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Rebecca Romijn's Twins -- First Picture!

Rebecca Romijn's Twins -- First Picture!

Jerry O’Connell showed off his and wife Rebecca Romijn‘s two healthy daughters – Dolly Rebecca Rose and Charlie Tamara Tulip during this morning’s Live With Regis and Kelly!

Jerry shared, “The second you have kids, you can’t help but be like, ‘I happen to have some photos of my children.’”

The twin girls were born on December 28. Dolly was named after Rebecca‘s favorite country singer, Dolly Parton. Charlie was named after Jerry‘s younger brother Charlie O’Connell, who is an actor as well.

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  • ellie

    oh just so precious. congrats to your new beautiful family

  • LuckyL

    I feel creepy seeing them so early lol. I feel like I’m looking into her womb or something, oh Christ!

  • lala

    damn! those are some ugly ass twins! they would have been cute if they looked somewhat like rebecca, but no, they have to look like that ugly daddy of theirs!

  • LuckyL

    lala, lol, can you REALLY tell?

  • gerard Vandenberg

    The fact this jerry is the father bothers me seriously, folks!!

  • lala


  • annabelle

    Beautifull healthy kids, Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!

  • me

    Poor kids look just like dad. FUG!

  • js

    Don’t forget Jerry was a really fat ugly kid. Watch the movie Stand by me. He is the ugly porker in it. Not good genes going on here.

  • boogie

    aw……nothing better than sweet babies!

    no baby is ugly! Only the people that say those things.

  • lala

    aw……nothing better than sweet babies!

    no baby is ugly! Only the people that say those things.
    how do you know what we look like?

    you havent been looking in the mirror lately.

  • meeeeee

    they little hair, little lips, little noses, little fingers- yup they look like every other baby out there- adorable, and sweet. I wish them all the best.

  • boogie

    #11- I guess you are not too bright-

    ugly minded people that call babies ugly.

    get it? duh!

  • Meg

    Aww, little babies & children should not be called ugly ever!
    People are only ugly when they behave ugly and babies are so innocent and sweet they are all beautiful.
    Reading some of these comments tells me that some of you beautiful babies have turned into “ugly” adults who can only say negative things about innocent babies and their happy parents.
    Shame on you for being ugly.

  • Anne

    Beautiful! Congrats to you both : )

  • Mandy

    lala, you know you’re stupid right?
    get a life, i bet you’re ugly as hell.

  • lexy

    they are very cute

  • lala

    #11 and #16

    burned yalls small ass biscuits!

  • diva

    yay they were born on my b-day there cute babies! who calls inocent infants ugly u typing that has already made ur personality stank it’s these famous children on this site not u!

  • Katarina

    wtf………they called one of their daughters Charlie…..

    Who the fuck gives a girl the name Charlie???????

  • lala

    some girls i know are named charlie. i agree though, its too boyish.

  • Amy


  • deka

    all babies look the same :-p

  • lizzie

    we cant see nothing

  • wish

    Pretty babies wonder can they tell them apart. Congrats again.

  • bejeebus

    was that picture taken with an etch-a-sketch?

  • kati

    They´re very cute little babies! Congratulations to the whole family! When these two will grow up they´ll certainly be gorgeous little ones. So watch out Max & Emme and Knox & Vivienne! Another cute couple of celebrity twins have come to charm this world! Still all these children are Godsent to their parents just like any child!

  • looneykat

    Looks like the new way for a celebrity to show their baby’s picture is a quick look on a talk show. Many celebs have done it this way. Much better than selling pictures to the highest bidder.

  • lala

    i know…

  • jenna

    lalal……it’s YOU! lol

  • fame’re weird.

  • to lala

    Ha ha lala — you are one delusional girl if you think that picture is of an attractive female. I hope for your sake it is not you because she looks kinda skanky and her features are all off.

  • to lala

    Oh a word got cut – well what I said was “she looks kinda sk an ky”. Forgot to say trashy and unattractive also. Most definitely not a good looking face.

  • * VICTORIA *

    RIGHT ON, ” BOOGIE ” AND ” MEG “…….. Only ugly minded people, and jealous ass’s call ANY baby or child, ” ugly “……Good, Lord, I HOPE they do NOT have children of their own…..Talk about ” therapy “, being needed, for those poor emotionally battered minds…..

  • Rayt

    Lala wtf you are actually an ugly cunt.

    Anyways.. Adorable kids

  • Joe

    I have worked with both of them, they are both LOVELY people, Jerry is so friendly and funny, stop slagging people you don’t even know!

    Congratulations to them!

  • Charlene

    considering the quality isn’t so great and that all babies pretty much look the same to everyone else except to the parents themselves – i think they look like two very beautiful little girls in comparison to some i’ve seen and each with a good head of hair too! I don’t really understand how anyone could see which parent they look like at this stage – ugly ass or otherwise. Speaking of asses, Lala – fuck off.

    By the way Jared, Charlie’s middle name Tamara comes from Rebecca’s younger sister – just in case you wanted to add that to the post!

  • Lala is an ugly…

    lala, you are ugly as f***
    them babies look better than u
    like god **** u look worse than that exorcist girl

  • nona

    ugly. (lala not the babies theyre adorable!)