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Jennifer Lopez: Divorce is Not an Option!

Jennifer Lopez: Divorce is Not an Option!

Jennifer Lopez and husband Marc Anthony are finally putting those pesky divorce rumors to rest.

In an exclusive interview with InTouch on January 11, Jennifer says, “Every time I’m not wearing my ring, people think I’m getting divorced. Divorce is not – and was never – an option.”

Jennifer‘s close friend and manager, Benny Medina adds that “Jennifer and Marc are committed to the future and to one another. All the rumors are just that – rumors.”

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    Bull Shit!

  • yo

    this whole jlo divorce thing is so old! i hate how the tabloids just pull stories out of their asses! its crazy

  • WW

    J-Lo doesn’t look happy these days. She’s feeling down, and now is known as J-Low.

  • palvasha

    naa i dnt think they r getn divorced. i hate wedding rings too, maybe she just feel like wearing it sometime, ir maybe for publicity

  • wendy

    Kind of funny emphasis on the negative and as quoted, nothing said about how strong the marriage is, how committed to their family they are, what mutual love and affection, etc. The message comes out as well, yes, things suck, but we are going to suck it up.

  • an oldie

    Good for you Jennifer and Marc. I am glad you spoke out.

  • vanessajonas

    of course they are not divorcing, everything else is bullshit

  • kim

    I don’t get it??? Divorce is not an option? Hasn’t she been divorced like two or three times already?

  • palvasha

    lol kim. she is abit loco so u have to just say yeh whatever u say darling

  • nunny

    i frankly dont care
    hollywood needs to go somewhere..

  • Pff

    …apart from the last 2 times.

  • Danity Donnaly

    Whatever. These two are on the rocks and you know she wants Diddy back in her arms.

  • julia

    So why not wearing it? the ring… come on! that’s bizare!

  • mike

    this is soooo stupid they say this about every couple…they go back and forth until eventually one does break up and then they say omg we were right!!!! lol

  • wish

    Its over .why speak out about it earlier such a joke now.


    she change guys more than she change her panties :)

  • kath

    i get eczema on my hands and don’t wear my ring half the time, doesn’t mean i am leaving my hubby

  • mrs_fuzzybee

    So then Marc and Jennifer are going to have the brawl to beat them all. This Marc and Jennifer “it’s over” when end when one of them beats the other to death right?

    That’s what she’s saying. It’s murder or suicide for her.

  • meg

    J Ho seems like a big bi*tch!!! Skeletor probably has a young babe on the side.

  • lakers fan in boston

    yah i doubt they will get divorced
    if they do ill actually be surprised

  • she-who-shall-not-be-named

    How many times Hollywood deny the rumours, and one month later bam! Mr and Mrs are filing divorce on grounds on irreconcilable differences! Examples are Jennifer Anniston & Brad Pitt, Britney & K-fed, Pink & Carey hart, and fresh example of late; Madonna & Guy Ritchie. They should shut up if they going to divorce, there must be a spark lihgting the fire that’s burning the press machine. And i guess there must be some truth to the rumour bcoz lately J.Lo has been dressing more like her old self, playing it up 3 red carpet events ago-a sign that she’s breaking free or rebeling from Mark.

  • honest1

    its funny how they should feel the need to answer false claims…its all balony…don feed the public’s fascination.

  • lala

    what does she mean by “divorce is not an option”?

  • tFabiaxBabybee

    Honestly….who cares about these two???
    post more brag and Angie!!! =)

  • k

    Apparently divorce was an option the first two times around.

  • boogie

    lol….so they say! Wait around a little and they will have a different story to tell.

  • calixo

    SO TRUE – I KNOW IT — INSIDE SOURCES… badabing badaboom.. sorry jlo


    The rumors are true.

    I know this for a fact..

    People, never EVER believe these Hollywood fuckers.

  • gerard Vandenberg


  • Jaye

    She must have made that new resolution for the kids; Divorce is not an option. She didn’t seem to have much of a problem with it before.

  • Seraphina

    Ha! Marc sure didnt mind divorcing his wife/with their kids and marrying J.Lo within a few weeks.

