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Miranda Kerr is a St. Barts Beauty

Miranda Kerr is a St. Barts Beauty

Miranda Kerr poses on the beach while on photo shoot for Victoria’s Secret in St. Barts on Sunday (January 18).

When asked about the recent engagement rumors surrounding Miranda and Orlando Bloom, she told the Herald Sun, “It is not true.”

After a photo shoot in Venice, “We found this great little hole-in-the-wall restaurant, where it was Mama’s home cooking,” the 25-year-old model said. “We had some wonderful food there. It was delicious – so that kept me happy.”

“It’s challenging,” Miranda said of all the attention. “What you have to do is not get too worried about it. You have to continue to live your life and try to keep things as private as possible because the rest of our lives are so public.”

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147 Responses to “Miranda Kerr is a St. Barts Beauty”

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  1. 51
    Gunnedah Hobag ♥ Says:

    wanda rizzuto @ 01/19/2009 at 11:22 am O der agen de cabbej kid, shiz phat now ei, luk at dose picchers. Yippi em so heppy cauz em mohr gerjuz end mohr cexy dan her now. Zorry mehranda but whorelando iz now my bouyfhrend. And hhiz alweys telleng mhe i huv a body lyk elefant end faze of a dekeyd mhonky, i kent biliv it cauz i’m olweyz mhor gerjuz end cexy dan yo. I heyt yo mehranda cauz whorelando iz miiine!!!

    ^ Huh?? Thiz iznt thuh Wanduh Rizzutoe Eye’ve cumm 2 haight?!


    Eye steal haightt herr, thow! Sheez rilly meen 2 mee n eye downt noe y?!

    Eye haighttt Joderzzz 2.

    And Akeeelerrzzz.

    And Annerrrrrs.

    And Kayte Bozwurth…. blondde bytch frum hail!!!!

  2. 52
    Kate Bozzers Says:

    Merrian @ 01/19/2009 at 2:42 pm Kate bosworth, please stop posting here. It’s getting embarrassing.

    Okay, sorry.

  3. 53
    Kate Bozzers Says:

    Before I go:

    Orlando wants me back, by the way! The dingo’s days are numbered.

    I’m a respectable woman and she is not. She’s not even human, so there!

    And she wants my life!

    Cheers to all.

  4. 54
    soso Says:

    lovely girl~♥

  5. 55
    B Says:

    “It’s challenging,” Miranda said of all the attention. “What you have to do is not get too worried about it. You have to continue to live your life and try to keep things as private as possible because the rest of our lives are so public.”

    You might want to stop talking about it then, or take down his photo from your MySpace. LOL This ***** is unbelievable.

  6. 56
    @ 55 Says:

    “You might want to stop talking about it then, or take down his photo from your MySpace.”

    Why should she take his picture down? He has more than one picture of her on his profile!

  7. 57
    @56 Says:

    “Go Fug Yourself” is not Orlando’s myspace profile.

  8. 58
    steph Says:

    i loves her

  9. 59
    wtf Says:

    Why is everyone saying she’s too skinny? Look closely you dimwits, she’s not anorexic or bulimic, her body looks healthy and beautiful. Regardless of how scary her squished face might be, I’m sure all of you wish you could have that body.

  10. 60
    Ron Says:

    I’m so hating cabbage patch kid.. Look at her body, it’s not real right, especially the boobs, very obvious that she had surgery.

  11. 61
    @ 57 Says:

    “is not Orlando’s myspace profile.”

    and you know that for a fact because?

  12. 62
    fake rack Says:

    she actually looks cute in these pics. i like that skirt she has on in #8

    ron how can you think she has had boob surgery? her boobs are tiny.

    other than that i still find her ridiculous otherwise. i saw that article where she talks about not being engaged in one breath and then implies in the next that she is making plans for next year. sure hope the groom shows up! haha!

  13. 63
    @62 Says:

    I think you surely misunderstood what’s written on that interview. HUSH. Hush is not a person but is just a hearsay but otherwise, i could be wrong also. As for miranda commenting on bloom, she could’ve said no comment but, you can’t blame those reporters for persistently asking her bout their relationship cause simply at the moment, miranda is the one who’s having media exposures due to her work, on the other hand, loom doesn’t have the chance cause simply, he doesn’t have anything to promote eg movies. And why does bloom’s fans are so bothered anyway about their relationship? Whether they’d make it to the altar or not is not our damn business. Only time will tell,so let them be.

