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Bar Refaeli is a Revolutionary Girlfriend

Bar Refaeli is a Revolutionary Girlfriend

Bar Rafaeli and girlfriend of Leo DiCaprio leaves the Covent Garden Hotel and the Revolutionary Road premiere after-party in London, England on Sunday.

The 23-year-old supermodel and 34-year-old actor have been going strong for quite awhile and were seen traveling to London together over the week. Bar also recently talked about supporting environmental issues by cleaning after herself and taking home plastic bottles to recycle! Give a hoot. Don’t pollute!

Shoes by Christian Louboutin.

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  • killershoes

    Buying and owning a lot of stuff is polluting.. hee hee

  • ************

    She’s beautiful and a great model

  • Holly


  • Holly

    well……i thought so..;p

  • kate

    How much she paid you for that you speak about her? She paid in cash or in kind? (I think that the second hypothesis corresponds to her better)

  • kate

    why she was not in the premiere ?

  • kate

    lol :D , paps don’t care about her , because there is just one photo in several copies


    i looooove those shoes!

  • kate

    #2 : “great model ” it’s for that she is nearly never on runways and on magazines

  • http://israel ///

    kate: WHAT THE HELL do you want from her???
    but please tell me the true cus i really want to know.
    WHY you cant say ONE good thing about her? why are you hate her SO MUCH?
    just explain me.

  • @justjared

    I’m not a hater of bar but, why do you keep calling her a supermodel?
    What are your basis for her being a supermodel? Because honestly, i couldn’t name a single one. Well, aside from the fact that all famous and successful supermodels have dated actors, what else can you add on her resume as being a supermodel? Does she have any highfashion or wellknown campaigns, walk for any famous designers’ show? Sorry to all bar fans, i meant no offense but it’s just the word supermodel is loosely given to anyone.

  • kate

    she did the Corona Beach Tour , she will not say : pollute and don’t recycle bottles

  • kate

    #10 : i love her shoes :D

  • kate

    #11 : i am agree with you , the word supermodel is given to anyone

  • http://israel ///

    kate: WHAT do you want from her??? why hate soo much someone?
    please tell me…but only the true cus i really want to know.

    WHY are you hate her SO MUCH? why you cant say ONE good thing about her?

  • @kate

    You should ask that question to the marines..

    Sorry girl but, you sound like those stupid and jealous fans of orlando bloom who can’t accept the fact that a gorgeous and successful model is his girlfriend. Now if you hate bar, the first thing you need to do is to keep away from this thread and try slowly to eliminate her from your heart and mind. But if that ill feeling stays with you, you need some serious help girl!!!

  • http://israel ///

    just because jared calling her a SUPERMODEL you hate her/ dont like her??

  • http://israel *&*&lol

    i’m SOOOOOOOO AGREED with you 16!!!!!!!!!

  • http://israel *&*&lol

    # 16!

  • who am i?

    WTF is wrong with her lips? did she have MORE work done besides the boobs and liposuction?

  • who am i?

    OMG – her legs are so THICK! She needs to tone up or something.

  • kate

    #17 : no because she says bad things on her country , she is a bad model ,she is very hypocritical and conceited , she use leo for fame , she is stupid , many models are more wonderful than her but they dont have a famous boyfriends for help them in their career , ….

    (stop posting on different name )

  • kate

    #20 : lol

  • who am i?

    #22 – great summary! LOL

  • kate

    #24 : thanks

  • http://israel ///

    kate, you are from israel?
    shes smarter then you and succes more then you and she have the hotest boyfriend in the world plus shes VERY rich (she was rich A LOT befor shes started dating with leo cus her family is very rich and shes modeling from age 15 and get a lot of $$$ from her job), shes also MOST to be prettier then you (cus if you was prettier you wuldont be so joules) AND shes a fames SOPERMODEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S i’m not like YOU, i DONT have different names (but you have:KATE,who am i?, french), i’m only /// and i’m going to stay that way!

  • @kate22

    I might have agreed on that one with you, cause honestly, bar isn’t doing anything else good aside from sports illustrated when she met leo, and i only heard of her when she starts dating leo. And she couldn’t even land herself a good fashion ad campaign or some famous fashion shows.

    With regards to that supermodel thing, most people put that tag if you’re a contracted victoria secret model which is also unfair cause some of the vs angels are not wothy of that name (for ex marisa miller and selita ebanks,just my opinion) and bar couldn’t even make one of the vs shows. It’s a crap if people are saying that it’s because of gisele, cause honestly if she’s good enough or has that IT factor, she could have easily get the job and probably one of the biggest models in the world today.

