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Ryan Seacrest High Fives Blind Guy

Ryan Seacrest High Fives Blind Guy

The eighth season of American Idol kicked off Tuesday night and it was a rather lackluster audition episode. But the new judge, Kara DioGuardi, added a nice twist to the panel of judges!

The highlight of the night, however, was when host Ryan Seacrest tried to high five one of the blind contestants. Smooth, Ryan. Real smooth. Watch it at

Ryan also recently addressed Brad Pitt and Angelina Joliesnubbing him” at Sunday’s Golden Globes.

“I don’t think Angelina thinks I’m that important,” he said on his show Monday. “I don’t think I’m top of mind for Brad and Angelina. I honestly don’t believe they’d know who I was if I walked over there.”

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  • hannah

    i DO NOT like him at all!

  • lily

    what an IDIOT. he was blanked by angela and brad pitt at the golden globe also. hahaha!

  • capiish!

    he is one of few people constantly on t.v. you just want to flick right off the screen.


  • Wendel

    He really is an idito

  • Baz anderson

    Talk about your team not looking after you!

    Did Ryan think to go to someone and say “Can I do that again?” or “Can we do something with that part?”

    Yeah, everyone makes stupid mistakes. God knows I would eat a dick (figuratively speaking) every day if I was on TV. Does he feel like that might make him look a bit silly?

    Eh, it was worth a laugh.

  • bobbi

    DUH Gaycrest. Yes, everyone does make stuipd mistakes but this falls under the category of thinking only of one’s self vs. thinking of others.

  • joneblaze

    what a JERKOFF!!!

  • teri

    He’s such an arrogant little sob isn’t he? Getting laughs at the expense of others is his goal, handicapped or not.
    Alaways making himself look like a bigger di**head everyday, so glad Brad and Angelina dissed him as should others.

  • fresh

    LMFAO what an idiot.

  • yo

    he is so stupid. i am so sick of seeing him!

  • qwerty

    LOL you could see it in Ryan’s face as soon as he said it like, “CRAP!” He sorta kinda maybe covered it up, but he sure can be dense sometimes.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    He was born & will DYE as a little WEASEL, folks!!
    (like “partner in crime” tommy cruise)

  • lips,tits smack that old ass.

    WTF a new judge?. Don’t need her.

  • lizzie

    Another idiot… on Tv

  • guest


  • Ellen

    This dude is annoying !

  • fake blind?

    I’m calling a hoax here…. I don’t think that guy is really blind…i think its a way for him to get on the show. If you watch that clip again, watch him almost raise his hand to high five Ryan…almost as if he saw it….but, then quickly put his hand back down. Anyone else notice that????

  • Answer Guru

    This guy is so stupid, I just don’t get how he can do all these things! LOL! Priceless indeed!


    Fake being blind? Now you are in the same category with Ryan. To be legally blind means he might be able to see shadows. My brother is legally blind… basically can see the building just before he hits it. duh!
    So he might have seen Ryans hand coming up to shake his but then nothing. Ryan is the idiot… also how many hosts do you see making out with contestants? Where did he come from? Never heard about him before “idol.”

  • Natchy

    “I don’t think Angelina thinks I’m that important,” he said on his show Monday. “I don’t think I’m top of mind for Brad and Angelina. I honestly don’t believe they’d know who I was if I walked over there.”


    And does HE think that he is important?!
    Can anyone blame Angelina or Brad if they really ignored him on purpose?!
    I know that I would, even knowing that I not famous and he wouldn’t run after me! hahaha

  • jenny

    the guy who taped this is truely heartless how could he laugh at the gesture of a vision impaired person giving a high five and living his life normally.

  • LuckyL

    Ryan, it bothered you; admit it you dumbf*ck. And stopped trying to use reverse psychology to have people shout “OMG, NO YOU ARE IMPORTANT.” You’re a f****** hack.

    What a f****** a**hole for this video too.

  • Craig

    You sold my dead bird to a blind kid?

  • mickey

    Ryan is such a dolt.

  • voe

    Well, Seacrest, you are not important, quit whining like a girl. Oops, I forgot you are a girl inside.

  • Ivana

    No one like this guy. Is he gay or what … :))))
    He sure look like one…

  • Lauren

    HEY #12!
    it’s DIE, it’s NOT DYE!!!


  • Sucree

    Hes gonna DYE what ?… His weasel eyebrows ? LOL

  • Soap is good

    Classic eff up!

  • Corey to cool

    If you watch the show, it said that he can see in tunnel vision, meaning for him it like he is see the world through a straw. Ge can see but barely. They also said on the show that he can only see on key at a time if that much on the piano. What is it with people who have to think the very worse of others.

    Ryan is a toe rag but i dont think he meant any harm, i just think he use to people who he greets being able to see. It not about him being rude to the guy but more about him needing more blind friend.

