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Lady GaGa: Minnie Mouse Reincarnated!

Lady GaGa: Minnie Mouse Reincarnated!

Singer Lady GaGa continues to rock out the bow on her head, and channels her inner Minnie Mouse as she leaves her hotel in London on Friday.

The 22-year-old singer, (born as Stafani Joanne Germanotta), talked about her childhood, saying, “Paris and Nicky Hilton went to my school. They’re very pretty, and very, very clean. It’s impressive to be that perfect all the time. In commercial terms, they’ve been quite an influence on me!”

Paris Hilton as a role model? Hmmmmmm…..

15+ pictures inside of Lady GaGa channeling her inner Minnie Mouse…

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lady gaga minnie mouse 01
lady gaga minnie mouse 02
lady gaga minnie mouse 03
lady gaga minnie mouse 04
lady gaga minnie mouse 05
lady gaga minnie mouse 06
lady gaga minnie mouse 07
lady gaga minnie mouse 08
lady gaga minnie mouse 09
lady gaga minnie mouse 10
lady gaga minnie mouse 11
lady gaga minnie mouse 12
lady gaga minnie mouse 13
lady gaga minnie mouse 14
lady gaga minnie mouse 15

Photos: Will Alexander/WENN
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  • lizzie


    I’m proud to be myself

  • cece

    i like it

  • sweetbutterflies

    I’m actually listening to her album right now xD. I like her music, don’t really like her.

    The bow is kinda cute, but also weird.

  • bejeebus

    clean? paris? lady gaga must be mistaken….she should take those sunglasses off…she obviously can’t see filth that is…parisite hilton.

  • NativeNYker

    The hair bow is far from cute. Time to comb that shit out, girl.

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Nico schwanz

    Lady GaGas parties five times a week – no joke. Listen here:

  • zach quinto’s wife

    AWW. – that is awesome, wish i could do that too. LOL
    so what she partied five times? who cares?
    it’s better to be wild then boring -rolling eyes-


    SOMEBODY, somebody please tell me WHERE her sunglasses are from ?

  • T.

    she looks hot

  • CA

    How “underground” can you be if you went to school with the Hiltons? She ripped off the whole “House of GaGa” theme from gay queens who invented them in the 70′s!! I like the “artifice as art” thing if its done with irony, but she is turning out to be just a fake in a rich girl’s upbringing.

  • Canada chick

    Is that Herve Leger?
    I WISH I could afford one of those gorgeous dresses!!! She looks amazing in it!!

  • GlamBeckhams

    HAHAHA great harirdo.

  • mama

    LOL! in her music video poker face she looks as if she’s got no boobs and no hips just like a man… she’s fugly!

  • SnOopy

    actually her name is Stefania Gabriella Germanotta…anyway…wooo, she has such a hot body!he’s gorgeous in that dress omg!i luv her outfits and her music!**gO GaGa gO**

  • Cynthia

    Love this bitch!!!! Love all her songs, ‘Papparazzi, Let’s Dance, Poker Face, she plays the piano. Very talented entertainer, she’s going to go far in the entertainment world! Love her Herve Leger dress!

  • Camille

    it kinda looks…stupid?

  • cheninator

    what she looks like a bad tranny, so what exactly is she known for exvept for singing just dance?

    she just looked to put together, i doubt that is her “normal” style, especially since 2 years ago there was pictures of her over the net with light brown hair and a normal style.

  • Mark my words !!

    original idea for the bow but I hate her ever since people started comparing that new nobody-to-be with someone that has always been around, Christina Aguilera. Gosh, haters can be so stupid towards smart, gorgeous, TALENTED and stylish people! Christina has been around for ten years, lady gaga? what ?one year or two?no? pfft she won’t be remembered in five years while Christina is already a living legend with her amazing voice. What Lady Gaga gives us a great song to have a fun party with….yes, even Britney can do it =) . I don’t wanna be mean but it really pisses me off when dumb ignorant skank ppl say Xtina copied her ridiculous Gwen Stefani-2006-inspired hairstyle! lady gaga didn’t invent it people, why bashing Xtina for that? damn , I’d better stop. It’s not even worth it to try to make you(haters) realise it, you’re not smart enough. Now You can call me whatever you want I don’t give a k.c.u.f ! :D Anyway, she’s cool but is not here to stay.

  • angie

    I <3 her dress!

