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Kellie Pickler Monkeys Around

Kellie Pickler Monkeys Around

Kellie Pickler has adopted quite a strange pet — a monkey! The 22-year-old American Idol alum just wrote a blog entry titled “Monkey See…Monkey Do”:

“The ‘Pickler Family’ has gotten bigger….(and no I didn’t have a kid)…I adopted a Marmoset Monkey! She is the cutest little thing. She is so tiny, only weighs 3 ounces right now. I’m not sure exactly what I am going to name her….so maybe you guys can help me out. I’ll post a picture of her and you guys can comment on what you think I should name her….she is so sweet and she has the best personality. I absolutely love her!!!….and I love you guys too….xoxo pickler :)”

WHAT DO YOU THINK Kellie would name her monkey???

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  • boogie


  • fake rack

    Love Kelly. She is the most refreshing simple girl ever!

  • NativeNYker

    Had she done any research she would know that they don’t make good pets. But maybe she needs to experience that little monkey gnarling at her face to figure it out. At least it will give her a bit of character…

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Blech

    That’s awful. How did she get the baby monkey? There is a big problem with poachers killing mother monkeys in order to sell the babies all over the world. “Adopting” or owning a monkey or any wild animal as a pet should not be condoned or publicized, no matter how she got it.

  • Heckler

    Thats what I thought. Monkeys are not pets.
    But, right now its cute. kinda like the baby rattlesnake.
    How about Grumpy? It doesn’t look happy in that shot.

  • hillz

    does this stupid idiot realize they rip these little monkeys from their mothers?!?
    shame on her.

  • Heckler

    Sorry she has a python not a rattlesnake. but thats how the saying goes. you get the idea

  • Beth

    Wonder if she did research this? I mean, I thought she went all Carrie U. on us and is a faux-fur wearing veg country star.
    Name her Tootoo (Like Jordin). started out cute and then got nasty.

  • Gary

    Is it legal? :S

  • boogie

    name her Boogie !

  • juls

    she’s about to piss off a looooot of people.
    i’ll start with PETA

  • layla

    yikes, bad idea. i saw a documentary on adopting monkeys a few months ago, its truly a sad sad story. i hope she did her research and knows whats ahead of her

  • someone

    Here are some names i think are cute:

    Peaches ( haha i love fruit names for animals)
    Lucy Lui

  • mandy

    awwww soooo cute!!

  • gerard Vandenberg

    Some people go back to their youth, folks!!

  • anon

    Kellie Pickler has just lost my respect. She is lying when she says she adopted this exotic animal-she bought it for big bucks. You can’t just “adopt” a monkey. Secondly, it’s incredibly cruel to take this intelligent, needy baby away from its mother, who will suffer without it. Why not adopt a dog or cat, and sho you have a heart, Kelly?

  • kim

    “That’s awful. How did she get the baby monkey? There is a big problem with poachers killing mother monkeys in order to sell the babies all over the world. “Adopting” or owning a monkey or any wild animal as a pet should not be condoned or publicized, no matter how she got it.”

    I’m concerned about that too, if she got it through a wildlife rehabilitation center to foster for a while then that is fine, but otherwise that is not adopting, that is piracy and it’s really unethical because the DO kill the moms to get the babies.

  • dani

    How ignorant is she? It is very suspicious – the adopting – but does she have any idea how incredibly time consuming monkeys are? They are intelligent animals and need a lot of attention and time and should not be caged in small cage. When bored they can be very very destructive. Ms. Pickler should have read up on this before she subjected this poor thing to her lifestyle-she is far too busy to devote the time needed to this baby and especially as it grows!

  • so dumb…

    I knew Pickler wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, but I didn’t know she was heartless too. Monkeys need a LOT of time and attention from their owners, and she will be in for a wakeup call when she finds out that they poo and pee everywhere, plus rub their musky butts all over the house to leave their scent. It will serve her right if it musks up her house!

  • anon


  • chichi

    what a freak. does she not realise that she is facilitating the black trade of animals? When you buy one animal, it leaves a spot to be taken by another animal, leading to poachers killing mother animals and taking away their babies. She will be taught a lesson when that monkey grows up and it scratches off her scraggy face.

  • emeline

    How can she take a wild animal. It’s illegal in France! Isn’t it in USA?

    I think this is cruel.

  • jennifer

    marmosets live in large family groups and this twit has contributed to the wild animal pet trade and should be strung up.

