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Rupert Grint is Cherrybomb Shirtless

Rupert Grint is Cherrybomb Shirtless

Harry Potter star Rupert Grint is trying to shed his boyish image but appearing in a drama thriller called Cherrybomb.

The 20-year-old British actor goes shirtless in the edgy flick, which makes its world premiere next month at the Berlin Film Festival.

Synopsis: Best friends Luke (Robert Sheehan) and Malachy (Grint) are finally ready to enjoy their summer. Yet, when the stunning Michelle (Kimberley Nixon) moves to town unexpectedly, these two best friends soon become worst enemies. With a resistance to boredom, Michelle seductively encourages a dirty competition for her heart. What was supposed to have been a relaxing vacation transforms into a wild ride of drinking, drugs, sex and a deadly end to the competition.

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98 Responses to “Rupert Grint is Cherrybomb Shirtless”

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  1. 1
    hahaha Says:

    hes so pale! and his hair is so bright!

  2. 2
    LuckyL Says:

    I love him. Red-heads are hot.

  3. 3
    Jasmin Says:

    pale as lol.

  4. 4
    LuckyL Says:

    So much better looking than that Harry Potter boy.

  5. 5
    LuckyL Says:

    He’s white *rolls eyes* It’s just as offensive as when some dummies say someone is “dark as hell”

  6. 6
    Yar Says:

    I feel dirty looking at him. I still see him as a child. lol

  7. 7
    gerard Vandenberg Says:

    They love “MUSCLESSED NAILS” in brittain, folks.
    especially the homo-sexual boy’s, folks!!

  8. 8
    LuckyL Says:


  9. 9
    LuckyL Says:

    The premise reminds me of “Y Tu Mama Tambien,” but less abstract

  10. 10
    cheesecake=life Says:

    I am not joking AT ALL, someone could offer me $1,000,000 to have sex with him… and I’d rather be broke off my ass, sleep in a cardboard box, in the rain, with dried lemon peels as shoes for the rest of my life instead.

  11. 11
    T Says:


  12. 12
    LuckyL Says:

    Cool cheesecake, are you a man or simply unattractive? I wonder what your type is–a**holes?

  13. 13
    rupesbabymama Says:

    Shut the hell up, you wouldn’t know what was attractive if it smacked you in the face. Rupert’s HOT as hell!

  14. 14
    kelly Says:

    OH JESUS CHRIST! Is that RON WEASLEY? He got so damn HOT!

    When is this film coming out? I so wanna see it with my friends who all love this guy. I didn’t get it their infatuation up until now. Weasley got hot.

  15. 15
    deka Says:

    he’s oddly sexy…

  16. 16
    batman forever Says:

    he is ugly and cold.i dont like him

  17. 17
    demi Says:

    we don’t care redhead.we want robert pattinson pics.

  18. 18
    Erudite Says:

    Where have you guys been? Rupert Grint has been sexy for years…legal for a few, but sexy even before then!

    And he’s also the most talented young one on that damn HP franchise!

    he’s going to blow you away three times this year: Cherrybomb, Wild Target, and Half Blood Prince

  19. 19
    Carolyn Says:

    I hate when people say someone is pale or needs a tan. Tans aren’t something you need. If he goes in the sun, he’ll burn. And then what? You’ll call him a lobster? He’s a redhead. He’s fair skinned. He does not tan. His skin is like porcelain. He should be admired for the beautiful man that he is. He’s like a piece of art. And cheesecake=life, if I give you $1,000,000 will you take your dried lemon peels and stick them where the sun don’t shine?

  20. 20
    Erudite Says:

    It’s okay to personally not find someone attractive. But to call them ugly when so many find him just the opposite shows an appalling lack of common sense.

    And for the record, you could pay me to have sex with RPattz, but I wouldn’t enjoy it. He looks like he smells.

  21. 21
    athena Says:

    Wow, can’t believe he’s 20 now. Can’t wait to see this film when it comes to the states. He’s sooooo pale.

  22. 22
    athena Says:

    Well #19, Carolyn, it’s better than saying he’s pastey white…pale is still attractive, and still has pigment in the skin. It’s just a fact with Rupert, and no mistaking it…he can tan or not…I’d still like him, but I don’t think a tan would justify his beauty.

  23. 23
    rupesisagingersexyman Says:

    Rupert is so gorgeous! He’s the best actor out of all those kids in HP. He’s going to be the Harrison Ford of the HP trio, mark my words.

    And his skin is so beautiful.

  24. 24
    Carolyn Says:

    The hell we don’t care! Rupert Grint will be around long after Robert Pattinson and his greasy hair have faded away. And cold is the last word you would use to describe Rupert. He’s the sweetest, warmest, most gorgeous man and anyone who can’t see that is pitiful! I’m dying to see what people that call him ugly look like. Come on. I need a good laugh. And…”we don’t care redhead”…bigot much? Okay, I’m done talking to clueless teenyboppers. Buh-Bye!

  25. 25
    not me Says:

    He is so pale in that one photo it hurts my eyes to look at. But the others are ok. So it could be the lighting. He was the cutest kid in the HP films. As a young man now, we have to wait and see..

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