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Miranda Kerr is a St. Barts Beauty

Miranda Kerr is a St. Barts Beauty

Miranda Kerr poses on the beach while on photo shoot for Victoria’s Secret in St. Barts on Sunday (January 18).

When asked about the recent engagement rumors surrounding Miranda and Orlando Bloom, she told the Herald Sun, “It is not true.”

After a photo shoot in Venice, “We found this great little hole-in-the-wall restaurant, where it was Mama’s home cooking,” the 25-year-old model said. “We had some wonderful food there. It was delicious – so that kept me happy.”

“It’s challenging,” Miranda said of all the attention. “What you have to do is not get too worried about it. You have to continue to live your life and try to keep things as private as possible because the rest of our lives are so public.”

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147 Responses to “Miranda Kerr is a St. Barts Beauty”

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  1. 126
    @thingschange Says:

    Please don’t let it be so obvious.. You’re getting caught from the disguise you want to put on and it’s ridiculous for claiming to be so different from the loons when you obviuosly are, or better yet the mild case of loons.

  2. 127
    @113 Says:

    “Fine, brilliant diabolic plan. Problem: she says -several times- that the rumours are false. What’s the point in creating anonymous sources to spread a rumour and then denying the rumours? The celebrity whose life is being talked is more reliable than anonymous sources, so why does she shut the rumours down instead of remaining silent about them and letting the anonymous sources do their job?”

    You conveniently skipped over this part:

    “It would make a lot more sense to make it seem like anonymous sources supposedly in the know about a secret wedding are talking around her to keep this rumor going. That way no one can be pinpointed for all this.”

    It makes perfect sense to me.

  3. 128
    @127 Says:

    And you conveniently didn’t understand the first paragraph you quoted.
    I ask, why deny the rumours when you can shut up, let the anonymous sources spread the rumour, and not be accused of anything since you didn’t say anything? Understand now?
    Besides, if she says she’s not engaged and she is the person who is supposed to be engaged people will believe her and not some anonymous insiders that nobody knows if they exist, and if they exist nobody knows if they actually know anything.

  4. 129
    yipeeee Says:

    Ka-Bloom has just confirmed that Orlando is doing that movie with Mark Ruffalo. They start filmimg next week, apparently. Maybe that is why he is growing his scruff out.

  5. 130
    @things change Says:

    Here’s the quid. You have imagined that Miranda wants you to envy her for her boyfriend and all that nonsense you say. It’s not real, it’s in your head, you don’t know her. Sticking to facts, she has never given ‘intimate details’ about her relationship either.
    Your child might be influenced by things she sees, not by things that only you can see, so place your worries on reality and not on a person you’ve never met.

  6. 131
    @128 Says:

    Yes, that’s exactly what I’m getting at. As long as the anons are keeping the rumor going, eventually people will think that there is some truth to it if they keep hearing it. Besides when was the last time you believed a celeb when they denied a rumor? Like never!

    9 times out of 10, celebrity rumors turn out to be true because they were “leaked” in advance by their pr or “anonymous sources” and “friends”. Who else would know the most intimate details of a celeb’s life? When their client is comfortable enough to reveal the truth, or the truth can no longer be hidden (like pregnancy), then the celebs usually admit to the rumors. This kind of thing happens all the time in Hollywood, it is just not going to happen for her.

  7. 132
    @131 Says:

    But do you see that you are giving credibility to some anonymous insiders that only one magazine has “quoted” over the celebrity under discussion herself? And there’s still no reason to think it was her! It doesn’t make sense that she denies them if she wants people to believe it, if she wants people to believe it she only has to keep quiet while those rumours are still around.

    I disagree, 9 out of 10 celebrity rumours turn out to be false. If all the rumours were true, Orlando would have had a relationship with all the females he’s been photographed with including his agent Aileen or whatever her name is and he would have been married to Kate Bosworth about five times. And this is one example of one celebrity, all young Hollywood couples have engagement rumours and all recently married Hollywood couples have pregnancy rumours. But only in the case of Miranda it was her the one who leaked the rumours, right?

