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Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Katsuya Couple

Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Katsuya Couple

Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr enjoy a romantic dinner out at super-hip Asian eatery Katsuya in Hollywood on Wednesday (January 14).

Orly, who rocked out a pair of Ksubi “Dee Dee Jet” black jeans, turned 32 on Tuesday. Happy Belated, Mr. Bloom!!!

Last week, Kerrbloom was seen popping into the Diesel on Melrose Avenue to order some jeans. “He was really nice, really laid back, everyone loves him,” a source tells People, adding that the couple “picked up some things to ‘kick around the house’ in.” Orly even left the store in his just-purchased gray knit Spavonci sweater.

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Credit: Bobby Rachpoot; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • elizabeth

    They are so adorable together.
    And Orlando Bloom is so hot! :]
    Happy belated!

  • http://Justjared Nicole

    Orlando looks hot but he really should dump the cabbage patch doll as she is only using him to get media attention. Lets start a campaign to Save Orlando!!

  • famewhores.on.parade


    It’s the Hasbeen and Ho Show!

  • so sad

    It’s so sad that Orlando’s career has been reduced to nothing but pap set ups with a cabbage patch faced panty model.

  • paksmile

    Original Work
    Mind blowing yaar its simply superb. this is a very informative site.

  • matty

    fuck up and leave randa alone!!!! JEALOUS LOSERS!

  • Sandy

    Miranda is #@!#ing adorable. # 2 have you been told that you are an idiot? Get a $#@$ing life you retard

  • knightsintodreams

    AHAHAHA that expression~!!!!! “WH-WHAT??!!”
    ah…..:3 he looks really good here~ ^^ luv him~
    im glad he’s happy with her~ i hope they make it :D
    (stop calling him a has-been!!! and her a whore-bitch-skank-slut. what the hell people common decency. my lord… >.>)

  • jessica

    WTF happened to him? He used to be so hot.

    I didn’t even recognize his girlfriend without all the photoshop.

    This couple is so irrelevant.

  • pimping yo ass

    ah good i’m glad to see they got that diesel mention in there again, you need to pay for freebies after all orlando……. in one way or another

  • Honey

    I agree with # 2 & #4
    Lets start a campaign to Save Orlando!!

  • mia

    I think that Orlando is wearing Mirandas cloth. Look at the T shirt, material is so for female, and it looks too small for him. Something is also wrong with the sleeves length. All together, is too short. Can we see the boxers? But, finally, he bought new trousers, which is very good. Now he can clean the pair he was wearing constantly.

  • Grace

    That disgust Orlando !!!

  • @ mia

    That’s probably just an old shirt of Orlando’s that doesn’t fit him anymore since he’s so out of shape now. His looks are fading even worse than his career.

  • Orlando’s fan

    He is in very good shape!
    Cute couple!

  • ummmmm

    Hey look, that’s Joe Byrne and his dingo.

  • me

    He looks hot!!
    love the looks of his culrs like that, even his facial hair looking so scruffy.
    Hope to see him filming a movie soon

  • lian

    They look great together.. To all those who have nothing good to say shut the f up

  • Orlando’s fan

    Next month there will be the release of “New York, I love you”, Orlando is in one of the episodes, I can’t wait to see this movie!

  • lizzie

    He looked better before. But I’m happy he’s dating a model cos it means there are not only the big boobs that count lol

  • mot

    The same BS as usual. ZZZZZZZZZZZ

  • @ everyone

    you can really see the love on his face – NOT!

    More Like Stark Terror – of “What The F**** Am I Doing?

  • @ everyone

    He is probably acting that out too!

    Wonder who he enjoys hurting so much!

  • sMASHA

    They make a hot, sexy couple. Imagine how beautiful their kids will be!!
    Miranda not only has brains but beauty although I prefer her hair a little darker as dark hair makes her beautiful blue eyes stand out.
    love you Miranda, you too Orly

  • Wanda Rizzuto

    The name again…Katsuya!

    Orly sez: “Now for a limited time, mention my name and get 15% off any entree (cannot be combined with any other coupons)! Tell ‘em Orly sent ya!”

  • Lyn

    @14-Out of shape? Are you kidding? With those tight abs and serious pecs? Your hatred is blinding you.
    They were on a double date with Liv Tyler and her new boyfriend. I love that he still makes a point to hang out with his LOTR co stars.
    The scruff can go, but his hair looks fantastic. So shiny and soft. He is gorgeous! She is beautiful, too. They would make gorgeous children.

