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Miranda Kerr is a St. Barts Beauty

Miranda Kerr is a St. Barts Beauty

Miranda Kerr poses on the beach while on photo shoot for Victoria’s Secret in St. Barts on Sunday (January 18).

When asked about the recent engagement rumors surrounding Miranda and Orlando Bloom, she told the Herald Sun, “It is not true.”

After a photo shoot in Venice, “We found this great little hole-in-the-wall restaurant, where it was Mama’s home cooking,” the 25-year-old model said. “We had some wonderful food there. It was delicious – so that kept me happy.”

“It’s challenging,” Miranda said of all the attention. “What you have to do is not get too worried about it. You have to continue to live your life and try to keep things as private as possible because the rest of our lives are so public.”

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147 Responses to “Miranda Kerr is a St. Barts Beauty”

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  1. 76
    wow Says:

    What a hottie!
    I love her.

  2. 77
    amused Says:

    @ #61
    Because anyone can tell it’s a fake if they have half a brain and because OB said it was an imposter on Jay Leno.

    @ # 68
    Thats what I think too! LOL!

  3. 78
    lol Says:

    I think that the same loons post on any thread concerning models dating hot guys. You can go to Bar’s latest thread, and interchange those idiotic comments with these idiotic comments. It seems that both Bar and Miranda are the spawns of Satan, and are at the root of everything that is wrong in the world.
    Pathetic loons.

  4. 79
    fake rack Says:

    well gosh when you all put it that way, **** man, i have seen the light! i am converted to Mirandaism because your enlightening and uplifting words penetrated me deep.

    how sad your **** and Jane world is.

  5. 80
    @75 Says:

    I never called you a loonie. I simply pointed out the fact that you were putting words in her mouth.
    But now that you have opened the door with your latest rant, I will now call you a hypocrite. Count the insults that you threw out in that one post, at the same time you are berating others for being immature. You are vulgar and offensive, and have the nerve to accuse others of slinging mud.
    You are the one who can’t seem to hold a legitimate debate without acting like a child.

  6. 81
    @fake rack Says:

    My goodness you have so much hate inside you. You should really consider therapy.

  7. 82
    @75 Says:

    “i did actually read the article, and its meaning as to who said things isnt all that clear. ”
    It is perfectly clear.
    They “quote” her statements. The ones from Hush are said to come from a source inside her inner circle. In other words, NOT Miranda. If they had received the information from Miranda, it would have been “quoted” as well.
    PS: The only one acting like “7 year olds pulling hair”, is you.

  8. 83
    @fakerock Says:

    Believe what your mind is telling you to believe. But, no amount of rants or stupid claims about miranda will change the fact that she has fans and we like her for what or who she is. Even, the fact that she’s dating bloom. My last say, if you’re a fan or somehow concern about bloom cause you think his gf is annoying, go to his fansites and other pathetic hatesites where all stupid fans share the same polluted minds and sure no one will argue you. And eventually, you will find yourself asking am i pathetic enough to hate so much somebody cause she’s with bloom.

  9. 84
    83 Says:

    I’m not a fan of blooms, I just think if you people with your thumbs up your arses actually were reading her bull from the beginning you’d see that she’s not so angelic as she wants you to believe. One interview she’s denying everything, and the very next she’s dropping his name. Not editorial inserts, but quotes from her. There are plenty of celebs who don’t talk about their personal lives at all, not even to say “him” or “her” because they actually mean it when they say their lives are private. She doesn’t. She just wants everyone to think she thinks that way because of the backlash she gets about talking constantly about it. Sure she was “famous” before, but no body gave a damn before she was flaunting his name (yes, she was, not magazines, they didn’t pick it up from paparazzi photos, they got all their information straight from her mouth — how he pursued her, where they vacationed, what her family thinks of him — all from her mouth) so before you go defending her as just sweet and innocent, actually read the interviews she’s given.

  10. 85
    61 Says:

    If he does have a myspace, his isn’t public like hers and before there were even a lot of photos of them by paparazzi or any interviews with her talking about it, she had his photo up on hers. She’s wanted the notoriety and to brag from the get go and when she got it and got backlash, then she started to back off and throw up all these lines about how she’s SO PRIVATE and how HARD IT IS being PRIVATE. But it’s not genuine and it’s not like orlando bloom will ever know what she’s doing in the media unless he checks up on her. She can be saying anything and he won’t know it since he says himself he’s not online a lot if at all. She’s in the perfect position to exploit his fame, because all the attention is on her and if any interviewer asks him things he can just assume it’s from their own spying. Because god forbid his sweet and innocent girlfriend would EVER SAY ANYTHING TO HIM TO THE PUBLIC.