    Last the guys voice was nice I like him and I hope he makes it to the top 34, bring something truely heartwarming to a show that has started to become like everything else

  • deka

    i’m embarassed for him
    but he meant well

  • lakers fan in boston

    i think angelina nos who u r but just ignored u tbh =]

  • Winger

    Dude, what’s up with all the haters? He’s a cool guy! He meant well. He just did it automatically and realized after the fact. I’m sure everyone here’s slipped up like that every once in a while. Don’t hate!

  • jeff

    I hate Ryan Seacrest. he needs to go away.he is an idiot.

  • sarai

    if you are not used to being around people with physical challenges you can easily forget things that are different for them. if you are used to being around people with physical challenges you can just see them and forget about the physical challenge and still pull an oops. i’ve stood talking to a quad in a chair and forgotten that he needed me to open the door. sigh. i’m not selfish or stupid – i was just so busy talking to him that it was an oops. people should slow down on being so harsh.

  • LuckyL

    He’s selfish and stupid in general, so that’s why it doesn’t really make a difference that he’s added one more asinine action to his repertoire.

  • carlgt1

    an idiot just like George Bush — who tried to wave & get Stevie Wonder’s attention at the Kennedy Center honors a few years ago.

  • hiro’s

    what is it whith seacrest lately. he’s weird..

  • lori

    in all the excitement of him getting through i can see why ryan did that. i have many customers who are def and blind and sometimes i’ll forget and tell them how much money their purchases are and theyll remind me that i have to pick out the money for them. it’s not about being rude or dumb but sometimes you forget that other people are different.

  • Sucio beats


    He owned himself.

  • RYAN

    i think it was an honest mistake

  • nic

    Ryan should wear a dress at the next award ceremony ’cause he’s so bitchy, what a drama queen!

  • Come out already Peecrust

    I Can’t ” STAND ” this double XX two face A*s ******
    This B*TCH is UGLY on the ,,,,,, ” INSIDE “! ….. !!!!!!!
    I don’t have anything against Gay people , but this selfish idiot is something else.
    we are only human and we makes mistake, but Rycunt Peecrust is one sick show pony that think He ( she) is soooooo much better than anyone else… Just watch.. KARMA will bite him soon.LOLOLOLLLLL

  • Clothesline

    GAYBLADE only thinks of himself and didn’t even remember the guy was blind. Brangelina know who you are FAG SEACREST, but DESPISE YOU SO THEY WON’T GIVE YOU THE TIME OF DAY USELESS TOOL!

  • neer

    Below are some articles describing on how Ryan conducts his interviews:
    1.Best Embarrassment
    30 Rock’s Alec Baldwin always makes us laugh, but we couldn’t be happier when he turned the tables on interviewer Ryan Seacrest. Alec mentioned that he noticed many magazines have been covering Ryan’s love life and women he’s… Alec stopped himself there, but we all knew what he was getting at. Ryan was visibly embarrassed—his cheeks turned bright red—but Alec didn’t stop there. Later, while mimicking Andy Rooney, he asked, “Don’t you hate when hosts at the Golden Globes at the E! channel ask you dumb questions? Don’t you just hate that?” Thank you, Alec, for giving Ryan a dose of his own medicine!
    2. Worst Awkward Combo
    We’re never fans of this red carpet situation: one celebrity is being interviewed and then another star is called over, leaving the first celeb stranded on the stage. Example: Ryan Seacrest was interviewing Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria when he decided to bring The Dark Knight’s Aaron Eckhart on camera as well, even though Eva and Aaron totally don’t know each other. Then, Ryan asked Aaron about Heath Ledger, while Eva was still standing there! Eva handled the uncomfortable situation with grace, but us couch sitters felt awkward anyway.
    P.S. Ryan did this again with Eva Mendes and Kyra Sedgwick. We hated it just as much.
    3.Worst Question and Best Response
    Can interviewers please stop asking the cast of The Dark Knight about how bittersweet the awards will be? Maggie Gyllenhaal obviously agrees, because this was her answer to Ryan Seacrest:
    “We did a whole press junket where we were asked questions like that and I completely understand everybody wanting to ask about him. Heath was, first of all, phenomenal in the movie, and second of all, a really astonishing actor and person in general… so I get it… It’s hard though, in this kind of a situation—with lights everywhere and everybody screaming—to talk about a friend who died.”

  • bella

    Having proving furthermore how much if an a** he really is.

  • Elly

    that blind guy is a rather good singer.

  • Holly

    gosh the blind guy totally roocks!!!!!!!!!!!omg his voice is incredible and he’s so sweet and talented!!! ryan seacrest is just an ass!!he embarassed the guy!for god’s sake ryan the guy is blind and you are giving him a high five????! HE CAN’T SEE YOU(LUCKILY!)YOU DUMB ASS!!!!!!!!as for scott he’s my new favorite of the season!!YOU ROCK SCOTT!!!!!


    HE is Manipulative… ARROGANT… `little’… B*TCH !

  • http://none lindsay

    you people have no right to say those words on ryan goodness! it’s not because you’re not a fan of him you’re gonna say those words to him he still a human doing mistakes who doesn’t? there’s a lot of celebrity than angelina and brad pitt anyway,to hell with them!