    So, I wonder if Divorce is not an option goes for Marc as well? Of course when J.Lo is looking at losing 175 Million I guess I would not want to divorce either.. maybe just lose your husband somewhere tropical.

  • Suzi

    Madonna and Guy denied-denied and denied before they could not hide it any more. So here we go again.

  • Soap is good

    If divorce is not an option, how do they explain all their previous failed marriages?

  • andamentothat

    if this is true.. then get ready for ben and jen breakup stories.. coz the media must pair Ben and Jlo again.. for the sake of staying in business.

  • loving

    beautiful woman.. is she still stay with her husband.. someone posted on yahoo answers that she has a profile on the famous site *******blackwhitefriends . c o m ********* you know it is a site for men to seek sexy girls.

  • yuck

    divorce is not an option? Is she just stupid? she’s been divorced twice already. idiot!

  • gossipgurl

    I am sooo OVER J LO…
    I just read the funiest review of her horrid dress at the Golden Globes
    I was ROTFLMAO!

  • lizzie

    and who was right again !!!!! miss france !!!

  • mag

    I don´t think that´s true. The magazines are just lying all the time!
    jennifer and Marc love eachother and they have 2children.

  • bejeebus

    well, j.ho., i’m a complete nobody BUT i still wear my wedding ring to go to even just the fricken grocery store b/c i want my commitment to my husband to be their for everybody to see….but then again, my priorities are probably more in order then yours (i.e. i don’t put an outfit before the symbol of my marriage)….ah…to be a mere commoner and retain full use of my soul….it’s sooo nice)

  • Justme

    Well she made the front of 2 mags this week, so think that this is all very calculated to get them (her mainly) back in the spotlight.

    On Access Hollywood last night apparently she said she doesn’t always wear her ring because “it didn’t go with her outfit” like at the GGs. What a weird thing to say. Diamonds go with everything!! She wanted people to talk about her, she so wants attention. What JLo doesn’t get is that nobody really cares anymore, she will never, ever be as big as she was when she first came on the scene, divorced or not.

  • Ha!

    Hilarious. Divorce has been an option for her on several occasions.

  • canadiana

    Vote JLo and Marc most romantic in hello! mag’s Valentines poll!

  • jo jo boo boo

    In other he can cheat all he wants perfect ,he can have his cake and eat it to…. ha ha ha.. way to go lopez..what a marriage.. your still not over Afflick..

  • really speaking

    I was laughing at her explanation for not wearing her wedding ring
    It didn’t go with the dress….hilarious…
    It must have not gone with the dress she wore to the CCOB premiere cause she didn’t have it on there either.

    she is such a liar.

    BTW what the hell was she doing at the CCOB premire?
    she was not in the movie nor was she affliated in it. she was dressed in a low cut dress all dolled up with no wedding ring.

    try to explain that one Jen Lo.

  • christina

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  • christina

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  • Pati

    I never ever like this couple!! hate it, He’s an stupid!! ugly, he is looking as nothing in front her, she is a latin, (like me) Latin women believe to much in married and cant be alone! (or dont know) she didnt had to make him divorce of his too pretty wife miss universe 1993… how could her do this to this women, which had two boys with him, and was just married!! 4 years after that, JLO i love her, but she dont have lucky in love, (marriage) is not a kind of women that stay married long time, she s THE LATIN ELISABETH TAYLOR, we have to accept… the sad is the two babys she made with him, (of course she have 40 years olds) she will have to see his face all her life! pfff!
    God!! is sad a divorce but he is not the man for her, never was and never will be! is sad that she didnt made her babys with Ben Affleck! he was a really handsome man! hot! famous and international! is her which made promotion to Marc Antony!!!

  • Marie-Claire

    Ben Affleck didn’t want children with her, which is why he broke up with her. Enough with bringing him up in every Lopez post. And Elizabeth Taylor should not be compared to Lopez ever, even despite the marriages. Elizabeth is classic Hollywood and Lopez is classic trash.

  • Marie-Claire

    Marc Anthony isn’t a “promotion” either. She didn’t make a promotion at all going with fugly Skeletor.