  • Michelle

    How on earth was she able to adopt a monkey? Isn’t that sorta illegal? Poor little baby was taken from her mama. But anyhow, if she’s looking for a name for the little one, name it MIMI !!!!

  • Allie

    Why the hell does she have a monkey?!!! I agree I think that is very cruel and inhumane isn’t it 2009? Very sad…

  • brie2009

    First she has to rub it in peoples faces about her designer shoe shopping trip at Saks 5th Ave. while most people are trying to make ends meet.

    But this is too much! I don’t think she will last with this monkey for a week. Its cruel to just take a baby monkey away from their mothers. I hope PETA hears about this!

  • yuck

    I thought that it was illegal to own monkeys.

  • lola

    i think it’s illegal…..unless u got a license which i don’t think she has one and i heard it’s hard to apply.

  • monkey

    To all the morons bitching, these little monkeys can be legally adopted and I’m sure Kellie will give it plenty of attention. She has no kids or husband and has plenty of time for it. What monkey wouldn’t want her attention? To anon @ 01/19/2009 at 11:54 pm, you have no idea how Kellie got the monkey so YOU are lying.

  • ana liy

    Of course it’s horrible to take little monkey from her mother, but do you people understand that all animals , cats dogs and etc. are taken from their mothers too? do you think Dog mother feels less pain than monkey mother, when her kid is taken away?

  • nina

    that is terrible. monkey’s are wild animals, not domesticated and should now be used as pets. At you would expect PETA to be giving her a bad nickname soon

  • Poop

    That monkey looks like it’s going to attack her face. I’m a little scared looking at his expression.

  • mika

    poor little monkey.marmoset monkeys live together in family groups.
    They are no pets.:(

  • grinch

    jennifer aniston

  • boogie

    Don’t know why people buy monkeys. They are not really pets and one of these days she may marry and have kids…and probably get rid of the poor monkey- who knows?

    I found information about these monkeys here:

    Where can you buy a marmoset monkey?
    In: Pets, Primates, Monkeys

    Depending on where you live the question may need to be “can I buy”, as it is illegal to own a primate privately in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont, Wyoming. And in West Virginia, primates will no longer be allowed as of January 1, 2009. If legal in your locale then there are many websites available for the purchase of a primate. 99% of pet stores will not carry them as they have learned the hassle of monkeys and the sad results of selling monkeys to individuals, so it it is pretty much online shopping these days.

  • Rayt

    Fuck her. The monkey pet business is a sham and cruel and she should know that, idiot. Just lost any respect I had for her.

  • dani

    monkey @ 01/20/2009 at 3:49 am

    Are you an idiot? Did you know that raising a baby monkey requires an INCREDIBLE amount of TIME, ENERGY and emotional devotion? Did you know these baby monkeys should be carried around constantly while they are young as they cannot self-thermoregulate? Did you know that if they are not fed the correct diet they can get everything from rickets to a weakened immune system? Did you know like a baby they must be fed warmed formula on a schedule? Did you know that when they hit puberty and the sex hormones kick in that they can become very aggressive and vicious? Did you know that without constant attention or distraction they can be very very destructive? Did you know they are susceptible to human disease? And herpes can be fatal in them? Did you know the majority of the marmosets that are purchased for pets are put up for RESCUE because the IGNORANT owners can’t devote the time and energy necessary to care for them?
    Kelly Pickler has a busy schedule. Too bad she put her selfish wants ahead of an innocent WILD animal.

  • dani

    ana liy @ 01/20/2009 at 3:51 am

    Ana Lily. Most dogs and kittens etc. are taken from their mother at eight to twelve weeks if they come from a legitimate caring breeder (unlike a puppy mill which often does six weeks).
    Did you know that baby marmosets are taken from their mothers at three to ten days in order for breeders to hand raise them? These are WILD animals and if the breeders didn’t take them from their mother within that time frame they would not be at all suitable as pets? So therefore the baby misses out on necessary bonding? They are weak and sickly and in the hands of a poor breeder or owner generally die if not properly raised.
    But hey, it is just a monkey right? And Kellie Pickler is a star–so who cares! Lets make sure her selfish needs and wants come before those of an innocent creature. One that will need constant care and supervision for the rest of its life. Marmosets have been known to drown in toilets, burn their hands on the stove, suffocate in places they get into and get out and because the owner wasn’t constantly supervising they had no chance. Monkeys kept in cages become bored and destructive. It is cruel.
    These are wild animals and don’t deserve the horror of being a pet since most owners have absolutely no clue how to treat them.

