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Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony: Physical Fights?

Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony: Physical Fights?

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony‘s marriage continues to get dragged through the mud. This time, on the latest cover of Star.

The mag claims the couple’s fights are getting physical — screaming, pushing, shoving and throwing things. “They love hard; they fight hard – and sometimes that has led to pushing and shoving,” an insider reveals. “They throw things and scream and just go bananas. It’s been war in their house!”

The mag also claims that Jennifer has been to turning to an ally — ex-boyfriend Diddy!

DO YOU THINK Jennifer and Marc’s marriage is really in trouble?

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  • tulino

    Jennifer is a superstar, she should go away from that nobody man. JLO is JLO the hottest chic ever, i’m pretty sure if she become single again, all the hollywood guys will be bihind her back :-)

  • tulino

    Good Luck to JLO on her next greatest hits cd, she will have a good comeback and wil take her place back, wash out britney and beyonce, JLO will be # 1 again pretty soon.

  • mary

    i could give two shitts about these two. Does anyone really care? I barf a little in my mouth when these two are news worthy.

  • stef

    lol the tabloids won’t let go until they get a divorce even if it’s in 3 months or 15 years.

  • alegra

    i feel like this whole “breakup” is just to get press for jlo

    but then again, u never know whats up with jenn lopez & all her men

  • Shakira

    Well, we are not supposed to believe the tabloids but then, Madonna and Guy broke up and the tabloids had been predicting it for months. Who knows?

  • Monique

    That nobody man????????????
    He has got more talent in her pink then JLo in her entire body!

  • hannah

    star is full of it

  • hannah

    star is full of it

  • Ali

    who cares, really? She has lost her following and he is also very remote – like a zero, isn’t he? They need to be nicer people for the public to care what happens to them.

  • Amand.


  • valentina

    Ben Affleck and Jennifer were each other’s true loves, they couldn’t be together because people didn’t want Ben with a Latina. They will always love one another.

  • Violets Auntie

    Oh, get over it valentina. Ben got out before JLo could swallow him.

  • JEsus

    You kno im not really sure about this one, but they have been together for a while, and since they have been together for so long i think its comming to a close.


    its not really something i care about, but im getting tired of these pictures of them ”breaking up”
    they’re 2 divas who dont care about anything but themselves
    i hope they wont work things out because i couldnt really give a FUCK..
    true.. valentina get over it!

  • Art chic

    Their days as a couple are numbered…

  • Peter

    Jennifer Lopez is stunning and she is a sweetheart and has done so much for her community and society.
    These rumors are not true, these are made-up stories by the media to ranter Jennifer some publicity.
    Jennifer is a superstar through and through and her moves will always make headlines, cause society cares and obviously people are buying the mags or else they wouldn’t print the story again and again.
    Jennifer Lopez will keep making hits and movies for a very long time, I think everyone should just get used to it that millions love her and she will be here to stay for a very very long time.

  • s

    jennifer has no talent, slept with a bunch guys, if any one gets with her they are considered a down grade. she needs to go away now, she got lucky once already.

  • yo

    star is a piece of crap magazine why even bother looking at this?

  • Anonymous

    I’m not hoping for a divorce here but i really want J-Lo back.JEN WE STILL LOVE YOU!

  • gerard Vandenberg

    The idea of killing eachother pleases me, folks!!

  • Laura

    They are both so idiot!!! I really don’t care about them,Fuck you two.

  • Jill

    You read it in the Star so it has to be true. C’mon, Jared, you can do better than this. :roll:

  • kissit

    Of course their fights get physical! Anyone else grow up in a latino home?? They scream…they throw things…and those are the happily married ones. Now add two HUGE egos to the mix…and probably infidelity..and its gotta be war. They’ll divorce….he’s probably bored of her..and she thinks she can do better.

  • sjg

    lord please make her go away, i thought we were through with her already, nnooooooooooo please, i guess no more t,v for me, i barely got through it the first time around. she can’t sing, can’t act, shows off, loud, too bold, not subtle in any way. .. she has…no class.

  • jdnfjjsj

    It’s strange how once J.lo was the hottest chick around & now nobody could care less about her. Fame is a weird thing.

