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It's Official: President Barack Obama!

It's Official: President Barack Obama!

Barack Obama takes oath of office from Chief Justice John Roberts to become the 44th president of the United States of America at the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C. on Tuesday.

Although the oath took place minutes after noon, the transfer to power to President Obama occurred exactly at noon, according to law.

President Obama, 47, was joined by his wife, Michelle, and daughters. Malia, 10, kept it cute in a deep-blue belted J.Crew coat while 7-year-old Sasha popped in a pink coat, also by J.Crew, paired with an orange scarf and gloves.

Congratulations President Obama! Godspeed.

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Photos: AP Images/Ron Edmonds
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    The legacy of the 44th has begun

  • Veselka

    Congratulation Obama

  • merry

    I could not be more proud of this man, our new president. He is a symbol of hope, in a world full of despair. His race has no bearing on me, just the magnitude of his commitment to our country makes me feel good today.
    And for the record…could we try to interview a white person for a change, and let us tell them how excited we are about his presidency. I’d like to think everyone has an opinion!

  • T


  • Emilie

    Yeah yeah sure sure…just you wait. He has no idea what he is doing

  • Cindy

    God bless him and God Bless America!!! I hope people have not put him too high on a pedestal.

  • Donna

    I agree with Emilie, he really is not seasoned enough for the job. I sure hope he proves me wrong. I am however tired of the race issue and would have preferred someone else. Hey maybe I can retire to a foreign county since I think this one is going into the crapper.

  • [marie]

    SO Happy Finally Bush is gone and Obama is here!!!

  • whatever

    Great! The Dow is now below 8000! (for you Y’obamamaniacs information, the Dow is a stock market indicator. When it goes below 8000, it’s not good).
    But they don’t tell you that kind of stuff on bumper stickers or t-shirts! Make sure you get your Obama commemorative plate quick before you run out of money! He IS quite dapper, though, aint he?
    The masses are A**es.

  • ASH

    lets get it OBAMA !!!!!


  • whatever

    ahahahaha – Read the below. REALLY?? REALLY?? PLEASE tell me people aren’t buying these. If you have bought one, please raise your hand and let us know why. :)
    “First African-American President Elect Barack Obama’s confident smile and kind eyes are an inspiration to us all, so why not commemorate his historic achievement on a “priceless work of art,” in the form of a collectible plate? Not just any plate; a fine porcelain Historic Victory Plate featuring our dear leader surrounded by American flags and fireworks, inscribed in 22k gold trim. Only two per customer please; demand is high.”

  • ken

    Thank you Democrats. You wanted the keys to the car and now you have them. Both to the White House and Congress. When you crash, there will be no one else to blame.

    Today is an Obamanation.

    America is in the toilet and today marks the day Obummer and the Dems officially flush it down — while the brainwashed masses cheer. We are headed for Depression and a foreign policy collapse, all while you liberal lemmings walk off the ledge and drag us with you.

  • Yay!

  • emilie

    Obama shouldn’t have won…there you go

  • angelinnass

    Go Barack !! Your dream & our dream are the same, your goal & our goal are the same,..We are one, we are with you to build a new world !!

  • .

    ahhahaha you racist idiots make me laugh

    and obama and i will still be laughing when you

    YAY obama :)
    There is a God !

  • I love Obama!!

    Change is coming

    so get ready you racist mofos


  • whatever

    So, what exactly is his plan? “We are one”? “We are going to save the world”? “We are for hope and change”?
    Really. REALLY? Just like that? Really?
    It’s that simple? C’mon. Go finish up the rest of your Koolaid and don’t choke on it. Cause you can’t sing “allah is great” while you’re gagging.

  • http://WWW.PRINCESS.COM princess


  • ASHI


  • whatever

    #18: What change is coming that has to do with race? Do you know something we don’t?

  • cruzcruz7

    folks followed jim jones and drank his kool-aid
    we all know how that ended
    bunch of morons
    now go collect your mule and acre

  • ellie

    What a speech it brought tears in my eyes.. Mr President already made history,, now i hope and prayer he can bring our country back in order,, what a dam mess he has to clean up from greed..

  • Maaal.

    man, he’s gonna be amazing,
    my whole school, was watching – all day.
    awhhh, i love him ♥

  • JB

    yay… lovely day, lovely day

  • ummm 22

    when did i say there was change coming to do with race?


    racist people aren’t a race babe

    unless you know something we don’t…

  • ummm 22

    when did i say there was change coming to do with race?


    racist people aren’t a race babe

    unless you know something we don’t…

  • Sunja

    Congrats!! So glad to be rid of Bush.

