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Taylor Momsen Covers Page Six Magazine

Taylor Momsen Covers Page Six Magazine

Taylor Momsen strikes a seductive pose on the latest cover of Page Six Magazine. Here’s what the Gossip Girl actress had to say about becoming a pop culture icon at 15:

On protecting her image: “I don’t leave the house without thinking of how to represent myself. But I’m not a little kid playing dress up. It’s all very real.”

On her fave fashion designers: “I love Alexander Wang! Oh, and I love Balmain and this new indie designer named Gary Graham. I discovered him; he’s so edgy and different. I like the high-end people”YSL, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana.”

On her reputation as acting a little too grown-up with her Gossip Girl costars: “It’s like, yeah, I’m really going to go to a party with my cast and crew and all the executives at the network and dance on tables. [Tabloids] all want to make me out as this party girl, and I’m not. I’m underage! All I do is sit at home and play guitar. That’s seriously what I do. I’m a Leo. I’ve always been independent, and this is the lifestyle I have grown up with since I was 3.”

Be sure to check out Taylor‘s latest viral video: Taylor Momsen is a Monkey.

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  • the_boyfriend

    great cover.
    i wish she was legal, i bet she’d give great candid coming out of the clubs..
    i love her, interesting to follow.

  • suzy q

    She’s embarrassing.

  • wish

    Taylor seems to have a good head on shoulder. Keep it up.

  • jo

    it’s funny everyone bags on miley cyrus but she’s younger than her. no one tells her how to dress

  • cutie

    adorable :-)

  • ozzy

    she’s very pretty

  • milli

    She discovered a designer??? Really? Well good for the designer.

  • annie..

    she’s gorgeous!

  • helena


  • Rayt

    rofl what a little liar. She is a party girl, I know for a fact she is. Liarr i hate taylor and all her stupid little “im so big cause i can drink” friends. Yeah.

  • SWE3T23

    exactly number 4… taylor looks more the type like she goes out to clubs and does coke.

    I don’t understand why everyone bags on Miley Cyrus… miley has personality and everything an girl wants

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    suzy q,
    …`what has she done to embarrass herself, or anyone else???

  • love

    She looks pretty on this cover..14 /15 years old lately look very old for their age damn,,,even my lil sis looks older than me !! whats happening?!?

  • chris

    cute and edgy!!! and why must we compare taylor with Miley?

  • Annika

    LOL She’s not a pop culture icon.

  • Sara

    Please. This girl hangs out with people way older than older than her, drinks, goes clubbing, smokes, dresses more inappropriately than all the other 20-somethings on the show and is as thin as a rake.

    Let’s not forget all the rumours about her being a cokehead. Where there’s smoke there’s fire and I’ve heard so many different stories from different people about Taylor being a cokehead that I’d be surprised if this rumour isn’t true.

  • dundies

    LOL She’s not a pop culture icon.


  • dundies

    I’m not a little kid playing dress up


    cus ur not 15 years of age and you dont dress way older than that. riiiiiiggggght that must be someone else

  • Rayt

    “All I do is sit at home and play guitar. That’s seriously what I do.”

    Rofl i seriously cannot get over what a liar she is. lol thats so funny.

  • lo

    Jared, that’s not seductive, that’s slouching…

  • angie

    she was prettier before.

  • Tania

    Something about this girl seems….off. I can’t put my finger on it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the rumors of her party lifestyle are true. I mean, imagine the peer pressure that this kid must go through on a daily basis.

    Her looks are way beyond her years and she has access to money, clubs, drugs, you name it. Think about yourself being exposed to that kind of lifestyle at 15! I know I probably would have succumbed to some demons.

  • Brenda Song fan 192

    NO offence but she is NOT

  • yo

    haha something is not right here, i just cant believe she sits at home and plays guitar!

  • Brenda Song fan 192

    No offence but she is SOO NOT a pop culture icon. Billions of people dont even know she exists playing Jenny Humphrey is not making her the Miley Cyrus. She barely has any fans and Gossip Girl’s ratings/views is very low like 4.5 million is the highest and not even average while The Suite Life on Deck, Hannah Montana, and even Cory in the House get better ratings. Gossip Girl is so overrated because of the Jewish producer, Josh. I used to like Gossip Girl but then the cast and crew got beyond OVERRATED. Like wtf. I know for a fact that Taylor Momsen is not a pop culture icon and that she is not worthy of being followed by the papz. Hollywood wants the ”new young hollywood” wave so every year the men in suits decide who will make it big. Gossip Girl just happened to be the one chosen, Anne Hathaway, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, and many others were hand picked too. This is just how it ALL works she is not worthy of the cover and she barely even has fans. Gossip Girl is a flop based on it’s ratings and END OF STORY. Tania: She is a not so high paid teen actress in a low rated overrated tv show. She doesn’t have access to ”much money” she doesn’t make much she has only done one full season of a cw show and she doesnt even play the main character geez. you ppl are so beyond retarded taylor momsen outside the contininent, USA, she is nothing and a nobody she is barely a somebody in the US she is only known for jenny and the papz need someone new to follow because they are running out of fucking stars to follow.

