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Angelina Jolie is Akris Suit-able

Angelina Jolie is Akris Suit-able

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie suit up — literally– for the German premiere of his hit film The Curious Case of Benjamin Button in Berlin, Germany on Monday (January 19).

If you use this fashion info, please credit Brad worked it out again in a Tom Ford suit and a 22-carat gold and black jade Petrvs ring David Yurman. Angie looked white hot in a Akris suit and finished off her look with Asprey jewels and Stuart Weitzman shoes.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Angie’s sideswept retro hair — HOT or NOT?

35+ pictures of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie at the German premiere of TCCBB

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angelina jolie brad pitt benjamin button premiere 01
angelina jolie brad pitt benjamin button premiere 02
angelina jolie brad pitt benjamin button premiere 03
angelina jolie brad pitt benjamin button premiere 04
angelina jolie brad pitt benjamin button premiere 05
angelina jolie brad pitt benjamin button premiere 06
angelina jolie brad pitt benjamin button premiere 07
angelina jolie brad pitt benjamin button premiere 08
angelina jolie brad pitt benjamin button premiere 09
angelina jolie brad pitt benjamin button premiere 10
angelina jolie brad pitt benjamin button premiere 11
angelina jolie brad pitt benjamin button premiere 12
angelina jolie brad pitt benjamin button premiere 13
angelina jolie brad pitt benjamin button premiere 14
angelina jolie brad pitt benjamin button premiere 15
angelina jolie brad pitt benjamin button premiere 16
angelina jolie brad pitt benjamin button premiere 17
angelina jolie brad pitt benjamin button premiere 18
angelina jolie brad pitt benjamin button premiere 19
angelina jolie brad pitt benjamin button premiere 20
angelina jolie brad pitt benjamin button premiere 21
angelina jolie brad pitt benjamin button premiere 22
angelina jolie brad pitt benjamin button premiere 23
angelina jolie brad pitt benjamin button premiere 24
angelina jolie brad pitt benjamin button premiere 25
angelina jolie brad pitt benjamin button premiere 26
angelina jolie brad pitt benjamin button premiere 27
angelina jolie brad pitt benjamin button premiere 28
angelina jolie brad pitt benjamin button premiere 29
angelina jolie brad pitt benjamin button premiere 30
angelina jolie brad pitt benjamin button premiere 31
angelina jolie brad pitt benjamin button premiere 32
angelina jolie brad pitt benjamin button premiere 33
angelina jolie brad pitt benjamin button premiere 34
angelina jolie brad pitt benjamin button premiere 35
angelina jolie brad pitt benjamin button premiere 36
angelina jolie brad pitt benjamin button premiere 37
angelina jolie brad pitt benjamin button premiere 38

Photos: John Macdougall/AFP/Getty Images
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  • passing Through

    # 132 Ummm @ 01/19/2009 at 3:49 pm
    Thanks for the pic, loser. Nice to see Fincher made the trip to Berlin. Wonder if he’ll go to Paris, London and Tokyo, too…

  • lavagirl

    I love Angie but this is not a good look. In fact this is a terrible look. I can only assume that since Angie is not known for extravagance such as flying out a hairstylist from LA, that she must have used a local one, perhaps someone who is more accustom to styling the over 70′s because this is the kind of hairstyle I see my great grandma and her friends wear when they go to the Opera. Having your hair bouffant style is a great way of giving volume when you have tinning hair not when you have gorgeous and full hair like Angie. My verdict: SACK THE STYLIST!

  • anoble

    in case it was missed on the other thread.

    Brad and Angie leaving Restaurant Vino E Cucina, Berlin1/18/2009

  • mmsic

    Love them both no matter what.They are looking gorgeous,beautiful,sexy and so on and on as ever,especially Angie! Some of this criticisms are so insignificant, as a fan,I’m loving every moment I get to see any photos of them together.I’m not that “picky”,period!

  • marina

    do you know also that some water bottles in germany look like that? you would have to examine the label and the contents to be suer is wine. And even then you are not sure if Brad is drinking it.

  • mm

    They exude class and brilliance. Love the look way to change it up Angelina. Brad is dapper as ever. Great pix

  • alexanderina

    167 aeon @ 01/19/2009 at 4:05 pm

    DL was fun. Yeah my team disappointed me this year, but like you said there is always next year

  • Bubbaness

    She looks like a wax statue with Nancy Reagan’s wig on it.

  • aeon

    You pic. #30 looks like the hair has a mind of its own.

    Now , don’t you hate on me, I am fan. Love me some Angie but that hairstylist should be shot. The hair is flying away….too funny. Not her best look. Hate the hair.

    But I do like the one earing with the matching ring. I think that’s nice.

    I don’t know if you all agree with me but again I will say this, Angie has been doing the retro look to past RC looks. She is in her 80s/90s mode right now.

