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Brad Pitt Has a Button Blast!

Brad Pitt Has a Button Blast!

Brad Pitt takes a picture with Luise Helm (German actress) at the after-party for the German premiere of The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button at Kaisersaal at Potsdamer Platz in Berlin, Germany on Monday.

No sign of Angie at the party — perhaps she was back home taking care of the kids!

Hollywood’s royal couple walked the red carpet in Germany for the premiere of TCCBB where Angie worked out her new retro sideswept hair.

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brad pitt berlin after party 01
brad pitt berlin after party 02
brad pitt berlin after party 03
brad pitt berlin after party 04
brad pitt berlin after party 05

Photos: WENN
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  • LuckyL

    They REALLY made Brad look like a German for his new movie =D Mustache and all. So cute!

    Thanks Jared!

  • LuckyL

    These photos seem like this girl’s personal ones, from like a myspace though. I feel kind of creepy seeing them. I wonder where you got them Jared lol.

    Dapper Brad.

  • LuckyL

    It’s called not posing like you’re in a photo shoot and closeup shots with flash *rolls eyes*

  • boo(real)

    good god. let splitgate begin.

  • LuckyL

    Lol, that one young actress = bunch of young girls? They are 30-year-old -women- there, plus another older guy in the back.

    And Luise Helm is 25, going on 26. You all are picking at straws.

  • hahaha

    OMG why is he drinking so much?

  • LuckyL

    Anyway, the women look 30+, if not 40+.

    I think I’ll go back to the other thread now.

  • groundcontrol

    Brad gets to party with his movie crew if he wants. He’s earned it. You really think Angie is worried about him straying? Bwaaaaaaahhh.

  • boo(real)

    yeah fughags.. eat it up, love it, it is angie’s karma that brad will dump her for the hot young german girls!! GET GIDDY WITH IT!!
    BTW??? why is PISSBOY missing from his mama?????

  • nicolem

    These two would of looked so cute as a couple.

  • groundcontrol

    Hey, Number 5, 6 and 14. Thank your lucky stars Brad is not the sue happy Tom Cruise or you’d end up losing your computer.

    Libel is libel. Jared should ban your IP.

    Just go home to FF where you belong. And don’t even pretend that’s not where you’re from.

  • alia

    ahhhhh, Brad is gorgeous.

    i really miss the kids tho :(

  • boo(real)

    pissyboy and cougar mama had a “falling out”???

  • poor brad

    to me, he looks like he really doesn’t want to be there. he’s just being gracious and polite. but what to do, it’s his film. and from the pics, i’m positive he is as sober as it gets. people who say he looks drunk have never been to a bar/club in their lives.

    he is glassy eyed because he really isn’t there. he is there physically but his mind and soul isn’t. i know that look, i’ve seen it on others and wear it myself when i have to attend events i don’t want to.

  • boo(real)

    hags have had a dry spell from the FUG so they are trying to detract the obvious speculations that maniston has been DUMPED AGAIN! so the distraction is to launch an all-out attack on the JP’s thread because they are being honored around the world! while man is being worried about and pitied


    Give the guy a break, he hasn’t stopped moving since I can’t remember when. He is super jetlagged, it’s 9 hours ahead in Germany, so for Brad, it’s probably like 4:00 in the morning and he probably hasn’t slept properly for a couple of days. Yet he attends the party because he’s expected to and doesn’t want to disappoint — even though he would rather be home sleeping.

  • nimony celebrity gossip

    I really love Benjamin Button movie. Brad is really good at acting.

  • lylian

    groundcontrol @ 01/20/2009 at 12:48 am

    Brad gets to party with his movie crew if he wants. He’s earned it. You really think Angie is worried about him straying? Bwaaaaaaahhh.




    Now now groundcontrol. The losies’ spitefulness is in direct proportion to their insecurities.

    My guess is, these losies are afraid to lose the slob sprawled on their couch. So, small wonder they are gonna be screaming that Brad is gonna split from Angelina.

    no sense in responding to these losies on this thread. Will look forward to seeing the live telecast of Obama’s inauguration instead.