  • dani

    Y’all I’m sorry if I’m being a hardlined ass over this moneky bit, but I’ve worked in animal rescue and it absolutely infuriates me and others who do when people get these exotic pets. They should not be available as pets. People don’t know what they are getting into and the animal suffers.

    So please if any of you want to get a cute monkey because Pickler has one–at least do some research online to see what you are getting into. At least talk to some folks who have one. Because monkeys are intelligent creatures–much more so than many other animals…a lack of intellectual stimulation is just as cruel as neglecting the animals physical needs. Very few people can successfully adopt monkeys…because most people don’t have the time or energy to deal with the animal’s needs. And that is what is important – the animal’s needs–not the human and their selfish needs or wants or desires.

    Okay I’m off my soap box.

  • Shannon

    Haven’t you always wanted a monkey?!

  • Shannon

    I’m quoting Bare Naked Ladies…. for when I have a million dollars

  • zzzz

    To monkey at #30, do you seriously believe that Pickler adopted, not bought this tiny 3 oz. newborn? How?! Do you think a person gave it up for free after having it for what, one day? Or it was abandoned by its mother in the wild? You are very naive if you think so. A baby monkey like this one costs $2500-$3000. They are NOT up for adoption. She just wants to justify her actions by making her actions sound altruistic and noble.

  • zzzz

    Oh, and one other thing-could you tell me from where you can ADOPT a baby monkey? Please, do tell, since clearly the rest of us “morons” (that is, everyone on this blog except you) would like to be enlightened. ANd thank you dani, for your words of wisdom.

  • monkey

    dani, no are you an idiot? Did you know that Kellie also has a lot of free time and people who help her with things? She doesn’t go to day job like most people. Did you know that raising a baby HUMAN requires an INCREDIBLE amount of TIME, ENERGY and emotional devotion? Everything you said sounds about the same as raising a human child and there are people in this world raising 12 kids.

    Did you know that without constant attention or distraction they can be very very destructive?

    Kids and pet dogs can also be also be very destructive without constant attention. I know of someone who got a small cute pet cocker spaniel and it chewed on their child’s face and she had to have plastic surgery. It also chewed through other things. Labs can’t be left alone or they will eat your walls and everything else they can get to. So it’s not just monkeys that need constant attention.

    I agree that people should research these monkeys and that’s just common sense.

  • Bree

    its bad to take baby monkeys from their mom.. l mean, get a dog.. or become more famous so you dont have to buy a monkey to get publicity

  • monkey

    to zzzz, no I won’t say where you can adopt one but don’t post lies about what anyone did or claim anyone lied without knowing the facts or posting proof. A few Kellie haters have a bad habit of posting lies on blogs all the time and they are always on justjared. Maybe you are one too.

  • monkey

    Bree, she already has a dog, a cat, and a snake. I guess the so-called publicity on those didn’t work since you didn’t know that and she has plenty of publicity without getting pets. Search this site and you will find many blogs on Kellie. Here’s the best one on justjared for all you haters to read

    Taylor Swift: Anonymous Commenters Are Like Six Graders On Crack

    She also mentions that she doesn’t pay attention to the haters: “I just try to ignore the ‘I hate her, she’s ugly’ ones. When people can be anonymous, they’re vicious and it’s like sixth grade stuff like on crack. It’s terrible.”

  • zzzz

    I don’t hate Kellie. I don’t know anything about her other than that she was on Idol and is a gifted singer (country?). I just don’t agree with what she’s doing with the monkey and I am expressing my opinions. The point I made about “adoption” is a good one and clearly, you cn’t back up your end of the argument by providing more info about “adoption” of a monkey. Please stop calling people morons and idiots for voicing their opinions. As I said, that would mean that 99% of us are morons, and you, who can’t back up your own info with facts, are not.

  • stating the obvious

    Legal or no, it is incredibly selfish to aquire one of these animals as a “pet.” However, as this girl has never shown herself to have any sort of intelligence, I’m not surprised.

  • stating the obvious

    Legal or no, it is incredibly selfish to aquire one of these animals as a “pet.” However, as this girl has never shown herself to have any sort of intelligence, I’m not surprised.