  • a realist

    Angie would look gorgeous in a potato sack, she would look good with any hair style. She is a just a stunning woman.

  • Sarah

    Here is the link to WENN’s photo of them . I tried couple of times to post pics. I failed.

    Hope this one works.

    Them arriving at VAU resturant.

  • Soap is good

    She looks like a 50-year old. No thanks.

  • anoble

    marina @ 01/19/2009 at 4:29 pm

    do you know also that some water bottles in germany look like that? you would have to examine the label and the contents to be suer is wine. And even then you are not sure if Brad is drinking it.
    very true – maybe he is going to get Angie tipsy and do “wicked” things to her!

  • d.kay

    Some of the face shots are exquisite as usual of both of them. Am I lovin’ the Princess Margaret look? No. But what bothers me the most with this suit is the fact that no one bothered to tailor it to her….it is shapeless and the pants are dragging on the ground. Someone dropped the ball big time. As for trying new looks I am all for it but this one went all wrong in my view. The hair is too much for the casual draping of the suit. Anyway without belabouring the issue, it is a fashion fail for sure. But she is still gorgeous and Brad is really looking good.

  • ade


  • Fendi fan

    she looks like a witch!Terrible!but he looks good!

  • cook

    …look at the pitt fans trying to put down the stylish gorgeous THE JOLIE to detract from ole snorrah looking like a goober in expensive rags with his thespian scarf…hahahahhahahhahahahahhaah

  • Anonymous


  • showers of Blessings

    God Bless the Jolie-Pitts

    God Bless the Jolie-Pitts

    God Bless the Jolie-Pitts

    God Bless the Jolie-Pitts

    God Bless the Jolie-Pitts

    God Bless the Jolie-Pitts

  • guest

    Jill, Jill. Jill I know it’s hard for you to understand but more than 1 person can see what’s in a picture. LOL I have only posted as guest now I guess I could have a partner who is also posting who knows.

  • aeon

    Wow, PT, I don’t know if you heard this but Ewan McGregor just sacked Huvane at the airport in Sundance. What do you know?

  • passing Through

    # 143 alexanderina @ 01/19/2009 at 3:53 pm
    I want to know who let the trolls out of the crazy house. And thank goodness that Angie dress for herself and nobody else
    Ya know…the hospital complex where I work also has a state operated looney bin. They let the loons out for exercise…so maybe they get internet time as well?

  • Ashley Banks

    If Angie looks 50 I’m wondering how old you must think brad looks cause damn… I ain’t even gonna finish that thought.


    For Halo… On Brad’s little drinking problemo…

    The ‘Ocean’s Thirteen’ star decided to massively cut down his alcohol intake
    after seeing his adopted daughter Zahara, two, choke on an ice cube.
    He said: “It’s not easy to be a good father when you’ve had a few drinks.
    “About a year ago I’d had a couple of beers and my daughter Zahara had this
    piece of ice that had been dropped on the floor, and she was putting it in
    her mouth and began to choke on it, and that was it.
    “You have to be absolutely on top of every situation. The other s**t doesn’t
    work anymore. When they wake up in the middle of the night you have to be
    “And you can’t deal with children when you have a hangover – that’s just a

  • cook

    …hahhahahahhahahahahahahhahah…talkin about angelina’s hair and suit…sittin in the house all day in curlers and nappy in pissy panties that’s too small like they know couture…hahahahahahahahhahahahhaha

  • aeon

    You know some of these shots/pictures are very retro High Fashion Magazine looks. Meaning they could be on the cover of some high fashion magazine. I bet some mag editors are probably drooling over some those Angie shots.

    You know, fashion doesn’t have to be literal all the time, some time it can be art and editorial. I see a lot of these pictures as editorial pieces and art work. It may not be my favorite look of hers but you got to admit some of these pics are unique and noteworthy.

  • wow

    You can tell Angie is so happy for Brad and very proud of him. They look great and very happy.

  • ebmo

    marina @ 01/19/2009 at 3:57 pm HA! at the drinking comments! Please, there are people who can enjoy good wine and good food and are not “evil” alcoholics. For sure He might bough a bottle of the house wine because they liked it.
    Some people only see things in black and white. Of course, those standards only apply to the JPs.
    ITA . They are adults. They are not driving or behaving irresponsiblly.

  • phoebe

    like her or not, she looks drop-dead-gorgeous!!!!!
    i LOVE what she did with her hair and the single earring!!!!!she looks abslutely stunning.

  • mslewis

    Thanks for the pictures Jared. I was wondering if Brad would do some promoting on Benjamin Button in Europe. He and Angie look wonderful, as usual. Love the hair and suit.

    Jared, are you having fun in Sundance???