  • Honey
  • loolooo

    lynn @ 01/20/2009 at 12:34 am
    pafan @ 01/20/2009 at 12:34 am
    Brad’s an alcoholic @ 01/20/2009 at 12:34 am
    Brad’s an alcoholic @ 01/20/2009 at 12:35 am
    L @ 01/20/2009 at 1:02 am

    Don’t you have anything to say except brad’s drunk?
    This is the after party. He’s partying with his friends. No Jolie in sight?
    She’s at home with the kids.

  • RUBI

    LOVE HIM!!

  • plez

    I don’t think Brad is drunk. It’s just a bad picture. Probably close range and Brad was about to blink. In the other pics he does not look drunk.

    I was just looking a pictures of stars who are in Washington. Check out this Ben Affleck pic. You would think he was drunk but once you see the other pictures you realize no just a bad pic.

  • lulu

    Angie’s not in the party, but didn’t JJ a another set of pictures of Angie and Brad leaving the party.

  • boo(real)

    where is johnny pee good and his “baby mama” jen aniston????? sorry fanistons they are OVAH!!!


    Geeez, this trolls have a radar, they’re always the first ones to post.
    Yeah, they hate Brad and Angie…..yet they’re here.
    Anyway, thanks for the new thread Jared.

  • jen the new porn star

    boo(real) @ 01/20/2009 at 1:16 am
    where is johnny pee good and his “baby mama” jen aniston????? sorry fanistons they are OVAH!!!
    LOL, the contract was probably ovah ! He got her TV show, she got her movie release. She and Huvane would be looking for another boytoy acting as prop BF for her coming BIG 40 B-day at Feb. 9 .

  • Jill

    # 20 boo(real) @ 01/20/2009 at 12:53 am
    pissyboy and cougar mama had a “falling out”???

    Pissy hasn’t shown signs of life in weeks. Fugly’s been all by her lonesome. The hags are spreading a rumor that she has a “mystery husband” — can you believe that sh*t? The “mystery husband” is either her bodyguard or a Rent-a-Date.

  • the whole truth and nothin but

    BJ Novak was also there as well as many other German actors and Berliners who were invited guests at the premiere. This afterparty was held after the 3 hour premiere in the same Sony complex where TCCBB premiered, and Brad Angie and others went to eat for three hours until the film was over. The Sony complex is right next to the hotel where Brad Angie and the kids are staying in Berlin. Brad and Angie took the kids to Legoland earlier in the day before the premiere.

    I can’t understand those who rush here in some kind of breathless anticipation of a split which is not happenin. Brad spoke much of his family at the press conference held earlier in the day in Berlin, saying they were his life and he could not have done TCCBB if he had not had his family. Brad is there in support of his film as he should be. So was Fincher who was also at the premiere.

    Is Huvane paying some of you to come here and spew lies? I see that Euwan McGregor FIRED Huvane at the airport in Sundance today, guess the dog costar is his main client now. GP left months ago, so I guess he needs you liars to keep earning his huge commission from his few remaining clients. Defamer says he is a liar and vendictive as hell. Keep that in mind those of you who are doing his dirty work.

  • lynn

    you guys are so predictable, you are trashing me – and I love Brad and Angie probably more than all of you put together… they are my absolute heros!!!!!!


  • anon

    He must be so relieved that this film is over.

  • um

    that girl is not cute

  • Jill

    boo(real) @ 01/20/2009 at 12:40 am
    good god. let splitgate begin.

    Dontcha know. These hags think that if Brad and Angie aren’t literally hanging onto each other and grinning into each other’s eyes 24/7/365, they’re about to announce they are separating.

    What these freaks forget is that kind of clingy behavior is exactly what got their idol dumped time after time after time after time. She hangs on like a fcuking leech until the man pries himself away from her, runs like hell in the opposite direction, and never looks back.

    It’s also why they are all lonely, spiteful, bitter hags who got dumped for less possessive women.

  • ?

    Is it true that Brad got 25 million for this role? That
    is like 1/4 of the BB budget.


    Brad & Angie are skipping the SAG’s.

  • awwww

    Brad has so many premieres to do : Paris and Japan. I am sure he and Angie will go to London for BAFTA. I am not sure if they will come back to USA for SAG.

  • ?

    When are the Oscar nominations?

