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Tom Cruise is a Superhero in Seoul

Tom Cruise is a Superhero in Seoul

Tom Cruise is greeted by a horde of fans and photographers as he arrives at Gimpo Airport in Seoul, South Korea on Friday (January 16).

The 46-year-old actor will be in Seoul to promote his latest film, Valkyrie over this coming weekend. On Saturday Tom will be at Yongsan CGV theater and on Sunday, he will attend a press conference and red-carpet premiere.

Tom has been confirmed as a guest on Jonathan Ross’s first BBC1 chatshow, when he is in London promoting Valkyrie next week.

10+ pictures inside of Tom Cruise as a superhero in Seoul, South Korea…

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50 Responses to “Tom Cruise is a Superhero in Seoul”

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  1. 26
    jasongetlast Says:

    In response to JV who said “I hate him because of Scientology. They are a dangerous cult and Tom endangers impressionable people by telling them that Scientology is great and can solve any problem. Say what you want, I will never change my opinion of the cult or of him.”
    I don’t know about that one, I think the cult is anonymous and its crazy organization who protest outside of Katie (who is a mother might I add) home and run through New York City Streets in Vaseline running in and out of Scientology Centers. I mean I am Catholic but every religion has its own beliefs. Some might even go as far saying the Catholic Priest like to have sexual relations with children but no one is protesting us right.

  2. 27
    craig Says:

    People who are not fans of Tom here is a question for you. If you don’t like him then why do you scan news, online media and gossip websites to find him????? Why even waste time leaving comments? Why organize online marketing campaigns to speak negative about him and his religious belief? I just do not get it. I mean the guy is just a good actor that is all. Valkyrie is a pretty good movie, so was Mission Impossible, and many more of his movies. If you have to leave comments of how much you dislike a person maybe you just might dislike yourself? Maybe you need a hug.

  3. 28
    Goop Says:

    I love Tom Cruise! He’s a studmuffin!

  4. 29
    WTF Says:

    oh shut up Craig, you’re an a.s.s. h.o.l.e.
    they should STAY in South Korea, let them see kh’s depressed face and Suri’s tears and panic attacks every day.
    maybe it’s warm there so Suri won’t freeze like kh let her in NY.

  5. 30
    tommy Says:

    Tom has a world wide fame but his movie Valkire is a ****** Not even once single nomination in any of this awards. It is funny.

  6. 31
    linda Says:

    can’t stand him. cannot truly stand him.

  7. 32
    It's ROBO bride's hubby Says:

    Wow. Look at the plastic surgery. It seems to get more pronounced rather than natural as the weeks go on!

  8. 33
    boogie Says:

    in just a couple of years he will be 50!

    and he reportedly wants 7 more brats??? LOL

  9. 34
    Jeanette Says:

    I agree with Craig (27) I had to look for this article so those people who profress to hate Tom must feel some sort of fascination (perhaps Tom has used his powers to hypnotise them?) to actually scroll for Tom then use time and energy to post remarks.

    I am not American or Korean but my family and I love Tom Cruise and have been big fans since “Rain Man”. One does not stay on top of a fickle industry like Hollywood for 25 years if he is as bad as some of the critics and haters in this column profess him to be.

    My advice is to ignore all articles about Tom if you hate him or he irritates you. There are lots of us out there who admire Tom and his family and who rate him as a great actor.


  10. 35
    ellie Says:

    I just love Tom Cruise hes the hottest still one of the best stars ever..
    Tom is a great family man a wonderful father to his beautiful children and husband to gorgeous Katie….

  11. 36
    h Says:

    Seriously why is there so much hate for Tom Cruise? He seems like a really nice person and not one of those stuck up celebrities. Everyone should really go see Valkyrie because it was AMAZING!!!!!

  12. 37
    RunKatieRun Says:

    No one is drinking the Kool-Aid Tom.

    The face lift, the wife, the baby, the cute interviews.

    We know you’re an uneducated, cult puppet with a maniacal control streak.

    Let Nicole see her children.

    Let your children have friends outside of Scientology.

    Let your children attend schools instead of being taught at home behind your fortress walls by Scientologists.

    Let Katie live like a normal person without t fear of losing her child.

    PS: The Malibu accent in Valkrie sounds stupid. You’ve been an actor ofr over 28 years, learn to perform using an foriegn accent.

  13. 38
    It's ROBO bride's hubby Says:

    Jeanette @ 01/16/2009 at 10:24 pm

    It’s a blog, get over it. People have opinions that are contrary to yours. And sometimes they are not kind. This is true for anyone who is featured on this blog and most other entertainment blogs.

  14. 39
    mr. grey Says:

    wow he is so amazing.
    he is just so … awe-inspiring.
    just awesome.
    so thrilling to see pics of him.
    just… wow… mind blowing.

  15. 40
    sasha Says:

    Where’s Mr Blonde/Pink?? Haha!
    Or is that you Mr Grey??
    At least you have changed your writing style to try and throw people off the scent.
    Any moniker on theTomKat threads that starts with a “Mr” has a hard on for Tommy Girl.
    All the same person hey Blondie??!!

