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Daniel Craig Has Two Hands in His Pockets

Daniel Craig Has Two Hands in His Pockets

James Bond actor Daniel Craig fits his hands in his snug pockets as he smiles for cameras at the photocall for his movie Defiance in Rome, Italy on Sunday.

Director Edward Zwick also stopped by for the photo opp.

The 40-year-old English actor was recently voted the most convincing action man of 2008 according to Hello magazine, beating out Shia LaBeouf, Christian Bale, Robert Downey Jr., James McAvoy, Brendan Fraser, Ben Barnes, Mark Wahlberg, Will Smith and Harrison Ford.

DO YOU THINK Daniel Craig is the best action actor out there – YAY or NAY?

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daniel craig hand pocket 01
daniel craig hand pocket 02
daniel craig hand pocket 03
daniel craig hand pocket 04
daniel craig hand pocket 05
daniel craig hand pocket 06
daniel craig hand pocket 07

Credit: Code 100; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Carolina

    I love him. ITS A YEAHH!!!!!!!!!!

  • blooky

    WOW, Two Hands in His Pockets!

    JJ, you are soooooooooooo stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ever present

    Daniel is just the best full stop……i’m not obsessed with him really……honest!! ;)

  • SnugglesandSnogs

    Is it just me or the lighting…? Seems to have too much makeup on – looks kinda orange (still looks good tho’) :D

  • estelle

    A BIG YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…..

  • SnugglesandSnogs

    I’m assuming that he’s wearing a sweater vest under the coat… :?

  • hey! Innuendo???

    Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy it´s unnuendo????

  • ever present

    Hi snuggles, he’s not as orange as he was!!

  • He looks like a wax model.

  • Blooger: hey! Innuendo???

    I know, you think new lady and Satsmonkey in pocket!!!

  • Blogger: hey! Innuendo???

    Ju$t Jared is worse than is $at$monkey!!!

  • ?

    is there a premiere? and when was this yesterday or today?
    anyone know?

  • To 12:

    rather don´t ask, I don´t want to see premiere pics with $at$monkey!

  • satsuki style
  • red carpet article

    Before I tear into this, I think it’s safe to say that it was never going to be easy to pull off this Jenny Packham Fall 2008 gown.

    Jenny Packham is very much the go-to designer for sparkling, embellished red carpet gowns, and this n u d e ensemble with a black lace overlay, and a feather trim peplum at the waist, is very much a departure from what she usually presents.

    “Satsuki Mitchell wore this gown, when she attended yet another Defiance premiere, this time in Germany, with boyfriend Daniel Craig.

    The ensemble is a cross between something that would have been worn on the Little House on the Prairie, or as I am sure regular commentator Leo would say – something an Amish bride would wear.

    It does not flatter her, it only ages her. This is a very surprising, disappointing choice, which is made worse by not wearing the belt that it was presented with.”

    So they thought it looked hideous too!

  • ever present

    Re #14 & #15
    I think the dress looked better with the belt, i wonder why Satsuki didn’t wear the belt.

  • rubbing back again
  • wow

    Creative title.

  • SnugglesandSnogs

    Re #14 & #15
    I think the dress looked better with the belt, i wonder why Satsuki didn’t wear the belt.
    Ditto… I wasn’t that crazy about the dress to begin with – but the belt makes it a little more acceptable. Maybe the belt was extra? ;)

  • SnugglesandSnogs

    is this the only pose they know?
    Well, at least it not the holding her hand behind his back pose – which got old very quickly IMHO) … ;)

  • lucy

    wow! makeup and lighting really change his appearance. makes me wonder how different i would look with makeup and lighting! : )

  • to 19

    lol, yeah right…maybe we’ll see daniel wearing it?

  • to 20

    i think she told to knock it off with the hand behind the back thing

  • LolaSvelt

    He really should’ve taken those sunglasses off, because he has rings around his eyes!

  • To #9

    I agree; he looks very fake, orange and old!! At least he left the tranny at home!!!

  • Danny boy is tired

    hey is very tired of travelling, he didn´t sleep, poor danny boy, but when $at$monkey sees paps she fast woke and begun smile like a horse.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    …`that’s the best wax statue i’ve ;ever seen.

  • angie

    wauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu angelina jolie is beautiful on JJ! Look at her! wau!

  • Daniel

    what a gorgeous man!
    what a great movie!

  • angie-first lady class
  • the belt re #19

    Come on, would the belt on that dress made any difference at all?

  • angie-first lady class

    Oh I am falling, she is amazing lady!!!!!!!! $at$monkey never will be like Angelina Jolie lady! Oh lady!

  • angelina
  • to 30

    ridiculous hairdo, trousers way to long, ugly

  • He’s perfect

    The perfect man. Nuff said

  • no prem?

    9.30 pm in Rome so no pics? no premiere like Berlin?
    yeah…….we are saved again from her…………lol

  • to 32

    Totally agree; $at$monkey doesn’t have the looks, talent or intellect. Angie actually works and spends her own $$$ Angie has earned the attention of people.