  • whatever

    Yup. The Obamamaniacs sound like morons. He’s not a celebrity, folks. You really need to have a critical eye and evaluate him for what he does. – not because he’s a snappy dresser, speaks well and has Beyonce at his beck and call.

  • Damien

    It’s amazing!
    “Change” has come and is going to stay …for a very long time.

  • OBAMA!!:)

    i dont see what peoples problem is with Obama wanting us to be ‘one’
    i mean if you enjoy fighting and wars theeennnn….

    go suck a pigs…

    but other than that i am so happy that i lived to see this even though im 20 heheh:)

    love you Obama xxx

  • whatever

    Sweetheart, I meant what does “change” have to do with “racist people” having to “get ready” ?
    Get ready for what? (And don’t say Change, cause that’s a blanket statement that’s been way overused).

  • Go suck a…


    Maybe you should take your own advice
    The only person in the world that probably cares for you is Obama his self.

    Get a life

    And just because we are happy to have Obama doesn’t make us maniacs you freaking MANIAC

  • Proud american

    While I might not agree with Obama on all of his policies, I support him 100%. He is my president now, and as an American he has my full support. Everyone here should show some respect to the man that will be running YOUR country. It does not matter whether or not you agree with him on everything, but our country needs change, and Obama will try his hardest to bring that change.
    And if he fails, he fails, but give him a chance to do so first. If he fails he would not be the first president to fail, and let me tell you, he would NOT be the last.
    Honestly though, you shouldn’t be hoping for the man who will be running your country to fail. That is so sick and wrong. Everyone should be supportive of him. If not to him than show some support to your country!

  • Janeway

    This is an incredible day for this country and the whole world. Now it is up to all of us to see that Barack Obama succeeds -that is what is best for our country and our planet. I pledge to do what I can and I hope all Americans who love our country will do the same.

  • emilie

    alright just to let you all know…i don’t have a problem with Obama because he is a black man…black men are cool…my problem is with his views on abortion and basically everything else he believes in….yeah…and what the heck is up with him pretending to be a CHRISTIAN???? WTF????

  • 27



    i bet your like some old wrinkly man thats stuck in the olden days
    wake up and smell the coffee
    things are going to CHANGE :)

  • Hurry Up

    Let this guy be reminded every single day that he is a public servant, and works for the American people and his lifetime lmeal ticket is paid for by the people of the United States… and he OWES US.

    I pray that he expeditiously sends me my stimulus check and that he makes arrangements to pay off my mortgage by March. These are the two primary campaign promises I would like to see fulfilled first.

  • emilie

    proud american how can you be a proud american and support this egotistical retard at the same time???? jeez…

  • Al

    What was predictable about 35 years ago was that the have nots, the losers, the uneducated, the lazy etc. would out breed the winners, hard workers, etc. and that one day the losers would out vote the winners. THAT day has arrived.

  • whatever

    I agree – we should respect the man that is running our country. But is that what everyone was doing the last 8 years? Why the double standard?
    I respect Obama and hope he succeeds (he NEEDS to succeed for the sake of all our families and future).
    I DON’T respect the blind faith fools that scream “CHANGE” at the top of their Koolaid-filled lungs.

  • ally

    Obama is really the best man to have in office, it is such an honor to have him as our president!! :D
    and for all you racist people.. go burn in hell

  • emilie

    Al….if you are single….and a man…i will marry you….just kidding… but i am very impressed with your views…AMEN!!

  • Lisa

    Prediction now with a l i b e r a l s o c i a l i s t President of the Dems:

    Stock market crash
    Vietnam style ground war in Afghanistan
    Major terrorist attack in USA
    Oil restrictions push gas prices in the stratosphere, deeping the depression

    Otherwise, things should be pretty much normal!

  • RM

    I was crying during the ceremony.
    And I am not even american. Let’s hope he can live up to the expectations.

  • 42

    this is for you babe




  • Tom

    Well we can see that race is surely an issue… The blacks want a black president and the s o c i a l i s t s want a s o c i a l i s t president…

    This totally disgusts me to the highest level, you fruits dont care about America you care about the color of America… The election of Obama truly shows how messed up this country is.

    Freedom of speech is a has been, the white man is a s l a v e today… freedom is a s l a v e today.

    MLK would roll over in his grave today.

  • emilie

    when you put a communist in office you will get a communism…it only makes sense….sorry everybody to burst your bubble and all that…

  • whatever

    I’ll marry you, too. Unfortunately, the non-educated breed too much and now they have out voted us. Correct. And all they can do is chant Change.

  • Jill

    Getting old and dying with a disease is change too.
    Not all change is good !