  • shoes4life

    I would hardly call Orlando Bloom a has been, maybe a very smart man who is well paid for the big cinema choices he made. I mean the man was in the trilogy of LOTR which I am sure he is still paid handsomely for through royalties (just like the other main characters) from dvd sales, cable, video games, etc. The samething with a small movie called Pirates of the Caribbean which Orlando was again a main character, plus it is a DISNEY movie. I doubt he is at home worrying about money. He is well paid and took well deserved time off from filming. He can afford to film 1 or 2 movies a year because the royalty checks will always be coming in for good number of years to come.

  • tora

    He’s wearing his girlfriend’s shirt. Still looks good on him. ha ha

  • right on schedule

    “QUICK!! Hold my hand, hold my hand!!!!”

    ROFL! That picture. Back to three whiskers again we see.

    Sorry, but he REALLY looks gay in that outfit. First time I’ve ever thought or said that in all my time in this fandom. Sad to see he’s reduced himself to nothing but a clothing and restaurant pimping celebutard. Take the work you can get I guess.

    They are BOTH cheaters and liars and famewhores. Does that fair acknowledgement make you feel any better Poo?

  • amazed

    Why is Miranda always smirking when she sees the paps?

  • shenanyginz

    am I the only one who sees how scared the poor boy looks???

  • @27

    I suppose so, if how much money you have is your only standard of worth or value or character. Unfortunately with him, I think that is just about right. Oh, and his arm trinket has to be a starlet/model/pornstar, some public notoriety to bring him attention too.
    1 or 2 movies a year? He WISHES honey!

    @29–So, it was a dinner get together with other people and not a romantic dinner for two? Uh-huh. Not only right on schedule, but same M.O. I’m sure we’ll get even more clarity over the next few days.

    #28— Yes, because every straight man I know can’t wait to get all cozy and share his girlfriends clothes! And wear them in public too!

  • HAHA

    Oooo. The scarves are back. And who says he doesn’t read his own fansites!?

  • retro

    Love the retro look.
    1970′s GayBoy.

  • huh?

    Why does he look so surprised that the paps are there? Really, WHY?
    Look to your left darling. Is he genuinely that stupid?

  • KC

    Orlando is looking worse and worse every time I see him. He’s really gone downhill from his hot days. He’s not working AT ALL! That’s surprising.

  • joan

    I think miranda is also recycling her wardrobe like orlando.. but that’s a good thing

  • Awwww!

    Look at the famewhores. So perfect for each other, they can drown in each other’s shallowness.

  • hmmmm

    Interesting thin scars across his wrists on his camera hand. At least they’re healed and not red and inflamed anymore.
    Of course some uberfan will jump on to gnash they were from all the hard training he did for TRC. That is the fandom sanctioned explanation for them, right?
    BTW, according to a gossip site on Google just this morning, the TRC is set to be released soon in 2009. Blessed be St. Orlando and the miracle of the space/time continuum.

  • Those who love to hate

    What judgmental self-righteous haters. Perhaps like scorpions you’ll eventually poison yourselves with your own venom. (One can only hope.)

  • sally

    miranda is stunning! they make such a cute couple

  • ROFL

    ‘Randa baby! LOL.
    We were just yanking your chain about Bozzie being free(ok, except for maybe that last teensy little part…).
    Seriously girl, you didn’t have to run out and try to counterprove it with a mini papfest.

  • meh

    She looks smug and he looks like he had a lot of sake with dinner.

  • karibikqueen

    I show, however, whenever I see photos of the both , not finds what is right., with to the both is absent me hamonie .da none is I also find them optically not hamonie. They are only a couple what from two nice people exists no more.

  • isn’t it funny?

    How funny that when someone points out the big flaws in the ‘famewhores’ theory, all the haters’ reply is unanimous: …………………..
    But when a new thread starts, their silence miraculously vanishes and they start again with the same stupidity.

    But the shirt is horrible indeed. I don’t think he looks bad at all except for that detail.

    @32 what do you mean ‘right on schedule’? I thought that the so called ‘schedule’ consisted of pics every 5 weeks.

    So they invited Liv Tyler to a papfest…interesting.

  • @38

    Yea, Bloom is one of those stupidly proud people who will let himself drown in those shallows, out of spite for his fans and critics, rather than pick himself up and take a few small steps to shore. Weak boy.

  • @ shenanyginz

    “am I the only one who sees how scared the poor boy looks???”

    That’s just his acting face. Looks to me that he is hoping someone will feel sorry for him, and do what he obviously cannot. Stand up for himself!

  • @43

    I think that is how he handles a lot of things in his life now. Lots of sake!

  • mot

    But he works hard! Now he´s a body- guard , baby sitter and sometimes a clown.

  • teenyweeny

    I miss the days when if he wore pants that low and tight we’d get a nice firm round idea of a couple of somethin’ somethin. Nowadays, there’s just nothin’.