  • Jill

    awwww @ 01/20/2009 at 1:44 am
    Brad has so many premieres to do : Paris and Japan

    He can’ t possibly do all those premieres. Since the family is living in France he will probably do Paris. I’d be very surprised if he went to Japan. They may go to BAFTA as it’s a day trip there and back by air. They will probably pass up the SAGs.

  • Faye88

    the whole truth and nothin but @ 01/20/2009 at 1:34 am
    Thank you! Glad they were able to take the kids to Legoland. They must of had a blast.

  • west coast rep

    Gee it’s been a while. Brad looks really tired but happy. He really needs to slow down his workload. It’s been nonstop for him for about 3 years now not including the charitable stuff and the endorsement deals. . He should take some time off like Angelina has.

  • awwww

    Jill @ 01/20/2009 at 1:51 am

    awwww @ 01/20/2009 at 1:44 am
    Brad has so many premieres to do : Paris and Japan

    He can’ t possibly do all those premieres. Since the family is living in France he will probably do Paris. I’d be very surprised if he went to Japan. They may go to BAFTA as it’s a day trip there and back by air. They will probably pass up the SAGs.
    Angie told Japanese reporter at CCOBB LA premiere that she and Brads will go to Japan premiere.

  • um

    Cate will probably represent Benjamin Button at SAG since she was not there for the Globes.

  • the whole truth and nothin but

    Paris TCCBB premiere-22nd

    Tokyo TCCBB premiere-29th

    No one posting here knows anything for sure as to their travel plans other than what has been announced. Brad and Fincher will be in Paris (Fincher was in London for a TCCBB premeire on the 18th and the Paris announcement was made) and Angie said at the LA TCCBB premiere that the whole family will be in Japan for the TCCBB premiere. Paris is only a very short flight from Berlin.

    As to Brad and Angie SAG and BAFTA attendence who knows. They have both been nominated for both and so far they have attended all that awards they have been nominated for.

    See how easy the plain truth is.

  • awwww

    When Angie starts working on SALT, Brad will have some rest.

  • the whole truth and nothin but

    TCCBB is a blockbuster, $104 Million and counting in US and Canada market.

    Definition of a blockbuster=films earning $100 mil

    TCCBB already earned $14mil in just 4 overseas markets. Opened #1 in both AUS and Mexico.

    Brad is doing press and premieres in support of TCCBB overseas like all actors are doing these days with Angie by his side, just as Angie supported Changeling with Brad by her side.

    Will Smith, Tom Cruise, Defiance cast, Australia cast, Bride Wars cast, etc., all are doing this these days. World wide earnings are now vital part of total movie earnings.

  • guli

    OMG–the fcuking trolls will never get slapped around enough by the JP’s and their fans…At this point they are stupified and slap-happy…poor pathetic things…It is my pleasure to add more pain to their agony :lol: :lol:

    I love this new video of the JP’s and the kids awwww… :luv

  • ans

    ? @ 01/20/2009 at 1:45 am
    When are the Oscar nominations

    Thursday morning.

  • the whole truth and nothin but


    They have actually been living in LA more than France lately. They were in Berlin from September to like December, then to LA. They have all been in Berlin for a week for Brad to complete IB. Some German sources say Brad just completed IB, and they have now left Berlin or will leave very shortly. Angie said she will be seeing MariannePearl soon so they appear headed to France. I would not be surprised for them to go to the Paris TCCBB premiere on the 22nd, make it to the SAGS on the 25th, and then go to Japan around the 27th for the 29th premiere.

    Brad will have his hands full when Angie goes back to work in the March. He had better try getting some rest if possible before then. LOL

  • Jill

    Guys, I realize Brad and Angie want as much privacy for their family as possible — but dang, I wanna see some pictures of the kids. The twins are six months old now.

  • robert

    lynn @ 01/20/2009 at 1:35 am

    what are u talking ’bout? who was trashing u?

  • passing Through

    Where’s Brad’s stalker from today? Cuz…he doesn’t look happy in these photos. Undoubtedly the reason there was no sign of Angie at the party is because she and Brad broke up in the limo on the way to the party…but Brad being the consummate professional that he is, he soldiered on and did the premiere party anyway…blah, blah, blah, blah, blah…