  8. 133
    Miranda fan #1 Says:

    Miranda is soo pretty here is my fav pic of her. <3

  9. 134
    deja vu2 Says:

    Personally, I think they’re both fully aware of what’s going on and how things work with publicity and press, and they’re both fully consenting adults who may be using each other in more ways than one. Neither one can be taken seriously when it comes to claims about valuing privacy at this point, and if Orlando didn’t want the type of press or attention he’s getting via Miranda’s talk about him and mentioning his name, he wouldn’t have started seeing her. He must know by now what comes with dating actresses and models, whether they’re known or unknown – they’ll want the attention, and I think he’s getting a payoff here as well.

    The payoff I’m talking about has to do with keeping HIS name out there and making certain HE gets photographed with a presumably attractive model or actress on his arm. If he didn’t want this type of arrangement or were bothered by her blabbing, he wouldn’t be with her and would have chosen a more low profile type of girl. They’re out there, and they range from bankers to accountants to dental hygienists to film editors to chefs. With all the people he meets and has access to, he has plenty of women in a dating pool to choose from. That’s why I say that what I’m seeing is a recurring pattern, and the same slams being made against Miranda were at times made against Kate.

    If we’re going to talk about contracts and stipulations possibly made with Kerr, I personally think Bloom could have stipulated that NO mention be made of his name, and that he will refuse to take Miranda to any high profile celebrity clubs or events, and that their whereabouts are to be kept strictly confidential. It wasn’t by chance that Kate’s gold bracelet gift that Orlando gave here found it’s way into US Weekly, now was it? It wasn’t by chance that a pap just happened to find his way into Disneyland and OB and KB just happened to be there that day, now was it? It wasn’t by chance that a pap just happened to get those airport tarmac shots of OB and KB back in Dec. ’03, now was it? When OB spent money on KB, the amount usually found its way into the tabs. And paps found them everywhere from Cabo to Kentucky to a private horseback riding place in Australia. So, I personally see a pattern, and I think OB is part of that pattern and has been since day 1. If he hasn’t figured out by now, after all this time, with his PR firm and agent and manager’s help, how to keep his love life and private dates private, and to find a GF who can uphold that desire for privacy and share it, then I don’t think he ever will – most likely because he never really was THAT kind of man and actor to begin with.

    I just think this whole thing is a two way street for both these people and neither one is a victim of anything. Posters attacking each other over these two people just seems pointless to me as people can defend their views and back them up with their own version of ‘evidence’ till 2012. It won’t change the FACT that Orlando has made some choices, and he’s responsible for HIS choices and must accept the consequences of those choices and live with them. Same goes for Miranda. Maybe, just maybe, Orlando needs to work on himself a bit before he finds a better woman. Maybe, just maybe, Miranda is a reflection of the man he is at this point in time and is the best he can do for now. Maybe, just maybe, the flaw doesn’t lie in the girlfriends he chooses but in himself. He chooses his girlfriends for a reason or reasons, and he habitually says very little while they tend to do the talking in interviews. That’s how it was with Kate and that’s how it is now. I think that’s how he likes it. I think he does the ‘talking’ with pap shots and photo ops. I think he knows what he’s doing and he’s not a victim of anything. A nobody or civilian GF would have a much harder time giving him media or press headaches, as she would not have access to the same media sources and outlets, but she would also be handled differently by the press and probably have certain protections. Orlando could easily have such a GF if he wanted, and he could have her sign a legal non-disclosure agreement.