  • http://justjared bermy girl

    I like the pantsuit. The pants are a little long, though, and the suit could be less baggy. The earring(s)? are nice. Hairdo not my favourite but she can pull it off.

    I love that she tries different looks. Here are my favourites:

    March 2001 – 73rd AA – white pantsuit

    June 2001 – LA premier Lara Croft – leather pants, black tank

    Feb. 2004 – 76th AA – white silky halter gown

    Sept. 2004 – Women in Hollywood lunch – gold/floral wrap dress

    March 2005 – ShoWest – diaphanous print halter

    June 2005 – MAMS premier – black leather halter

    Jan. 2007 – 64th GG – Gray strapless St. John

    May 2008 – Kung Fu Panda – dark green gown

    Also, LA Premier of BB – black strapless gown, New Orleans premier of BB – white dress and CCA – gray one shoulder (that one is really growing on me!)

    It’s so exciting to see what she’ll wear next because it’s never the same ‘ole same ‘ole.

  • bdj

    I hate to break it to the fashionistas but that is the way the pants are supposed to fit. It is one of the designer trademark looks.

    Akris Outfits High-Powered Women At High Prices

    Posted Jul 19th 2008 2:03PM by Tracy Chait

    Swiss designer Albert “I cannot work with cheap fabric” Kriemler has gradually built his family-owned brand, Akris, into a luxury power seller. Now serious competition for longstanding luxury brands Armani and Chanel, Akris often outsells both in that elusive upper echelon of fashion. But you won’t see the brand on many a young starlet. Akris is not for the trendy, despite a criticized attempt to change things up for the Spring 08 collection. Favored by women looking to be taken seriously — Condoleeza Rice is a fan, as is Diane Sawyer — Akris focuses on quality and timelessness, with the seasonless, highly packable fabric to prove it. Yet highly packable translates to highly priced: a cashmere/silk jersey dress is in the $3-4000 range. Check out selections from Fall at Bergdorf’s and also at Neiman’s. Then browse the gallery to see some evening pieces, and all those gorgeously cut pants.

  • Carrie

    mimi @ 01/19/2009 at 3:09 pm

    mimi @ 01/19/2009 at 4:14 pm
    Carrie @ 01/19/2009 at 3:28 pm Not her best look and I don’t like the hair, but she’s very beautiful and has a great smile.

    Carrie, what do you know. You probably look like the back of an armchair.
    Mimi, I’m not the one who called her ugly. I said she’s beautiful but I just don’t like this look. No need to attack someone just because they don’t share your opinion.

  • dEE

    LuckyL @ 01/19/2009 at 3:24 pm Among the worst hair ever will still be this:
    It’s truly a shame that you can’t be a supportive fan without insulting other celebrities. And i have to tell you, AJ”s hair in these shots is a hell of a lot worse than the picture you chose.

  • et over it

    Im sick of looking at this woman. i think im just over her. Where are the naturally beautiful foreign actresses( without having done cosmetic surgery?) You never post them.

  • Kearnie

    FYI – the silver/diamond large earring is balanced by the black diamond hair clip on the right ear.

    Angelina is all about asymetry. Hence, her past red carpet asymetrical dresses…particularly the neckline. She likes to do the asymetric on the neck, sholder and sleeves.

    This one long earring worth the price of an Airbus ..asymetric with the large black hairclip(and you betcha..that is ONE mutherfuckble large clip because it holding the reminder of her hair)..

    talk about Angelina doing her own thing.

    At the end of the day, you can never say this woman does not walk on her own beat.

    Love it.

  • Mrs. Smith

    They are both so gorgeous. Love how Angie can change her look and still be the most beautiful.

  • groundcontrol

    They look great. I love mixing up the looks every now and then. Women who have to make many public appearances easily get bored with the same look. Many beautiful women and women secure in their own skin are willing to try daring looks and allow stylists free reign. Cate Blanchett and Jennifer Connelly come to mind. They both have a number of truly adventurous fashion adventures but they always look beautiful or at least interesting and seem to be having fun with fashion.

    I like the hair. Retro but it’s a look men like.

    As for the defamatory posts alleging illegal and/or unhealthy activities – I just report them as the defamatory garbage they are. These nasty obsessives should be glad Brad and Angie are not Tom Cruise or they’d be sued left and right and their web sites would be shut down.

    Fincher looks happy. Hope he pulls off an Oscar win. He really deserves it.

  • moms

    HOT !!!! YES ITS HOT :)))


    It may be different from other hair styles she had before, but her face still looks GEOGEOUS no matter what she does. It looks a little bit mature for her age but that what is fashions all about. IF FUGNISTON WILL TRY THIS KIND OF HAIRSTYLES, She will looked so AWFUL with that kind of square jaw and long chin (Imagine that!). Besides, Angie acts, dress and think like a 30+ year old woman, not trying to look younger than her age (like Fugniston, acting like Miley Cyrus’ age). What a shame. I’m sure that Brad find it so sexy with all these different styles that Angie can do and still looks so Beautiful.