  16. 41
    pauline Says:

    did sillr katie follow him all the way to seoul???
    she´s so afraid to lose her fringe benefits…!!!!!!!!

  17. 42
    * VICTORIA * Says:

    LOL, NUMBERS # 17 AND # 22….As I said on the first ” Cruise ” site earlier, he needs to stay away from Seoul…..Everytime he goes there to promote one of his movie’s, they bomb…..Maybe he should quit promoting….No other celebrity does THAT much, and their movie’s do just as well, if not better…..he wears himself out with the public…They tire of him, and most come out to just ” see him “……They don’t care about his movie promoting….

  18. 43
    Sasha Says:

    He’s so amazing! Love him, looks hot, really hot.

  19. 44
    NOT Mr Blonde pink orange grey Says:

    WOW!! The Scientolotards are in full effect on this blog. LOVE IT!! They have no idea how entertaining they are. I love the “well, I’m ot a scientologist but…..” . And like jasongetlast who says “I’m Catholic but….. …and what religon do you practice?” Do you know how many times I’ve read just that sentance alone in Tom Cruise threads, not just at this blog but all over the internet? Sorry but that’s got Scientologist written all over it. You think wogs/people can’t tell? YOU ALL SOUND EXACTLY THE SAME! That’s why people call you ROBOTS! I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of it, but theres this little thing called free speech. I know that you might not understand that but here on this evil internet thing, people express what they believe. And in this real society debate is actually looked at as a healthy thing. You might want to join it before its too late. Come back soon!!!

  20. 45
    Mr. Brown Says:

    It’s wrong to hate someone for their religion, #25.

    I swear that critics like #32 need to get serious help.

    They hate him because he’s a Scientologist and blame him for every wrong thing that a Scientologist does, #36.

    Cruise hasn’t had a face lift, #37. You don’t know anything about Cruise at all to say you know he’s an uneducated, cult puppet with a maniacal control freak. Kidman already sees her children and has said she sees them. The oldest kids likely have non-Scientologist friends and we already know that Suri Cruise has them. Plenty of kids are home schooled and I doubt you whine about that. Why is she in fear of losing her child? No celebrity has a normal life.

    That’s not me, #40.

    You’re completely wrong on all counts, #44.

  21. 46
    * VICTORIA * Says:

    NUMBER # 44….WHAT ????Did NOT understand that rant at all……AGREE, ” MR. BROWN “….All of the hate generated toward’s Tom, is scientology based, after reading all the comments, past and present…….People have a hard time separating the two…….
    I don’t see HOW or WHERE Tom has had plastic sugery……# 37…..You have to HAVE some ” down time “, for that, and he has been photographed WAY too much, for that…….There has not been a period where he has been OUT of the public eye for that long………After archiving some older picture’s, he looks the same to me…..I don’t see this ” tucking, stretching, pulled and lipo’ed look, people are talking about……..

  22. 47
    kim Says:

    Many Koreans were moved by his good manner. He was so kind!!!!!!!!!!

  23. 48
    once in and again..... Says:

    This is long but I gotta say it, sorry in advance everyone. I know this site isn’t the place for this debate but I just HAVE to say something about what this guy said so that people here know the truth. Some already do.

    It is not wrong to hate or extremely dislike someone for their cult. Let’s get that straight, scientology is not a religion. I’m tired of scientologists piggy back riding on the back of religion. All one has to do is know their creation theory. Like for Christians, in the book of Genesis its Adam and Eve. In scientology its the Xenu story. ” the galactic overlord Xenu was trying to handle over population in another galaxy so he put human souls or thetans in volcanos on Earth and blew them up with hydrogen bombs”. I AM BEING SERIOUS! (This is one of the reasons they show a volcano blowing up on all the dianetics commercials) Hubbard wrote this to be the basis of Scientology but most sci’s don’t even know it. Your not allowed to know this creation theory until you’ve reach “OT3″ or their higher levels which takes year and years and by then you’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and time and energy into this bull sh*t. That’s why people call it a pyramid scheme, bait and switch, a scam! And if you don’t believe it, then your kicked out of the church. Plain and simple. So people must go along with it and believe it as 100% fact. (And they sign legal papers saying they will never tell anyone) Could you imagine if people were allowed to know this when they first joined up? In public the church denies this story. But yet they will sue for copywrite infringement if it is printed. THIS IS WHAT TOM CRUISE ACTUALLY BELIEVES! That this is the cause for all human suffering. That and psychiatry. And YES, this IS a reason to DISTRUST everything that comes out of T.C’s mouth. This is a reason to think Scientology is for robots. And when I hear someone defend it and they don’t even know of Xenu yet, it is so sad. Even they would laugh at it.
    please visit this site and it will answer all your questions about the real scientology.

  24. 49
    altos Says:

    American legendary actor and good family man

  25. 50
    sibi Says:


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