  11. 86
    talan Says:

    I agree with 85.
    Miranda has a big mouth. She is the source of all initial informations about her relationship with Bloom. She was the one to show their photo on her mobile – as a proof that she is dating him. But we all know that she is the fame freak. She loves paps. She loves media attention. She loves glory. And above evrything, she loves herself. Before Bloom, although she vas VS model and VS angel ,there were no paps in front of her door. Paps and media attention for her private life came with Bloom. So, she will never stop talking about him. If they get married, she will continue talking about him. If they break, she will continue talking about him as her ex. It is not about Bloom. It is about her from the beginning.

  12. 87
    @84 85 86 Says:

    What is it in you guys that keeps bothering about? If you can’t stand her, why all spend time posting and posting again? Like what 83 said, miranda has fans way before dating bloom and all kinds of criticisms won’t change their mind about miranda. And you people think that bloom is like the biggest star in hollywood that everyone he dates will be as famous as god, but what is he been up to lately anyway? He’s like a forgotten rag.

    PS Keep the rants coming.. lol

  13. 88
    wondering Says:

    Can somebody explain why orlando always wants to date anorexic women..

    Miss Kerr is probably the only anorexic model VS has ever had. She’s on TMZ by the way and looking terribly awful. And please, can some of her fans give her some foods cause she’s about to collapse.

  14. 89
    LOL Says:

    You guys complain that she is just out for attention, then you come here to add to her hit count. Yep, that makes a lot of sense.
    You must be out of the loop. Didn’t you read the other posts in this thread? If you did, you would know that she isn’t anorexic, she is “too fat to be a model”. Get with the program, chickie. Didn’t you get the memo from Delphi? I thought that you haters were better organized than that. Slackers.
    OH THE HORROR!! She told EVERYONE that she has a boyfriend!!! How dare she! How dare she leave the house with him! What a horrible person!!
    Get real, people. It’s not like she showed pics of them in bed, for chrisake.

  15. 90
    Bea Says:

    Miranda is a beautiful girl with a great body and her career is doing well. But the thing i noticed is that her face is the first one that gets chubby. She looked best during the 2008 VS show and for me, she’s the standout. Take care of that face miranda cause sometimes it’s not proportionate to your body.

  16. 91
    Things Change Says:

    @ amused

    “Because anyone can tell it’s a fake if they have half a brain and because OB said it was an imposter on Jay Leno. ”

    Yeah I remember him saying that, however, it was Jimmy Kimmel, not Leno.

    Also, that was a few years ago, he was still considered to be with Kate back then.

    Things Change….

  17. 92
    Sue Says:

    She is definitely pretty.

  18. 93
    fake rack Says:

    83 i said what i thought and it had nothing to do with hate or being or not being a fan of bloom. i read that article and was commenting on that. and i didnt get rude until those two posters started using the words loonies and hate, as if something i said construed that i hated anyone or that somehow seeing abiguity in that article made me a loonie. i keep up on these two and their relationship because neither one really does much else outside of showing up for pictures once in a while. i still fail to see how that makes me a hater or a loonie. i think there are many people here that just want to fight with each other and put words in other peoples mouths. yes, i think she is ridiculous and that was all i said. i actually complimented her in previous posts saying i thought she looked cute and tried to point out to the person that her boobs were fake of a reason that they werent. as i said the majority of posts on these two at just jared are just posts that want to bash on each other. it all sounds ridiculous. so inbred hillbillies is seeming appropriate as that is what the hatfieilds and mccoys did right? fought over stupid things that just made them more angry and more stupid. i didnt say people here were inbred hillbilliies, just acting like it.

  19. 94
    fake rack Says:

    as for the anorexic bit, obviously you girls have never seen someone with anorexia. they dont have thighs or nice legs, and every bone in their midsection protrudes. i see nothing of that on her. she has a good body but not the greatest of the vs models, but she is not unhealthy looking. that is the stupidity that i am talking aobut on both sides things like that get said about her and each other. i might be a hypocrite for saying that, but if you guys actually read each others posts you would see how dumb so much stuff really sounds.