  • aeon

    cook my man,

    How are you doing? Happy belated new year to you. What the hell do you know about couture? You in the fashion biz? Do tell?

    BTW, I hope cardinals cream the steelers. ( I know that sentence looks obscene but I mean it in the nicest way.)

  • bdj

    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie set the shutterbugs ablaze in Germany on Monday.

    The stunning couple was snapped at the Berlin, Germany premiere of Brad’s Golden Globe-nominated film, ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.’

    Both Brad and Angelina wore suits to the event — Angelina looking radiant in winter white, and Brad dressed up in chic, classic black.

    The couple is in Berlin while Brad shoots his upcoming film, ‘Inglourious Basterds,’ directed by Quentin Tarantino

  • dEE

    fan of Angie and brad @ 01/19/2009 at 3:25 pm I am not surprised when trolls whine and criticized but when her own fans do it, its shameful. You might as well throw her to the sharks.
    Wow. Wow. I can’t get over that comment. It is okay to be a fan and to criticize a friggin’ outfit. You are either obsessed or unwell.

  • ebmo

    I wish I could find a picture of the back of her hair

  • Jackie O!

    Everyone in HW has had at least one not great doo and I can think of of one in particular at the GG’s. Love Drew Barrymore, but she was channeling her great or great great Aunt Ethel instead of Marylin Monroe. It wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t great. Another was once JLo had this Barbra Stresand What’s up Pussycat (somethng ain’t right with the title but i don’t know what) Oscar night -meets- Dolly Parton on the Porter Wagnonr show with a upsweep for stories high and would kill a bird if it flew at it.

    Brad is the kind of man who loves Angie anyway he can get her, and so he is not looking at it the same as us. Its actually quite glamourous, nad I love the one earring, but it just seems to rigid and Palm Beachy – Palm Springy, and it’s just not how I see Ang.

  • jus

    Ugly hair style but it suits Angelina Jolie because she looks VERY OLD for a 33 year old woman who wrecked JA and BP marriage!!!

    Well, BP will never marry her…Brad is soo afraid of her so he would not dream of her being his wife – he knows he will be in hell LOL!!!

  • groundcontrol

    Angie never went for the Valley Girl look. Leave that look to the child women who are stuck back in their junior high mentality.

    Sophisticated and elegant. Sort of an Angie Dickinson look. Men still swoon over Angie Dickinson. Angie J. as Pepper Anderson.

  • angela

    i’m kinda digging her hair and her one pair earring.

  • Kearnie

    ebmo – the back of her hair in part of Jared’s picture above…

    the 2nd and 3rd last one at the bottom give you the black diamond or stone clip holding her hair.

  • bdj

    Obama inauguration a new era – Pitt

    1 hour ago

    Brad Pitt has hailed the inauguration of Barack Obama as “a new era”.

    The US actor said he was looking forward to the event and that the American people were ready for change.

    He said: “It’s a new era for us – it reconfirms the original ideals of America. We’re very excited about what the future holds. You see people look invigorated at home rather than the cynicism for the last 10 years.”

    He added that he found Europeans congratulating him on the day of Obama winning the election while he was filming forthcoming film Inglorious Basterds in Berlin. “I’ve been filming here the last few months and the Americans who were here during the night of the election were congratulated by all Europeans on the set,” he said. “I thought that was really interesting. It’s a big day for us.”

    Pitt was speaking at a press conference in the German capital for his latest film The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button, which is set in New Orleans.

    Director David Fincher said the cast and crew were welcomed in the Louisiana city, despite the film featuring a hurricane. More than 1,500 people were killed when the area was hit by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. “We were planning on (the film) before Katrina,” Fincher explained. “I was shocked at how greatly people embraced us.”

    He continued: “I think they really saw it as a chance to think of something other than the tragedy. It was an amazing experience to spend time with these people who were so happy.”

    When questioned on his favourite film roles, Pitt added: “I’m quite fond of this movie. I’m quite fond of New Orleans. There’s so much New Orleans infusion in this film, so that’s high on my mind.”

    The film stars Pitt as Benjamin Button, who is born with the appearance and physical limitations of an 86-year-old man. As the film progresses, Benjamin grows physically younger.

    But Pitt said he preferred playing the older version of Benjamin. “Well I’ve done the younger version,” he laughed. “So what was interesting was being old.”

  • clara

    No that is a don’t. Angelina can’t pull off high fashion styles. She looks ridiculous when she does because she’s so unusual looking. Only Charlize Theron can get away with that effortlessly. Angelina looks like she’s trying too hard when she does that. Her people made a mistake.