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Sienna Miller is a Groucho Girl

Sienna Miller is a Groucho Girl

Sienna Miller (in Genetic Denim skinny jeans) and a mystery male leave London’s Groucho Club around two in the morning on Thursday (January 15). The 27-year-old British actress was seen heading to Jerry’s Club and left there around 3:30 a.m. through the side door to avoid photographers.

Sienna was reportedly dumped from the upcoming Robin Hood rename “because she’d make co-star Russell Crowe look old and fat.”

An insider told the New York Post, “It is a mess. Russell never lost the weight he put on for Body Of Lies and so the love scenes between him and Sienna would have been laughable. He’s so old and fat and she’s so young and gorgeous. [Producers are] looking for an older, plumper actress to play the role so Crowe doesn’t look like a paunchy grandpa. Someone in her late 30s or early 40s”.’

10+ pictures inside of Groucho Girl Sienna Miller

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  • NativeNYker

    Now how fierce is that fur she is rocking? Work it, work it, work it out – girl! And she looks like she is a stones throw from tripping…

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • hank

    this chick is so wasted.

  • amily

    She looks great and she is a natural beauty. Lots of my online friends on ***** blackwhitefriends . c o m**** love her too. You can share your ideas free out though it is a serious interracial dating service.

  • All i’m saying…

    How is putting a 30-40 year old in going to make him look less old and fat, if this is true? Wouldn’t they also have to be even older and fatter?

  • boogie

    nasty Sienna.

    sure….that’s the reason for dumping her. LOL

    She is a lousy actress period and a s l u t to start with.

    can’t get this nasty taste out of my mouth….the minute I saw a pic of Sienna the s l u t here.

    go away sienna

  • mju8

    Another pathetic attempt by Sienna’s PR to pretend like her so-called “career” still has a heartbeat. Shame on her for trying to blame Russell Crowe. Like Sienna is SO gorgeous and SO slim. Please girl, get over yourself, you’re conceited! Russell Crowe is an Oscar-winning actor. The only thing Sienna will ever win is a Razzie, and she’s not even A-list to win that.
    Therefore I’ll choose to believe the report about Ridley Scott firing her for her party girl reputation and recent homewrecking to be more accurate.

  • jaaaackie

    she needs to stop dressing like kate moss. sienna doesn’t have the supermodel attitude to pull it off and look fierce. and the black balenciaga motorcycle bag? so over!

  • kate

    She looks horrible and smelly.
    She was dropped from Nottingham because she would make Russell Crowe look bad? Doubt it very much. I’d bet it’s because she in no way could believably portray Maid Marion. I laughed out loud when I first heard she was in that role.

  • Lyla

    #7, that is so not a Balenciaga motorcycle!
    she’s not trying to dress up like Kate Moss…
    I think Sienna is a boho chick, and Kate is more of a rocker chic chick
    but she seriously has to stop smoking!

  • sunseeker

    what happened to the girl who said not long ago she never went to clubs and had not been to one for ages. That girl tells one lie after another, needs to check her interviews before she goes out. As for losing the part in Nottingham because of Russell Crowe, what a lot of rubbish, whatever the reason it was not Russell Crowe’s weight ,in his recent photos he has lost a lot more weight . HE IS A FIRST CLASS ACTOR she is a wannabe who is known for her unsavoury photos with a married lover.

  • barca

    she proves here’what a ‘wonderful’ stephmother she would be to balthazars children!
    if i were rosetta i would make sure that sienna would never go near my children EVER…that way their so called relationship would always have a nasty side to it and would never have the potential to be anything more then just a sleazy adulterous affair.
    andi have to agree with a comment i read before from C2 saying that sienna did manage to go to mexico with getty without being seen..and where are the skimpy bikini pics? she cleaims she is always haunted by the press but we only saw 1picof her in the car with him..strange hey?
    i am more and more convinced that she lies and works the press all to her own advantage..never been out to a club in london for years??
    pleazzzz sienna…pics dont lie…get yourself together and do the right thing for once in your life and leave getty alone..u only want him cause u want his inheretance..and i believe she gets off on the thought of the 2of them against the rest of the world…sick twisted girl…

  • oh no

    Whaat? Daily Mail posts pictures of SM with Cillian Murphy and it looks from the same night! Could it be? Ewww….

  • tala


    SL UT! S LUT! S LUT!

  • she sure is

    is there anyone she hasn’t slept with?? seems like the entire male population has been infected.

  • lizzie

    that girl is famour out of nothing and when the media leaves her alone she is gonna feel really bad!

  • gary

    yup, it’s Cillian Murphey…What a surprise she’s out with another married man.

    How unfortunate for her that she is so hot and georgeous that it’s costing her film roles…yeah, that’s what happened.

  • ace tomato

    Wow, Sienna Miller’s “people” went way overboard on this load of bs. Fired because she is too young and gorgeous? Right . . .

    Sounds like someone tried to hit on (a very married) Russell Crowe and got herself nowhere but fired.

  • Party girl

    Seinna wasn’t dropped because of Crowe. She was dropped because of her life choices.

    “A source on the film said: “Sienna’s image just wasn’t right, especially after her controversial affair with Balthazar Getty.”

    She flunked the drug test is what I heard.

  • anonymous

    I think she was fired because the film makers ultimately realized that nobody in their right mind would EVER believe Sienna playing the virginal Maid Marian

  • wish

    She’s just a waste are time to talk about. Don’t forget rachel bilson will do the same thing. I don’t who is worst her or sienna miller.