    But he wouldn’t get the same amount of press coverage, media interest or PR out of it. If she won’t go to clubs and won’t do the talking, and if she’s camera shy, Orlando may have a problem getting the attention he may need, personally or professionally – but not want to admit he needs. If he is, in fact, as some have speculated, a ‘social climber,’ then he will probably always want a woman with status, money and industry contacts that he can use, or someone who can help advance him and his career or his image in some way. I’m not stating this as a fact. I’m only speculating. I can just see clearly that Miranda is only 50% of this equation. Orlando is the other 50%.

    I posted this on another thread but it bears repeating here. I’m not interested in hurting or fighting with people whom I don’t even know, so I’m not going to waste time attacking anyone.

  10. 135
    @ deja vu2 Says:

    “he wouldn’t have started seeing her. He must know by now what comes with dating actresses and models, whether they’re known or unknown – they’ll want the attention,”

    Makes sense.

    But why lump all the actresses and models into one category? not arguing with you, but I would have to say that there might be a handful maybe more out there who do actually value their privacy.

    Looks like Miranda wants to stand out from all of them and make a total dumb a.s.s. spectactle of herself. Of course Kate was not much better either.

    Unfortunately like most men, not all, it takes a couple of nasty hits up side the head with a lead pipe, to finally get it, that he is just as stupid for falling for the same type of girl all over again. And she does not have to be an actress or model, or even in any way in that business to behave the way Miranda and Kate did.

    At least when Orlando denied the rumors about him and Kate being engaged, he referred to them as “we”. Kate seems to have more credibility as actually being an ex – girlfriend.

    When these two finally part ways, if they do, Miranda won’t have as much credibility as being known as one of Orlando’s ex’s, except to all the tabloids. According to them, Penelope, Kirsten, Uma, and others I believe are still from time to time referred to as one of his ex’s.

    Just like when those bumper stickers came out about Johnny Depp, I believe after he finally settled down with Vanessa. I mean no disrespect bringing this up, but a bumper sticker was made that said,

    “Honk, if you have been engaged to Johnny Depp.”

    Someone needs to start work on one for Orlando that says,

    “Honk, if you have been linked to or actually dated Orlando.”

    Don’t know. But I liked the points you made, and I do agree that Orlando is not a victim here in any way. If he would have totally ended it after he made his denial of being engaged, maybe I could shown sympathy for him, maybe.

    But my feelings don’t matter anyway, so it’s okay. Whatever it is it is.

    Even though nobody’s feelings but theirs really matter in this situation, as far as I’m concerned.

    Let sleeping dogs lie.

  11. 136
    over the top theories.... Says:

    Have you guys ever thought in your tiny minds that maybe just maybe
    that when they actually met that there was a connection and they just happened to like each for no other reason than that????……why is that so hard to believe???………lots of other actors date models so why the ridiculous conspiracy theories about “showmances” and “set ups” and the over analyzing of the very few comments Miranda has made when asked about him by reporters… really is obsessive delusional jealousy gone mad and all about people you have never met…..poor Orlando for having such weirdos for fans!!!!

  12. 137
    @ over the top theories.... Says:

    “Have you guys ever thought in your tiny minds that maybe just maybe
    that when they actually met that there was a connection”


    If you are referring to the type of connection that Johnny Depp has with Vanessa…..Those types of connections, when felt by two people for each other at the same time, are not ones that people keep to themselves. Claiming, “how private they want their lives to be.”

    When people are truly and deeply in love with one another they wish that everyone could feel the way that they do. And they do have an overwhelming desire to share it with the world, celebrity or not.

    What type of connection are you referring to….

    Brother and Sister or Soul Mates?

    Orlando has no problem demonstrating how close and supportive he is of his sister. Something I wish I still had with my brother.

    But claiming, “How private he wants things kept, concerning him and miranda, only sends up a big red flag that says, I do not feel that strongly about the person I am being photographed with. I care about her very much, but I am not in love with her.”

  13. 138
    @137...... Says:

    Let me get this straight……..because of him saying he is wanting to keep things private and by YOU examining photos of them together, YOU decided it means…….”I care about her very much, but I am not in love with her”……so according to YOU all actors who will not discuss their personal lives mean the same thing………yeah right…..if this is not completely delusional and over the top obsessive jealousy, I don’t know what is…….lol!!!