  • http://#24 lucy

    Oh, I guess that white ring is from sunglasses — I was thinking it was that white makeup you put under your eyes to hide dark circles. As far as any of these male celebrities go — enough with the scarves! yuk!

  • to 35

    Who are you talking about? Brad, Dan or the tranny?

  • To 37: blogger

    I totally agree with you. Yes,yes.

  • to 37 & 40

    Dan better watch out; you may have created a monster. These are pictures promoting YOUR serious movie yet most of the comments are about $at$monkey. Watch out Dan your tranny is getting more attention than you!

  • kitty kat

    Daniel Craig has to be one of the sexiest old dudes I have ever seen! I loved him in James Bond, he definitely is a great action star.

  • sienna

    daniel is super HOT!!!!

  • to 41

    well at least on such crappy boards like this with such great headlines like “two hands in pocket” LOL!
    You know, the IQ of most of the posters here is that low, they can’t talk about other things than that crap….
    And yes I come to this board to get a good laugh, it’s like watching a real bad daily soap, all kind of deranged people meet in one place!
    Too funny!

  • ho

    The gf has nice lower lip jut from a side view.

  • http://! DANIEL IS NOT NEEDY! see pics!

    Sorry …take a look at these above photos…. DANIEL Craig is NOT NEEDY at all.

    In all of the Photocall pictures, from Germany and Italy, all the phtocall photos.taken. he is standing tall and proud and handsome and CONFIDENT and SMASHING!


    he could not be more striking and confident…PERFECT!

    Absolutely Gorgeous Perfect man!
    Incredibly the most gorgeous man I think.

    These photocall pics are some of his best.

    Ok, so maybe he is not beaming with joy, or smiling, but I think he looks stunning~!

    On the other hand, the papparazzi pics at the Hat shop in the earlier JJ thread, Dan looked 100 years older, hunched over and sad…

  • Needy

    I get so tired of hearing everyone say that danny is needy.
    There are a lot of different aspects or levels to being needy.
    People say that Kate Moss dumped him because he was too needy.
    But that was nevery explained.
    Maybe he is very needy with affection.
    Maybe he is very needy with sex!
    Maybe he is very needy emotionally.
    But since he has done a lot of red carpets before Sats ever came into the picture, I highly doubt that he is needy for someone to walk with him!!!!
    I can easily see him being sexually needy.
    I can also see him being needy with affection because he is a sensitive man, and sensitive people usually like a lot of affection.
    But being needy with either sex or affection DOES NOT man a person insecure. They simply have a large appetite for sex or affection.
    I have a brother who is extremely needy with affection. He is always touching, holding hands or hugging people, not just his wife, but friends and family. I’m his sister, we are in our fifties, and he will still hold my hand!! But he is also extremely confident, not an insecure bone in his body.
    I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that danny is NOT INSECURE in any form or fashion. HE DOES NOT need Sats to be walking him down the red carpet or rubbing his back for reassurance.
    I do believe that Sats does this to give the impression that he may be insecure, that he needs her. I do not know if danny though realizes that this constant rub backing that she does is giving people the image that he is an insecure man that can’t do anything without her.
    I have absolute NO DOUBT that she is a very manipulative, controlling woman. She does exactly what message all of her actions send out.
    She KNOWS that by rubbing his back she is sending a clear message to the world that “he needs me, he is insecure, I am his security blanket.”
    I have NO DOUBT that he does not realize that this is the message that she is sending out.
    She only started rubbing his back sometime last year, and I believe that due to all the fights that they have been seen having, that the paps have caught them looking so miserable with each other, and because she knew that people were talking about a possible break up, she started brainstorming as to how she could let everyone know that she was a fixture in his life because he needs her, and I believe she came up with this very manipulative move of constantly rubbing his back.
    I also believe that this is why she is now always smiling, because she doesn’t want anymore break rumors to start. Also, since she is being credited as a co-producer on a movie, and I have no doubt that danny gave the money for the project, that is another reason she is smiling.
    Yes I completely agree, she is soaking this man.
    But I also believe that a break up is imminent, and I am not a psychic. But the reality is, no man who looks as miserable as he does is going to continue being in a relationship that makes him so miserable for long. He will most definitely reach the end of his rope and leave her.
    I have said it many times, and I will say it again he will NEVER marry this woman, and I know now, WITHOUT A DOUBT, that he will leave her. You don’t have to be a pyschic to see it coming. With each passing couple of months, he looks more and more miserable.
    He is most definiely going to leave her either by the end of the year or sometime next year.
    He is very near the end of his rope, you can see it as clearly as the sun in the sky on his face. It is becoming incredibly obvious.

  • LuckyL

    40, going on 2,000

  • to 15

    thank you for telling about the dress designer. to be honest i’ve never heard of jenny packham. maybe the dress was made for someone younger in mind; like in her early 20′s. i don’t know. myself, i don’ t think i would ever wear it. but, satsuki must like it or she wouldn’t have worn it. on the other hand, maybe she wore as a favor to the jenny packham; to get her more exposure as a designer???

  • to 47

    So you’re saying a secure man is not necessarily an aware one?

    Seems he has the attitude of a peacock but acts like an ostrich with it’s head in the sand.