  • Bruce

    She looks like crap. How could she make Russell Crowe look old?

  • gerard Vandenberg

    Let’s meet the new COMEDY-COUPLE here, folks!!

  • jazz

    If I were Mrs. Murphy I will be very wary. Sienna already made a play for Cillian when they started filming Edge of Love according to crew members. It is probably only the fact that his missus was with her while filming that nothing happened. She setltled for Matthew Rhys instead.

  • gala

    leave her alone. ANYONE who has seen factory girl interview and the edge of love know tht she is incredibly talented. Johnny depp leo di caprio, all these guys go out, why do you give her such a hard time??? Sitting there demolishing people all day long. Give her a break. She is actually supposed to be one of the nicest and most honest people

  • gala

    you idiots believe everything you read. get a life

  • jazz

    Um no. I have friends in London who have met her several times and have been to some of the parties she attended and have nothing nice to say about her at all. I haven’t liked her since she appeared on the scene several years ago.

  • dorie


    She may be talnted, (I don’t think so) but does that justify her chasing after married men? She can”t find anyone single?

    Are you telling me you don’t beleive she is having an affair with a married man with four kids? Catch the denile bus, you’ve already got a ticket, idiot.

  • gjc

    Good riddence!! That tramp would wreck the movie anyway with her “one character” repetoire. She looks like a druggie in these pictures.

  • gala

    he was separated from his wife. She has been seeing other people the entire time, but the media fail to comment on that. Jealous and cruel all of you

  • gala

    his wife has been seein other people all along!!! No one wants to print that because it sells far more newspapers making her out to be trash. People are so unbelievably cruel on this website. How can you people live with yourselves when you spew such constant htrid. There is enough negativity in the world. shameful

  • zara

    she is so cute love her style …!

  • galablabba

    oh, go back to your hole.

    You must have come out of your hole (cave? ) today. People are not being cruel…silly. What do you think this website is for?

    However….Sienna IS trash…no question about it!

    It does not matter if he was separated from his wife!

    how stupid!

  • Natchy

    I used to like her so much…
    I think she kind of lost herself after the hole Jude Law’s ‘fiasco’.

  • dorie

    Seperated? Seeing other people? How do you know this?
    What are you psychic? It has been printed because it’s not true. The only people saying they were seperated isSquankeenna’s bonehead PR.

    Sienna is unbelievable cruel to Rosetta Getty and her four children and she deserves every nasty word said about her.

  • Steve

    Man she is nasty looking now…she used to be so hot. What happened?? Lay off the partying and the married men! You can’t take it!

  • Moo

    So, they keep a fat old has-been and dump the pretty young woman? It really is a man’s world, isn’t it?

  • oh, come on!


    yeah…that’s what happened. They said “you’re to sexy to be in this movie” It had nothing to do with the fact that no one wants to see this homewrecker in a movie and she can’t keep her mug out of the papers. Or the fact she can’t really act. Nah, that’s not it. She was just too gosh darn hot.

  • boogie

    moo- # 36.

    incorrect. They probably realized people would not go for her being cast as the virginal Maid Marian in Robin Hood movie.

    Plus she is a lousy actress and Russel Crowe is a fabulous actor. They probably had to make up something to get rid of this nasty piece of garbage called Sienna.

  • skull and crossbones

    Sienna has become box office poison. Her movie with James Franco goes straight to dvd. That says it all. Crowe won’t take a chance like that.

  • sunseeker


    Are you that silly that you think that the media would not find out that his wife had been dating other men, if you had seen the first photo of Rosetta after the affair came to light you would have seen she was devasted. And people like Eric Dane and his wife even the cast from Brothers and Sisters have supported her, and Eric Dane has been friends with Getty for 18 years, what kind of person are you to say that about his wife. And if it was true do you not think Sienna PR’s would have leaked that by now. And why did Getty say in an interview that it takes two to tango and his wife is also a special person in his life, grow up.

  • Sing sing

    Well, it’s nice to know she’s holding herself up with dignity and grace in light of having no job prospects, no film, no friends.

    He must be planning to her drunk and boof her up the backside.

  • DavidB

    ohhhh, yeah, she looks good. not. How old is she?

  • lakers fan in boston

    she looks so horrible
    that coat looks so ridiculous
    sad to see somewhat pretty girl go down the drain =\

  • LOOK

    If Sienna cared about the people in the film, cast, crewe, Director she would have kept her head down this year so not to become a liability.

    She deserved to be dumped.

  • http://justjared soprano


  • Erin

    How many films have been put on delayed release affecting peoples careers?

  • Erin

    How many films have been put on delayed release affecting peoples careers?

  • DavidB


    Edge of Love-fizzled despite very high expectations
    GI Joe-Delayed
    Woman of No Importance- Cancelled
    Mysteries of Pittsburg-dead
    Hippie Hippie Shake-Delayed
    Nottingham-Delayed until she was out

    Hopefully she won’t ruin any more movies
    She is nasty nasty nasty

  • Linda

    I hate this girl! she so annoying! I hate her fur coat, so bad! I never saw her movies e I don’t wanto to see! She can’t act, the worst actress of the world!

  • c2

    You know what this means.VICTIMienna will be treating us to staged photo-ops in London with the MARRIED MAN who has so little respect or love for her that he won’t divorce his wife, but not before she tips off the papz so that they can capture him departing LAX. She could save herself all of the trouble by stop tipping off the paz, LAYING LOW, and stop playing the victim.