  14. 139
    @138 Says:

    But other posters have claimed that if he cared about her, he would keep their relationship MORE private.
    You people have an answer for everything, don’t you?

  15. 140
    @ 138 Says:

    I’m not saying they need to give every detail.

    But not saying anything at all, even if just to acknowledge the other person’s existence and whether or not they are really dating or just friends,

    Yes I do feel that says, “I care about her very much, but I am not in love with her.”

    I don’t care if he is in love with her or not. Kill the “jealous” bit already. You think that’s the reason why I care about this? I cannot stand people being dishonest with themselves and those they claim to care about so much. with either their words (which he has never provided) or actions (aka photos you all seem to prove beyond any doubt that they are in fact in love)

    When two people are in love, it does show to everyone around you.

    So far I have not seen any evidence that he is actually in love with her.

    Not even the kiss and grope in Venice.

    Any guy would do what he did, whether they were romantically together or not.

    What you think he is the perfect ‘gentleman’? If so, now whose the one being dillusional. – Don’t insult me with that “You must be Jealous bit” – if you don’t want insults thrown back at you.

  16. 141
    @140 Says:

    “So far I have not seen any evidence that he is actually in love with her.”
    Exactly what “evidence” would satisfy you?
    Travelling around the world to be with her? Including her in visits to family? Also including her in get togethers with some of his closest friends? What EXACTLY are you looking for? Oh, and by the way. I don’t know what kind of friends you have. But none of my ‘friends’ would touch or hold me like thy were doing in Venice.
    I’m not saying that they are in love. But they definitely like each other enough to still be together after more than a year.

  17. 142
    Delicious Says:

    With him spending the next month or so in LA for work, They are bound to get papped again before long. I can’t wait for the haterz to start complaining about “why is he still in LA”? “why doesn’t he go home to England?” “He has abandoned his home country.” “If he cared about her he woud go to OZ to be with her for the David Jones stuff.” “Why is he working when he doesn’t have to?” “If he cared about her, he would be with her instead of working.” “Those pap shots have to be a set up, everyone knows that there aren’t paps in LA.” “Why is he in LA, everyone knows that there are paps in LA, if he cared about her, he would protect their relationship from paps.” And the latest… “if he loved her, he wouldn’t hide his relationship.”
    God, I love this fandom. Sooo predictably entertaining.

  18. 143
    @delicious Says:

    It certainly is… luv ya miranda:)

  19. 144
    mot Says:

    Good luck, Orlando!!! We still love YOU!!!

  20. 145
    @44 Says:

    Lol… orlando has not been working for like ages, so fans should be just happy that he’s doing one instead of trying to make excuses for doing so.

  21. 146
    amazing Says:

    I have to say I am shocked that this d list has been couple generate so much interest. He is a used up has been, who looks way older than his age, and she is a self-involved narcistic prom queen, who is still doing the team so everyone will like her. I have seldom seen two more pathetic people. At least they will keep the indivdual disfuction in a couple so they will not contaminate anyone else, that will also keep the std’s from spreading, although with these two, I am sure the word cheat just means indulging their huge appetites with each other’s approval. I think her cheeks are melting off her face, and those boobs of hers look saggy and flat, she is twenty-five and modeling isn’t going to be kind to someone with her issues and common catalogue looks.

  22. 147
    @146..... Says:

    Now now…..calm down, did you forget to take your medication today?……….you know the “little pills” for “obsessive insane jealousy of Miranda Kerr”…….lol….No matter how much you rant and rave and foam at the mouth……MK will still be stunningly beautiful, have a perfect body, be one of the highest paid models in the world, have Orlando Bloom as her boyfriend……..AND you will still be a nobody writing ridiculous delusional crap on JJ…….lol!!!!

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