  • Brenda Song fan 192

    SHE IS NOTHING overrated slut. She doesnt have fans. Hollywood is fucking retarded

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    …this chick is 15… 15! and she has grown ass women hating on her hardcore. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
    what kind of pathetic-ass grown women would hate on a fcuking 15 year-old?!?
    ..`damn you bishes are ;jealous/ – of a 15 year-old! lmbaoo

  • Rayt

    Infamous ur sucha a fcukin hypocrite you hate on babies and young people on this site all the fcukin time… just cause you like taylor and the cruises so you hate on everyone who comments negatively towards them. GTFO you idiot. Seriously you dont sound clever or funny and nobody takes you seriously so gtfo this site. Surprised Jared hasnt banned you yet.

    pathetic-ass grown man/woman/thing you are. LMBAOO.

  • Cynthia

    Stunning!!!! She’s a very pretty girl, period. Haters to the left!!!!

  • Yar

    Somebody should feed her and no, air doesn’t count.


    Taylor always looks unhappy, on the cover of mags and off. She is probably VERY hungry! So damn skinny!

  • Lily

    I love this cover.

  • three

    She looks a bit like Lily Cole there.

  • nika

    page six is laughable “pop culture icon” LOOL.

  • Jennie

    she is GORGEOUS. beyond gorgeous…she looks like a goddess on the cover. yes, she slouches. but on this cover, her pose just looks elegant. OMG though PLEASE tell me thats not true though- she CANT be a cokehead!! :(((( noooooo i really REALLY hope thats not true. she could have such a future….but i do agree that something seems off with her. she seems much different than her little self on the grinch. but shes so talented and gorgeous!!

  • Mariah

    EXACTLY! She’s underage.
    What she said about staying @ home is a lie.
    She does party. She does drink. She does whatever she feels like doing.

    Why doesn’t anyone get arrested for doing drugs underaged?!

  • ariana

    i totally agree with #4…funny isnt it, if anyone its this girl who needs to check her age she is freakin 15

  • Nancy

    She looks lovely on that cover!

    I honestly don’t see what the big deal is. So what if she does party and drink? I highly doubt everyone here waited until they were legal to do all that. I definitely prefer Taylor over Miley Cyrus.

  • remy

    how is taylor an ICON?
    define icon… -_-
    i thought they were suppose to be someone that you can look up to and follow. LOL
    she only dresses nice because of gossipgirl
    outside GG i think she dresses like a skank…

    pretty girl though

  • Krissy

    lol #28


  • sari

    what a LIAR! i saw her video on youtube smoking on the balcony with the other GG cast.. hahahha

  • LuckyL

    I still like her, but she’s more c*ntish than I expected

  • LuckyL

    She’s no “pop culture icon”. A failing show they’ve tried to push as something more because the rich and bit*hy fake fashionistas like seeing themselves on tv.

  • christina

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  • LolaSvelt

    Taylor has great taste in designers. She never said she discovered him, she said she personally discovered him.

    I also love Wang, Balmain and YSL!

  • LolaSvelt

    Taylor has great taste in designers. She never said she discovered him, she said she personally discovered him.

    I also love Wang, Balmain and YSL!

  • MArley aka mars

    #23 soo true, and #31 hilarious. Of course this teen stars aren’t gonna say they go out and act crazy cause then there’d be an issue. There are teens her age and mine who do worse stuff then what we supposedly know about her. She really does need to gain a few. And does she have friends her actual age?! I’m also guessing she wants to make an album know, cause this isn’t the first time she brought up something about her and music. And what exactly does being a leo have to do anything?!

  • Deidre

    For a “fashion icon” , how could she refer to DIOR and D&G as “PEOPLE”!?!? First of all, its the HOUSE of DIOR now, which is headed by John Galliano and YSL was a person but he has passed away and D&G pfft she has not a clue.

  • celebgossipaddict

    She should grow up a little before she’s allowed to say stuff like this. Seriously!

  • bob

    She should really just stop talking.

    Her comment about Haiti was despicable. I find her to be one of the most annoying young stars these days. Hopefully she’ll keep up on this horrible path she’s going down and overdose.