  14. 64


    BODY: A
    FACE: C-
    PERSONALITY: C (I’m being generous)

  15. 65
    @64 Says:

    You’re entitled to your own opinion.. lol

  16. 66
    fake rack Says:

    @63 i was talking about the article in the DT or Sydney paper. i think this was the same paper that supposedly claimed an “exclusive” from her that indeed they were engaged. That was only a month or so ago. if they lied and made her look a fool, why would she do yet another article with them now? she did say in one breath that her relationship is private and sacred, that she was not engaged and then in the next paragraph they supposedly have plans for next year but that is supposed to be hush hush. huh? make up your mind Miranda. private and sacred and not engaged, or still the same behavior of throw it out there then denial. its getting old really. nobody really cares whether or not they get married, but for fcuks sake make up your mind which it is. i think people would leave them alone about it if she wasnt always playing games with the media about it, dont you think?

  17. 67
    Bliss Says:

    I dare say that chipmunk miranda got have a boob job recently.. Look at those recent pics with orlando, her boobies are bigger than the usual. I’m not referring to the above pics cause obviously it’s taken way before those with orlando. Poor randa you will always be the second best with all the insecurities.

  18. 68
    The graham norton show... Says:

    I’m beginning to think that the loonies who post all the jealous crap about Miranda are the same poor fangirls who Graham Norton made fun of on his show by reading out their online comments……..while poor Orlando looked on in horror at our stupid they all were………the Graham Norton Loonies!!!!

  19. 69
    fake rack Says:

    she dees work for victorias secret which is known for the pushup bras and other bras that are meant to make you look like a C cup when you are really an A or B cup. my boobs are big naturally so i cant even try those bras on. its really funny when i do.

  20. 70
    @67 Says:

    These pics are from the 18th. The pics with Orlando are from the 14th. Unless you are claiming that she had implamts put in, them taken out, with no recovery time.
    Her body is the result of good genetics, healthy eating and a good exercise regimen. Not surgery.

  21. 71
    @70 Says:

    I agree with you.. Just ignore those silly comments from bloom’s stupid fans. They have nothing more to say cause obiously they’re just rounding things up. And to you mr. bloom, do a new movie or better yet audition for one (which imo, you won’t do cause you think you’re a big hollywood star) so that all your silly fans will not sourgrape anymore about your girlfriend doing all the talking.

  22. 72
    fake rack Says:

    68 and 71 im sorry, was i being rude? was i saying things that would insinuate that i was jealous of miranda? i was pointing out the inconsistancy of the article that claimed to have quotes from her. i dont see how doing that is being loonie or jealous. tell your girl miranda to be more consistent with the media and maybe people will stop making fun of her, or thinking she is dumb and desperate for attention. i said nothing about Orlando, nor do i think i was “rounding things up”. you know, for all the comments that you think are stupid coming from the haters, your comments back at people are just as irrational.

  23. 73
    @72 Says:

    There is no “inconsistancy” in the article. If you go back and actually read the article, they quote her about not wanting to discuss her private life. The “hush” section is all speculation from “insiders”, NOT her words. You can’t claim inconsistency when she didn’t say those things.

  24. 74
    jughed Says:

    Stunning! :)

  25. 75
    fake rack Says:

    i did actually read the article, and its meaning as to who said things isnt all that clear. still, i dont find where i was being a “loonie” or jealous as to warrant the hate you seem to show towards anyone that doesnt see miranda in a perfect ray of sunshine light. next time you want to fling out insults and insinuations about other people posting their thoughts and comments, take a good long look in the mirror honey and you might be surprised that you sound just as “loonie” as those you fling your accusations at. in fact, a good lot of you on both sides of the arguements about her sound like a bunch of illiterate fcuking inbred hillbillies. heaven forbid you actually have an actual conversation that doesnt retort back to instant mudslinging back and forth. its no wonder everyone makes fun of this gossip board and the people that post here. its like a bunch of fcuking 7 year olds pulling hair. immature imbiciles the lot of you.

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