  • sowhat

    As far as talent goes, Marc is far more talented than J-Lo..and she knows it. Shes just a pretty package. Hes been cheating too..prolly what they fight about.

  • lizzie

    I’m not sure it is true. Maybe they actually get along and the papers try to sell.

  • muziicindustrii

    I honestly think that they shouldve never gone together they were already too good friends to actually just marry, but wut the heck they look alright i guess happy, if its not workin then she should be alone cuz it seems it never works.

    im just so surprised you guys tell marc anthony a no1 or a wutever, havent u realized that this guy has made all his cds a success in latin america and the world literally, he is an icon for other people maybe not in the some parts of the non-spanish areas in USA, he is someone and a very important one, and recognized for the music.

    i just hopes J Lo finds the light of her happiness, and she should make more movies, i like her more in movies than music.

  • wish

    Seem like they was putting on a good act at the award show.Really couldn’t tell too much.But you could fell they wasn’t into each other much. So sad because are kids and why people want to broke up during the holidays anyway.Have’t seem much are rb what’s up with her?have she call it quits too?

  • BB

    It’s Star Magazine. Enough said.

  • Answer Guru

    I won’t believe it until I see it!!! Haha!

  • boogie

    who knows? Most hollywood marriages go pouf.


    I am one for true love…trust me..but I never thought they would make it…I always felt like it was all smoke and mirrors..fraudulant…seems Diddy and J.Lo just may be meant to be…only time will tell.

    Poor Kim Porter…on another note I hope Diddy will make a wise decision.

  • marisa720

    Who knows if this is true considering the source. But she was once everywhere until she married him. Maybe wants to get back that way I don’t know. But she does strike me as the type to go through you once she gets what she needs or wants at the time. And everything she does as far as “community” seems very contrived and it has to make her lookd good. She just gives me a self promoting vibe in general.

  • WW

    Too easy for J-Lo, she’ll win hands down. Marc is more of a lover than a fighter.

  • http://justjared soprano

    Of course this was going to happen. She only married him to have her designer, selected twins. Maybe he’s just realised!


    I personally attended a party at their house in Long Island not too long ago. Let’s just say. He threw it…she was out of town…there were only girls there…and he was not interviewing for a new nannny! YES, this is over!

  • lakers fan in boston

    lol like this shit actually happened
    loved the part that says she ran 2 diddy for help =]

  • Me

    Marc a nobody????? Give me a break!!! Are you sure you are talking about the number one salsa music seller in history? Maybe in your little world the United States cause as far as I know the rest of the world knows what’s up.

  • Cynthia


  • Minnie

    Valentina, you’re full of crap. Ben said in an interview his true love is Garner and that dating Lopez was a mistake. It had nothing to do with her being Latina, stop trying to blame race for everything! Nobody said anything when he was dating Salma Hayek. How do you know whom complete strangers love? Ben dumped Lopez and moved on because he obviously doesn’t have feelings for her and doesn’t love her. You’re the racist one still talking about Ben. What about all the other men she went with? You only talk about him because he is White.

  • nANCi bLACK

    Jen….. Who you kidding . You know Girl time to move on!

  • Minnie

    Soap is good aka. Minnie Ben is with his true love now and doesn’t want Lopez back which is why he dumped her in the first place and is now married with a family. Get over it already. You’re pathetic.

  • Minnie

    She was best off with Chris Judd, anyways.

  • The Jlo Spot

    There is a bigger pic of this and more pix of Jen on tabloid covers this month on this link below, check it out.

    The Jlo Spot

  • Rose

    Lmao, why are J-LO fans so obsessed with Ben? They always say they don’t care about him, yet he is brought up in EVERY post. That says it all right there. Ben don’t want her back, that’s why he broke up with her in the FIRST place. ROFL. Poor things still can’t get over a 6-year old break-up. They have both moved on, you people should too.

  • mimi

    #39, yeah you went to Marc and Jlo’s house yeah right. Just like Star magazine knows what’s going on in Jlo’s house.

  • linda

    What a lie Star, LMAO, that Jlo runs to P.Diddy for help I don’t think so..Star magazine is going to get sued again!!!!

  • Liz

    LMAO @ #39!!! Yeah right. So you go on a gossip site to talk about going to their house. Maybe you should get a job at Star Magazine.