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Katie Holmes is on Miu Miu Fire

Katie Holmes is on Miu Miu Fire

Scope out Katie Holmes literally on fire in this new Miu Miu Spring/Summer 2009 ad via People.

The ad campaign was shot by acclaimed fashion photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott in New York last November.

As posted yesterday, Katie‘s look was inspired by the films of Italian film director Federico Fellini.

If you missed it, be sure to check out Katie Holmes’s First Miu Miu Ad.

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  • WOW


  • TR

    Does anyone else believe this scoop of Vanilla would EVER be doing a fashion ad if she hadn’t married that Scientology midget? Doubt it!! Only thing he did for he was get her a good dermatologist to clear up her nasty coldsores!!

  • Julia

    TR;get a life, seriously!

    She looks great, that is a good fashion ad, its captivating and a bit controversial.

  • PAUL


  • kaylee

    retouched big time!

  • PAUL


  • tyle


  • sillow

    she looks fab! can’t wait to see all the ad photos

  • Ecri

    Katie looks so great! WOW!

  • NYorker

    I like it. Good add, it is obvius what Miu Miu was trying here..
    she looks captivating…I actually kind of like her

  • carey

    HOT!! HOT!! definitely a fashion icon. where can we see the rest of the campaign photos?

  • mike

    TR shut up and dont be such a fucking hater….

  • Elaine

    I enjoyed photos are exotic with air of mystery

  • cupcakes

    Don’t like this one. She looks like a dude.

  • Elaine

    fierce -feroz

  • yo

    i have never liked her, dont get what people see in her

  • dani

    i love it. FIERCE

  • Jack

    Interesting but the slicked back hair does not flatter her.

  • gloria

    She looks like the spawn of “Elvira”. They can do all the want to try and make Katie look hot and sexy, but she just isn’t. She’s just a plain Jane!

  • Hallie

    I don’t like the way they styled her hair there.

  • T.

    she looks retarded in these pictures she is not hot enough for this type of shoot so she just look like a fool

  • Too Funny!!

    There’s absolutely nothing sexy or sensual about this woman/child. She also looks nothing like before becoming Stepford Katie. Did anyone see that stupid seduction dance where she was singing (I think) inside some tunnel? She just looks like she’s trying so hard to be sexy. I only like looking at her with her kid – she looks like a very nice babysitter from next door.

  • bebe

    She looks gorgeous. She has this beautiful serene quality about her that works perfectly.

  • JMO

    She’s pretty but she has a very square face and the way they fixed her hair really emphasizes it.

  • Too Funny!!

    A little girl playing dress up who went way overboard with the make-up and hair gel. Not to mention an ill fitting dress.

  • gfreeze


  • kylie

    Those ads are ugly.

  • Ana

    Sorry, I think she looks like a drag queen.

  • Julie

    Craziness. Retouched, airbrushed, fake, fake, fake………

  • tora

    The ad and its concept is nicely executed, however to use someone like Katie Holmes is a over-rated exercise that should have never been thought twice.

  • bejeebus

    okay, since all the SANE people who post here have come to the conclusion that mui mui MUST be making fun of katie with their new ad campaign……it is clear that this picture ir referencing either
    1) a robot’s inability to feel pain even while sticking it’s very own robot hand into fire or….
    2) katie holmes’ reputation and career crashing and burning because she stepped to close to the fire of her “hubby” the seriously en fuego flamingly gay freak tommy girl cuise.
    …could be both really

  • yuck

    that is on stupid and ugly looking ad.

  • kitykat

    How come they only show her upper body all the time? We’ll see what the rest look like, but this picture is okay.

  • lola

    it’s hot

  • bejeebus

    ha….just noticed something else….in referring to “2)” and her getting to close to big gay tom and his flaming no no hole…..look at how low the flame is in this picture…a reference to his height (or lack there of) perhaps? man, you could analyze these pix to death!

  • someone

    these ads look amazing!

  • lakers fan in boston

    looks so stupid in my opinion
    looks like she is practicing some alien shit
    altho i do gotta say katie looks pretty nice =]

  • Natasha

    SHE LOOK FABULOUS!!!I Amazing and Cute go Kate

  • jim

    This is horrific. She is so unnatural the way she’s trying to pose. I think alot of people wasted alot of time and money using this ugly woman.

  • Mr. Pink

    Critics are anything but sane, #31.

  • Kim

    The only reason I can think she got this job is she sucked someone’s big c**k!!! ???

  • Sonia Wu

    No hotter than the fake flame.
    No more convincing than the fake flame.
    I am seriously wondering whether this ad is part of HOmely’s $14 million shopping spree.

  • Jackie

    This is Katie Holmes? The person that was in NYC that had bags under her eyes daily, snaggled teeth, thunder thighs and cankles, herpes sores all over her mouth, a hunchback, & sallow-grey skin??? Besides that, she never combed her hair and she doesn’t even begin to know how to dress herself. Now we’re supposed to accept this photoshopped creation as Katie Homely. Not quite, Miu Miu. Idiots!!!

    Miu Miu should be called Dumb and Dumber.

  • Dina

    She always tries too hard. There must be a shortage of pretty people if they are using this fugly golddigger.

  • Jen1

    She looks so beautiful. Classy and beautiful. Go Katie!

  • tom’s beard


  • ewww ewww

    she looks like a fool, is she in pain? and the dress is ugly.

  • pathetic

    is she being held captive underground by the cult while she gets niacin?

  • Sonia Wu

    Yeah, both dresses are fugly.
    This is why I wonder the ad campaign is part of her $14 million shopping spree.
    I suspect Miu Miu people maybe playing with this Homely sucker by donning her two of the most ridiculous and heinous dresses. One comes with its own napkin, the other is only a Plead Please wannabe.

  • Marieme

    Same feelings as yesterday.

    Love her, but…