most of the time. Every once in a while he can look decent in a photo shoot. Take off your fangirl glasses and really look at him. There are guys everywhere who look like this or better.

  • Stargirl

    I flipppin wish they were.
    how many of them are sweeet, funny, charming and can cook a damm good meal?

    Its not all about the looks you know ;)

  • http://justjared soprano

    How do we know he can cook a good meal? He has a lovely face {when not sporting a beard.} However he has a neck like a Kardashian (Star Trek Next Generation) & really “high-up” calves.

  • black

    He shaved his legs, didn´t he?

  • duh!

    “how many of them are sweeet, funny, charming and can cook a damm good meal?”
    Most of the gay guys.

  • Stargirl

    Well he was various cooking programmes when he was younger. He has seen to be carrying various recipe books. He has also quoted his love of cooking on various talk shows. And on the ellen show he cooked up a meal in under two minutes :P

  • lizzie
  • gyllengay

    the gayest of the gays

  • Yay no midget

    I love it, he shaves the beard when he runs!

  • Julia

    explain me please, why lots of people say that he is gay? he dates Reese for a long time, and no one saw pictures of him with gays. why then?

  • slambang

    He is so g.d. gorgeous!!!

  • Ivana

    Julia simple reason..
    because he once kissed Heath…. so stupid.. :))
    By the way love Jake and Heath….

  • Julia

    hmmm… really stupid)
    love both of them too)

  • jess

    How would anyone here know if he is sweet or funny. He seems like a spoiled brat to me who always got everything he wanted from Mommy and Daddy. There are tons of stories about him being really moody with fans and whiney with his directors.

    For the record I don’t think he’s cute at all!

  • marky mark


  • Ivana

    This movie obviously mixed people minds…
    “Look how good and handsome they are…. and Oooh my God they even kissing, they must be gays in real life”. End of story.. this stuff amuse people.

  • http://Q Francesca (genuine)

    Well we don’t know what his relationship to this “personal trainer” is, do we? Could be innocent or might not be. He is getting “chunky” looking, as if he has gotten too heavy and is trying to run off his excess weight. That unfortunately just makes the fat go to muscle, too much muscle and he is getting to look…well unattractive. Before long expect to see him on the covers of romance novels in competition with Fabio. LOL.

  • whatever

    Wow, you people are retarded. This is what a healthy man should look like…not your fat slobby husbands that lay on the sofa and guzzle beer and watch sports all day. Also, just because he acted as a gay in a movie (aka NOT REAL LIFE) dosn’t mean he IS A GAY! Get a brain.

  • http://Q Francesca (genuine)

    For the record, Jakey is not even in the Forbes 100 top celebrities. His main claim to fame is the women he dates. I regard him as a kind of super expensive gigolo. Don’t know but I bet Reese buys him lots of nice things. LOL. And I bet he lives rent free in her big house. It is near Santa Monica so that is why he is seen around there. If he were living in the Hollywood Hills as before he would be jogging, etc., in that area.

  • L.A. Native

    Jake was well known in West Hollywood waaay before Brokeback Mountain and long before you idiots even knew he existed.

  • Ivana

    # 23 Jake admit in one of his interviews that half of his family friends are gays, because of his parents profession.. You know when your parents work as director and screenwriter in Hollywood, meeting a gay become normal thing.. but this doesn’t mean that he is one of them.

  • L.A. Native

    Let me put it this way #24: Jake was well known in West Hollywood gay bars….and he wasn’t with his parents.

  • Ivana

    Sorry to say this… did you see him, if you did… you said a lot… not only about him, but about yourself.. :))) Personally i don’t even care..

  • Haha

    Ivana don’t beieve what the retard says. People love inventing stories. Strange how there has never been any proof whatsoever.

  • http://justjared ashley

    He use to be so cute… What happend

  • slumdog for Oscar

    He is aging HORRIBLY!! He’s 28????? That’s impossible he looks beat.

  • Ivana

    Sorry have to go… :)))
    it’s late and i have to prepare for work :))))

  • stefanie

    Staying in shape for Resse, I’m sure.

  • sheilssa

    wow wow wow

    If this guy gets anymore gorgeous then i think i will faint.


  • mr. d

    He looks great! Much better looking than Leonardo Dicapario, that’s for sure!

  • Fran

    Jake’s looking even gorgeous than ever!!!! :D I’m in love with Jake, totally in love!!!! XD He’s so cute, sexy, and Reese, you’re so lucky for having him….!! You’re a lucky one, Reese!! I envy you!! ;x xXx

  • Fran

    Jake’s looking even gorgeous than ever!!!! :D I’m in love with Jake, totally in love!!!! XD He’s so cute, sexy, and Reese, you’re so lucky for having him….!! You’re a lucky one, Reese!! I envy you!! ;x xXx

  • Dina

    Maybe he’s trying to run away from his beard Reese cause he finally realized that she makes him look more gay and is killing his career. He does look hot though. Hope his boyfriend appreciates it.

  • LOL

    Yeah where is his his beard Reese lately? Eating pickles and ice cream and getting ready for that wedding that’s happening any day now?

  • mz

    Some crazy Jake fan spamming the board. He is disgusting looking in comparison to Leonardo. Reese is pathetic if she traps another man into marriage. Worst Hollywood couple ever.

  • Sebastian

    those legs and that face! so sexy…would lick all of his body.,

  • x

    His clothes match with his beautiful blue eyes.

    And I think he´s keeping shape for a new role probably Joe Namath (football player) or Project Moon (astronaut).

    Thanks God he won´t play a couch potato role too soon (LOL).

  • andrea

    In fact, Leonardo Dicaprio needs join Jake cause he is out of shape.

  • b

    Don’t you Gyllenbabblers need to go make Reese and Jake’s wedding plans LOL

  • LOL

    b #42 they need to be knitting baby booties too!

  • http://Q Francesca (genuine)

    LA Native: well I found it rather interesting that Ang Lee said when he cast BBM he chose Jake first, before Heath. Am I going too far to think that Ang knew Jake was gay or bi and for that reason chose him as the “anchor” for the movie and then cast around him? I mean if you were going to do a movie about gays you would probably prefer a closet gay to a completely straight person, would you not?

  • http://Q Francesca (genuine)

    There is something really unattractive about Jake’s face now compared to several years ago. Difficult to say exactly what it is. It is too long from top to bottom and it looks “hairy” in a bad sense. He has a kind of worried look constantly and his cheeks seem a bit too full as if his face is fattening out. Time is not being kind to him.

  • dayna

    I’m sorry, but Jake is no longer good looking or handsome anymore. A few years ago he was very hot, but when he hooked up with Reese, he lost his sex appeal. He is very unattractive and not worth anything anymore. And yes, I’ll bet he sponges off Reese living free of charge in her mansion. And I’ll bet money that she blows alot of her cash on him. He seems very cheap to me. Typical jew.

  • Underneath

    44 Francesca IA. Every other of Ang’s movies he makes are about gays. There’s a loyalty there, beyond just making gay movie stories.

  • mishell

    his bulge is sooo small!!!!! i didnt expect that!

  • jules

    Jake’s lack of package is legendary.

  • its there and very very nice!

    You don’t see it because he has to wrap it twice around his waist.

  • Ivana

    Last year was stressful in many ways… maybe this is reason why he aging rapidly… If you noticed he was presenter on Golden Globe, only he said was two or three words about “Curious case of Benjamin Button” then he leave party….
    And same evening Heath win Golden Globe..