  • lol

    i like very much

  • ugh;

    again would she just go away; paris hilton isn’t a role
    model. &I agree with #10.. the gays have been sporting
    this look for years. As well as doing it better that her.


    Ok Lady Gaga I need you to stop it with this foolishness…what the heck happened!?!

  • * VICTORIA *

    AGREE, NUMBER # 16, AND NUMBER # 22…….I believe she and Amy Winehouse have the same ” stupid ” hairdresser……It is either a ” rat’s nest/beehive ” day, or a ” minnie mouse/rats nest ” day….TAKE YOUR PICK !!!!!


    she should be in the playboy mansion with that kind of hair, or she couldn’t be since those tits are small anyways :)

  • wtf

    I think her hair looks adorable, and she looks gorgeous in that dress.

  • imelda bootstross

    I always find it funny when girls want to look like boys dressed up as girls.

  • Miley Cyrus

    I was reading in the paper the other day that this girl is supposed to be an up-and-coming artist for 2009, which prompted me to go and buy a domain name for her.

    I fully intend on developing it at some stage, but i know absolutely nothing about her, so who knows.

    Just listened to one of her songs for the first time, and i have to say, i quite lilke her. very pretty girl too!

  • boogie

    silly looking!

  • big boy

    sweet pictures man…good camera skills!! she would get it!

  • kenza

    She is sooo gorgeous! I love her music and style!

  • dede

    I love her. I didn’t know she came from a rich family.

  • http://urn Brenda Song fan 192

    u r NOT the real miley.

  • Abby

    take this racist -t.r.a.n.n.y- away please
    take this racist -t.r.a.n.n.y- away please
    take this racist -t.r.a.n.n.y- away please

  • Canada chick

    how is she racist???? oh dear, if she truly is, then I need to find a new singer to like!!

  • Marissa

    FTW Lady Gaga rocks !

  • S.D


  • QBOY



    Craptina Uglyera and her fan are HATERS!!
    All they do is talk smack about other female artists more successful than Christina..
    she is no where NEAR being a legand!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
    F’n Christina a Legand! HAHAHAHA!!!! She is a low class has been .


    Sorry, “Legend” lol

  • pippy

    I just love Lady Gaga! she is hot! haters betta step back!!

  • RyRy

    Yay!! More please!!!

  • what?

    wtf. this article is complete bullshit. She has said many times that she only went to school with nicky hilton and she wasnt even friends with her. They try to make it seem like they were all best buds. And my god, you spelled the girl’s name wrong… you need a fact checker and an editor my friend. :P

  • Alex

    Stop bashing about how she dresses all “tranny-like”
    At least she has unique-ness and creativity unlike most boring hoes.
    In this industry, you’re gonna have to do some hardcore, extreme sh*t to survive. You want people to judge you and talk about you. You want a group a fans and a group of haters. Either way, both groups make her famous. Lady Gaga is making a statement and setting a trend. She’s a leader and NEWS FLASH! Haters are her followers(;

  • kaz

    I love her!I totally love her style nd songz.

  • mpataki

    she’s ugly as hell but i love that minnie mouse look n___n

  • http://Myspace Kellbell

    why are you people so rude?
    she can wear whatever she likes you
    all sound like a bunch of jealous

    she can wear and dress and act however she wants.
    she is talented.
    so what if she is compared to people
    in that industry you are!
    no matter what!

    i think she looks adorable.
    i have one of those bows and get compliments
    all the time.

    you people are just a bunch of sorry jealous
    people who need to get over it!
    god have some respect.

    you know you jam to her songs when they come on the radio.
    we all do.

  • http://Myspace Kellbell

    and to add another statement
    how can you say you dont like her
    when obviously none of you know
    her personally?
    i dont but she seems to be a fine person.

    and as for her idolizing paris and nicky.
    when she said they are an influence to her
    obviously she ment in style wise
    or hair trends wise.
    not like the partying or gossip wayy.

    gezzz pple….read stuff then process it
    THEN make a comment worth reading.

    not read quick take it in the WORST way
    then put a comment down.
    okay im done XD

  • vanessa

    oh my god! i wish i could get one of those i tried to google it but this came up but i will not give up i remember i saw one somewhere but i cant remember where well i hope i remember sooner or later hopefully i do because i really really want one of those bows they are just so out there and creative

  • lauren

    Lady Gaga is fierce, amazing and utterly original. People need to stop hating on her. She is seriously one of the nicest people i’ve ever met

  • L·G ♥

    I ♥ Lady Gaga !