    Another example is MIRANDA KERR. Everybody knows that she’s dating orlando bloom but her career can be considered successful cause she’s doing great things in the fashion industry even before she started dating bloom, and now that she’s with bloom, her popularity has just increased more. Same thing with GISELE BUNDCHEN before dating dicaprio. But with BAR, it’s a total different story.

    Anyways, let’s just be happy for bar because her career is doing well now. PEACE

  • kate

    #26 : im from spain , and she’s not famous people who know her ,they just know her because it’s the Leo’s girlfriend
    and french , who am i ? , … it’s not me , but you you post with /// , *&*&lol ,MR.D , lisa rose , … and i’m sure that it’s the same person because they have the same website

  • kate

    #27 : she’s dating leo since 3 years and she is not still known as model, I think that now she will never be it because if she is a good model why she did not more campaigns and runway ?

  • Pop86

    Her shoes are nice

  • who am i?

    #28 you are right, it is the same person writing all those posts criticizing those who point out Bar’s faults. It is well known in Israel that Bar’s mom poses as different people on websites to post supportive comments of her daughter and to harass those that point out the truth about her. Who knows, maybe we are being graced by Tzipi’s presence here – LOL!

    She was never famous outside of Israel before Leo – getting her together with him was a set up to advance her career. Leo is an idiot for staying with her, since she is only using him.

  • anon

    Please, people, don’t fight with kate. She is not well.

  • kate

    #31 : i don’t think that they were a couple

  • belinda

    #31 she must be using him real goooodddd…

  • Caitlin

    How the heck do you describe a relationship “going strong” when homeboy has dumped the Bar more than a dozen times? The man likes to fool around even when the Bar is with him. I find it a strange and weak relationship if you can even call it that.

  • h

    If they are really in a serious, strong relationship, why didn’t he take her to the golden globes? The two of them just don’t seem right together

  • french

    #35 : You are right

    #36 : SHE WAS NOT AT THE GOLDEN GLOBES ( do you have pics to proove what you said ? )
    they dont have a strong and serious relationship

  • who am i?

    #34, yeah she is….many of her jobs have come from direct contact with Leo….two that come to mind are the Puffy Combs fragrance ad and the Tommy Hilfiger iconic america show on bravo…..

    No one outside of Israel even knew she existed before her “relationship” with him……

  • Mike

    THANKS JARED for this brand new picture of the beautiful Bar in London! Cool to know that she was with Leo for the premiere and for the party!

    So we can see once again how the pathetic losers (probably the same under different names) come to show their jealousy over Leo’s gorgeous and very lucky girlfriend for 3 years! Go on, girls!!! Continue your insanity… makes you very brilliant…. LOL, LOL, LOL!!!

    Bar has fabulous legs!!!

  • hmmm…

    #39 funny you say that. of all her body parts I find her legs the most unappealing. Yuck, not for a model. Love her shoes though.

  • french

    #39 : she was not for the premiere , she was just for the party
    and i think leo left after the premiere for be in Washington D.C
    he said in interview that “I’m desperately trying to fly back. I’m making every attempt (to get there).”

    and why when leo is here , bar is not here , and when he is not here , she is here ?

  • french

    #39 : her legs are so ugly

  • who am i?

    Wow, look, it is Tzipi posing as Mike again (#39)!

  • oscars

    do you think he will take her to the oscars???

    thats the big question on weither it is serious or not.

    if he takes her to the oscars he will also marry her.
    if he does not he is just her friend with benefits. not life partner….

  • who am i?

    #44 – he took Gisele to the Oscars and they obviously didn’t last…so….

  • french

    #44 : he will not take her in oscar it’s sure , he was alone in golden globes and in the oscars 2007

  • lakers fan in boston

    i dont like her tbh, i dont see the appeal in her other than some nice boobs, but most models have them

  • no life

    if she was using him don’t u think he would of notice already?

  • me

    #35 – I could not agree more. Jared, how can you describe them as “have been going strong”? How many times has Dicaprio dumped her? How many times has he cheated on her? We know you’re a Bar fan, but please, post the truth.

  • who am i?

    #49 – perhaps Jared is only referring to the past week when he says their relationship has been “going strong”? LMAO! What a joke!