  20. 95
    @ fake rack Says:

    I wouldn’t say you are a loonie, but it is hard to figure out how you arrived to the conclusion that those “insiders” that say they will marry next year are her. It has no basis, and if she wants people to believe that they will marry next year, why would she say she’s not engaged?

  21. 96
    Things Change Says:

    “if she wants people to believe that they will marry next year, why would she say she’s not engaged?”

    maybe because she wishes they were, and Orlando is no where near ready to.

    Or possibly because she sees something more in the relationship than he does.

    Just a possibility….not saying that because I hope they split up.

    I do feel a sense of mis communication between the two of them however.

    I’m not saying that because I would want that jerk all to myself….as far as I’m concerned I hope she does marry him! He seems to be very much in love with her, or himself….or both…whichever the case may be.

  22. 97
    @Things Change Says:

    “I do feel a sense of mis communication between the two of them however. ”

    I definitely get a sense of these two not being on the same page as to how they want to market their hook-up to the public. No doubt he is in on this too because it’s not like she’s holding a gun up to his head and making him do this. Their are no victims here.

    He seems to be taking more of a “flavor of the month” approach with her. She on the other hand, is so eager to prove that he can’t function without her, which would explain her constant need to be photographed together all the time. Problem is, he seems to be countering everything she says and does in the press when he is away from her.

    The media does tend to run rampant with rumors of celebs getting married all the time. The planting of wedding rumors and subsequent denials is one of the oldest Hollywood pr tricks in the book to drum up interest in a celebrity. However, if his pr machine didn’t believe that the “exclusive” in the DT was of her doing, I don’t think they would have moved so swiftly and so coldly to deny it. That really was a bad move on her part and it is evident that her pr folks are clearly playing out of their league. I can only assume she’s restarting the rumors again as a way to put pressure on him to marry her. This cannot end well for her. Just my observation.

    PS Before you shippers lump me in with the fangirls who do want him for themselves, just know that I would never want a guy who looks like he needs a bath.

  23. 98
    @97 Says:

    That is the most paranoid and difficult to believe conspiracy theory ever. Seriously, what makes it so evident that she is the one building engagement rumours, besides the fact that you don’t like her?
    She denied the rumours personally before his rep did, and now she’s done it again. Oh yeah, she looks desperate to make people think they’ll marry next year, denying the rumours over and over and over again. She could not say anything at all, but she denies them.

    “The media does tend to run rampant with rumors of celebs getting married all the time.”
    Precisely hun, the media create and spread engagement rumours every time a couple are together for more than six months, or less. Happens with M and O, happens with all the celebrity single couples. Name a couple, just one, that don’t have these rumours about them after a short time together.

  24. 99
    Things Change Says:

    @ 98

    “She could not say anything at all”

    There’s a thought.

    It’s not what she says or not says. Her actions speak way louder than her words.

    The way she hangs all over him like a giddy 16 year old school girl. And she is suppose to be what, 25?

    Give me a break already. Why does she need a VS representative to help her do interviews, so she doesn’t babble on and on about who she is convinced is her boyfriend?

    Name me one other model that needs that sort of supervision that is over the age of 21.

    But like # 97 said

    “There are no victims here. He seems to be taking more of a “flavor of the month” approach with her.”

    The only person she is in love with is herself.

    He, I hope is finally waking up to what she is doing. If not, choices that may be in front of him, will get made for him.

    If he is really using her just to keep himself from being alone, then he is hurting not only her but himself as well.

    You shippers think that we talk about this, as you call it a ‘conspiracy theory’ because you think we would want him for ourselves.

    Why would we?

    Only speaking for myself here, but there is no way I would ever tolerate being with someone who was not honest about his feelings for me.

    # 97 brought up another good point as well,

    “he seems to be countering everything she says and does in the press when he is away from her.”

    You think he is all that great? You Can Keep Him!

  25. 100
    She's lovely Says:

    Such a delicate, dainty flower. She’s fresh and pretty with beautiful exotic blue eyes, a smile to die for and those adorable dimples. No wonder the boy is gaga over the girl!

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